What to Give Your Colleague for His Birthday

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What to Give Your Colleague for His Birthday: An adult spends most of the time at work; that is, he pays more attention to colleagues than even to his family. Probably, such closeness also implies leisure time spent together, including celebrating a birthday.

What to Give Your Colleague for His Birthday

For this reason, you have to puzzle over what to give a colleague for his birthday. The answer seems simple because while working together, you can learn all the habits of your work neighbor. But the gift may turn out to be trivial or, conversely, too original and ruin the relationship with a colleague. Therefore, you need to choose a gift carefully.

What to Give Your Colleague for His Birthday

Gifts to a Female Colleague

Gifts for women and men are very different, so you should start looking for a gift based on the gender of the hero of the occasion. Girls will be delighted with original and at the same time useful gifts:

  1. Flowers. A classic gift. A bouquet will delight a woman. And if you know that she is a fan of the green world, you can give a flower in a pot or accessories for a green corner (pots, baskets, pots, stand).
  2. Topiary. Recently, the topiary has become fashionable – creative crafts made from artificial materials. This can be ribbons, paper, and whatever is at hand. Those with a sweet tooth will love the candy topiary.
  3. Care cosmetics. If donors know preferences in fragrances or cosmetic companies, you can buy a set of gel, shampoo, deodorant. But it is worth remembering that this present can be misunderstood – as a hint of carelessness and carelessness.
  4. Accessories for comfort. Many women are fond of feng shui, so accessories for creating comfort will find their place. They can be a bonsai tree, decorative coins, and stones, figurines of frogs, and gods.
  5. Interior items. If you can see that the lady is practical and loves comfort, interior items such as soft pillows or a beautiful vase, table lamp, sconces will be an excellent gift. There is no need to be original; it is better to choose the one that will suit any interior.
  6. Items of clothing. Although clothing is considered a bad gift, giving a scarf or stole is not regarded as bad form in a women’s team. Having picked up an accessory to match your colleague’s favorite clothes’ color, you can please and surprise her.

If it is still unclear what to give a female colleague for his birthday, you can pay attention to gifts that will suit everyone, since they are practical and useful.

Practical Gifts for Everyone

Practical gifts are suitable for men, women, and people of a wide variety of professions. Their plus is that they will find a use.

  1. Flash drive. In an age when all information can be stored on removable media and can be accessed from anywhere, a flash drive is an indispensable assistant. For a woman, you can pick up a flash drive with rhinestones or a floral pattern, for men – an attractive shape, for example, in the shape of a soccer ball.
  2. PC mouse. Even computer accessories can be original. Choose a backlit mouse with an exciting shape (for example, a real mouse).
  3. Heated mug holder. Tea and coffee lovers will appreciate the heated stand. After all, it often happens that you have to be distracted by work and other matters during tea drinking, and the tea cools down during this time.

If you think about what a person needs every day, you can come up with many useful presents, and the question of what to give your colleagues for their birthday at an inexpensive price will disappear by itself.

Gifts for Men

Men’s presentations are different from women’s; now you need to choose a present for your male colleague. They don’t need trinkets. Best of all, it is a surprise that is continuously used.

  1. Stationery Set. A serious man will be pleased with a high-quality set of stationery. Good pens are much more enjoyable to write on quality paper than the first pencils you come across on scraps of paper.
  2. Computer chair. Surely a man gets tired at work, why not make this pastime more enjoyable? A chair with an orthopedic back will delight your colleague!
  3. Good alcohol. A quality alcoholic drink in a festive box can complement the collection of the hero of the occasion. Whiskey and cognac are the best. If a man does not drink, the present will confuse.
  4. Cigars. A man who appreciates quality tobacco will love original cigars or a set for them.
  5. Surprise hobby. Knowing your colleague well, choose a present from a hobby. If he is a fisherman, fishing accessories will do, those who like to play on the computer will rejoice at a disc with a cool game.

Men’s hobbies are varied so that you can give a male colleague for his birthday gifts from a wide range of gifts.

Selection of Presentations by Hobbies

The easiest way is to observe what a colleague is fond of and decide what to give.

  1. Sports attributes. A sports-minded colleague will not give up a gym membership or a new ball. New rackets will not be superfluous for a tennis player, and girls who take care of themselves will gladly accept a gift certificate to a beauty salon or fitness club.
  2. Headphones, player. Few people don’t listen to music. And headphones often break because they are of high quality and comfortable, which will delight the lover of listening to music.
  3. Electronic book. Nowadays, magazines are rarely read, partly because books are costly. But there is a way out – an e-book into which you can upload thousands of books, and continuously carry an electronic library with you.

A present chosen according to a colleague’s favorite pastime will not gather dust in the far corner.

Final Thought

Having paid attention to a colleague’s interests, picking up a birthday present for a colleague is quite simple. You can put yourself in his place and decide what you would like to get, in most cases this method works.

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