What to Give a Wife for 35th Birthday

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What to Give a Wife for 35th Birthday: Over the course of your marriage, you will send hundreds of bouquets of flowers, pay for thousands of movie tickets, and give your wife endless gift cards. However, when you want to show your spouse how truly special she is to you, those same familiar gifts just won’t help.

What to Give a Wife for 35th Birthday

Whether you are married, 5 or 15 years old, these stylish, personal and helpful gifts will let you know how important she is to you and make you feel like newlyweds again.

Top 26 Gifts for Beloved Wife for 35 Years

  • Flowers. You cannot express your feelings without flowers. But the usual bouquets can get bored; then, you need to come up with a creative bouquet. Now you can find rather unusual bouquets: in boxes, in ice, collected in a composition of all kinds of animals, objects and cakes. Bouquets of fruits and stationery sets will also be a good birthday present for your wife.
  • Outfits. A dress, shawl or fur coat, probably, in its essence, are special gifts. Indeed, when choosing a color or model, the husband thinks about his wife’s preferences, about the color of her skin, about the advantages of her figure, and even about her character, so that this outfit would suit her and be accepted with delight.
  • Elite perfumery. It is impossible to guess what will suit a woman and how she wants to see herself. Therefore, here you need to trust the professionals. Elite store managers know exactly what will be in trend this season and your birthday present for your wife will be appreciated.
  • Refined linen. The synonyms for this gift are sensuality and love. A lacy and sexy birthday present for his wife is doomed to make this holiday for two.
  • Shopping. Give your beloved the freedom to express her taste and have a full blast! And you don’t have to buy tickets to Milan or Paris for this. Only a loving spouse can give his wife such a luxurious gift for her anniversary.
  • Perfumery. A variant of a fragrant gift that has several emergency doors. You can present your favorite perfume, or you can surprise with something original. Go for it!
  • A camera or smartphone with a good camera as a gift will be appreciated by a girl who likes to capture the wonderful moments of life.
  • Kitchen appliances. The technique saves time and effort. And, if you, having presented a gift that makes life easier for your wife, tell that you were driven by caring for your wife, this will most clearly illustrate your reverent feeling for your beloved.
  • Home textiles. A practical gift for your wife is a bedding set. High-quality and beautiful bed linen will cheer you up, especially if you like it.
  • Sweets and goodies as a gift to his wife. What kind of woman is indifferent to tasty and sweet candies? And what if the designers have skillfully put together a confectionery plot in which they have reflected an incredibly beautiful idea? For example, thanks to their skill in front of us is a candy bouquet, or a cake, or a sculpture … you must admit that this is exactly what you want to give your Beloved! And if your wife prefers fruit to chocolate, then you can present her with strawberry, raspberry, orange and banana creative designs!
  • Decorations. What husband doesn’t dream of making his wife happy, especially on her birthday? It couldn’t be easier! Let precious or designer metals and stones serve the beauty of your lady. And so that such a gift could become special, you can think of ideas with engraving or options for presenting a surprise.
  • Interior items are what you can give your wife for an anniversary if it’s a serious purchase. Little things are important, but it is better to purchase something larger as a gift for your home, something that decorates the house, making it especially cozy for your family.
  • For beauty and health. A gym for a wife can also be set up at home. You can give your wife compact exercise equipment, a treadmill, elliptical machine, exercise bike or rowing machine. if she keeps track of her figure but has limited time to visit the gym.
  • Family photo session. As a homemaker, the wife will understand the beauty and significance of this surprise.
  • Romantic evening. Candles, rose petals, champagne and kisses … A romantic birthday present for your wife will revitalize your married life.
  • The ball is literal or floral. Somewhere in the world, a ball is taking place at this very moment. Invite your queen to the ball and you will know that you made her happy! This is definitely an original birthday present for his wife.
  • Magnetic board. A special way of negotiating and exchanging thoughts. A funny gift for your wife will serve as a very convenient way to communicate with the whole family.
  • Tourist trip. A gift for both the wife and the husband – getting to know different countries and cities, spouses will be interested in revealing new sides of each other’s personality.
  • SPA-salon. A visit to the SPA salon will be a sensual birthday present for your beloved wife. Lots of pleasure and rejuvenation, renewed skin and a fresh look. This will not leave your wife indifferent.
  • Beauty saloon. This is where the modern woman rests. And at the same time, there is an opportunity to find out news about everything in the world. This is the best gift to make your wife happy.
  • Collage of photos of life together. A touching gift that all the efforts of his wife brought her fame and speaks about the meaning of her life.
  • The portrait is a real surprise. A gift that emphasized the individuality and beauty of the wife. A real artist will show the harmony of your beloved woman.
  • Massage is a great birthday present for your beloved wife for 35 years. The luxury of being special comes from a good massage master. A massage can be a sensual birthday present for your wife if you give it yourself.
  • Repairs. This gift for the wife’s anniversary is always a winning one if all the wishes of the wife are taken into account, but at the same time, she will be far from the whole process. Let it be an original surprise for her!
  • Master class from the chef. A wife who loves to create and do all kinds of culinary delights in the kitchen will gladly accept a gift that will help her in realizing her talent.
  • Subscription to a dance school. Dancing is not only about honing light and fluid movements but also a powerful anti-stress. The wife will like the gift, especially if you are attending master classes together.

What Else Can You Give Your Wife for Your Birthday

To illustrate all of the above, I would like to give some examples of gifts that combine both principles of suitable interesting presentations with meaning.


How simple and original you can warm the lovely hands of your beloved. Without a doubt, if you are next to you, then no adaptations are needed; you yourself, your feelings, will warm the person dear to you. And when you are not around? How to take care of your wife?

The best warm gift for a wife is a hand warmer. The operating principle of this device is simple. A small orange mitten contains a device that heats up and keeps the pens warm.

Women usually view a gift as a clear indication of how well their husband knows them.

Night Light Starry Sky

The night sky has always attracted romantics. I would like to admire its mysterious beauty. Thanks to the gift of the lamp, you can always please your beloved wife with a view of the changing sky, strewn with bright colors and glitter of stars. This is what you can do to please your wife if she is a romantic person.

A birthday present from a husband should also create romance, delight with beauty or fantasy. It is important to consider the personal likes and dislikes of the wife.

We Take Into Account the Female Nature in the Gift

There are other worthy options for gifts for the wife’s anniversary. For those who crave to admire and fall in love, be proud of their soul mate and their choice of a charming and wise wife.

These are gifts that can delight your beloved woman. And in them, she first of all wants to see that this is a gift for her, for her alone.

Women’s nature is such that she will respond with respect to any manifestation of attention. And therefore, if you presented an elegant dress, a string of pearls or a designer clutch, then believe me, on the same day, your dearest will begin to consider all the options for going out.

How else can she “by chance” brag to everyone not just new clothes, but YOU ?!

After all, with incredible pride and graceful ease, she will inform everyone who marks and praises a beautiful thing on her that she received it from you, from her beloved and loving spouse!

Emotional Gifts Are the Joy in an Envelope

Now the concept has come into fashion: an emotional gift. But is it so applicable to a woman? What should you give your wife to make her feel happy? After all, it seems that does not give, the girl will, like a child, clap her hands. But…

Just a few words about a gift that carries an emotional charge. Who has not heard the insane and at the same time, the generous promise of men: “I will give you a star, darling!”

And to this day, all the stars are in place if you do not take into account their movement in space. And at the same time, many have already been generously presented, and some at the same time, several times.

It turns out that it is very profitable to give luminaries: you do not spend a penny, and your wife is happy. And this is the main principle of an emotional gift!

Cost is not important; it is important to make your loved one happy in order to awaken her feelings.

The Girl is Pleased to Know That Her Husband is Romantic

And now, when all the visible stars are donated, it is time to discover that all women receive a charge of positive emotions from a red car and from balloons, from a scarlet flower and from a diamond ring.

And here it is important not to be mistaken, wanting to surprise his wife on her birthday, thinking: “Well, if she is so happy with everything, then you shouldn’t bother.” It is important not to get on the rails of the stereotyped path, presenting something typical, albeit expensive (we have already found out about the cost, it has nothing to do with emotions).

Expensive or Cheap? What is the Meaning of the Gift

What to give your spouse for your birthdayan expensive gift or a budget one? Nobody is against expensive gifts, give. Be sure to donate them. But take the trouble to personalize them to make them stand out from the thousands of millions. This is not difficult!

Small but sweet to heart engraving, special packaging, unconventional approach to the very way of presentation.

For example, let her favorite music play at this moment, white doves fly out of nowhere, or she “accidentally” finds it on your table with a note where you touchingly confess your love to her …

And again, you know much better what exactly your loved one will like and suit the most. And the matter is often not in the cost of the presentation but in its individuality.

Final Thought

Let your wife know through the gift that she is amazingly gorgeous that she is special. For you, she is the best and deserves that for her sake, you think a little and become original.

And then she will understand her uniqueness, that she is unusually beautiful for the whole world. This is precisely the purpose of the gift!

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