What to Give a Photographer for His Birthday

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What to Give a Photographer for His Birthday: Do you know a photographer who has a birthday celebration? It’s time to choose gifts! Better to give something practical – souvenirs are not for such a person. We will tell you what kind of present a professional who is keen on photography will surely be delighted with.

All gifts can be roughly divided into two groups: little things for mood and valuable gifts.

Trivia for Mood

There is an opinion that the photographer will be delighted exclusively with the technique for doing what he loves. In reality, this is not entirely true. He is also a man and nothing human is alien to him.

What to give a photographer so that he probably likes it?

1. Lantern

A quality flashlight is a must. It can be used to illuminate the road at night or at dusk, signal your group or light your own backpack. It can also come in handy in a studio setting – some shooting methods involve using a flashlight.

2. Thermos

Another thing that can be useful for a photographer is a thermos. Filming takes place in different conditions. Today it is a city park, and tomorrow it is a forest in the countryside. If the process takes place in winter, a mug of hot tea or coffee will give the desired warmth. When working in the summer heat, a soft drink will be salvation.

3. Notebook or Diary

Putting your thoughts down on paper is a great way to focus and highlight what’s important. The notebook, which is always at hand, will become a faithful assistant in this matter. In a personal notebook, you can record useful contacts, ideas, thoughts.

4. A Practical Thing in the Form of a Camera

This can be a USB drive, a case for storing memory cards, jewelry, watches. A good gift is cufflinks with an interesting specialized design. With their help, a familiar photographer will be able to emphasize his occupation at official events.

5. Photo Backpack, Shockproof Case

A backpack or bag equipped with shockproof inserts is an indispensable item when transporting photographic equipment, a tripod and other little things. When buying, you should take into account the style and location in which the photographer works, the minimum equipment, the method of transportation and other factors.

If you don’t know what to give at all, buy a gift certificate from the online store. In this case, the person himself will determine what he needs.

Valuable Gifts for Photographer Birthday

If the photographer is your close friend or family member, you will probably want to give him something of value. What does a professional photographer need?

1. Camera

Probably, this is the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a gift for such a person. It can be a digital camera or a film camera. Such a present will definitely not go unnoticed. The presented camera can be used as a simplified version of the main apparatus or as an additional “working machine”.

2. Lens

A gift that is not easy to find. We’ll have to study reviews, testimonials from real people and test drives – all this is in abundance on the Internet. There are lenses in different price categories, so it is easy to choose the right option based on your financial capabilities.

For a successful choice, you need to understand the topic. You can ask another photographer for help.

3. Tripod

This is a desirable item for any person involved in photography, even if it is an amateur, not a professional. Choose something practical that is strong, durable and durable. Before buying a tripod, check out the basic specifications.

4. Background

An excellent gift is a fabric background. It does not squeeze, is erased when dirty and is easily attached. Custom design can be prepared. The specialist will select the texture, shade, pattern. Of course, the purchase of a ready-made solution will be cheaper.

5. Scanner

Photographers need a scanner if they shoot on film. With this technique, you can digitize the archive, simplify retouching and publish images on the Internet. Of course, you can go to a dark room, but it is better to have your own equipment.

6. Notebook

The need for a personal laptop is hard to overestimate. Any photographer either has it or needs it.

Give knowledge. There are never many of them. Present a certificate for a master class or pay for courses in photography or post-processing.

Top 10 Anti-gifts

Now let’s talk about what you definitely don’t need to give:

  • key rings;
  • mugs;
  • cakes and pastries;
  • vintage cameras;
  • conversion filters;
  • light filters;
  • subscription to magazines or software;
  • collage or calendar;
  • envelope with money.

Give impressions! Any creative person will appreciate the gift impression at its true worth. It can be skydiving, hot air ballooning, diving, etc. Such a non-trivial and interesting present will be remembered for a lifetime.

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