What Can You Give a Birthday Lover Who Has a Wife

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What Can You Give a Birthday Lover Who Has a Wife: Beloved people always want to give the best gifts for their birthdays, those that will definitely not be forgotten and will remind of a joyful event for a long time. But this is not always possible. Love does not make sense and it may happen that the man of your life already has a spouse.

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In this case, you will have to think carefully about what you can give your lover for his birthday who has a wife. Our recommendations will help you choose a present that is pleasant and appropriate in this situation.

How to Choose a Gift

Choosing a gift for a married lover is like walking through a minefield. You shouldn’t advertise your relationship, but you can’t leave your loved one without a presentation. To avoid mistakes, you must follow several important rules:

  • Do not give too expensive items. Firstly, it is bad for your budget and you will have to save on yourself, which is very unpleasant. Secondly, valuable presents are too noticeable and can raise questions from others.
  • Try to avoid things that are too romantic to directly hint at your feelings. Surely the friends of the birthday man and even more so his wife will be interested in a suddenly appeared T-shirt with hearts and confessions.
  • Don’t give very personal items that wives usually buy. Underwear, shirts, etc. – it is too noticeable and will definitely raise questions from the wife.
Some girls deliberately choose personal gifts that hint at feelings in order to accelerate the breakup of a loved one with a spouse. You should not do this in order not to achieve the exact opposite result. A quarrel with your wife can force the chosen one to break off your relationship, so don’t risk it.

The best gift for a married lover is something that will often be around him, will serve as a reminder of your feelings, but it will not raise any suspicion. Choose things that are useful and neutral. We have collected just such ideas to help all the ladies in love.

Worst Present Ideas

If you want to spoil the nerves of your beloved and, quite possibly, spoil your relationship forever, buy a gift that will discredit him in the eyes of your wife and turn this birthday into a big scandal. These unsuccessful presentations include:

  • Perfume. Such things are usually bought by the wife, so she will be surprised if suddenly the husband has cologne without her participation. Such a present will definitely arouse suspicion, even if you buy a perfume that the birthday boy usually uses.
  • Lingerie, especially with romantic overtones. Seeing such a gift, the wife will definitely throw a scandal. Therefore, if you have already decided to purchase lingerie, buy a beautiful set for yourself – your lover will definitely like it.
  • Decoration. Men rarely buy such things for themselves. Moreover, friends and colleagues do not give them. Therefore, such a present will definitely arouse suspicion on the part of the wife and become a reason for questioning.

If you really want to communicate your feelings, do it verbally. And you should not express them with a gift, so as not to spoil your relationship.

Gifts for the Office

An excellent idea for a birthday present for a lover who has a wife is things that he can not stand the office or carry in a portfolio without attracting attention. Wives rarely visit their husbands’ work or are interested in the contents of their bags. Therefore, such gifts will definitely not become a source of problems. Good Office Present Ideas:

  • Diary in a beautiful leather cover. This is a status and useful present, but in no case leave inscriptions in it with a hint of your relationship.
  • Nice handle. This is a prestigious and practical thing that will often end up in the hands of a loved one. It can be engraved with the recipient’s name but without dangerous hints.
  • Paperweight. Choose something that is stylish and discreet. Such a gift of yours will always be on the table of your beloved, catch the eye of the birthday man and remind you of you.
  • Photo Frame. Be prepared for the fact that it may contain a family photo of your beloved, but the frame itself will become a reminder of you.
  • Desktop rock garden or inertial pendulum. These are stylish office decorations that will definitely not arouse any suspicion.

The main advantage of such things is that they resemble gifts at work, for example, from partners. Even if they catch the eye of the wife of a loved one, she is unlikely to suspect something.

Gifts for the Car

A car is another place where your gift will be relatively safe, especially if your wife has a different car and rarely uses her husband’s transport. Good presents will be:

  • Anti-stress neck pillow that attaches to the headrest;
  • DVR or other car gadgets;
  • Organizer for the car interior, for the trunk or for the glove compartment;
  • Non-slip dashboard mat to prevent small items from falling off;
  • Comfortable cover for the driver’s seat.

Such gifts will benefit the birthday man and often catch his eye. At the same time, they look quite neutral and will not arouse suspicion. Such things may well be bought by a man himself and they will not attract too much attention.

Practical Gifts

Most men enjoy getting things that can be useful in everyday life. Usually, wives buy such things, but there are ideas that may look like the birthday boy bought them himself or were presented by workmates. The best options for such presents:

  • Power tools such as a drill or screwdriver. It is not easy to choose such a gift, but it will benefit the birthday man, and he may well say that he bought it himself.
  • Hand tools for repair. A variety of screwdrivers with a large number of attachments or whole sets of useful tools will definitely come in handy for a man.
  • Shoe cleaning set. Choose a kit packed in a beautiful suitcase. You can leave it at work or carry it with you in the car so as not to attract too much attention to the gift.
  • Multitool knife. This is a compact and multifunctional device that will be useful to any man. Credit card knives are very popular. They take up little space while performing several functions.
  • Wireless computer mouse. If a man works with a PC, such a present will always be at his fingertips, reminding him of your feelings. At the same time, an ordinary computer mouse will definitely not cause any suspicion among others.

If you want your gift to look romantic, you can add a beautiful postcard to it. But in no case put touching inscriptions or other symbols of love on the present itself.

Gifts “as if From Colleagues.”

If you find it challenging to determine what you can give your lover if he has a wife, imagine that this is your colleague. What would you present to a man you are just working with? Surely it would be something neutral, not causing too much vivid emotions.

Such a gift will definitely not arouse suspicion among others, will not require any excuses or explanations from a man. The best ideas for presentations that look like gifts from colleagues or friends are:

  • Business card holder with engraving. Only something “harmless” should be engraved on it, for example, the name of the recipient or a wish of good health, good luck in business, etc.
  • A stylish set of tie and cufflinks. Such a present may well be presented by colleagues, so a loved one will be able to wear it, delighting you and not arousing suspicion from the legal wife.
  • A lighter, ashtray and other smoking accessories will be useful for a smoking man who is not going to part with his bad habit.
  • Bottle for drinks with personalized engraving. Such a present looks quite neutral, but every time it appears on the table, it will remind you of your feelings.
  • Thermo mug with original design. This is another neutral gift, as if from a friend or colleague. He will always be with your loved one and will remind you of your feelings.

When choosing a gift as if from a colleague, try not to go too far and do not leave inscriptions “from comrades,” etc. It looks funny and ridiculous.

Intangible Gifts

One of the best ways not to spoil a relationship with a loved one by giving an inappropriate present is not to give anything material. An adventure or an experience as a gift is a great idea. Your gift will forever remain in memory and will not arouse any suspicion if you organize its delivery correctly.

Be sure to warn the man in advance that your gift will be intangible and will take time to receive it so that he can plan everything and prepare an alibi in advance for the time of his absence.

The best intangible birthday gifts for a lover who has a wife will be:

  • Going to the cinema or theater. You need to choose a movie or a play to the taste of your beloved. It is also important to find a place away from your home and places where you can meet friends.
  • Romantic dinner at home. Going to a restaurant or other establishment is a rather risky step, especially if you live in a small town where the risk of meeting mutual acquaintances is too high. Therefore, it is better to prepare a delicious treat at home, as well as plan a small entertainment program. It will turn out interesting, pleasant and safe.
  • Evening at the hotel. In order not to arouse suspicion, it is better to go to another city. You should arrive earlier and rent a good hotel room, prepare everything there for a romantic evening. Be sure to order some delicious treats, as your loved one will get hungry on the way.
  • Extreme entertainment. You can choose to jump with a parachute or a bridge, descend a mountain river or a rock climbing lesson. If the spouse of a loved one is not extreme, the probability of meeting her or her acquaintances there will be minimal. In doing so, you will receive an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

Another good idea is an intimate present. Just buy not any specific items from a sex shop, but an adventure, for example, a role-playing game. You can dress up in some kind of costume and arrange an unforgettable evening for your loved one. Just be sure to take into account the temperament of the birthday person so as not to scare him away with your activity and pressure.


If you listen to our advice, exercise caution and prudence, you will make the holiday for your loved one unforgettable. At the same time, your gift will not become a bone of contention for the man’s family and will have a positive effect on your relationship. Surely the birthday person will be happy, and for your birthday you will also receive an unforgettable present.

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