What to Give a Son for 1-Year-Old Birthday

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What to Give a Son for 1-Year-Old Birthday: Every parents strive to celebrate the first birthday of their child especially. This significant event must be accompanied by a gift for the birthday boy.

Choosing a present is sometimes not easy, because the baby is still very small and cannot say what he wants. In this case, the choice of a gift should be carried out taking into account the age of the son and his characteristics.

For a gift to your son for a year to bring pleasure, you should take into account the psychological characteristics of this age. At this time, kids begin to learn about the world, they like objects that do not deserve the attention of adults: the saucepan and ladle, for sure, have already taken up the kid’s time. Now the boy is interested in boxes, from which something can be built, carries a shoe brush across the floor.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to give him enamel dishes or shoe polish. But the gift will have to choose, similar to the things that attract his attention. All gifts can be divided into educational, practical and useful.

Educational Gifts

Such gifts will not only entertain the child but also help to ensure the development of his abilities.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments as a gift for a son for 1 year

If the baby, upon hearing the music, begins to dance, give him a drum or pipe. So he will be able to independently make sounds with the help of instruments. Make sure they are large but lightweight. It is recommended to check the sound in the store because it is the parents who will have to listen to the sounds they make. Choose the most melodic instruments.

Developing Mat

You can give your son a special rug made in the form of a puzzle for a 1-year-old. Its details are large and bright. The boy will be able to find the desired detail and assemble the picture right on the floor. Such a toy perfectly develops the child’s attention, makes him use the ability to think.

Interactive Books

Another good sounding gift option. By pressing special buttons, the son, while his mother is busy with household chores, will be able to listen to the melodies or voices of the main characters. The pages of the book are made of thick cardboard and can be easily turned over without the help of adults.


Easel as a gift for a son for 1 year

This is a special board that is installed at the height of the boy’s height. It is a drawing surface with special erasable pencils. So you don’t have to collect paper for the child, you don’t need to constantly buy new ones. Simply wipe the board with a napkin.

Often easels are supplied with additional elements: abacus, letters on magnets, clocks. Later, the child will be able to master the alphabet and numbers.

Study Table

There is a wide selection of such tables in stores now. You can choose the option that suits your son. Various toys are fixed on the table: pyramids, large mosaics, construction sets. So the child will be able to develop coordination of movements, memory, attention, learn colors and sizes. Since there are several items, the son will be busy for a long time, and the parents will have the opportunity to rest.


Photo of a gift for a son for a year: tolokar

To give your son a tolokar for his birthday for 1 year would be an excellent solution. This is a large car. The kid will be able to sit on it and, pushing off with his feet, move independently. Perfectly develops physical abilities. But such a toy will need space, so it is not suitable for small apartments.

Jumpers and Rocking Chairs

If there is no opportunity for a large space where the child can play with a tolokar, purchase rocking chairs or jumpers. These are toys made in the shape of an animal. The kid will be able to swing or jump in them in one place, without moving around the apartment.

Practical Gifts

Often, young parents are strapped for funds since the mother is forced to take care of the baby and does not work. Therefore, practical things will be a good gift.

Bed Dress

The diapers are no longer suitable for the son. It’s time to replace with baby bedding. Choose a bright underwear set. It may contain a large picture depicting sleeping fairy-tale heroes, so it will be easier for the boy to fall asleep because all his friends also lay down to rest. Before buying, be sure to ask the seller for a product quality certificate. Rub your laundry between your fingers. They should be free from paint and chemical odor.

Warm Jumpsuit

A practical gift for your son for a year: jumpsuit

A warm animal-shaped jumpsuit will be an excellent option for a practical gift. On such things, there are ears on the hood, often there is also a tail. The outfit itself is made of fluffy fabrics, similar to animal hair. It will be not only clothes for walking, but also an excellent fancy dress. These things are very popular with kids.

Oral Care Kit

One year is a high time to teach your son to take care of his teeth. Purchase a special hygiene kit. It includes a toy-shaped toothbrush, a funny cup and a teether. Usually, the sets are brightly colored and attract the attention of the child.

Useful Gifts

Such gifts will have a beneficial effect on the health of the baby. They are both practical and educational at the same time.

Subscription to the Pool

If your baby likes water procedures and enjoys splashing in the water, present a subscription to the pool. With a special trainer, he will begin individual swimming lessons. Bathing always brings a lot of positive emotions and improves the health of the child.

Dry Pool

A great alternative to water treatments. The boy will like to flounder in balls, sort them out and hide in them. Such procedures act as massage, develop a physical activity. The bright details of a dry pool will captivate your son for a long time. In addition, you do not need to worry that the child will overcool.


Dry pool as a gift to his son for his birthday 1 year

The sled is suitable for any child. It will be more fun to walk with them, there will be an opportunity to slide down the hill, and it will be easier for mom to move along the street in winter. After all, the stroller is already becoming too small for the son.

Before buying, be sure to make sure that everything that is purchased is supplied with a quality certificate and is safe for the baby. After all, health cannot be acquired for any money.

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