What to Give for 18th Birthday

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What to Give for 18th Birthday: So what can you give for 18 years old? For this significant date, you should choose something really worthwhile. A present can be inexpensive, memorable, practical, original, funny, or touching.

Top 20 Ideas That Can Be Gifted for Coming of Age

List of the Best Gift Ideas:

  • A mechanical wristwatch with a stylish strap can be a great gift from a parent.
  • Tablet or modern smartphone of the latest model.
  • Laptop or netbook for study or work.
  • E-book with paid access to the virtual library.
  • Professional photo camera or mini-camcorder.
  • Smartwatch or fitness bracelet.
  • High-quality headphones with Bluetooth headsets will be a good gift from a girlfriend or friends.
  • A coffee maker or coffee machine with a selection of exclusive coffee beans.
  • A certificate for training in a driving school is a wonderful gift for a son or daughter for coming of age from parents.
  • Scratch-off map of the world with a washing layer – on it you can mark the places you would like to visit.
  • An unusual accessory is an aqua farm (a closed living ecosystem with a fish and a plant).
  • A personal plastic card with the Nth amount of money in the account is another gift idea from parents.
  • An annual subscription to the gym or a certificate for classes in active sports.
  • Ski, roller skate, skate or bike to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • A telescope for those with a passion for space and scientific research.
  • Musical instrument – guitar, synthesizer or drum kit.
  • A portrait from a photograph from a professional artist in the style of pop art, graphics, historical sketching or cartoon.
  • A machine for making popcorn (male) or cotton candy (female).

What Can You Give a Girl for 18 Years?

Coming of age is an important event in the life of every girl. By the age of 18, the hero of the occasion becomes a real girl and not a mischievous teenager.

What can you give a girl of age?

From Parents

A good option for an adult gift from parents is a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is customary for girls to give precious rings, earrings, bracelets, chains or pendants.

From Your Beloved Boyfriend

A universal gift from the second half. Delicate floral or fruity aromas will suit your 18-year-old girlfriend. When choosing a perfume, consider the tastes and preferences of the birthday girl.

From My Best Friend

For an 18-year-old friend, you can buy a beautiful chest for storing cosmetics, a curly stand for jewelry or accessories, as well as a convenient organizer for clothes.

From My Sister

Gift idea for a sister for 18 years – a device for professional hair care. This can be a hairdryer with an ionizer, a straightener or a curling iron.

Other Gifts for a Girl of Age:

  • Cozy pajamas or a warm blanket.
  • Fruit and berry gift basket.
  • Exquisite Belgian chocolate in a personalized gift box.
  • Pendant with a zodiac sign, original figurine or letter of the name.
  • This pocket mirror of an original design with illumination is an inexpensive original gift from a friend for 18 years.
  • Decorative indoor tree or exotic flower.
  • A stylish handbag or compact but roomy clutch.
  • Beautiful music box.
  • Big stuffed toy – if the girl likes these things.
  • Thematic photo session organized in honor of the hero of the occasion.

What Can You Give a Guy for 18 Years

By the age of 18, a guy begins to turn from an insecure teenager into a real man, which means that gifts should be appropriate.

What to give a young man for his 18th birthday? List of ideas:

From Parents

You can give your beloved son for 18 years a laconic piece of jewelry. For example, a gold or silver chain, a stylish men’s bracelet or pendant.

From Your Girlfriend

A guy will like to receive a sincere gift from his beloved – it can be a soft robe, heating-pad slippers or a blanket for two with sleeves, which will help warm up on cold evenings.

From My Best Friend

A good gift for a friend for 18 years – a heaped up joystick for the console or a new game. Another good gift option is an original computer accessory (gaming mouse, laser keyboard, speakers).

From My Brother

An 18-year-old brother can be given something practical. It can be a set of tools, a quality personalized multitool with a congratulatory engraving, or a camping knife.

A Few More Gift Ideas for a Guy for 18 Years:

  • Radio-controlled aircraft model or quadrocopter.
  • Convenient urban or hiking backpack.
  • A package of bonuses or new items in your favorite virtual game.
  • Safety helmet for a guy who has a bike or motorcycle.
  • Virtual reality glasses.
  • Leather belt with original buckle.
  • Snowboard or skate.
  • Magnetic darts in a tube, mini-football or air hockey.
  • A personalized purse-clutch is a status gift for a serious guy for 18 years.
  • Barbecue set (folding brazier, skewers, picnic blanket, spices).

What to Give Inexpensively for 18 Years

Not everyone has money for an expensive birthday present for an adult. But don’t despair if you find yourself in such a situation – there are many inexpensive but useful gifts.

Ideas of what to give for 18 years inexpensively:

Photo Gift

If finances do not allow you to buy an expensive gift, but you want to surprise the hero of the occasion, you can give a cool thing with a photo print.

  • Gift options: a pillow with a photo printed on it, a towel with a comic inscription, a T-shirt, a mug or thermos, a case for a mobile phone.

Lamp or Night Light

A nice gift for your 18th birthday will be a beautiful 3D lamp in the form of a lantern, globe or other original shapes. In stores, you can find inexpensive but high-quality options.

  • You can also order a designer lamp with a photo of the birthday person, but such a gift will already cost more.

The Original Alarm Clock

An inexpensive gift that will make it much easier to wake up in the morning. You can give the classic version, or you can give an unusual model – flying away or running away, playing funny music.

A Few More Ideas for Inexpensive but Good Gifts:

  • A magic ball of predictions for answering any questions.
  • Original passport cover.
  • Phone or tablet case.
  • Laptop bag.
  • Thermo lunchbox with food warming function.
  • Personal snow globe with a photo of the birthday person or birthday girl.
  • T-shirt with a cool lettering or creative design.
  • Anti-stress pillow.
  • Delicious fortune cookies.

Diy 18th Birthday Gifts

The best gift is one that is made by yourself. The surprises, which took time to create, will surely be remembered by the birthday person or the birthday girl.

Gifts for the age of majority that can be easily made with your own hands:

  • Collage from a photo or photo album, made using the scrapbooking technique. You can use family photos or pictures with friends.
  • Photo frame made of cardboard, wood, ceramics. In the store, you can buy a simple one-color frame and decorate it with stones, flowers or ruffles.
  • Night light or lamp. Cover a curly bottle or jar with spray paint, put the included flashlight or garland inside – this is the easiest way to make a cute night light as a gift for 18 years.
  • A set of natural cosmetics with your own hands – fragrant soap, nourishing scrub, foam balls for the bathroom.
  • A warm scarf, hat or mittens knitted with your own hands are a good gift from mom to daughter or son for coming of age.
  • A bouquet of sweets or fruits. Use long sticks and toothpicks to create a beautiful fruity or sweet bouquet. You can decorate a gift with bright ribbons, corrugated paper and other decorative elements.
  • Pineapple is made from sweets. A perfect sweet addition to the main gift. To make such a pineapple, you need to glue the plastic bottle with corrugated paper and glue the candies in golden wrappers on top.
  • The panel made of threads. Drive nails into the wooden board in the shape of the desired pattern (along the contour). Take the strands of the desired color and weave them between the studs. You will get a beautiful picture – you can make it in the shape of a heart, an animal or some kind of inscription.

Tips: How to Choose a Gift for 18 Years

Coming of age is one of the most significant events in the life of every young boy or girl.

It is necessary to choose a good gift for 18 years – the birthday person or the birthday girl will remember this day for a long time.

The following tips will help you find the best gift and make the right choice:

  1. Consider the preferences and desires of the birthday person. You can give your girlfriend or boyfriend, things that are closely related to a hobby. Remember – perhaps your girlfriend or friend has long dreamed of an item, but there was no time to buy it yourself. For example, a needlewoman can be presented with a set for weaving with beads, and an athlete – new good sneakers.
  2. You should not choose a gift “for the show”. The surprise should express your attitude towards the birthday person, show attention to his interests. The best option is to give something that a girl or guy has long dreamed of.
  3. The main thing in preparing a gift is to choose it from the heart. It is better to make a surprise with your own hands than to hastily buy it in the nearest passage. It is also important to present the gift with all sincerity and care for the hero of the occasion. This is the only way you can make this day unforgettable for him.
  4. It will be especially pleasant for a birthday person or birthday girl to receive a gift from parents, close relatives, best friends and second halves. It is these people who should choose a present with special attention.

What Is Better Not to Give on the Age of Majority

Despite the fact that the girl or boy is already 18 years old and they are considered adults, many of them remained impressionable and sensual.

Some presents can upset them, others just won’t be useful to them for a long time.

Here is a list of gifts that should not be given to girls and boys for 18 years:

  1. Too “adult gifts”. You should not give expensive designer dresses to a girl and a guy – classic suits with a white shirt and a gray tie. Even though at the age of 18 people grow up, they still don’t need too serious gifts.
  2. Skincare products. Acne tonics and other remedies that fight skin imperfections are gifts that will not create a festive mood but only make a person remember their shortcomings. The list also includes creams for cellulite (a bad gift from a friend).
  3. Fakes of famous brands. Modern teenagers know these things. In addition, if you donate a fake, it can quickly become unusable. Give things from trusted companies, even if they are not market leaders.
  4. Imposed things. Often, parents give things for children’s birthdays that impose their opinion or desire. For example, all kinds of courses that parents find useful or musical instruments – if a son or daughter does not want to do something, gifts cannot force him to do it.

Final Thought

Thinking about what to give a guy or a girl for 18 years, remember that the most important thing in the holiday is the emotions and impressions you give each other.

It doesn’t matter what present you choose – a new expensive car or a comic portrait, the gift must be given from the heart.

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