Where to Celebrate a Children’s Birthday in St. Petersburg

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Where to Celebrate a Children’s Birthday in St. Petersburg: Every child is waiting for his birthday like a miracle. And parents want to please their children. But, here’s how to do it in order to celebrate your birthday perfectly, where to go to make it pleasant and fun for everyone?

Where to Celebrate a Children's Birthday in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, celebrating a children’s birthday is not a problem. A huge number of organizations: not only agencies but also restaurants, theaters, museums, and entertainment centers offer their services for holding a birthday. However, out of so many proposals, choosing exactly the venue where you can spend the most unusual birthday for a child in St. Petersburg is not entirely easy.

Where to Celebrate a Children’s Birthday in St. Petersburg

We have selected for you the most rated, interesting and convenient places in the Northern capital so that you can arrange the best birthday for your child, according to his interests and tastes, taking into account your preferences and inviting guests by age.

Petersburg Oceanarium

The St. Petersburg Oceanarium has 48 aquariums, which are home to more than 4.5 thousand fish, aquatic invertebrates and marine mammals. Local performances: “Show with sharks”, “Show with seals”, the process of feeding fish leave no one indifferent. The schedule of these events can be seen on the website.

The Oceanarium has a dive center and the Neptune pool, where you can learn how to dive to a depth, for which an international certificate is issued. The oceanarium is famous for its 35-meter underwater tunnel passing under the main aquarium at a depth of 3 meters, from where you can perfectly observe the aquatic life from the inside.

In the oceanarium, there is always an opportunity to celebrate a birthday and any children’s holiday.

Clubs “CyberFox”

CyberFox clubs offer to celebrate Children’s Birthday in the format of an action quest with a fantastic plot and a birthday boy as the main character. Guests will be able to travel through fantasy worlds based on famous books, films and computer games. The scenario includes quest tasks, tank battles, various shooting ranges, and a game of laser tag.

After the game, you can organize a festive “feast” in the banquet room. You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks here. The program is selected taking into account the age of the birthday person, the number of guests and the wishes of customers. The holiday can be organized at one of the CyberFox sites located in large shopping and entertainment complexes of the city with a rich infrastructure.

In clubs, in honor of the birthday, a discount of up to 20% on all programs is given.


“KidBurg” is a project from the creators of the interactive museums “Skazkin Dom” and “LabyrinthUm”. “KidBurg” is a city of professions or an adult world in miniature. A hospital, a post office, an airport, a bank, a police station, a farm, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other facilities are located on the territory of the city.

There are TV and radio studios, a newspaper editorial office, a theater, an art school, a supermarket, a restaurant, and a driving school. The townspeople of “KidBurg” are children from 4 to 13 years old.

“KidBurg” is an educational and entertainment center for children under 14 years old. In “KidBurg” in the shopping center “Rainbow” on the territory of the city with an area of ​​3400 m2 there is a bank, post office, hospital, shop, housing and communal services, a space training center, a veterinary clinic, metro construction, an architectural bureau, a mine, a flower shop and other locations.

The playground offers more than 50 professions, including for kids from 2 to 5 years old. There is also a developing zone “Museum of the ABC”, there is a mini-office of career guidance. For parents with children from 0 to 1.5 years old, there is a space with changing tables. There are all conditions for holding an unforgettable birthday and other children’s holidays.

“The Brothers Grimm”

“The Brothers Grimm” organizes birthdays and children’s parties. Children’s celebrations are held in the format of adventure quests, during which children travel through mysterious spaces, pass tests and meet mysterious characters.

Events are accompanied by hosts. You can order such programs as Fort Boyard, Harry Potter, Gravity Falls, Minecraft, Sherlock Holmes Detective Agency, Secrets of Egypt, Fear Factor (from 10 years old), Filming, Mafia in the style of Marvel and others.

And also here they hold a fantastic White Party Disco with a real paper show, for lovers of beauty and sweets – an amazing Milk Shake master class. Here they really organize an unforgettable birthday for every child!

“Territory of Mysticism”

“Territory of Mysticism” used to be called “House of Fears”. The project positions itself as a theater of scary stories. It can be visited by guests of all ages. Here they become participants in interactive performances based on scary stories. They play “mystical hide and seek” here.

And also on the “Territory of Mysticism,” you can celebrate any holiday that will be remembered for a lifetime. You can book tickets by phone. Birthday is celebrated by choosing one of the proposed programs. The most popular adventure program for children from 9 to 12 years old is based on the cartoon “Gravity Falls”.

Children’s club “Dar”

In 2015 “Dar” celebrated a beautiful anniversary – the 20th anniversary of its professional activity. The operation of the children’s club is conditioned by the activities of a part-time kindergarten for children aged 1.5 to 7 years.

The programs of this site are unique, authors. They are made by professionals, taking into account the age characteristics of each child, and they also meet the developmental characteristics of modern children. Classes in kindergarten are held in subgroups according to age. 

In the children’s club “Dar” any child from 0 to 10 will find something to their liking. Here, children are in a cozy and interesting atmosphere, where all the necessary conditions for the development and formation of a growing personality are created. Birthdays are held on weekends. 

Birthday is perhaps one of the most favorite holidays in the life of every child. Therefore, it is so important to make this day unforgettable for the baby. Only professionals with experience working with kids will be able to perfectly organize this holiday. In “Dar” they create an individual scenario and thematic decor. The program provides only pleasant surprises on this day.

It’s real to make a birthday for a child unforgettable in the “Dar” club. With the help of professionals and masters of their craft, any dream comes true here! The key to a good holiday is professionals who have direct experience working with the smallest children. It takes into account all the characteristics of the child, his interests, and dreams.

Network of escape rooms iLocked

iLocked (“Ilokd”) is the organization of quests in St. Petersburg on the principle of “leave the room”. The organizers have developed 20 quests for the children’s birthday party.

In this space, it is easy to be with the heroes of the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” and penetrate into the “wonderful” rabbit hole; here you can meet and reveal the secrets of the wise professor’s subconscious; it is not surprising, after watching a chemical show, to create your own invention on the game “Unconscious”; then, if you wish, choose your side of the force and visit the Star Wars galaxy far, far away; here you meet revived tyrannosaurs and fly by helicopter on the quest “Dinosaurs: Jurassic Park”; iLocked rooms are looking for “Pirate Treasure”

iLocked quests are a trendy type of outdoor activity for residents of St. Petersburg, which is already popular throughout Russia and Europe. The essence of the quest is that a team of several friends is locked in an entourage room, and in order to get out they need to unravel its secrets.

The secret of imprisonment within four walls may be different, but the goal is the same – to get out in the allotted time. Real quests are adventures, adrenaline and a great way to spend time in a company!


The children’s club “Indigo” has been operating for children from 2 to 10 years old since 2017 on the territory of the Okhta Park resort. The space covers an area of ​​about 650 m2. The club is located in a separate new wooden building. There are several play zones here – an active zone with a dry pool of 100 m2, ladders, slides and suspension bridges.

There is a house for girls in the style of “Shabby chic”, a trading shop and a dressing room, a lego table for kids (LEGO Duplo) and for older children (constructors with small details), a Brio wooden railway, a creative island with a “magic fountain” where the master classes, and much more. For the little ones, there is a playground with cubes, books, wooden toys and a sandbox with kinetic sand.

Games are played here without a tablet, computer, phone and TV. Modern children sometimes do not know how great and interesting it is to spend time playing an exciting game in the company of peers or even alone, but in the cozy world of dolls and cars.

There are several play areas for every taste: an active soft area with a sweet tree, a cup-tunnel, a cake house, slides, a climbing wall and hanging bridges, filled with balls according to the principle of a dry pool, a house for girls in the Shabby Chic style, where over time, there will be a real dressing room, a book corner, a space for kids with a large sandbox with kinetic sand and wooden toys, a design office with countless Lego bricks and an endless wooden “railroad” track, and, of course, a creative island with a magic fountain, where Interesting workshops are already underway! 

In addition to an exciting game, they have developed an author’s methodology for the development of a child, based on the pedagogical concepts of Vygotsky, Leontiev, Elkonin, Gippenreiter, and Makoto Shichida. This technique is based on intuitive-situational pedagogy, aimed at developing memory, imagination, intuition, logic and creativity.

There will be no special classes in separate groups, but an exciting game that the child will choose himself will constantly continue, and the task of the curators of the game zones is to organize the process in such a way that each child in a calm manner, naturally and with pleasure receives exactly the knowledge that meets his needs. own internal unique needs.

Of course, the club uses the latest technologies, but only to provide comfortable and safe conditions for children to play, relax and develop: video surveillance, a ventilation system with a built-in air disinfection function, heated floors, a modern lighting system, hypoallergenic finishing materials, etc. d. The club has an hourly system of stay. The club perfectly celebrates birthdays and any children’s holidays.

“Mary Poppins”

“Mary Poppins” has been specializing in organizing children’s parties for about 20 years. The institution arranges exciting and unforgettable children’s birthdays and holidays. Guests of the cafe participate in fairy tale performances, circus shows and jousting tournaments, as well as travel through the magical worlds of their favorite literary works.

Indispensable attributes of children’s birthdays are crackers, sparklers, a cake with candles and fireworks in honor of the birthday man. 

Here you can order the best thematic program for a birthday and any holiday, or make an individual menu by phone. A festive menu with kebabs and fresh vegetables will please even the pickiest little gourmets! The experience of local professionals allows you to organize a holiday for every taste and budget. 

Operating since 1998, “Mary Poppins” has accumulated a wealth of experience in organizing holidays for all ages. Fascinating scenarios for children’s parties, professional animators, heroes of fairy tales and cartoons, funny clowns and magicians – this is only a part of what they can offer you here.

Mouse House

The Mouse House restaurant in the Zanevsky Cascade shopping center was opened in 2017. On the territory, there is a family restaurant with a main and children’s menu, a bar and a confectionery card.

For children from 3 to 14 years old, various play areas are open. Children under 7 years old are allowed to the playground only when accompanied by an adult. Here you can perfectly celebrate your birthday.

Mouse House at TK River House opened in December 2017. This is an interactive space with a dynamic play area for children from 3 to 14 years old. There is a separate playground for kids from 0 to 3 years old.

It offers gaming and educational machines, a shooting range for adults and children, experimentation equipped with everything necessary for studying applied science, a 3D planetarium with a spherical screen on the ceiling, a full-size children’s railway, themed photo zones and a photo booth, a souvenir shop with a charity art market and much more. Every day there are animation programs.

Mouse House is a new format amusement park for the whole family or a restaurant with the largest game room in Europe. Guests are waiting

  • Huge space with a dynamic play area for children from 3 to 14 years old 
  • Baby-zone for kids from 0 to 3 years old, permanent nanny and railway
  • Slot machines and shooting range 
  • Original themed photo zones and a photo booth to capture the most vivid impressions
  • Free train ride for children around the mall

Stylish banquet halls, the best animation programs in the city, exciting shows, traveling theaters, soap bubbles, magicians and animals, face painting and event decor are ready for children’s parties – from photo zones immersed in flowers to candy bars in the style of the holiday. There is a two-story family restaurant “Bruschetta” with a panoramic view of the Neva.

Be Happy! on Soldier Korzun

In the club “Be Happy!”, which is located in the south of St. Petersburg, there are events for children from 1 to 16 years old. These are various interactive and puppet shows, soap bubble shows, paper and science shows, quests, Mafia games, New Year’s programs, etc.

A children’s film studio is also open here. You can perfectly celebrate a children’s birthday and at the same time make your own film.

The children’s birthday lasts 2 hours. Room rental is included in the cost of the holiday. Show program at the choice of guests – 50 minutes. Also, guests bring treats with them (cakes, pizza, drinks). At the celebration, 30 minutes are allotted to a disco with contests, phantoms, quizzes and with an animator.


“LabyrinthUm” is an interactive museum of entertaining science. Here, children in a playful way get acquainted with the basics of physics. In each zone of the “LabyrinthUm”, there are exhibits illustrating the operation of the laws of certain areas of physics – mechanics, optics, dynamics, electricity, magnetism, as well as various natural phenomena.

For example, in the “Black Room” they catch their shadow or create lightning. In the “World of Physical Experiments”, holding hands, you can light a huge lamp. In the “Water World,” it is easy to be inside a giant soap bubble or build a real dam.

The museum is interactive: here you can not only watch and listen but also touch and experiment – for example, become part of an electrical circuit and create a tornado. The museum employs consultants who conduct individual tours. The exposition is divided into two parts: on the first floor there are most of the interactive exhibits, and on the second floor there are zones with entertaining puzzles.

Birthdays and other children’s holidays are celebrated here. Children’s birthday at the “LabyrinthUm” museum will delight guests with exciting shows. A scientific holiday can be held at the museum or ordered at home.


“Tramontana” is a climbing wall on Bronnitskaya, which is adjacent to the store of the same name. The center is equipped with a large bouldering hall – more than 500 m2. The space has, in total, more than 100 runs. There is a wall for rope routes, imitating a rocky granite relief, its height is 8 meters, and the area is 140 m2. All equipment in the hall was made by Walltopia.

The climbing center “Tramontana” was created for everyone who loves rock climbing. Regardless of age, abilities and experience in this sport, both children and beginners, as well as MSMK, train under one roof. Most of all, comfort and safety are valued here. Rest and birthdays are served here by polite and qualified staff, a cozy atmosphere is created for guests. Visitors get 110% of the pleasure from the climbing wall.

“Puppet Format”

“KUKFO” or Puppet Format is a theater for children and adults, which opened in the fall of 2002. The theater declared itself to continue the tradition of St. Petersburg organ grinders and parsley-makers. The play “Rider of cuprum”, was created for the 170th anniversary of the story poem by A.S.

Everything is possible in KUKFO but in a puppet format. Ease and humor, irony and sanity are the main creative features. “Puppet format” is an author’s theater with a European chamber atmosphere, As the creator of the theater, director and artist Anna Viktorova said:

In the puppet theater, there are no boundaries. Dolls can be of different control systems, they can be small and fit in the palm of your hand or huge and not fit on the theater stage, they can sing and dance, love and hate, and compose poetry, but in the theater, there is always an actor behind them, and the puppet – it is an instrument as complex as a violin or a flute. 

And the theater is an orchestra in which each member is irreplaceable. We try, experiment, invent, live and hope that the best performances are yet to come!

“Ordinary Miracle”

Art cafe “Ordinary Miracle” is designed for guests of both the smallest and teenagers. Here you will be allowed to run, jump and stand on your head. A banquet hall and a games room are open for birthday people and their friends, there are more than 50 options for festive shows, competitions and master classes: from sand animation to piñata.

Also, a company of fairy-tale characters and a delicious cake from a confectionery cafe are waiting for guests. Bright and unforgettable children’s birthday parties are held here with animators.

In general, the art cafe “Ordinary Miracle” offers:

  • Holidays for children on a turn-key basis
  • Masterclasses
  • Children’s shows (giant soap bubbles, science shows, quests, mafia)
  • Karaoke and WI-FI
  • Order an animator and a photographer for departure
  • Ordering cakes and confectionery (individually)
  • Sale of helium balloons from 40 rubles.

A holiday for a child is always good emotions and a boost of energy. These are the feelings that underlie the positive perception of the world. Children’s holiday has a good effect on the psyche of children. It all starts with the preparation and anticipation of this wonderful moment.

When planning a holiday for a child, be sure to ask him about what he wants. So not only all his wishes are taken into account, but also his involvement in the creative process takes place. The child will be able to choose the theme of the holiday and independently think over the details of its holding.

For example, the number of guests, how the kid wants to meet the guests (perhaps he will make invitations with his own hands) or how to decorate the hall for the holiday (here you can also get a lot of creative ideas).

Thus, we develop the child’s creativity and imagination, as well as teach him planning and leadership skills. Adults show the child that his desires are heard, which means that he is surrounded by an atmosphere of love and understanding.

After such a children’s holiday, you can feel the changes in interpersonal communication with him. It is quite possible that the child will become more responsible for the requests of the parents.

In addition to a positive effect on creativity, a children’s holiday can indirectly affect his physical health. It’s no secret that pleasant emotions miraculously affect people’s health, strengthening the immune system. A good holiday for a child is better than any medicine. Let’s give more holidays to your children.


Heroes of favorite cartoons and books, clowns, magicians and jugglers meet birthday people in the Fairytale Country cafe. Magical illusions with animals, interactive theatrical performances, and soap bubble show take place here. For a birthday, they will definitely prepare unusual dishes and sweet delicacies that will take young guests to a real magical world!

Organizers provide services of professional hosts for birthdays and any children’s holiday. Happy Birthday!“Fairy Land” has been arranging holidays for a long time, working in the field of children’s parties. Behind the institution more than ten thousand satisfied children and their parents.

The strength of the organizers is that they know exactly the desires of modern children and are ready to fulfill their expectations. The artists of “Fairytaleland” are not just animators, but real fairy-tale heroes and professional theater and film artists in real life.

All the most famous images of fairy-tale characters and a large collection of thematic programs are collected. Here we are always ready to advise adults and find an interesting solution for any children’s holiday! Here they will calculate the program in such a way that it is not just fun for you, but also comfortable in terms of costs.

Organization of children’s parties “Fairytale Country” offers a wide range of services such as high-quality programs offered, a 100% guarantee of a good mood at the children’s party. Here they create a general atmosphere of a children’s holiday, nobody gets bored. Visitors here always get everything they need. In “Fairytaleland” – More than 20 animators and 10 show performances.

“Skazkin Dom”

“Skazkin Dom” on Gorkovskaya is a children’s museum theater located in Alexander Park next to the Leningrad Zoo. The museum has been open in St. Petersburg since 2009. There are interactive performances for children from 1 year old.

Groups are formed by age. During performances and holding birthdays and other holidays, little guests become active participants in what is happening, they are fully involved in fairy-tale life, and they play with the inhabitants of a fairy-tale country.

“Skazkin Dom” on Pionerskaya is the 2nd stage of the interactive museum-theater, which was opened on September 1, 2013. Here, on an area of ​​1000 m2, the following sites operate: “Medieval Fortress”, “Snow Country”, “Pirate Ship” and others. In the local “Skazkinom Dom” there are programs for children from 1.5.

For kids from 1 to 4 years old, a safe zone has been created for play and development. Thanks to the interactive presentation format, children participate in fairy tales. The museum theater often celebrates children’s birthdays, as well as the New Year, graduation and other holidays.

Theater-quest “Sunny City”

“Sunny City” is an entertainment center for children from 1 to 12 years old. The main attraction of the center is the castle gate, through which the children and their parents enter the magical city.

Here you can visit the houses of the Musician, Mechanic, Artist, Botanist and Miller. The space of the city is fully interactive: everything can be touched, viewed and explored.

For example, anyone can repair a helicopter in the Mechanic’s house, create their own painting in the Artist’s house, harvest at the Botanist’s house, etc.

Together with fairy tale characters, children travel from house to house, solve riddles, complete tasks and look for secret passages. The characters are brought to life by professional actors.

The main format of work is interactive performances and quests. Traveling around the “Sunny City” within the framework of one program lasts 50-55 minutes. For kids from 1 to 3 years old, a half-hour performance is offered.

In the “Sun City,” there are children’s creative studios and circles “Acting”, “Creative Workshop”, “Vocal”, and “Preparation for School”. Here you can also celebrate any children’s holiday; it is possible to organize outdoor activities for children.

Theater-quest “Sunny City” is

  • Quests and birthdays for children from 1 to 12 years old
  • Baby performances for kids 1-3 years old
  • Bright scenery: in the “Sun City” SIX locations – fabulous houses in different styles
  • Each house has different characters and actors. And these are six images for the quest!
  • Closed family birthdays: only you and your guests in separate banquet halls!

Museum of Wonders GeniumPark

GeniumPark is full of interactive exhibits that clearly demonstrate how the world around us works. In the museum, any guest is able to lift a car, create a tornado in a room, and test his strength, dexterity, attentiveness, vision and voice volume. For outdoor activities, there is air hockey, laser shooting and cycling.

The GeniumPark Museum of Wonders for children from 3 years old organizes unique birthdays and holidays. Ready-made packages have been developed, which include the following conditions: renting a room for tea drinking; unlimited time in the museum; show program from a professional actor; a tour of the Museum of Miracles; more than 40 interactive games; cotton candy for all children; one A4 photo for the birthday boy and one 10×15 photo for each child;


Entertainment center “Portal-78” was opened on Moskovskaya in 2017. Guests from 5 years old can come here, they are waiting for a laser tag arena in the form of a labyrinth with an area of ​​300 m2.

The site is equipped with special effects and 20 sets of gaming equipment for playing kuzar, there are virtual attractions with HTC Vive glasses, a Mission Impossible laser maze with obstacles and moving lasers, and air hockey. For recreation, quests, show programs and much more are being developed.

“Portal-78” arranges a birthday and any holiday on a turnkey basis: laser paintball games, laser quests with a host, a lot of unlimited rides, festive decorations and a feast in cozy banquet rooms. Parents only distribute branded invitations with a gift to guests and come at the appointed time.

Comprehensive birthday offers are not only convenient but also profitable: By choosing one of the holidays for 6, 10, 14 or 20** people, you can save from 15 to 30%. Valid for booking and making an advance payment no later than 14 calendar days before the date of the event in the amount of 100%.

Only players in laser tag and other attractions are considered, parents and small guests (children under 6 years old) are free of charge at the center.

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