What to Give Grandmother for Her Birthday

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The word “Granny” is probably the most affectionate in the world. Granny is the best friend and companion, the most patient and caring person who deserves the warmest gift. There is no universal solution because you can become a granny at forty or seventy years old. She can be a restless traveler, or she can spend all her free time in the country or reading books. We offer a variety of ideas for what to give your grandmother for her birthday, choose wisely.

Top-130 Ideas of What to Give Grandmother for Her Birthday

Often grandchildren can give a grandmother something that she will never buy for herself. Your beloved grandmother may not even know about the things she really needs.

Important: When choosing a gift, think about whether your grandmother will be able to use it, whether it will be convenient for her to do it. 

1. Electronics

  • Easy-to-use phone or smartphone;
  • An advanced grandmother can be presented with a tablet;
  • Plasma TV with smart TV function;
  • Floor freezer;
  • Dishwasher;
  • Automatic coffee machine with built-in coffee grinder;
  • Microwave with simple controls;
  • Powerful hand blender with different attachments;
  • Safe electric meat grinder;
  • A multi-cooker with the “multi-baker” function will save time in the kitchen;
  • Electric grill;
  • Electric dryer for fruits and vegetables;
  • Bracelet with fitness tracker function;
  • Electronic thermometer;
  • Food processor with various functions;
  • Bread maker with different auto programs;
  • Convenient kitchen scales;
  • Easy to use electric waffle iron;
  • Robot vacuum cleaner, quiet, lightweight, easy to operate;
  • Functional washing vacuum cleaner;
  • Electronic floor scales;
  • Hairdryer;
  • Electric fireplace with a live-fire effect;
  • Iron with auto-off function;
  • Compact steamer;
  • TV set-top box or satellite dish;
  • Fan with climate control;
  • A radio receiver, his grandmother, will be able to take with her to the dacha;
  • Air humidifier with a laconic design;
  • Electronic glucometer;
  • Built-in wine cabinet;
  • Floor lamp with touch control;
  • Hydromassage foot bath;
  • Salt lamp purifies and ionizes the air in the room, you can choose an attractive design;
  • Ice cream maker for making ice cream from natural products;
  • Electric massager or massage chair;
  • Thermopolis or electronic kettle;
  • Electronic tonometer for measuring pressure.

2. For Interior and Comfort

  • Grandmother’s portrait to order in a beautiful frame;
  • Elegant jewelry storage box;
  • Collage on the wall from grandmother’s photographs;
  • Favorite flower in a vacuum flask;
  • Personalized embroidered towel;
  • Wall family tree;
  • A beautiful table lamp or floor lamp;
  • Embroidered icon ;
  • Banks for storing cereals and bulk products;
  • Nice warm blanket;
  • Kitchen textiles – tablecloth, towels, napkins;
  • Soft chair cushions;
  • Wall or desk calendar, with prayers or recipes;
  • Wicker storage basket;
  • Carpet for a room with long pile;
  • Unusual vase;
  • Rocking chair;
  • A set of decorative utensils made of stone (malachite, jade, etc.)
  • Samovar with saucers;
  • Mittens;
  • Silk bed linen;
  • Historical portrait;
  • Illuminated table mirror;
  • Bonsai Garden;
  • Organizer set for home storage;
  • Panel or reproduction of a famous master;
  • A figurine suitable for the interior;
  • Electrically heated blanket;
  • Houseplants in a pot or succulents;
  • Desktop weather predictor;
  • Bronze candlesticks;
  • Backlit watch with large numbers;
  • Scented candles or diffuser with a mild, pleasant scent;
  • A set of nesting dolls.

3. Tableware

  • Beautiful tea or coffee service;
  • Interesting shop;
  • A set of cutting boards made of wood of different sizes
  • Roomy bread bin;
  • Unusual candy bowl;
  • Wooden cutlery set with folk painting;
  • A set of quality pots or pans;
  • Cutlery made of silver or gold;
  • Porcelain teapot;
  • Good water filter;
  • Baking or cake tins.

4. Gifts for Beauty and Care

  • My grandmother’s favorite perfume;
  • Care set for hair, body or face;
  • A set of combs and combs;
  • Orthopedic mattress complete with pillows;
  • An expensive set of decorative cosmetics can be matched to the age;
  • Handmade soap;
  • A set of bath salts with different effects;
  • Age creams and lotions.

5. Edible Gifts

  • Honey with various additives (berries, fruits, nuts);
  • A set of unusual jam;
  • Homemade cake or pie with congratulatory inscriptions;
  • Large shopping basket with groceries;
  • Bouquet of strawberries in Belgian chocolate;
  • A set of good tea or coffee;
  • Cake with congratulations and custom-made decor;
  • Homemade cookies or sweets.
Tip: Don’t limit yourself to one gift. An edible gift can be attached to another basic present.

6. Impression Gifts

  • Horseback riding outside the city or in the park;
  • SPA subscription for beauty treatments or massage;
  • A trip to a beauty salon/hairdresser;
  • A voucher to a recreation center or a sanatorium;
  • A ticket to the theater or philharmonic;
  • A trip with excursions along the golden ring;
  • Going to a restaurant;
  • You can organize a family celebration on the occasion of your grandmother’s birthday;
  • Pedigree book to fill out.

7. Accessories and Clothing

  • Warm chunky knit cardigan in your favorite color;
  • Painted scarf;
  • Warm scarf or stole with wool;
  • Nice hat;
  • Elegant glasses with stylish frames;
  • Cape or vest;
  • Terry dressing gown complete with soft slippers;
  • Convenient bag made of genuine leather;
  • Nice roomy wallet or purse;
  • Beautiful jewelry made of precious metal;
  • Warm mittens or gloves;
  • Convenient apron, it is possible with an inscription;
  • A beautiful roomy suitcase if your grandmother loves to travel;
  • Convenient, stylish umbrella;
  • Graceful wristwatch;
  • A set of leather goods – key holder, belt, etc.
  • Down or light knitted shawl;
  • Beautiful notebook or glider.

8. Hobby

  • Electric sewing machine;
  • Knitting or embroidery kit;
  • Nordic walking sticks;
  • Home simulator for an active grandmother;
  • Beautiful painting by numbers;
  • A set of books in a gift edition of your favorite author;
  • Tools for working in the country;
  • Subscription to your favorite magazine or publications;
  • Decorations for the garden.

Birthday Gifts for Grandmother by Interest

For those grandchildren who know their grandmother well, we offer ideas for valuable gifts, depending on the hobbies and interests of the birthday girl.

1. Homemaker

If she loves to spend time doing household chores, help make her routine more comfortable. Buy a cordless vacuum cleaner, cordless and plug-free, that recharges itself as long as you need it without a hose dragging behind her legs and weighing so little that it would be easy for her to move it around the apartment. There are many new products on the market now. Working with such a vacuum cleaner will not be difficult for an elderly person.

Here, to this list – a simple slow cooker so that the grandma can improve her culinary skills and cook comfortably, a dishwasher, a blender, and other household appliances.

If the grandmother is very fond of taking care of children and grandchildren, you can present a large portrait of the whole family. Be sure to put it in a frame, and when giving it, tell about how important it is in your family, read a poem.

Stay-at-home grannies will not be useful in any way:

  • gift certificates for extreme entertainment, massages and so on;
  • money;
  • clothes;
  • animals.

Indoor plants are also suitable: hydrangeas, orchids, succulents, citrus fruits.

2. Active Pensioner

If a grandmother works, leads an active lifestyle, loves to travel, goes on hikes, she will like:

  • a trip to a country with an interesting culture, a sanatorium;
  • a book on her interests;
  • massage pillow;
  • a coffee maker to keep the morning fresh;
  • Sleep mask;
  • good, high-quality care cosmetics;
  • accessories and decorations;
  • theater tickets.

It is unlikely that objects that are not related to interests will be useful to her: paintings, vases, table clocks, sets, baskets, house plants.

3. Creative Person

Often grannies, when they retire, do needlework, write poetry, or draw. If yours is one of these, you can donate a set of interests. For knitters – schemes, baskets for balls, embroiderers will be delighted with hoops, organizers for threads, embroidery kits. Artists will appreciate canvases, oil, good brushes, easels.

If the granny is a poet, she will be moved by your own poem about her. You can buy flowers for your grandmother for her birthday, or you can make a composition with your own hands, the same applies to other little things and gifts.

Give her an inexpensive but good piano for her birthday if she loves music and has always wanted to learn how to play, or maybe she can, but not on anything.

4. An Avid Summer Resident

It happens that old people, retiring, practically do not climb out of their dachas. They are planting grapes, building a greenhouse for tomatoes, actively spilling potatoes, growing flowers. Did you recognize yours? Such a grandmother needs to be given something appropriate. Here is a list of things that can come in handy for an avid summer resident:

  • inventory, garden tools;
  • garden equipment (cultivator, shredder, lawn mower);
  • seeds;
  • themed gifts (skewers, sun lounger, hammock, grill).

Do not give such persons something that will not be useful to them – jewelry, gift certificates for various entertainments, all sorts of “dust collectors”, money, bouquets of flowers. Granny will appreciate any gift, but she will be sincerely glad that it will help her in what she loves. Kits for growing mushrooms (“mushroom box”), garden furniture, a warm blanket for summer evenings in the gazebo will also be a good present.

5. Conservative Grandmothers

The conservative granny is not the one who cans the tomatoes. This means that she is committed to family values, inherits traditions, and certainly goes to Church. Such grandmothers follow the political and economic life of the country, talk about educational reforms, it is important for them that their grandchildren are educated, decent people. If your grandmother goes to Church, if she is not indifferent to the fate of the country, she worries about your formation, and the family is an absolute value for her, she will be delighted with a new family album, a painted portrait, and little things for the house.

You can choose an excellent service in a discreet color in a classic style, a set of good dishes, an oil painting, an interesting book. She will also appreciate the icon, embroidered with her own hands, or to order, souvenirs, a coffee grinder.

Avoid bright colors, catchy if the kitchen tablecloth is a flesh, powdery shade, fresh green, cream. You can donate high-quality curtains in a light, warm shade: beige, peach, pale pink, pearl. Plants are also suitable as an additional gift: orchids, monsters, palms.

It is not advisable for conservative grandmothers to present unnecessary gifts that do not have a value link, for example, notebooks, notebooks that cause jewelry, any consumer goods, as long as some alcohol, bouquets, bags and accessories.


Choosing a gift for your beloved grandmother is a simple matter. Proceed from her interests, hobbies, values. She will definitely be pleased with this approach.

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