What to Give Dad for His Birthday

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What to Give Dad for His Birthday: Fatherhood is not only great responsibility but also great happiness. Many men who have children think so. And sons and daughters respond to this with care, attention, and a desire to do something pleasant.

What to Give Dad for His Birthday

Especially when it comes to your dad’s birthday gift. What the surprise will depend mainly on the age of the child and his parent. What can you think of?

Choosing a Gift for a Young Dad


A young dad can choose a present from almost any category. He is active, healthy, looks great, has many interests and hobbies, and wants adventure.


The simplest, but at the same time, touching children’s postcards is obtained from the “palms.” To do this, fold a sheet of colored paper in half, but the child’s palm to the fold, circle it and then cut it out so that the fold stays in place.

Another option: cut out 2 “palms” from cardboard, write the word “dad” on one, and “I love you!” On the other. Fold a strip of paper like an “accordion”, writing on it, for example, “very, very” or “very strong”, etc. The “accordion” is glued between the “palms”.


Usually, it is made from photos, placing them on one sheet of Whatman paper (then it will be something like a wall newspaper) or combining them in a computer, and then printing them on A4 sheet and placing them in a frame.

The photo can be a child holding posters with congratulations written on them, or just exciting shots where a father is depicted with a son or daughter. In the first case, a child is quite capable of making posters if he is 4 years old or more.


What to give daddy for his birthday from a preschooler – from a girl or a boy who goes to kindergarten and knows how to make something with their own hands? Let them try to make a pen holder.

It can be made in several ways: molded from clay, glued from colored cardboard (corrugated cardboard looks uniquely beautiful), or decorates some ready-made container (can, box, plastic container, etc.).

Gift from Schoolchildren

The older the child is, the more complex and original gifts from him can be. Children who go to elementary school, even if they receive enough pocket money, will hardly be able to choose some serious present. They should be asked to do, for example, the following:

  • Come up with a fairy tale, story, or even poetry, where dad will be the main character, and arrange your creation in comics.
  • Write and perform a song, or come up with and dance a dance.
  • Draw a picture (possibly a portrait of the parent) and frame it.
  • Embroider the initials of the birthday person on a handkerchief. (This option is more suitable for the case when they decide what to give dad from daughter for his birthday).
  • Blind a keychain from polymer clay.

Today, schoolchildren are fond of a variety of types of creativity. Maybe someone wants to cook an original dish for the hero of the occasion; bake and decorate a real birthday cake; burn out the picture; weave something from a vine; decorate the mug in your way, etc.

It is based on their hobbies that a daughter or son can decide what kind of birthday present for dad they will make with their own hands.

For a Grown Man

Adult children who are already earning money on their own can prepare a real surprise for their father. For example, send him on vacation (of course, it is best not just one) or fulfill some old dream, such as piloting an airplane on his own or flying in a hot air balloon.

However, most men are quite practical and prefer material gifts. In this case, it is worth starting from the interests of the birthday man.

Home and Everyday Life

a set of tools in a convenient drawer, a mini-bar, a home mini-brewery or cheese dairy, audio, video and household appliances, a stand or table for a laptop (if a man spends a lot of time in front of the monitor), etc.

What to Give Dad for His Birthday

Hunting, Fishing, Tourism

a comfortable folding chair, fishing tackle, a set with a flashlight and a multifunctional knife, a set for butchering fish in nature, a spacious backpack, a cartridge pouch, a mug made of a solid piece of wood, etc.


Car repair tools in a case, seat covers, car vacuum cleaner, folding shovel, document cover (best with a personalized one and embossed), etc. Most often, such things are chosen when they decide to give dad from his son for his birthday. After all, practice shows that the boy takes over his passion for the car from his parent.

Work and Business

all kinds of organizers (including desk ones), leather folders, briefcases, matching clothes and accessories, etc.


Of course, choosing a really necessary, good gift is not easy. But children should try to come up with something non-trivial. If nothing comes to them, you can find out about the wishes of the dad through mom or his friends.

And in some cases, it is quite appropriate to ask the birthday person about this, but it is best to do this just a few months before the solemn date so that the man can already forget about the conversation.

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