What to Give a Married Lover

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What to Give a Married Lover: Unforgettable feelings for someone else’s married man make the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity look for an original gift for their lover all day long.

What to Give a Married Lover

Below you will find tips and ideas on what to give a lover who has a wife for his birthday, February 14 or 23, gifts that will help to pleasantly surprise the beloved and leave your feelings behind a veil of secrecy.

Top 30 Ideas for Gifts to a Lover Who Has a Wife

What to Give to a Lover on February 14 Who Has a Wife

Choosing what to give to a birthday lover who has a wife is not so difficult if you know his hobbies and tastes.

The situation is more complicated with Valentine’s Day since the specificity of the holiday requires a special presentation, the most romantic and symbolic.

Problems are also added by the fact that a man has a legal spouse who should not find out about his union. Considering these factors, ideal solutions can be considered:

An Evening Full of Romance

Hearing about this option, the first thing many imagine a candlelit dinner in an intimate setting. Yes, this approach definitely has its undeniable advantages.

In this case, it is important to take care of the competent organization of the date – to present your beloved with his favorite dishes, light candles, dim the lights, turn on beautiful music and choose the right outfit. However, do not forget that you can give your married lover on Valentine’s Day other, no less romantic entertainment.

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For example, you can surprise your beloved man by ordering a limousine, where you can enjoy the views of the city at night without fear of being noticed. You can also arrange a date in a bubble bath, rose petals and aromatic oils, and the culmination of the evening will be a pleasant massage performed by you.

A great place to spend time together is a small swimming pool, rented for a few hours and provided exclusively at your disposal.

Joint Day at the Spa

Racking your head over what you can give your lover, give him the opportunity to relax as much as possible in your company. Such a present will especially appeal to a man who works a lot and rarely rests.

On average, a massage session lasts 60 or 90 minutes, during which professional masters will have time to stretch their bodies so that they leave the salon full of strength and in a good mood. As a result, all you have to do is decide where to direct this positive energy.

Erotic Dance

When you need a symbolic gift for your lover, remember that, most likely, the first thing that your chosen one drew attention to when meeting you was beauty.

Thus, you can please him by demonstrating all your femininity and grace in a special way. Naturally, this kind of present requires some preparation – you need to prepare an outfit for the dance in advance, choose the right music and, if necessary, use the help of a professional choreographer.

However, you can rest assured that all your efforts will not be in vain, your beloved will have the opportunity to look at you from a new angle and once again make sure that his choice is correct.

What to Give a Married Lover on February 23 – Original

Defender of the Fatherland Day is an excellent occasion to present your beloved with a truly masculine present that can reveal and emphasize all his best qualities as a representative of the stronger sex.

From this point of view, options such as:


A certificate for attending classes in boxing, fencing, martial arts, etc. Every man is by nature a defender and fighter, so let him show his true nature!

Classes with a professional trainer and meeting new people will give you the opportunity to improve your physical fitness and learn the necessary techniques. In addition, it is possible that your chosen one will be so inspired by the proposed sport that it will become his new hobby.

In this case, you can share your lover’s new hobby with him, thanks to which you will have even more common themes and points of contact.

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Costume Tailoring Certificate

Such a present can be the answer to the question “what to give a lover for his birthday / Defender of the Fatherland Day / New Year / any other holiday?”

Giving preference to this option, you should seriously attend to the choice of a good master. He must be a professional in his field, and his work must deserve extremely positive reviews.

Despite all its value, this gift will not arouse suspicion on the part of your lover’s wife since a man can purchase this wardrobe item on his own.

Tickets for a Football Match

Most of the stronger sex is crazy about this game, so there is no need to think for a long time about what to give your lover an original birthday or Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Elementary attentiveness will help to decide which tickets are needed – it is enough to listen to the man when he talks about the upcoming, long-awaited matches. You should also pay attention to stories about your favorite team – this knowledge will help you navigate and choose a game in which the right players will be involved.

An addition to this kind of present will be a scarf or T-shirt in color and with the symbols of the team for which the loved one is rooting.

How to Choose What to Give Your Lover

When choosing what to give a lover for the New Year, who has a wife, or any other holiday, you should be guided by the following rules:

  • Having stopped your choice on one thing or another, think about: will your chosen one be able to fully use it? There are often cases when a man, out of gratitude, accepts a present and then gets rid of it since it may be evidence of his betrayal of his wife. To avoid this, give preference to neutral surprises that do not indicate the presence of a mistress in the family life;
  • Continuing the conversation about how important it is for the gift to be non-flashy, we give you one more piece of advice: before giving the thing to your loved one, think about whether friends/colleagues can give your man this kind of present. If the answer is yes, feel free to present it to your lover;
  • Experience gifts are ideal when it comes to lovers. First, because the wife may not even know about him. Secondly, it is enough to remember why the representatives of the strong half of humanity go “to the left”? First of all, to get new emotions, which your present will only add;
  • Do not expect wild delight from the beloved about the presented presentation. This does not mean that he did not like him – just such manifestations are not inherent in men;
  • Come up with warm words that will accompany the presentation of your gift. It is they who sometimes cause sincere emotions and a wide smile in men, which, as a result, will delight both the recipient and the giver;
  • If you are faced with the question “what to give your ex-lover for his birthday?”, You need to build on the nature of your relationship at the moment. If you remain good friends, buy something that will be pleasant and necessary for a person but will have absolutely no romantic overtones. If you still have feelings for him and you are striving to revive the relationship, you should pay attention to the gifts that can contribute to this (for example, a joint balloon flight). If you have only unpleasant memories of your former lover and you crave revenge, send a flashy gift right to his home. In this case, it doesn’t even matter what it will be – the main thing is that the thing should be irrefutable proof of the man’s betrayal and raise questions from his wife.
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What Is Better Not to Give to a Married Lover

Some gifts may not only fail to evoke positive emotions in your lover but even provoke negativity in your direction. To avoid this, you should abandon options such as:

  1. Personal items: underwear, shirts, cosmetics, perfume, etc. (will raise questions from the spouse);
  2. Too expensive things (can offend a man and provoke the wife’s suspicions);
  3. Romantic gifts such as valentines, clothes with your photos together, heart-shaped items, etc. (can also become evidence of treason in front of his wife);
  4. Trivial little things like notepads, calendars, cheap diaries and pens, etc. (most likely, they will take their place in the dump of such things);
  5. A burdensome gift that requires effort and time – pets and plants (perhaps your chosen one is not ready for such troubles, otherwise why hasn’t he got flowers or a pet yet?);
  6. A positive pregnancy test (as a rule, children are not what the stronger sex expects from a relationship with a mistress).

Final Thought

Choosing a present for your lover is a troublesome business. However, following our recommendations, taking into account the hobbies of your lover and remembering about the presence of a legal spouse, you can make your searches much more effective.

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