What to Give Your Husband for His Birthday

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Choosing a gift for a man is not easy. And if this is a beloved spouse, and you want to please and surprise him, then the task becomes even more difficult. What to give your husband for his birthday so that the present will suit his taste, really please and will be remembered for a long time?

What to Give Your Husband for His Birthday


Most married women know that men devote a lot of time to their work. This may not please all wives, but there’s nothing you can do about it. If a representative of the stronger sex is a fan of his business, he will be delighted only with such a gift that will be associated with his work:

  1. Geek – Most sysadmins, programmers, layout designers, etc. – men. If the spouse is happy to do something like that, then flash drives will certainly come in handy; external hard drives; USB hubs; pillows under the arms or the wrist, so as not to get tired of working with the “mouse” or with the keyboard; the “mice” themselves; covers and stands for laptop, etc.

What to Give Your Husband for His Birthday

  1. Driver – Many professions involve constant movement by car. And if a man travels a lot by car, he should like things that will make them stay in the salon comfortable or help to take care of the vehicle. Such gifts include a heated scraper, a driver’s mug in a leather case, a car vacuum cleaner, steering wheel braids, seat covers or covers, personalized document covers, etc.
  2. Businessman – Anyone who has his own business can donate something for business or just something that emphasizes status. This group of presents will include all kinds of communicators, wristwatches, diaries, organizers, a tie, a tie clip, cufflinks, etc.
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Of course, everything that is somehow connected with work will certainly come in handy for a man. And when presenting such a present, you can be sure that it will not lie in the far corner. But before choosing a birthday present for your husband, you need to make sure that the spouse does not want to receive something related to the other side of his life.

What to Give Your Husband for His Birthday


Fortunately, adults today have the opportunity to do just about anything they like. And even if you can’t make it your primary occupation, it still gets enough attention. Many are fond of sports, design and photography, painting and graphics, tourism, fishing, cooking, etc. What is suitable for such enthusiastic people?

  • Sports – billiard cue, roller skates, skateboard, bicycle, exercise machine, dumbbells, fitness bracelet, smartphone case on hand (for jogging), etc.
  • Photo – camera, lenses and cleaning products, filters, tripod, camera bag or case, lens mug, attending a master class by a famous photographer, etc.

What to Give Your Husband for His Birthday

  • Tourism – a backpack, suitcase, bag or case for documents, a washing map of the world (so the traveler can mark the places he has already visited), a flask, a leather holder for a bottle, a compass, etc.
  • Fishing – fishing tackle, a set of dishes in a cover, comfortable clothes and shoes, a sleeping bag, a folding chair, a thermos, etc.
  • Painting and graphics – easel, tube, albums, large paper folders (along with sheets of paper), brushes, paints, pastels, pencils, ink, and many other things that can usually be purchased at a specialized store.

What to Give Your Husband for His Birthday

  • Cooking – a trip to a master class, a book by a famous chef (you can look for an autographed edition), a book for recording your recipes made to order, and all kinds of cooking tools.
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If you know exactly what your beloved man is fond of, then you can make both a practical and original birthday present for your husband. To do this, it is enough to choose an object, and order a personalized cover for it or put an inscription on the thing itself. For example, on clothes, a case, or a case (for any accessories).

What to Give Your Husband for His Birthday

With Your Own Hands

Many women believe that there is nothing better than a handmade gift, especially for a loved one. And if it is decided to prepare just such a present, you need to start doing it long before the holiday, so that you end up with a quality thing. What can you do with your own hands for a man?

  • knit a hat, scarf (snood), sweater;
  • sew a quilt or bathrobe;
  • decorate a cup and plate by writing or drawing something explicitly related to the birthday person;
  • a case for a gadget;
  • purse and key holder (made of leather);
  • a clock on the wall in the office;
  • organizer for clothes and accessories in the closet;
  • stand for tablets or smartphones, etc.

If a woman is sure that her lover will appreciate the present rather than practical, then you can make a cute birthday present for your husband with your own hands from sweets, tea bags, coffee, etc.

To do this, they take a small box, decorate it beautifully, and put tea bags into it, on each of which, instead of a tag, they attach a note with a wish or recognition. A man will take such a box with him to work and remember his beloved during tea drinking. Another option is to make a car, tank, plane, guitar, computer, etc. from candies and chocolates. – depending on what the spouse is doing.

What to Give Your Husband for His Birthday

Intangible Gifts

The husband has everything he needs for work. He recently purchased a new smartphone, and updated his laptop and tablet. And the man treats his hobby so reverently that he prefers to buy everything he needs on his own. What to present for your birthday in this case? There are only surprises or so-called “immaterial gifts” left.

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What to Give Your Husband for His Birthday

They organize surprises on their own or turn to professionals. Today there are quite a large number of firms that offer:

  • extreme snowboarding, snowmobiling, and downhill skiing;
  • skydiving;
  • extreme driving session;
  • paragliding flight;
  • piloting an airplane or helicopter;
  • horse ride;
  • all kinds of master classes;
  • arrangement and recording of a song in a professional recording studio, etc.

What to Give Your Husband for His Birthday

You can make such an unusual birthday present for your husband by paying for the appropriate service in a special company. But some people make surprises on their own. For example, they organize dates in unusual places or a quest throughout the city or district, so that the man does various tasks all day, and in the evening he comes to a party dedicated to him.


Whether a husband’s birthday present is expensive or budgetary, ordered, bought, or made by hand is not so important. It is much more important than a man who understands that he is dear to his half, that his wife has been preparing for the holiday for a long time and carefully, choosing from all the options to surprise the one that he will like.

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