What to Give a Teenage Girl for Her Birthday

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What to Give a Teenage Girl for Her Birthday: Choosing a gift for a teenage girl is not an easy task. This is no longer a child, but not yet an adult. She will hardly be happy with the soft toy, but she is not yet able to appreciate the “adult” gifts, for example, a telescope or a microscope.

What to Give a Teenage Girl for Her Birthday

The task is also complicated by the fact that usually, at this age girls themselves do not really know what they want. And then you have to use your maximum imagination to please the young lady.

Traditional Gifts

The first thing that comes to mind for the donor is traditional gifts. These include sweets, gadgets, clothing, or shoes. It is also important to take into account the reason – a gift for the New Year has its own symbolic features, and a birthday present is a completely different matter, it must definitely emphasize the girl’s personality.

When choosing, be sure to consider some advice from psychologists. Experts in the field of developmental psychology argue that for girls at the age of 12-15, their own appearance becomes very important, and they usually spare no effort or time to decorate it.

A teenage girl really wants to please others, especially the opposite sex, and this is a completely normal stage of growing up.

Therefore, when choosing a gift for a friend, daughter, it is important to dwell not on what you consider best for yourself, but on what the person to whom the present is intended should be appreciated. If you are at a loss with a choice, talk with your daughter’s friend, with the children of your acquaintances, if they are in their teens, to find out what, in fact, is fashionable now. After that, you can safely go to choose something traditional from the list below.

Cosmetics and Perfumery

It’s no secret that many girls at the age of 13-15 start using cosmetics. Naturally, the young lady does not need bright lipsticks and acid-colored nail polishes yet and therefore try to present such a set that she can use in her everyday life without any problems.

These include hygienic lipstick with a delicate fruity scent (it helps a lot not to chalk your lips during physical education classes on the street, on the way to school, while walking), softening hand cream, and eau de toilette with an unobtrusive scent of freshness or fruit.

You can add to the gift set of cosmetics nail polish in the flesh or delicate pastel shade, a manicure set so that the girl can maintain her marigolds in a well-groomed condition, several beautiful hair clips if she has long hair.

Shower gel, shampoo (if you know the type of hair of the person to whom the gift is intended) will advantageously complement your gift set.

What to Give a Teenage Girl for Her Birthday

Do not focus on adult cosmetics, its composition can harm problem teenage skin. There are special lines of teenage cosmetics, such as BioByuti, MAC, Covergirl.

You can give a set of care cosmetics, teenagers are always happy with it because the problem of acne during puberty is acute. Pay attention to the lines created especially for teenagers: Clinique, Neutrogena, La Roche-Posay, Vichy.


Depending on the financial condition of the donor, you can opt for jewelry or bijouterie. Both the young woman of fashion will be delighted if the jewelry matches her general style, character, fashion trends. Chamber classic sets (earrings – necklaces) are not suitable for a teenage girl. It takes a lot of patience to see what jewelry she likes.

To do this, take into account the style of the girl herself – if she wears jeans and sweatshirts with a hood, flower beads will hardly come in handy, but if she loves thin, delicate dresses, you should not give her a bracelet with skulls so fashionable this season. She simply has nothing and nowhere to put it on.

You can ask whose image and jewelry she likes the most. If she says that this is Rihanna, you need to revise the maximum of the singer’s photos in order to grasp the general meaning and theme of her jewelry, and then choose something similar.

But you can go the other way – buy a gift certificate in a store or salon, which has a large selection of teen jewelry. And what to choose for him, the young beauty will decide for herself. In addition, the process of buying (even if prepaid by parents) teens is a delight.

The only thing to avoid for now is buying very expensive jewelry as a gift. Adolescents are mobile, active and, alas, rather absent-minded. A girl can lose one earring, ring, bracelet, which will become a very tragic event for her.


What to Give a Teenage Girl for Her Birthday

It is better to buy such a gift for a teenage girl in her presence. Even the slightest remark about your chosen T-shirt or skirt can make the thing completely unattractive for a young person, and she will not wear it. Even if you know exactly what the girl wants and her size, the thing may not sit well on her figure, and it is better to prevent such bitter girlish disappointments.

Clothes are not the best way to surprise. A young beauty will get much more pleasure from a gift if you just invite her to go shopping and choose something beautiful for her as a gift.

Fashion Gadgets

A teenager will be glad to a gadget if this gadget is of value to her, she needs it. It is clear that the girl will be very happy with the latest model of a cool smartphone, but this model does not always cost as much as her parents can afford. In addition, teenagers usually already have phones and smartphones.

If you want to please a teenage girl, pay attention to such gadgets as smartwatches equipped with a navigator, Internet access, counting steps, calories consumed. The girl will be able to connect them to her smartphone, use the watch to send messages, and decide whether or not to accept an incoming call.

If a girl loves to listen to music (and all teenagers love to do this), you can donate a portable music speaker. Creative girls can use a graphic tablet for drawing, which is equipped with an electronic pen. The eternal trouble of a teenager – a discharged phone will help to eliminate the external battery (power bank) once and for all. With it, the girl will always have a charged phone, regardless of whether there is a network source nearby or not.

Romantically inclined persons will like a night light that will project a map of the starry sky onto the ceiling and walls, and absent-minded girls can be presented with an electronic key finder – a keychain that will respond to the clapping or whistle of the hostess to indicate the place where she put the keys.


Such a gift will come in handy if a teenage girl likes to read. In this case, it is worth asking which books she usually reads – ordinary or electronic. If the latter, then you can purchase an e-book, and a gift certificate of “Liters” or another electronic library, where a girl can choose on her own what she likes.

What to Give a Teenage Girl for Her Birthday

You can do the same with paper books. A gift certificate to a large bookstore, for example, in “Chitai-Gorod”, will help relieve you of the agony of choice and give the girl real pleasure. Reading people, regardless of their age, just like to visit bookstores, look at books. And if you have a paid gift certificate in your hands, the pleasure will be endless.

You should not give books if the girl does not read or does it solely under duress as part of the school curriculum. The love of reading cannot be forcibly inculcated.

Interesting Ideas

If you want to impress a teenager, surprise with a gift, then you should consider non-traditional ideas, unusual. Here are some options.

1. Concert or Cinema Ticket

When buying a ticket for a girl to go to the cinema or to a concert, you should find out as much as possible about her preferences. This gift does not tolerate inaccuracies. If it is a ticket to a film that she is not initially interested in, or a ticket to a concert of a singer whom she does not listen to, does not love, then the gift of joy will not bring. Find out which artist’s concert she would like to attend, which movie from today’s cinema’s repertoire would like to see.

Important: do not gift one ticket. Surely a teenage girl has a friend or girlfriend, with whom a visit to a concert or cinema will be doubly interesting and exciting. Present two tickets. And with whom to go to the cinema, let your young lady decide for herself.

2. Visit to the Spa-salon

If your girl has long been interested in what they do in beauty salons and spas, it’s time to introduce her to this. Present a paid gift certificate to the spa. Determine in advance what the teenager needs from the price list of the salon – spa treatments for hair, skin, or complex treatments.

It is not worth giving such a certificate if the girl does not express a desire to go to such an institution. This will be met with bewilderment.

3. Set for Creativity

This is an excellent option for girls who like to do something with their own hands. There are sets that will help you cook beautiful and scented soap for yourself and your friends, sets that will help you collect jewelry, jewelry for different occasions, sets for home production of gift candles, fridge magnets stained glass windows. In general, the choice is unlimited. It all depends on the nature and area of ​​interest of a particular teenager.

4. Photo Session

What to Give a Teenage Girl for Her Birthday

Not a single young fashionista will refuse such a gift. Good photos in your portfolio will help you decorate your pages on social networks and will also remain a long memory in your family album. As part of the photoshoot, the girl will be able to reveal herself, her character, and even for her parents, her image may be very unexpected.

For a gift, you will need to choose a good photographer with professional equipment (on-site or with your own photo studio), specify the day and time of the session, and please the young princess with the opportunity to be a model.

5. Certificate for Sports Activities

If the girl goes in for sports, dancing, or wants to go to the gym, present her with a paid certificate to a sports club. You can go with a pair of sneakers or a tracksuit.

Do It Yourself

It is quite difficult to impress a teenager with a handmade gift. But if it is a cool backpack or handbag, purse or jewelry, the girl will definitely appreciate your efforts. You can make a beautiful jewelry box, sew an original cosmetic bag, make a hairpin or headband.

Unsuccessful Options

When choosing a gift for a teenage girl, you should avoid buying:

  • dolls, bunnies and bears;
  • expensive collectible toys;
  • used things;
  • live puppies, kittens, hamsters, fish, if this has not been requested in advance and the issue has not been agreed upon;
  • crockery and cutlery;
  • school supplies and stationery;
  • boring things.

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