What to Give an Older Brother for His Birthday

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What to Give an Older Brother for His Birthday so that it looks dignified and not trivial, but at the same time practical and interesting?

How to please one of the dearest family members? In order to find the best birthday gift for someone who has known you since childhood, read the article.

Top 135 Birthday Gifts for Older Brother

Emotions as a Gift:

  • Extreme or horror quest;
  • Climbing master class;
  • Bowling certificate ;
  • Extreme driving lesson;
  • Paintball certificate;
  • Flying in a wind tunnel;
  • Master class of pistol shooting;
  • Karting;
  • Flying a fighter. Wild delight and lively emotions will remain for more than one year;
  • Vacation package;
  • Skydiving;
  • Quad bike ride;
  • Horseback riding;
  • Flight by plane over the night city;
  • Certificate for a massage course;
  • SPA certificate for male procedures;
  • Skydiving;
  • Excursion to Chernobyl;
  • Jumping on a trampoline;
  • Drift master class;
  • Tattoo certificate;
  • Weekly tour;
  • Certificate in the barbershop.

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Practical and Useful Gifts:

  • Inflatable chair;
  • Anatomical pillow with memory effect;
  • Warm blanket;
  • Inflatable sofa chaise lounge;
  • Fluffy home slippers ;
  • Hammock for legs;
  • Smartphone tripod;
  • Bag chair;
  • A set of bed linen with commemorative inscriptions;
  • Fashionable sweatshirt or sweatshirt with a unique print;
  • Pajamas;
  • Homework toolkit ;
  • Flask with engraving;
  • Thermos or stylish thermo mug;
  • Glasses for your favorite type of alcohol;
  • Set of shirts;
  • Diary.

Electronics and Technology:

  • Backlit computer mouse;
  • Game console;
  • Heated mug by USB;
  • Keychain with a search function;
  • Coffee machine;
  • Smartwatch ;
  • LED desk lamp;
  • Orthopedic computer chair;
  • Smartphone, iPhone, iPad;
  • Notebook;
  • A printer;
  • GoPro camera;
  • The tablet;
  • Headphones;
  • Virtual reality glasses;
  • Vacuum cleaner for the keyboard;
  • LED shower;
  • Quadcopter;
  • Webcam;
  • Polaroid;
  • Mini fridge with USB port;
  • Night light projector of sea waves;
  • Gamepad;
  • USB flash drive of unusual shape;
  • Wireless charger;
  • Humidifier;
  • Kitchen grill;
  • Bio fireplace.

Many men love their car and you can choose gifts from this hobby for them. If a brother adores his “iron horse” and considers him a friend, then the following ideas will be very useful:

  • Video recorder. Perhaps this is the most necessary and useful gift;
  • Covers for cars;
  • Navigator;
  • Anti-glare sunglasses;
  • Radio tape recorder;
  • Vacuum cleaner for the car;
  • High-quality rubber mats;
  • Portable speakers;
  • Steering wheel cover;
  • New car first aid kit;
  • Antiradar;
  • Massage seat pad;
  • Compressor.

Other Gifts:

  • Training courses;
  • Thing with an idol’s autograph;
  • A ticket to a concert of your favorite band;
  • Antistress toy;
  • The pendulum of Newton;
  • Silver decoration;
  • The book is a cache;
  • Anti-theft backpack;
  • A ticket to a unique football match;
  • Projector starry sky;
  • Globe bar or fire extinguisher bar;
  • Elite men’s perfume ;
  • Set for making cocktails;
  • An edible bouquet of salted fish and beer;
  • Coffee from another country;
  • Purse;
  • Brand sneakers ;
  • Parker ballpoint or fountain pen ;
  • Stylish suit from a famous designer;
  • Certificate for a sports store;
  • Bike;
  • Aquarium with fish;
  • Home pet. Only if your brother dreams of him, so that the gift does not become an unpleasant surprise;
  • Orthopedic pillow;
  • Star birth chart;
  • Carnivorous plant.

Gifts for an Older Brother of Interest

The best way to guess with a gift is to take a closer look at the interests and hobbies of a loved one, now we will consider the five most popular activities and the most successful examples of gifts.

Brother – a Lover of Tv Series and Movies

If your brother is interested in new movies, makes reviews, he can spend hours telling details about his favorite TV series, cartoon, comic book or film. List of presents that will definitely delight:

  • Homemade popcorn making machine. A good gift if your older brother likes to watch movies at home, alone or with a group of friends;
  • Collectible figurine of a movie or cartoon character. Every self-respecting film fan has a whole list of favorite characters from different films, and such figures are made in the smallest detail and delight;
  • Clapboard clock. A useful gift and a great addition to the home interior;
  • Props. In order to find the props from a specific movie, you have to dig around on foreign sites. The original props from the shooting will cost a pretty penny, but imagine the delight of the birthday boy when he receives the cherished little thing. A copy of the props will cost less;
  • Poster with autographs of your favorite caste.

Brother Is a Book Lover

For a long time, books do not lose their relevance. If your brother collects his library and loves to go headlong into a fictional world, then the following gift options will help you surprise him:

  • Electronic book. The perfect gift to save money on buying paper books;
  • Reading pillow. A necessary and useful gift;
  • Gift edition of books. Almost every book lover dreams of a rare, collectible edition of his favorite writer;
  • Original bookmark. Choose a really interesting bookmark for the book;
  • Blanket with sleeves. The best solution for comfortable reading.

Brother – Photographer

If your older brother is fond of photography, there are many options that you can give:

  • External drive. The most coveted gift for any photographer is a repository for his photo archive;
  • A set of light filters. A good gift for those who like to experiment at work;
  • A trip to a photo tour. An excellent option for relaxing with a camera and the opportunity to take great pictures;
  • Tripod. Necessary accessory;
  • Reflector. A budget option for a gift, but the photographer cannot work without it.

Brother Is an Athlete

Home workout equipment. It is imperative to know what exactly the birthday person wants to receive as a gift so as not to miscalculate:

  • Fitness bracelet;
  • Subscription to the gym;
  • Wireless headphones. What could be better for training;
  • Table game. A gambling spirit lives in all athletes, we will support it in the company.

Brother Is a Traveler

Does your older brother like to conquer new heights? Often travels abroad to learn new cities and there is no more room for new magnets on his refrigerator? There are some interesting gift ideas:

  • Portable coffee machine. A gift for coffee lovers, thanks to such a fantastic thing, you can make coffee anywhere in the world;
  • Waterproof phone case. Be sure to check your phone model before purchasing. One of the most valuable things a traveler should have;
  • Swiss knife. Another useful gift;
  • Waterproof cover for documents;
  • Portable battery for gadgets. Wherever your brother is, he will always be in touch.

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