What to Give Your Uncle for His Birthday

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Relatives can have different relationships. In one family, an uncle is like a second dad, in another, relatives practically do not communicate with each other. In the process of choosing a gift, you need to take into account the age of the person gifted, his hobbies and worldview. In this article, we will provide a list of What to Give Your Uncle for His Birthday, but choosing the really right gift that a particular man will like is up to you.

Classic Birthday Gifts for Uncle

Since not all nephews or nieces may know exactly what their uncle loves, it makes sense to opt for classic gifts sometimes. Such gifts include something that will definitely come in handy for any man, or it will be just lovely to get a person into his collection or to decorate an apartment (house). Here’s a list of these classic birthday gifts for your uncle.

Nice Gifts

If the nephew or niece is kids, then almost any gift that they will give will cause affection. Here are some suitable options:

  • Diary with leather cover;
  • passport cover;
  • a case for business cards;
  • organizer for documents;
  • gift badge with engraving;
  • medal for the Best Uncle;
  • leather belt ;

It is necessary to beautifully pack the gift so that the baby will happily present it. The addressee will surely like this kind of attention.


Despite the fact that the options presented below are called souvenirs, they also have a practical purpose and, certainly, will not gather dust in the far corner. Original presents:

  • Japanese rock garden;
  • a world map in which you can mark countries;
  • figurine of the gifted;
  • table fireplace;
  • car organizer for small items.


The best gift is one made with your own hands because it contains a piece of the donor’s soul. From a one-year-old baby, you can present a cute picture in a frame consisting of fingerprints of a nephew or niece.

Older children and adult relatives can use polymer clay as a material and make a beautiful sculpture. In addition, you can knit a warm scarf, mittens or sweater, sew multi-colored scarves, adding the recipient’s initials. Excellent presents will be:

  • Warm and cute slippers for home;
  • herbarium;
  • self-embroidered pillow ;
  • a rug made of rags;
  • photo album in scrapbooking style.


No modern person will give up a helpful device that makes life easier. Pay attention to options such as:

  • Smartwatch ;
  • remote control kettle;
  • Webcam;
  • mini boiler for mugs ;
  • coffee maker;
  • sandwich maker;
  • floor lamp;
  • robot vacuum cleaner.

Birthday Gifts for an Uncle at Different Ages

It should be borne in mind that a young uncle is unlikely to be delighted with a gift intended for an elderly man. The type of presentation depends on the age.

Gifts for Uncle From 30 to 40 Years Old

If your uncle is still young, great presentation options would be:

  • A drone that can take photos and videos;
  • set of wireless headphones;
  • Bluetooth speaker;
  • accessories for laptop or PC;
  • thing related to the hobby of the gifted;
  • interesting board game;
  • a ticket to an event the topic of which coincides with the interests of the uncle.

Gifts for Uncle From 40 to 60 Years Old

An uncle who has entered a respectable age will like:

  • Leather briefcase with a tough fit;
  • electronic book;
  • engraved pen ;
  • the globe;
  • collector’s edition of your favorite movie;
  • the journey of his dreams.

An uncle of any age will definitely like a gift associated with his hobby. If he likes to “dig” in cars, present him with quality tools, and if your uncle is a creative person who loves painting, present him with a picture.

Gifts for Uncle Over 60

An elderly birthday boy will be happy with the following presentations:

  • Electric massager;
  • electric heating pad;
  • the home suit made of natural wool that will keep you warm in any weather;
  • an album with photographs of the time of the person’s youth;
  • a device for measuring pressure.

If your uncle, even at such a respectable age, continues to lead an active lifestyle, give him something related to his hobby.

Men always prefer practicality and usefulness, even when it comes to gifts. Therefore, the gifted person will be delighted with a present that can be used at home. The most common options are:

  • a set consisting of a diary and a pen made to order;
  • darts;
  • whiskey glasses;
  • classic literature.

Expensive Gifts for Uncle’s Birthday

Adult nephews with a sufficient budget can please an uncle for his birthday with the following gifts:

  • A set of tools from a leading manufacturer. This gift is especially useful for a household person, a summer resident and a man who loves to spend time in the garage;
  • barbecue grill or grill;
  • notebook;
  • gold or gilded Swiss watches;
  • rocking chair;
  • elite perfume.

If the person being gifted collects something (stamps, Faberge eggs, coins, records, and so on), donate something that is not yet in his collection.

Uncle’s Interest Gifts

Presentations for a real man should be practical. For example, if your uncle is an eternal dandy, he will be happy with an original tie, a certificate for a branded clothing or footwear store, as well as a set for the care of a beard and mustache (if he has one).

An “advanced” uncle will love a solar-powered battery or charger.

A kebab lover can be presented with a beautiful and high-quality set for its preparation, as well as a device for marinating meat.

The motorist will be delighted with the special wheel lights and the magnetic smartphone holder. If your uncle is an alcoholic gourmet, an unusual minibar would be a great gift for him.

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