What to Give for Housewarming to an Apartment or House

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What to Give for Housewarming to an Apartment: A housewarming is a bright event. It is not customary to celebrate it on a huge scale, but a celebration with relatives and friends is planned.

What to Give for Housewarming to an Apartment

For a holiday, it is worth giving an appropriate present. To choose a good option for a housewarming, consider many factors, including where the owners move into an apartment or a house.

What Household Appliances to Present for a Housewarming?

As a rule, newcomers have a complete set of standard household appliances. However, products are not only ordinary. If you want to make life easier for the owners, pay attention to smart home appliances:

1. Robot vacuum cleaner

This is an extremely practical gift for everyone. The device makes it easy to keep your home clean without wasting a lot of time. The range of devices is huge both in terms of functionality and price. Depending on the budget, you can hand over a robot vacuum cleaner synchronized with a smartphone, and various additional functions. This is a good gift for parents.

2. Smart kettle

At first glance, this is an interesting but not very useful device. In fact, it brings many benefits. The kettle heats the water by the time of waking up or returning home a timer, and it can also be turned on remotely, which is useful in most situations.

3. Smart coffee maker

The morning will be doubly pleasant when, together with the alarm clock, a cup of aromatic coffee is already being prepared in the kitchen. Everything here, just like with a kettle, is a great device to make life easier.

4. Modern kitchen scales

Advanced models not only show the weight of food but also the number of calories. Also, the device can be synchronized with a smartphone.

5. Multicooker

This device is a salvation for every home. The multicooker will prepare dinner itself when there is no strength left for it in the evening.

6. Foot massager

A great idea for the hosts to relax after a long day.

7. Bread maker

Homemade bread, even made with the help of the device, is more aromatic and tastier than store-bought bread. The device will appeal to everyone who loves delicious food.

What Kind of Electronics to Donate for the Housewarming?

A variety of electrical appliances will also be appropriate as a housewarming gift. Until the owners have had time to settle down, they can be presented with many different devices:

1. Iron

Choose a modern model. This device is often forgotten when arranging an apartment, so it will be appropriate.

2. A smart speaker assistant

There are many smart speaker options on the market today. They are useful in everyday life and help to do household chores with pleasure.

3. Clock

The electronic clock not only shows the time but also helps you wake up in the morning with the alarm function. The device is never remembered during housewarming, so the present will be useful. If the hero of the occasion is a man, you can hand over a wristwatch.

4. Electric Fireplace

The product will make your apartment or house more comfortable without having to neglect safety.

What Interior Gizmos to Give for a Housewarming?

In a new home, even with a responsible approach to planning, there will be few interior items. They will make any room more comfortable. Best ideas:

1. Picture

This item is a wonderful decoration for any room. Even if the interior is completely thought out, the picture can still be hung on the wall. Depending on the budget, you can choose the size of the canvas, the method of applying paint. This is a great gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

2. Backlit photo frame

The device will highlight the photo and make it the center of attention.

3. Unusual bookshelf

Not only books can be stored on it. The original design will make the gift useful for any home.

4. Small designer furniture

Products with unique designs will be excellent gift solutions. It is important to find out in advance in what style and in what colors the apartment is finished in order to choose the appropriate option.

Options for Cool and Comic Gifts

Close friends can be presented with a funny and cool gift instead of beautiful or practical options. The present will cheer you up, and sometimes it will be invaluable in a new home. To delight friends or family with a gift, consider the following ideas:

1. Custom alarm clock

Today, many models of unusual alarm clocks have been developed. The model may require you to stand on the mat to turn off the signal or assemble a simple puzzle. There are even options with a small range, requiring a laser pistol to hit the target.

2. Funny slippers

Slippers are always a nice gift, with the opportunity to experiment. Choose an unusual look, such as an animal or oversized slippers. The present will surely please open and positive friends.

3. Non-standard household appliances

Rarely do people decide on their own to purchase, for example, a chocolate fountain. This is not the most useful present, but it will definitely delight people with humor. Unusual models of familiar household appliances will be interesting options.

4. Funny little things

Make a funny present out of any little thing, for example, add eyes to a colander. Even money can be presented in a funny way. Place the bills in an envelope labeled “Coupon for everything.”

Gifts for Those Who Have It All

Of course, one cannot acquire all the things, but there are people for whom what they now have is quite enough. Choosing a gift is greatly complicated since there are almost no practical ideas. Unusual and non-standard inventions that can be presented to a young family or girlfriend will help you out:

1. Caps with cup holders for all family members

This attribute of sports matches in foreign films will be an interesting gift idea. This is not the most useful present, but it will allow the heroes of the occasion to feel like the heroes of a film for a couple of evenings.

2. DIY item

The best way to show attention is to make a gift with your own hands. You will be able to create a unique piece and show your empathetic attitude. Make a small toy – it may not look impressive, but it’s a great homemade present.

3. Consumables

If the newcomers have a hobby, give them a set of supplies. Items require constant updating, so they will be useful. Check with the owners in advance what is the best gift. If the heroes of the occasion do not have suitable hobbies, donate useful supplies in everyday life.

4. A set for a new hobby

Encourage the owners to start new beginnings. Give them a painting kit or some other hobby.

What to Give for a Housewarming in an Apartment?

Presentations for an apartment and a private house are different. To choose the perfect gift, this point should be taken into account as well. The following ideas are suitable for owners of a new apartment:

1. Gifts for the kitchen

The first time after settling in, there are often not enough various useful things that you can forget about. Kitchen utensils will be a great gift. If possible, pay attention to the coffee machine – it will delight the owners every morning. An electric opener is a great idea. Although many cans have a special opening ring, not all cans have one. An electrical appliance will make life much easier.

2. Living room products

Choose a gift to decorate your interior. If the decorations are out of place, look for a practical present. A good option for a practical item would be a mini-safe. This item does not always have to serve solely to protect values ​​- you can choose a decorative option. Curtains are a great decorating idea for a living room.

This option is suitable if you are sure that you know the taste of the owners very well. Otherwise, it is worth presenting a certificate of purchase in a specialized store. Small furniture is a great gift idea for new settlers. It is important to get into the general style of the apartment. If you are not going to make a surprise, discuss the present with the hosts in advance.

3. Gift for the bedroom

When deciding to give a gift to the bedroom, pay attention to textiles. A blanket is perfect. This is a way to keep the old tradition of giving a ball of wool for a housewarming. Choose a woolen blanket and hand it over to tell a legend or story. Linens.

The present should be presented deliberately – you need to know in advance the size of the bed and blanket. A simple gift would be a great option. When choosing, pay attention to premium lingerie. Houseplants are an idea to make the master bedroom cozier. Opt for easy-care plants – exotic options are a bad idea unless the new settlers are into it.

4. Bathroom Present

In stores, you can always find many interesting options for the bathroom. Such items will be a good holiday gift. You will improve the place where the hosts spend a lot of time. The first thing to think about is the original bathroom curtain. Depending on the nature of the owners, choose funny and unusual options or just a beautiful thing. A set of rugs and towels will suit newcomers who have not had time to fully equip the bathroom.

You will leave a piece of your attention in an important room. It is worth choosing a set in the same style, but find out in advance what color scheme the new settlers have chosen. Pay attention to the set of cosmetic accessories. Such items are constantly consumed, so they will undoubtedly prove to be useful. It is not necessary to choose shampoos and shower gels – hand over a bath bomb, salts, and cosmetics.

5. Hallway

Often, when choosing a present for an apartment, guests forget about items for the hallway. However, this is the first place that meets everyone who enters the house. It’s worth taking care of this room. One of the most useful things will be a decorative shoe spoon. It will not be just a tool for putting on shoes, but a decoration for the hallway. This thing is often forgotten when buying household items, so you can help out new settlers with a present. An umbrella holder is a great gift option for hosts.

The rack will allow you to conveniently equip even large umbrellas, which, usually, have nowhere to attach in a new apartment. The holder is a special basket for draining water. A housekeeper will be a useful and beautiful gift. It is a handy product that determines where the keys are kept. For housewarming, it will be especially appropriate to hand over a housekeeper in the form of a house.

What to Give for a Housewarming: 55 Best Presents

Housewarming is a really important stage in life. This can be the first apartment of the newlyweds, improvement of living conditions, or in general – moving to another city. This is a joyful event, so the gift for it should be appropriate. In this collection, there are different gift ideas suitable for any person for a housewarming party.

55 best and versatile gifts:

  • small household appliances;
  • robot vacuum cleaner;
  • plaid or blanket;
  • shelf or stand;
  • bathroom accessories;
  • home plants;
  • unusual organizer;
  • Board games;
  • slippers;
  • heater;
  • a tea set;
  • cake;
  • piggy bank;
  • long shoe spoon:
  • food basket;
  • projector;
  • set of dishes;
  • humidifier;
  • linens;
  • carpet;
  • a table for tomorrow in bed;
  • set of pillows;
  • kitchen utensils:
  • folding table;
  • rocking chair:
  • collapsible brazier;
  • hookah;
  • lamp:
  • bio fireplace;
  • TV set;
  • cooler;
  • horizontal bar;
  • charging station;
  • piggy bank for lids;
  • house for a pet;
  • automatic drinker:
  • shoe dryer;
  • a certificate for a service or purchase in a store;
  • inflatable mattress;
  • designer lamp;
  • note board;
  • bag chair;
  • bath set;
  • animal care products:
  • mat;
  • camera;
  • steam generator;
  • basket for collecting laundry;
  • chair covers;
  • ice molds;
  • small furniture, such as a table;
  • vase;
  • computer chair;
  • curtains;
  • set of tools.

The above ideas will work in most situations.

10 Tips on How to Choose What to Present for a Housewarming

A gift should not only bring joy but also be useful. In order for the present to become a joy in a new home, you should adhere to 10 recommendations:

  1. Choose a gift based on the size of your new home.
  2. Only hand over new things.
  3. Having decided to give money, take care of interesting packaging.
  4. If you can’t come up with a gift yourself, it’s better to ask the owner.
  5. If possible, ask new settlers to compile a list of the best gifts so that all guests can choose the one that suits their budget.
  6. Choose an appropriate gift.
  7. When choosing a presentation, pay attention to the character of the heroes of the occasion.
  8. Feel free to choose funny gifts for your close friends.
  9. Pay attention to the hobby and tastes of the new settlers.
  10. Choose a gift that suits all heroes of the occasion.

Unusual Gifts for a Private House

Moving to a private home is a special event. However, a gift should be chosen differently than for an apartment. There are options for presentations for residential and garden areas. You can choose jewelry or practical items.

If we consider small and pleasant presentations, then an entrance mat will do. It may have an unusual drawing or just the inscription “Welcome”. Such a thing will be a great addition to a hospitable home.

Kitchen appliances such as a multicooker are a good idea. It is suitable for newcomers since there is enough free space in the kitchen. This present will significantly save time on household chores.

An important feature of a private home is the possibility of outdoor cooking. If the newcomers love meat, give them a grill. It will be a wonderful addition to relaxation and holiday evenings, allowing you to prepare wonderful dishes.

What Kitchen Utensils to Present for a Housewarming?

Kitchenware is a good housewarming presentation option. Items will come in handy for the holiday. Gifts will be especially useful if the owners forgot to buy something they need.

If you’ve decided on kitchen utensils, take a look at the following ideas:

  • a tea set;
  • festive service;
  • a set of decorative cutlery;
  • household appliances for the kitchen;
  • Set of towels.

What Textiles to Present for a Housewarming?

Moving is difficult, so new settlers can forget even the most basic things. Textiles as a gift to new settlers are a good solution, especially for forgetful owners. According to ancient traditions, such things should be handed over when moving so that the heroes of the occasion are lucky.

You can donate the following textiles:

  • woolen blanket;
  • bedding set;
  • pillows;
  • chair covers or covers;
  • Set of tablecloths.

These are the most versatile textile ideas. They will be appropriate in most homes since it is rare when they think about such things when moving.

Practical Things for Housewarming Animals

Gifts will be a lifesaver for those who move with animals. In confusion, useful things are often forgotten, which is difficult to do when caring for a pet. The best options would be:

  • a house for a cat or dog;
  • wool care products;
  • comb for animals;
  • new leash;
  • Set of toys.

What to Give Friends for Housewarming Inexpensive and Original?

If there is no way to spend a large amount on a present for the owners, you should take a closer look at inexpensive and original options, suitable, for example, for a gift to a colleague:

  • bright tablecloth and napkins;
  • a set of flower pots;
  • amulets;
  • beautiful mug;
  • a lamp of an unusual shape;
  • a dish on the festive table, if appropriate.

What Is Better Not to Give for a Housewarming?

When choosing a gift, it is worth remembering that not all presents will be equally liked by the owners. There are several categories not recommended for housewarming:

1. Useless gifts

You should not give the owners another notebook or calendar that they do not use. If you can’t come up with a good present, choose a comic option – it will not bring any practical benefit either, but will cheer up all guests.

2. Pets

A pet is a responsible step. If the owners did not ask you to donate a pet, then you should not do this. Not everyone can devote enough time, and there is always a risk of allergies. The present is pertinent only by prior arrangement.

3. Gifts associated with bad omens

If the new settlers are superstitious, it is worth treating their beliefs with respect. Do not give, for example, sharp objects.

4. Presentations for one family member

Housewarming is a holiday for the whole family, so the gift should please everyone. You can prepare some small gifts for each newcomer.


A correctly chosen gift will show your respect and will also support the festive atmosphere. It is worth approaching the present wisely so that it is useful to the heroes of the occasion.

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