What to Give a Police Officer for His Birthday

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What to Give a Police Officer for His Birthday: Do you think that giving a police officer for his birthday can only be a gift that non-transparently hints at his profession, authority and involvement in injustice?

What to Give a Police Officer for His Birthday

Don’t rush to jump to conclusions. The fact is that minx life does not want to drive itself into the framework of officialdom, and therefore always leaves room for jokes, fun and simple human feelings.

Comic Gifts

If you want to go beyond monotony and boredom, it is best to give the police officer the following:

  • A photograph of the hero of the occasion, but not ordinary, but in the form of an imperial figure or a famous commander. His image with the general’s shoulder straps will do.
  • Chess with figures represented by different ranks of law enforcement officers.
  • A beautifully bound pedigree book that should be filled with photographs in advance.
  • Expensive cufflinks that look like cartridges or pistols.
  • Ink on a chain.
  • The original braid on the steering wheel, a mirror with a rear-view camera, a newfangled radio tape recorder and other automotive items.
  • Cake in the form of a uniform shirt with a tie and shoulder straps.
  • A watch on which the name inscription and the date of birth of the birthday man are engraved.
  • A figure of a policeman made of balloons, flowers or other suitable objects.

Gifts with Love

It is quite natural that a bride, wife, or just a beloved woman wants to give the police officer such gifts:

  • Cupid’s arrows along with the original bow.
  • A mug or other item decorated with the inscription “the best policeman”.
  • An apron or T-shirt featuring a torso dressed as a law enforcement officer.
  • Policeman figurine keychain.
  • Teapot with the symbols of the police.
  • Business card holder with a badge of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Police toy (big and soft is best).

Gift with Meaning

Well, how can you do without a themed gift for such an occasion?

That is why some people prefer to present the following items to a policeman friend for his birthday:

  • A lighter in the form of a baton, grenade, pistol.
  • A flash drive pistol or an analog in the form of a single shoulder strap, a policeman’s figure, a cartridge.
  • A personal souvenir that can be an engraved knife.
  • Original container for alcohol, whiskey or cognac in a gift box.
  • A whole bunch of socks with personalized embroidery.
  • An ice cube that looks like a pistol, cartridge, police baton, or company car.
  • A gift medal with the words “the most courageous policeman”, “the brave soldier”, “well-aimed shooter”.
  • Passport cover decorated with a photo of the birthday boy or an unusual print.
  • A miniature lie detector, in addition to which there is a stun gun.

Such gifts will not spoil the mood:

  • Wall clock with state symbols.
  • Alarm clock with target and pistol.
  • Thermos in khaki or camouflage color.
  • An umbrella where the handle is in the shape of a pistol.
  • Flashlight in the form of a police baton.
  • Automotive thermo mug.
  • Binoculars.
  • Car wash and dry cleaning certificate.

To Set the Mood

Nice and definitely useful gifts can improve the mood and melt the heart of even the harshest official. This could be:

  • A functional souvenir – a beautiful tie case with it and a clip.
  • Cufflinks-shoulder straps or options in the form of pistols, cartridges, etc.
  • A comic diploma, diploma, cup or medal with a personalized inscription such as “ideal policeman”, “the most courageous and courageous”, “best employee of the year.”
  • Gloves with personalized embroidery or a miniature image of the symbols of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • A set for a bath, which includes a hat with a cool inscription (“there are no generals in the bath”, “a real colonel”, etc.), a mitten, a broom.
  • Portable solar charger.

Inexpensive, but From the Heart

This category of items is suitable for presenting to a friend to a police officer for his birthday. In the first case, it is worth stopping at such presentations:

  • A whistle with comic or memorable words written on it.
  • Comments and explanations to all articles of the Criminal Code, which cannot but be useful in work.
  • Flash drive of the original form.
  • A large encyclopedia of weapons with good illustrations.
  • T-shirt with a design in the form of a form with shoulder straps.
  • A small icon depicting Saint Prince Vladimir or Alexander Nevsky, who belong to the host of patrons of the police and the FSB.
  • A fondly reminiscent presentation or poster with baby photos.
  • An invitation to the old park, where they walked with their parents and peers for a long time.
  • Especially favorite film in childhood, etc.

You can choose the following:

  • Lunchbox (with a personalized engraving and police attributes), providing good nutrition for the gifted.
  • Damask is stylized as a machine gun, complemented by a set of glasses.
  • A set of dumbbells that will help you always stay in good shape.
  • Multifunctional knife with engraving, additionally capable of serving as a corkscrew, pliers, wrench.
  • An alarm clock that can only be turned off by hitting the target with a laser pistol.
  • Darts in the form of a criminal, providing relief from emotional and physical stress.
  • Shoe set of brushes, cream, spoon and special rags.
  • A travel kit that includes a comb, razor, tweezers, scissors, tongs and other useful gizmos.
  • Stylish handle.
  • Thermal underwear.


Of course, the list of gifts could be continued indefinitely. But the most important thing here is to give the police officer on his birthday exactly what will please and arouse a feeling of gratitude. So, the choice is made solely taking into account the tastes and individual wishes of our hero.

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