What to Give Your Ex-wife

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What to Give Your Ex-wife: After a failed marriage, men often remain on good terms with their ex-wives. Maintaining friendly ties occurs for various reasons – common children, business, or simply a desire to reconcile. And there is nothing wrong with that.

What to Give Your Ex-wife

In any case, this is a great reason to congratulate your ex-wife on the holidays, because she is far from a stranger. Before any celebration, the thought may arise about what kind of gift to present. It is worth choosing it wisely. It is best if the present is neutral and without any hints – this will help to avoid awkward moments.

Birthday Gifts for Ex-wife

Companionable relations between former spouses in modern realities are not uncommon. Many couples who have been married in the past congratulate each other on important dates, anniversaries, etc. Often men have the question of what to give their ex-wife for her birthday.

What should be a present depends on the proximity of the relationship. In one case, you can present a pleasant, symbolic gift. But if you are connected by a good strong friendship, we recommend that you pay attention to universal ideas.

An interesting and necessary gift for an ex-wife can be:

  • A gift certificate for a small amount – to a spa, perfumery, cosmetics store;
  • organizer box for convenient storage of care products, cosmetics or other small things;
  • book, if the favorite genre and author are known;
  • vacation with a child;
  • jewelry, if appropriate – earringschain , bracelet ;
  • a perfume set of your ex-wife’s favorite fragrance;
  • a notebook in a neutral design is suitable for a businesswoman;
  • Parker pen ;
  • bedroom humidifier;
  • laptop bag ;
  • jewelry box made of wood or stone;
  • fluffy bath mat;
  • a set of coffee beans;
  • clay pots, a lover of cooking will like it;
  • a yoga mat if the ex-wife is fond of home fitness;
  • cutting boards of different sizes – wooden or stone.
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Gifts for Ex-wife on March 8

International Women’s Day is a good occasion to congratulate your ex-wife. On this occasion, the gift does not have to be expensive. You can choose a traditional and at the same time a pleasant surprise. Below we will tell you what to give your ex-wife on March 8.

So, we recommend presenting:

  • A bottle of your favorite wine in a gift box;
  • sweets or handmade chocolate;
  • aroma candles;
  • a bouquet of unusual flowers in a wooden box – lilac, lavender, irises, lilies;
  • a set of teas of different varieties in a gift box;
  • home SPA products – caring masks, scrubs, etc.;
  • glasses for champagne, wine or cocktails;
  • trays made of stone for hot;
  • wine set with electric corkscrew;
  • plant in a beautiful pot;
  • oriental sweets in a gift box;
  • bouquet of strawberries in chocolate.

Christmas Gifts for Ex-wife

For the New Year, it is also customary for ex-wives to give gifts. Here you can pay attention to neutral surprises with New Year and Christmas themes.

The presentation should still be not too expensive and useful. In any case, the ex-wife will be pleased with such a sign of attention.

A suitable New Year’s gift can be:

  • Candle heated teapot;
  • beautiful Christmas decorations included;
  • a set of glasses with a double bottom for coffee and tea;
  • large ceramic salad bowl;
  • kitchen towels and napkins in festive decoration;
  • little dwarf mascot Tomte;
  • travel bag;
  • a blanket made of pleasant material;
  • set for mulled wine, which includes spices and glasses;
  • garlands for home decoration;
  • home diffuser with themed fragrance;
  • gingerbread or macarons in a gift box.
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When choosing a gift for an ex-wife, always be guided by her preferences, which are most likely known. Do not give too intimate and personal gifts. Choose a surprise with a neutral theme, your common child can help with this. Give gifts in a good mood, accompanying the gift only with sincere words.

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