What to Give Your Mistress for Her Birthday

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What to Give Your Mistress for Her Birthday: It is difficult for a beloved woman to give a gift, because. there is always the possibility of not guessing about her preferences. The easiest way to solve this problem is to present an envelope with money.

What to Give Your Mistress

But such a gesture may not always be perceived positively. Women love it when they are given gifts that time has been spent choosing. Therefore, when deciding what to give your mistress, you should show imagination.

What to Give Your Lover for Her Birthday – Top 30 Best Gift Ideas

As a present for a married girl, you can choose:

  1. Perfume. When buying, you must take into account the taste preferences of the birthday girl. A good perfume is expensive, so you should not expect a gift to be cheap.
  2. Decoration. A married girl can be presented with a pendant, earrings, bracelet, etc. for her anniversary.
  3. Underwear. Women, regardless of age, love beautiful things, so such a birthday present would be appropriate.
  4. Greetings to the billboards.
  5. Ticket to visit an exhibition or museum. You also need to pay extra for travel if the event takes place in another city or country.
  6. Many flowers. For a girl’s birthday, you can place an order for several bouquets that will be delivered throughout the day.
  7. Pet.
  8. Frame pool for a summer residence.
  9. Bed sheets.
  10. Original bouquet. Its difference from others is that it has no flowers. It is made up of various small, but not always cheap gifts. It can include sweets, jewelry, and folded banknotes.
  11. Certificate in store.
  12. Membership to the gym or swimming pool.
  13. Stone therapy.
  14. Spa bachelorette party. The mistress will be able to take her friends with her, which will not arouse the suspicion of her husband. Even if he decides to check if his wife is cheating, he will see that the woman told the truth.
  15. Excursion to the brewery.
  16. Turkish soap massage.
  17. Sportbike.
  18. Archery lesson.
  19. Water skiing.
  20. Visit the virtual reality park.
  21. Tablet stand.
  22. Forged shelves.
  23. Bear from 3D roses.
  24. Towel with personalized embroidery.
  25. Climbing lesson at the climbing wall.
  26. A figurine of a mistress, printed on a 3D printer.
  27. A book by her favorite writer.
  28. Wallet.
  29. Garden swing.
  30. Wireless phone charger.

When choosing what to give your mistress for her birthday, you should take into account the age of the woman. If a teddy bear can please a young girl, then such a present will not work for an older lady.

What to Give a Married Mistress – Top 20 Ideas

A married woman who does not want to advertise her romance is not recommended to give expensive things. They can cause a lot of questions from the spouse. Therefore, when choosing a gift for a mistress who has a husband, you can consider the following options:

  1. Large terry bathrobe. Such a gift will not arouse suspicion in the spouse, because. a woman can buy this thing on her own. But, when a married lover puts on a bathrobe, she will remember her donor every time.
  2. Money. They are not considered the best gift, but for a married woman who does not want someone to know about her relationship on the side, such a decision would be one of the best. You can explain the receipt of additional money in your family as a bonus or a gift from the entire work team (if the husband controls the finances).
  3. Flower in a pot. Such a gift for a married lover should be chosen if the girl likes it when her window sills are decorated with flowers. The present does not have to be brought home. She can leave him, for example, at work.
  4. Table lamp. This item is difficult to associate with a present from a lover, and a good lamp is a necessary thing in the house.
  5. Designer bag.
  6. Kitchen utensils. When a woman likes to cook or beautifully set the table, then such a present will be useful.
  7. Office chair. A comfortable workplace helps to maintain mood and health. Therefore, if the question arises of what to give a married woman a secret from her husband, you can order the delivery of the chair directly to the office.
  8. Professional photo session.
  9. Fitness bracelet. Such a gift is given to a married mistress when she plays sports and adheres to proper nutrition, i.e. looks after her health.
  10. Payment for self-development courses. If a man knows about a woman’s hobbies, for example, learning a foreign language, you can give her a few individual lessons with a tutor as a gift.
  11. Necessary household appliance. A mistress, if she is married, can be presented with a technique, but some cost restrictions should be followed. You should not give overly expensive devices.
  12. DVR. When a woman drives a car on her own, such a purchase will be not only pleasant for her, but also useful.
  13. Headphones.
  14. Quality running shoes. If a girl goes in for sports or runs in the morning, she will be pleased with such attention from her lover, who took care of her comfort.
  15. Photo frame without a photo.
  16. Care and relaxation. Give your mistress just like that, i.e. for no reason, you can get a certificate to visit the spa.
  17. Box (basket) with different goodies. It can be sent by courier.
  18. A romantic dinner is prepared by the hands of a man, not ordered in a restaurant.
  19. Vacation trip. A woman can tell her husband that she is going on a business trip.
  20. Cosmetic set for body care. Such a gift is suitable for a married girl for any occasion.

If Hiding is Not Necessary – 20 Gifts for a Free Lover

Top 20 gifts for a free lover:

  1. New phone.
  2. Laptop.
  3. Big TV.
  4. Picnic in the park or on the coast.
  5. Joint visit to the opera, cinema or theater.
  6. Walk on a speedboat.
  7. Ebru painting lesson. The master will teach you how to draw with colorful paints on water.
  8. Clay sculpture of a mistress. This gift must be planned several months in advance. the master will take time to make it.
  9. A day at the golf club for two.
  10. Organization of a party in a disco bus.
  11. Thai foot massage.
  12. Heated sheet.
  13. Pajamas.
  14. Half heart pendant.
  15. Cryptocurrency (digital currency).
  16. Aroma sauna for two.
  17. Trip to Paris.
  18. Congratulations on your birthday or other dates on the local radio.
  19. Country fireplace with barbecue.
  20. Pillow in the shape of a heart.

20 Pleasant Surprises for an Ex-lover

When a relationship with a mistress ends, it is not necessary to become enemies. But in order to maintain a friendship, without hinting at the revival of communication, you should carefully choose gifts:

  1. Mug with the inscription “To the best ex-lover.”
  2. Statuette.
  3. Soft toy.
  4. Bath foam. A present can be presented to an ex-girlfriend for any reason.
  5. Alarm. If a girl is often late or likes to sleep in the morning.
  6. T-shirt with print. The theme of the image is selected based on the purpose for which the gift was made.
  7. Car pillow. Suitable for girls who spend a lot of time on the road.
  8. Warm socks. If a man does not know what to give his ex for the New Year, then such a present would be appropriate.
  9. Teapot.
  10. A set of name scarves.
  11. Notebook.
  12. Umbrella.
  13. Decorative sticker for wallpaper.
  14. A magnet with a cheerful inscription, congratulations or wishes.
  15. Hairpin.
  16. The procedure of peeling massage of the legs with fish.
  17. A tea set.
  18. garden figurine. It is appropriate if a woman has a dacha or she lives in a private house.
  19. Garland curtains.
  20. A vase.

Romantic Surprises – Top 15 Memorable Ideas

To make the girl remember the congratulation for a long time, use the following list of ideas:

  1. Rest in the ski resort.
  2. Boat trip.
  3. Dinner on the roof.
  4. Walk in a hot air balloon. Before you give such a memorable gift, you need to find out if she is afraid of heights.
  5. Visit the petting zoo.
  6. Excursion to the chocolate factory.
  7. Write a paper love letter by hand.
  8. Fill the girl’s office with foil balloons.
  9. Certificate for the fulfillment of 3 wishes (they are entered by the mistress).
  10. Planting a tree in the park (with a signed sign).
  11. Romantic clock for the bedroom in the form of a figurine.
  12. Designer evening dress.
  13. Music Box.
  14. Board erotic game.
  15. Decorative panel or amulet on the wall.

15 Expensive Gifts That Will Definitely Please the Woman You Love

Dear gifts that the chosen one will appreciate:

  1. Repaying a loan or mortgage.
  2. Buying an apartment.
  3. Car. If a girl does not have a car or her vehicle is old, you can please her with a new car.
  4. Plastic surgery or other expensive cosmetic procedures. Such a present can be given to a mistress just like that, but not for a birthday.
  5. Collectible item. Suitable only for women who are interested in such things.
  6. Assistance in starting your own business.
  7. Leadership position (suitable when a man is a woman’s boss or can simply influence changes in the state).
  8. Products from precious metals. Not necessarily a gift item should be an ornament. You can present, for example, a box for storing women’s little things, which is made of various alloys of expensive metals and inlaid with stones.
  9. Meeting with an idol. You can book tickets to a concert, organize an individual performance, or arrange a joint dinner with a person whom your mistress admires.
  10. Digital piano. A gift for those women who play this instrument or are going to master this art.
  11. Rest on the yacht.
  12. Recording a single in a professional studio.
  13. Professional camera. If a girl is engaged in photography, and already has the appropriate equipment, then additional optics can be presented.
  14. Pay for a DNA test for nationality or order a genealogical study (pedigree).
  15. Payment for the services of a tattoo parlor.

Inexpensive, but Pleasant Little Things – 20 Original Gifts for a Mistress

Women love when they show attention to them and show care not only on significant dates. Therefore, any little thing that will be presented without a reason will improve the mood and please the girl. As a small present can be:

  • keychain for keys (can be backlit);
  • beautiful jewelry;
  • write a verse or song on your own (this is an original gift for a mistress, but it requires talent);
  • aromatic oils, incense;
  • inertial pendulum (in the office);
  • good engraved pen;
  • thermo mug;
  • raincoat;
  • Sunglasses;
  • hair care device (curling iron, hair dryer, etc.);
  • box of candies;
  • warm vest;
  • magnetic board on the refrigerator (for notes);
  • a night lamp projecting a starry sky onto the walls and ceiling;
  • wicker basket or box for various little things;
  • cake made to order;
  • trampolining;
  • piggy bank with engraving;
  • predictor ball;
  • shower head with color illumination.

What to Give Your Mistress for the New Year – 15 New Year’s Surprises

The best Christmas gifts for a lover:

  1. Jewels. Jewelry will always be accepted by a girl with great pleasure.
  2. Travel-leisure (joint New Year holidays). Such a gift to your mistress for the New Year will be doubly pleasant if the trip is planned to warmer climes.
  3. Warm mittens or gloves.
  4. Certificate of acquisition of a site on the Moon or other extraterrestrial object.
  5. Bed. Well suited as a gift if a woman is in the process of arranging her home
  6. Fur. If a woman is against killing animals, she can purchase a product that is made of high-quality artificial material.
  7. Joint picture. To make the gift more expensive, the canvas can be ordered from a contemporary artist.
  8. Electric fireplace.
  9. Wine and cheese tasting for two.
  10. Sweater. For the New Year, you can present one sweater to your mistress, and buy another one with the same pattern for yourself.
  11. Wristwatch.
  12. Master class from a professional makeup artist. A woman will be told not only the basics of makeup. The master will tell you how to emphasize dignity and how to hide the flaws in appearance.
  13. Florarium.
  14. New Year’s toy, made to order.
  15. Shoes for gifts.

A Sea of ​​emotions – 15 Best Gift Impressions for a Girl

The best options for gifts-emotions for a lover:

  1. Circus tickets.
  2. Erotic gifts. The choice should be based on the intimate preferences of the couple. As a gift, there can be an intimate haircut, edible underwear, massage, dance, etc.
  3. Evening (night) in a good hotel.
  4. Extreme entertainment (mountain river descent, parachute jump, etc.).
  5. Flowers are given through the window of a high-rise building.
  6. Flight in a wind tunnel.
  7. Amusement park.
  8. Romantic evening under the open sky with a telescope. You will first need to prepare so that you can show something interesting in the starry sky.
  9. Longevity rose. Its advantage is that the flower will stand without water and retain its original appearance for up to 5 years. You can give a woman such a rose for the New Year, regardless of whether she is married or single.
  10. Airplane training flight for two.
  11. Flyboard flight.
  12. Master class in shooting from firearms.
  13. Horse excursion.
  14. Ticket to the museum of photo illusions.
  15. The world of VR games. A person is put on special glasses that help to immerse themselves in virtual reality.

Many gifts will be pleasant because of their high cost, but the most original gift for a mistress is an offer to become a wife. However, such a surprise would be appropriate only if the woman wants to get married.

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