What to Give for a Child’s Birthday

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What to Give for a Child’s Birthday: Perhaps, never again does a person wait for his birthday with such awe as he does in childhood. Adults should take this into account and choose the best birthday present for their child.

What to Give for a Child's Birthday

Of course, the present will largely depend on the age and gender of the child. And if we are not talking about babies, then from the sphere of interest.

Infants and Children Under 3 Years Old

When a child is born, relatives and friends of the family congratulate the young parents and always give gifts. But who are they for? Is it possible to find something that would be of interest to the child himself? Hardly. Therefore, a present for a boy or girl for birth will be useful for the baby’s mom and dad:

  • cradle (bed),
  • stroller,
  • baby changing table,
  • the right mattress for the crib,
  • bed linen and blanket,
  • chest of drawers in the nursery.

What to Give for a Child's Birthday

Of course, all these things cannot be attributed to budget gifts for a girl or boy for birth. And if we talk about more affordable presentations, the list will look something like this:

  • mobiles for cots or strollers;
  • a baby bath and a sunbed into it;
  • cosmetics for newborns;
  • large terry towel with a hood;
  • “Cake” of disposable diapers.

Already on the first birthday, the child can be presented with something for himself. And even more so, you can do this when the birth is celebrated for the second and third time.

  • It makes sense for a 1-year-old girl or boy to present something that rocks or rolls. At this age, children, as a rule, already walk and even begin to run, so they are interested in everything that moves: a hand wheelchair (a toy on a stick that can be pushed in front of you); a large car, a rocking horse, a stroller (this is more suitable for a girl for 1 year ).
  • At 2 years old, most babies are restless and active; it is difficult to find them doing some monotonous activity. Therefore, gifts for a girl and a boy at 2 years old should be appropriate. For example, you can climb into a tent house while playing hide and seek; run bike; ball; sleds; ball and skittles. A 2-year-old girl may already be interested in playing with a baby doll or an interactive toy.
  • Since today most parents begin to develop their child almost from the cradle, by the age of 3, many children already speak foreign languages, draw, play chess and read books. A gift for a boy or a girl for 3 years can be chosen based on the scope of his occupation: children’s musical instruments, books, sets of pencils, felt-tip pens and paints, designers, etc. In some cases, kids are already given clothes, although such a present will probably only be liked by a girl 3 years old, the boy will most likely remain indifferent to outfits.
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Of course, at the age of 0 to 3 years old, children need, first of all, toys, so for the time being, it is worth forgetting about practical gifts (unless this is a present for parents for the birth of a child). Just be sure to pay attention to the quality and safety of toys.

What to Give for a Child's Birthday


When a boy or girl turns 4, they enter the preschool age. The children gradually prepare for their studies, begin to read, write, draw, spend more and more time doing some quiet activities: picking up puzzles and structures from the designer, drawing, modeling, etc. Based on this, it is worth picking up gifts:

  • large puzzles;
  • simple board games;
  • mosaics;
  • constructors;
  • dominoes;
  • plasticine or polymer clay, etc.

What to Give for a Child's Birthday

All this will suit a girl and a boy 4 years old. But if the child is older and is preparing to go to school next year, it is better to find something related to learning and acquiring knowledge:

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  • books,
  • comfortable schoolbags and bags (with the boys and girls 5 years old will be able to go to kindergarten or attend some circles for now),
  • wooden figures for coloring,
  • games with numbers,
  • games with letters,
  • children’s watches (a girl or a boy 5 years old will already learn to tell the time).

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For those kids who go to some sports section or like to play sports, you can present objects related to this activity: skis, skates, roller skates, knee protectors, palms and elbows, a helmet, inflatable toys and swimming goggles, and other.

Before the school itself, a 6-year-old girl or a 6-year-old boy may well be presented with a smartphone or other gadget.

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What to Give for a Child's Birthday

Younger Schoolchildren

If you ask a 7-year-old boy what he wants to get for his birthday, he will most likely start listing all kinds of gadgets, even if he already has everything. What will a 7-year-old girl say? Most likely, she will opt for jewelry or kits for making jewelry and crafts. What, after all, to give to younger students?

  • gadgets;
  • covers for gadgets;
  • Board games;
  • books like a children’s encyclopedia (by the way, this is also suitable for a girl and a boy for 8 years );
  • kits for creativity (making crafts from paper, beads, clay, wood, etc.);
  • A girl for 8 years old is suitable for children’s cosmetics, toilet water, jewelry, etc.

What to Give for a Child's Birthday

Children up to 8 years old can still give toys. Best of all, if these are characters from your favorite cartoons or children’s films. So, fairies are suitable for girls and superheroes for boys. Also, boys of 9 years old will surely like cars, quadrocopters, or radio-controlled helicopters.

Most kids (and especially girls at 9 years old ) will be wholly delighted with a live puppy or kitten. But such gifts can only be made by parents. It is they who will then share responsibility for a living being with their child.

By the age of 10, children are beginning to have their favorite subjects at school or favorite extracurricular activities. It makes sense to rely on this when choosing a gift:

  • A 10-year-old girl who loves to read can be presented with an e-book or several popular books among teenagers. Friends can make bookmarks for the birthday girl with their own hands or even sew a case for a gadget.
  • Fidgets and athletes (lovers of physical education at school) can use a scooter, bicycle, skate, etc.

What to Give for a Child's Birthday

  • Many boys at the age of 10 are fascinated by the exact sciences. In this case, you can present an electronic designer or a set of a young physicist.
  • It is best for growing historians to donate books, atlases and encyclopedias.
  • Those who prefer natural sciences want to know how the world works from biology – experimental kits or a microscope.

Of course, we must not forget that all children are different, and the age in question is very ambiguous. Some are still waiting for toys for their birthday, while others no longer need anything other than the latest iPhone.

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What to Give for a Child's Birthday


Adolescence breaks all records in terms of ambiguity and contradiction. Therefore, when choosing a gift for a boy or girl 11-14 years old, one must act very delicately. What to give teenagers?

  • an 11-year-old boy can still give constructors (if he already has all the gadgets he dreamed of);
  • girls at this age are already inclined to decorate themselves, so a pair of earrings or a bracelet with pendants will come in handy (by the way, charms can then be given to her for other holidays);
  • if parents want to give their girl for 12 years some fashionable new things, then it is best to bring her to her favorite store and let her choose what she wants herself;
  • a gift for a 12-year-old boy will depend solely on what he is fond of, but for sure most will be delighted with a right wristwatch, headphones, etc.;
  • and the girl is 13 years old and a boy of 13 years, it is already possible to give certificates to stores, and even money – let them choose what they like;
  • In principle, you can do the same when you need a gift for a 15-year-old girl or a 14-year-old boy. Still, at this age, they receive a passport, so many parents (or just close people) want to make a real surprise and give engraved jewelry, a trip, a bank account (at first it is minimal, but then they regularly deposit money on it), etc.

Final Word

In the end, you can ask directly what to give your child for his birthday. Children over the age of 11 should already more or less know exactly what they like and what they don’t.

If it is not parents or close relatives who want to give a gift to the child, then it is best to ask the birthday boy’s mother what he would like to receive for a holiday. After all, it is believed that it is the mother who knows her child best.

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