What to Give Your Daughter for Her Birthday

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A list of the most desirable and popular options for a birthday gift for your daughter to surprise her. Original, cute and bright gift ideas for girls of any age.

It is always difficult for parents to buy a gift for their daughter. The child expects from mom and dad an unforgettable, original and the best surprise for any occasion.

What to Give Your Daughter for Her Birthday

Catch mega 90 ideas of what to give your daughter for her birthday to please and surprise her!

90 Ideas of What to Give Your Daughter for Her Birthday

  • Roller skates, bicycle, scooter.
  • Children’s development tablet or a real one, depending on age.
  • Playhouse with furniture and figures for him.
  • A set of dolls.
  • Quality Barbie with accessories.
  • Large plush toy.
  • Robot dog.
  • Children’s hairdresser.
  • Children’s electric car, for example, a pink Audi.
  • Play-do thematic set of plasticine.
  • Lego for girls.
  • Home sports center with stairs and swings.
  • Children’s trampoline.
  • Terry slippers and a soft warm robe with personalized embroidery.
  • Maker for making popcorn or cotton candy.
  • Ant farm.
  • A real animal (dog, cat, fish, hamsters).
  • A tablet for drawing with light.
  • Virtual reality glasses for a teenage daughter.
  • Colored hair crayons.
  • Beads are made of natural stones matching the sign of the zodiac.
  • Electric curlers.
  • A set for weaving from beads, elastic bands or beads.
  • Jewelry box.
  • Stylish clutch.
  • Travel bag for an adult daughter.
  • Gold or silver jewelry.
  • Home simulator.
  • Dance rug.
  • Tubing.
  • Pink winter skates.
  • GPS watch.
  • Fondue fountain or chocolate fountain.
  • Mini coffee maker.
  • Children’s backpack with images of your favorite characters.
  • Good branded perfume.
  • Home planetarium.
  • New model phone.
  • Sneakers with the luminous sole.
  • 3-D handle.
  • Dressing table.
  • EBook.
  • Stylish headphones.
  • Digital photo frame.
  • Manicure set.
  • UV lamp and gel polish in various shades.
  • Blanket with sleeves.
  • Named flower vase.
  • Drawn portrait of the daughter in a beautiful frame.
  • Hair straightener.
  • Long pillow with daughter’s photo.
  • Alarm clock projector with sounds of nature.
  • Yoga hammock.
  • Bathroom table.
  • Organic cosmetics set.
  • Illuminated mirror.
  • A smart scale that calculates the percentage of fat, bone, muscle and water in your body.
  • A small speaker for listening to music.
  • Sensory gloves.
  • Set for making sushi.
  • Aroma lamp with a set of essential oils.
  • Chair-ottoman.
  • Instant camera.
  • Eternal rose covered with gold plating.
  • Car DVR.
  • Shower radio.
  • Kigurumi pajamas.
  • Stylish fur coat or fur vest.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Precious brooch.
  • A set of quality decorative cosmetics.
  • Silk bed linen.
  • Fitness bracelet.
  • Warm fur earmuffs.
  • Holder for handbags with rhinestones.
  • Portrait doll.
  • Heated thermos mug or lunch box for food.
  • A pretty suitcase on wheels.
  • Professional hairbrush.
  • Powerful hairdryer.
  • Karaoke.
  • Hairpins with precious stones.
  • White leather gloves.
  • An exotic plant in a pot.
  • Indoor hammock.
  • Beauty case.
  • Ionizing comb.
  • Leather Jacket.
  • Table service.
  • Synthesizer.
  • Handmade bedspread, knitted of thick threads.
  • Big board with photo and congratulations.
  • Land plot.

Here is a gift you can give your daughter on the DR to surprise and delight her. Choose from this list, but do not forget to consider the age and interests of the child.

What to Give a Little Daughter for Her Birthday

Little girls are not interested in anything but interesting, funny toys by age. Better to choose options that develop thinking, social skills, or fine motor skills.

Musical toys. If you do not know what to give a girl for a year, give preference to educational toys that sing, dance, and make other sounds. It can be a dancing robot, a microphone with various melodies, an electronic dog, an educational table, a battery-powered blinking and singing toy.

Interactive baby doll with a set of accessories. A girl, 2-3 years old, will be delighted with a doll that can drink and go to the toilet, cry with tears, open and close her eyes. Such a bobblehead for role-playing games will help the child master social skills and develop imagination.

Growth set. For a girl who is 4 or 5 years old, a large set is perfect, which must be selected depending on the preferences of the child. It can be a kitchen growth set with a reduced copy of the stove, pots and pans. Or, for example, a supermarket with a checkout counter, trolley and groceries.

Interactive animals. A wonderful gift for a girl who turns six years old. If your parents do not allow you to have a real animal, this is a great alternative. So, the dog barks, run, wags its tail, plays, executes commands. And when you get bored, you can simply turn it off.

Interactive Tetris. A girl for 7-8 years old can be presented with a special set-top box that connects to any TV. The court is displayed on the screen, the player is holding an infrared sensor. The girl hits a virtual ball, which is instantly displayed on the TV.

House tent. For nine years, get your child a tent house, for example, in the form of a princess castle. So she will have her own secluded corner, where her daughter can hide from the gaze of her parents and be alone.

Here is a birthday present for your daughter from loving parents.

Gift Ideas for a Teenage Girl

Older girls have little interest in toys. At this age, it is necessary to take into account the daughter’s favorite activities in order to find a truly worthwhile gift.

Giroskuter. For ten years, present your daughter with a vehicle in which she can quickly move along the street over long distances (up to 10 km). The gyro scooter promotes the development of the vestibular apparatus and coordination of movements.

Electronic book. Some girls are already very fond of reading at 11 years old. They will certainly enjoy the e-book, where you can download your favorite works and read anywhere.

A set of children’s varnishes. As a gift for your daughter for 12 years, you can choose harmless children’s nail polishes that can be washed off with soapy water. They can be used every day. In addition to varnishes, purchase stickers, stencils, rhinestones for decorating nails.

Netbook. At the age of 13, the girl will be delighted with useful things that are useful both for study and for entertainment. You can take a netbook with you to school, print essays on it. But it is also perfect for social networking with girlfriends and for games.

Set for manicure and pedicure. Girls must learn to take care of their nails, so a special set of tools can be presented to your daughter for 14 years.

Nice and comfortable underwear. The age from 15 to 18 is considered to be transitional. Girls want to look beautiful and confident. But they are still embarrassed to enter a lingerie store. Therefore, you can go with your daughter to a good department and buy quality panties and bras that she will like. But, of course, such a gift is acceptable only from mom.

What to Give an Adult Daughter

It is very difficult to make a worthy original birthday present for an adult daughter. Try to choose from these options:

Real estate. If funds allow, then buy an apartment, a summer house or a land plot where you can later build a house. For example, good plots in a newly developing suburban village are not expensive.

Kitchen gadgets. An adult daughter with a family will appreciate any helpers in the kitchen. Multicooker, double boiler, juicer, meat grinder, pressure cooker, grill, food processor – the choice is huge. But it is better to first ask what exactly the birthday girl needs.

Jewelry. Gold earrings, a ring with a diamond, a stylish bracelet – this is what to give an adult daughter to delight her. Jewelry will never lose its relevance.

A Couple More Interesting Thoughts on What to Give for Your Birthday

You can never go wrong with choosing a gift considering your daughter’s hobbies. Daughter Birthday Gift Ideas:

  • A musical instrument if a child dreams of playing it. In addition, enroll the girl in training courses.
  • Easel and professional paints if your daughter loves to paint.
  • The aquafarm is a wonderful gift for a daughter who is fond of studying the animal world.
  • A wireless karaoke microphone will appeal to a child who constantly hums his favorite songs.
  • A set for weaving bracelets is suitable for a young needlewoman.
  • This set for making chocolate will be appreciated by a sweet little tooth who loves to cook.

DIY Birthday Gift for Daughter

If you want to make an original birthday present for your daughter, then make it yourself. For example, you can give a child:

Large knitted doll. This option is suitable for women who know how to knit.

Busy board. The best birthday present for a daughter at 1-3 years old is a development board with household items placed on it for the development of fine motor skills, thinking, mental abilities.

On a well-polished and painted, for example, pink, board, more than 0.5 cm thick, various small objects are fixed. These can be switches, sockets, hooks, latches, wheels, doorknobs, zippers, laces, buttons, bells. The business board can be additionally decorated as you wish.

Dollhouse. A large wooden house for dolls will be a wonderful gift from dad.

It is hard and time-consuming work, but the child will appreciate the effort. For manufacturing, it is better to take plywood. A sketch of the future house can be downloaded on the Internet.

A bouquet of toys and sweets. Here’s how to make a gift for your daughter: on long skewers, secure small soft toys and your child’s favorite sweets with tape. Wrap the skewers with a cloth in corrugated paper. Beautifully wrap the resulting “flowers” in bright corrugated paper, creating a bouquet, secure the edges with a heat gun. Decorate with rhinestones additionally.

Create gifts with your own hands – it is twice as pleasant to give and receive them!

How to Understand What Is the Best Gift for Your Daughter’s Birthday

Not all parents can quickly come up with what to give their daughter for her birthday. It is not always appropriate to ask the child himself about this because then there will be no surprise. But if you take some advice into account, you can please your daughter.

If your daughter dreams of playing the guitar, you shouldn’t give her a synthesizer just because you don’t approve of her choice.

Remember dreams. Girls usually tell their parents what they dream about. Be more attentive.

Look at the child’s environment. If her friends have been riding a gyro scooter for a long time, and your child still rides a scooter, then it is not difficult to guess what to give your daughter for her birthday to really please her.

Examples of Unsuccessful Gifts That Are Best Not to Give for Daughter’s Birthday

If you want to make an original birthday gift for your daughter, then never give the following things:

Clothes that you should buy anyway. For example, you should provide your daughter with a warm jacket for the fall, regardless of her birthday. Another thing is a fashionable handbag or ripped jeans for the summer, which she dreamed of.

 Health products. Even if the girl is often sick, this is not a reason to give an inhaler or an infrared thermometer.

 Cosmetics for problem skin. Moreover, if the girl has large complexes on this score. It is better to buy such things just like that, for no reason.

A birthday present for your daughter should delight her, not disappoint. Therefore, the gifts listed above should be avoided.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter

If you cannot hug your daughter in the morning and personally say warm words to her on her birthday, then write a message with congratulations.

  •  Our sweet girl. For us, you are dearer than all diamonds. Regardless of which path in life you choose, we will always be there for you and will always support you. Be happy!
  •  Daughter! Our ray of the Sun! Whatever happens in life, you will always warm us with your warmth. You don’t even know what kind of sorceress you are. Happy birthday, my dear.
  •  Happy Birthday! You are a bright flower that adorns our home. May you have fewer dark streaks in your life. I wish you bright impressions and emotions!
  •  Today I am absolutely happy because I see what a wonderful, kind and sympathetic girl I have brought up. I love you, my daughter.
  •  This day is a wonderful occasion to tell you, my dear, how proud I am of you. Happy birthday!
  •  Daughter! I wish you iron health, real smiles and unexpected surprises. Let true friends and loving family be around. Happy Birthday!
  •  Happy birthday, daughter! I wish you to cope with any difficulties, not to get upset for no reason and to go towards your goal in small but confident steps. May happiness be unlimited! I love you.
  •  Children grow up so quickly – and now you are celebrating another birthday. Daughter, I congratulate you and wish you all success! Believe in luck and appreciate what you have.
  •  Happy birthday to you, dear! Daughter, you are a very important part of my life. Be kind and honest with your family, be the best in what you do. Be yourself no matter what!
  •  My beloved girl, I wish you a Happy Birthday, I wish you serenity and ease in all your endeavors. Be happy, kind, bright and smart. Happy Holidays!
  •  Dear daughter, my blood, I wish you a happy birthday! You have become quite an adult. I wish you fabulous success and good luck in any endeavor, as well as a lot of happiness!
  •  Happy birthday, daughter! Congratulations warmly and cordially. I wish you love without edge and boundless happiness. Remember: no matter what happens, I will always help you.
  •  On your day, I want to wish you unexpected accomplishments, loud victories and quiet joys. May your guardian angel always protect you.
  •  My dear angel, I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you to be just as smart, kind, affectionate and understanding. Let only reliable people reach for you, be happy and healthy!
  •  Daughter, on this day, I wish you a sea of ​​happiness, a river of money and an ocean of health! Happy birthday, be happy!
  • Happy Birthday. I wish you smiles, patience, real female wisdom. Health, creativity and joy. Let your face shine with happiness, our beloved girl.
  • Dear Daughter, I wish you that there are such obstacles on the way that you can easily overcome! Be strong and promise that you will be happy. Happy Birthday!

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