What to Give Your Son for His Birthday

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Parents always strive to give their children the very best in life. You can often hear the common phrase that children are the flowers of life, they decorate it and give happy moments. On his birthday, you want to surprise your child with a nice gift, so it is so important to choose a present in advance. Today in the article we will talk about ideas for preparing a surprise for your son.

What to Give Your Son for His Birthday

If you also do not know what to give your son for his birthday and want to find the best present, we advise you to read the information presented in our article. We were able to compile a list of the most common gift ideas that your son will definitely like. To find a suitable present for all occasions, you should take into account the age of the child, so our selection of mine is divided into categories.

Best 75 Birthday Gifts Ideas for Son

Parents play an important role in the son’s life, they educate him, invest their strength and serve as support and support even in the most difficult situations.

Of course, true love and care is the best gift for a boy, however, on this holiday, the mother and father wish to please their son with a pleasant present. The problem of choosing a gift has existed for a long time, so you can collect a list of the most popular ideas for preparing a surprise:

  • A robot dog that follows the commands of the owner is suitable even for a child with an allergy to wool.
  • For kids, you can buy a toy that will repeat the spoken phrases.
  • A tablet computer will be a good gift for a teenager.
  • If your child loves to read, present him with an electronic book format for reading in everyday life.
  • A little boy will love a tablet where you can paint with light. Such a surprise will allow you to safely create masterpieces without using paints.
  • A beautiful lamp with a projection of the night sky and a pleasant melody can be presented to the baby in the room, allowing you to create a comfortable environment.
  • The board game, which the son has long dreamed of, will surely please the birthday boy.
  • In the modern world, it is impossible to do without a telephone, so you can use this idea to choose a gift.
  • There are many accessories for your phone, you can buy a case or a holder with a unique pattern.
  • Headphones for listening to your favorite music from your phone.
  • If the child is fond of jogging, you can give him professional sneakers.
  • For the fishing enthusiast, choose a rod with spinners.
  • If a boy likes to give in nature, a tent will be a nice item.
  • A teenager will definitely like tickets for a concert of his favorite musical group.
  • Range shooting certificate.
  • If your child is in the sports section, buy him new equipment.
  • A soccer ball for playing in the yard.
  • A small lava-styled lamp will be a nice addition to a child’s room.
  • The badminton set will be a good surprise for an active sports enthusiast.
  • Roller skates for fun walk around the city.
  • The skateboard will appeal to a boy who loves extreme sports.
  • For modern children, you can choose a smartwatch with a set of additional functions.
  • Sports bracelet.
  • An interesting and entertaining gift will be a home farm with ants, which you can take care of yourself.
  • If the parents discuss the issue of the animal in advance, you can give the pet to your son.
  • Home appliance for making cotton candy.
  • Small popcorn machine.
  • Stylish poster featuring your favorite character or actor.
  • Backlit gaming keyboard for PC gamers.
  • Professional computer mouse for a gaming computer.
  • Sports lovers will like the home exercise machine, you can donate a treadmill.
  • A set of dumbbells for weightlifting.
  • The horizontal bar, which is installed in the doorway, will allow you to keep fit at home.
  • Shoes with LED lights that turn on when driving.
  • A small fan that attaches to the keyboard.
  • For a child who spends most of the time with the phone, a portable charger will become an irreplaceable present.
  • Station for wireless phone charging.
  • It will be interesting for the boy to conduct experiments at home, present him with a compact home laboratory.
  • For a young wizard, you can donate a set for performing tricks.
  • Virtual reality glasses are a popular gift.
  • The child will be happy with the game console.
  • A rubber boat is suitable for traveling along the river.
  • If you have the financial ability, it is fashionable for an adult son to buy a car.
  • An electric shaver will be a useful present for a grown-up child.
  • New models of cameras with an instant print function.
  • For a little boy, a toy railway as a gift is suitable.
  • An interesting puzzle for the development of fine motor skills in the child’s hands.
  • Kinetic sand will be an interesting surprise for the birthday boy.
  • A walkie-talkie will be a useful gift for your baby, allowing you to always be in touch.
  • Home swimming pool for swimming in summer.
  • If you have a summer cottage, give your child a trampoline for fun.
  • Water gun for playing with friends.
  • A set of toy soldiers or mechanical robots will please your son.
  • Collector’s edition of your favorite comics.
  • Electric device for burning wood with a set of stencils.
  • A set of chocolate decorated in the style of a toolbox.
  • The method of each child is a toy car or a helicopter in control.
  • For the development of fine motor skills of hands and logical thinking, puzzles are suitable.
  • Stylish T-shirt with a picture based on your son’s favorite comics.
  • One of the best gift options for a boy is a bicycle.
  • A qualitative model of table football.
  • Certificate for visiting the amusement park.
  • A light bulb powered by a USB cable.
  • An external drive for storing personal information.
  • For a weightlifting lover, a barbell with a set of pancakes is suitable.
  • Roomy bag thermos for hiking in nature.
  • You can give your child checkers to play with friends.
  • Small safe for storing personal belongings.
  • If the child has collections, you can supplement them with a new copy.
  • Cozy dressing gown with initials.
  • For a son who spends time at the computer, a professional chair is suitable.
  • An adult and independent son can be presented with a drill or screwdriver.
  • A small pear can be installed in the house.
  • Selfie stick with which you can take memorable pictures.
  • Comfortable bag-shaped chair.

Baby Gifts (1-3 Years Old)

Birthday in the life of any person plays an important role, for many this holiday is the most beloved of all. Even at an age that adults practically do not remember, children like to receive gifts. If you are looking to find a surprise for a young child aged 1 to 3 years old, the list of ideas below is worth considering:

  • The new bed with hanging toys over the baby will be a useful and pleasant gift for a boy.
  • A set of ducks for the bathroom will turn the bathing procedure into an exciting game.
  • A mug from which drinks are not poured, with a beautiful and bright pattern. It is worth choosing a mug with a pattern that appears from the heat. Such magic will appeal to the kid.
  • A useful and interesting gift for a kid will be a developing table with various functions.
  • With a small machine, the kid will be able to ride to the system, pushing off the floor with his feet.
  • A safe option for a surprise is a pyramid made of soft cubes.
  • If you want to combine the process of playing and the development of the child, it is worth donating books for coloring.

Gifts for Preschooler Son (4-7 Years Old)

If your son is still in kindergarten, but very soon he has to go to school, it is worth picking up a special surprise for him. For birthday people aged 4 to 7, the following gift ideas are suitable:

  • Children’s version of a car track with racing cars that drive in a circle.
  • There is a special car wash for children. It is especially interesting when the machine changes color after washing.
  • Miniature models of cars of the popular Hot Wheels series will appeal to any boy of preschool age.
  • A scooter for walking around the city.
  • Fascinating Lego construction set.

Gifts for Younger Pupil (9-13 Years Old)

For a child who recently went to school, for his birthday, you can pick up various technological means of communication and accessories for them. For a child of primary school age, it is fashionable to give the following:

  • A wireless speaker that you can take with you on your travels.
  • Professional scooter with which you can perform stunts on the sports field.
  • BMX bike for extreme sports enthusiasts.
  • A basketball hoop can be installed in the yard.
  • Sports skis for active recreation in winter.

Gifts for Teen Son (18 Years Old)

Adolescents deserve special attention, during this period a person’s values ​​change, which in the future can greatly affect the entire life path. Therefore, it is important to choose the right gift for the youngster’s son. Use the ideas below:

  • Parker planner and pen for recording important thoughts and ideas.
  • Collector’s edition of your son’s favorite book or a book that will become a guide to life.
  • Personal computer, which is useful when studying at the institute.

Gifts for an Adult Son Over 30 Years Old

In the life of parents, there comes a time when their children grow up and leave them. For an adult son, you can also pick up a good birthday present:

  • A set of things made of genuine leather, it is worth giving gloves, a bag or a wallet.
  • Hiking suitcase for travel.
  • Travel tickets to various countries.
  • A talisman that brings good luck to its owner.
  • Home bar in the form of a globe with elite alcohol inside.

Birthday Present From Father to Son

The father occupies a special place in the life of his son, it is the dad who gives the child invaluable life experience that will help him on the chosen path. The father can choose the following as a gift:

  • The first shaving razor with a personal care kit is a symbol of adulthood.
  • If there are special things in the family that are passed on from generation to generation, you can give them to your son. It could be an amulet, a book, or a toolbox.
  • Swiss knife with various tools in it.

Birthday Present for Son From Mother

In any family, it is the mother who is responsible for maintaining the hearth and comfort in the house. A gift from mom is always filled with warmth and care. Among the interesting ideas for a presentation from a mother are the following:

  • A memorable album with photographs that the mother took with the child during her life.
  • An electronic photo frame that will allow you to keep memorable moments from your life.
  • Socks and a sweater that my mother knitted with her own hands.

What Can You Give Your Son for His Birthday to Decorate a Room?

If your son has grown up a long time ago and wanted to move to a separate apartment, choose interior items as a presentation. The following ideas will be an excellent option for arranging a room:

  • The new bed will allow the child to rest after a hard day at work.
  • If your son has a large collection of books, it is worth giving him a bookcase in a unique design.
  • Rocking chair for a pleasant pastime while reading books.
  • Comfortable and soft cushion for the sofa, on which it will be pleasant to rest.
  • Closet for storing clothes.
  • Compact computer desk with shelves for storing documents.
  • Beautiful carpet and curtains in one color scheme for the room.

What to Give Your Son for His Birthday for New Impressions

Many people think that emotions and vivid impressions are the best presents for a birthday person. Things will deteriorate or break, and the impressions will forever remain in your memory. To surprise the boy, give him an unforgettable experience. The ideas below are great for this:

  • Certificate for attending courses or master classes for teaching your favorite business. You can choose lessons of modeling, drawing, horse riding training …
  • A truly unforgettable experience can be obtained from a parachute jump. Present your son with a certificate for a jump, for a start, you can jump with an instructor.
  • An expedition to the mountains with a tourist group will be a wonderful gift for a teenage boy.
  • Flying in an air tube will give you unforgettable emotions and impressions.
  • If your interest is a lot of friends, it is worth thinking about a joint camping trip with an overnight stay. To do this, you can choose equipment and equipment for tourism as a gift.

What Is Better Not to Give Your Son for His Birthday?

In shops and souvenir shops, you can find a huge variety of different gift ideas for your son. However, there are several options to refrain from when considering mine for a presentation. On your son’s birthday, you should not give the following as a gift:

  • Choosing money as a gift would be a bad option. In most cases, the child will not be able to properly manage the money, so he will spend it on useless things that will not leave memories.
  • It is a bad idea to buy clothes or things that the parents need to provide for the child. The child wants to get something special for his birthday, so you should refrain from buying a jacket or backpack as a gift.
  • If there are several children in the family, you should not give your son toys and things that previously belonged to the eldest child. Such a present will upset the son and put the forgiveness of the older child at the box office.
  • Despite the fact that the book is considered the best gift, it is not worth buying it for a child’s birthday. On this holiday, the birthday man wants to receive something funny and memorable from his parents.
  • An unsuccessful option would be to purchase an expensive collectible toy that simply stands on a stand.
  • It is better to refrain from buying a useless souvenir for the birthday person since boys do not like such gifts.
  • Buying a plush toy isn’t the best option. Girls will like this gift.


If you want to choose an interesting and necessary gift, you should, first of all, remember about your son’s hobbies. Chat with your child, and find out his wishes and tastes in order to choose the right present for your beloved child. An important point when buying a presentation is love and care.

The surprise that you choose with all your heart will surely give your son a really festive mood. Do not hesitate to communicate with the child, get to know him, and study the inner world, all this will help parents in choosing a present for their son.

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