What to Give a Man for His Birthday

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What are the requirements for a gift for a man? He must be useful and connected with his favorite pastime. To pick up such a thing, the birthday person needs to know well or ask his loved ones what he dreams of. What to give a man for his birthday also depends on who he is to the donor.

Top-100 Gifts for a Man on a Birthday

When choosing a gift from this list, be sure to focus on whether a man needs such a present. For example, if he does not have a car, then, obviously, he will not need floor mats in this very car.

What to Give a Man for His Birthday

1. Gadgets and Electronics

  • A laptop will facilitate the process of work or learning;
  • Smartphone;
  • Tablet with a stylus;
  • Electronic book;
  • Portable speaker;
  • Wireless keyboard complete with a mouse;
  • Quadcopter;
  • Radio-controlled helicopter;
  • Smartwatch with fitness tracker function;
  • Electric shaver;
  • Convenient trimmer;
  • Robot vacuum cleaner, always helpful on the farm;
  • Floor or table fan;
  • A column with voice assistant;
  • Coffee machine;
  • A multicooker or food processor will significantly save a busy man’s time;
  • An electric toothbrush;
  • Scales;
  • Wine cabinet;
  • Electric grill.

2. Clothes and Accessories

  • Brand sneakers;
  • Classic shirt made of good material;
  • Warm stylish jumper;
  • A set of t-shirts;
  • Cozy pajamas;
  • Tracksuit;
  • Sports bag;
  • Business briefcase made of genuine leather;
  • Bathrobe with embroidery;
  • A set of men’s haberdashery;
  • Set – hat, scarf, gloves;
  • Classic wristwatch ;
  • Precious metal cufflinks in a beautiful box;
  • Tie with a clip;
  • Silver chain or bracelet.

3. For Beauty and Care

  • A set for the care of a beard and mustache;
  • Premium perfume (Dior, Tom Ford, Hermes, etc.);
  • A set consisting of gel, balm, shampoo, scrub, etc .;
  • Nutritious cream;
  • Handmade soap set ;

4. For a Car Enthusiast

  • Video recorder;
  • Cooler bag;
  • Keychain;
  • Car vacuum cleaner;
  • Anti-ice scraper;
  • Mini TV;
  • Folding furniture set;
  • Folding tableware set;
  • Car mats;
  • Steering wheel and seat cover;
  • Full wash certificate;
  • Salon certificate for painting or tuning a car;
  • Leather covers for documents;
  • Special headrest pillow;
  • Salon care products;
  • A set of air fresheners for the car interior;
  • Warm blanket.

5. For Home Comfort

  • Glasses for your favorite alcoholic drink in a beautiful box (whiskey, brandy, cognac);
  • Comfortable leather office chair;
  • Home bar in the form of a globe;
  • Stylish wall clock;
  • Floor lamp;
  • Salt lamp;
  • Diffuser with a pleasant aroma;
  • Humidifier;
  • A set of knives of different types;
  • Hookah complete with delicious tobacco;
  • Aquarium with fish;
  • Photo collage on the wall with joint photos.

6. Hobby

  • Table game;
  • Home brewery;
  • Lego constructor;
  • Painting on canvas by numbers;
  • New spinning rod for fishing;
  • The game console of the latest generation;
  • Favorite musical instrument.

7. Exclusive Gifts

  • Favorite alcohol, a new bottle will never be superfluous in the home bar;
  • A set of cigars;
  • Custom made handle;
  • Genuine leather purse and wallet;
  • Document folder;
  • Personal planner or diary.

8. Impression Gifts

  • Hike to the barbershop;
  • Spa certificate;
  • Horseback riding outside the city;
  • Flight by plane over the night city with champagne;
  • Romantic candlelit dinner on the rooftop;
  • Photo session in the studio;
  • A certificate to your favorite store;
  • Skydiving;
  • You can go on an interesting quest together;
  • Subscription to a rocking chair or gym;
  • Painting-portrait to order from the artist;
  • A trip to the country or to another city on vacation;
  • A ticket to a concert of your favorite band;
  • A pet, if, of course, the man hinted earlier;
  • Home quest to find a gift.

9. With Your Own Hands

  • Make your favorite meal.
  • Bake a cake.
  • Prepare your grocery basket. Put sweets, fruits, cheeses, sausages – everything that a man loves;
  • Create a collage on a Whatman paper. Attach your favorite pictures there, make funny or romantic captions, depending on the degree of intimacy;
  • Make a video or presentation about a man’s life;
  • Write a poem or song;
  • Sew a shirt or T-shirt (if, of course, you know how);
  • Knit a scarf or cozy sweater.

Gifts for Men for Birthday by Temperament

Men are different. Some are serious businessmen, others, on the contrary, like to have fun and fool around, and still others are completely passionate about their work so that they do not notice anything around. We offer gift ideas for men of different temperaments.

1. The Man Is a Merry Fellow

Regardless of age, all people are children at heart, and everyone loves to have fun. Therefore, an ideal gift for a man from friends or girlfriend can be payment for entertainment, such as a ride on ATVs, go-karting or a trip to laser tag – everything that you would like to go on your own, but there was no suitable opportunity.

In a youth company, you can go on a quest or rent a playground along with paintball equipment. For older people, a certificate for attending a shooting range and training with an instructor is suitable.

If a friend is a thrill-seeker, then a parachute jump, a hang-glider flight, a visit to a wind tunnel are suitable as a gift. In addition, many cities have flying clubs that offer 20-minute co-pilot airplane flights. Such a flight can also be presented as a birthday present to a man.

Diving or swimming training can be included in the same category. It would be appropriate to present a visit to the climbing wall, as well as a ticket to the ski complex or a subscription to the gym.

2. For Car Lovers

The most grateful birthday people are drivers and motorists. Regardless of who the man is: a friend, colleague, friend or relative, the car accessory will be useful and enjoyable. The advantage of such gifts is that they can be found in almost all price categories.

Typical of them are:

  • Antiradar;
  • Video recorder;
  • Car radio;
  • Speakers or subwoofer.
Please Note: Even if a man already has a DVR, he will never give up the premium model. Especially such a gift will be appropriate if you have repeatedly seen how a man complained about this DVR because of a lack of memory in it, poor quality of shooting or a weak battery.

If the budget is limited, then it will be quite inexpensive to give a man a car compressor, a set of socket wrenches, a box or organizer bag in the trunk, a car thermos, as well as seat covers for his birthday.

A more expensive gift would be a compact car refrigerator or a suitable tuning kit.

Depending on the brand of car, the character of the driver and his hobby, a certificate for extreme driving courses may also be appropriate as a gift.

3. Gift for a Stylish Man

If a gift is chosen for a close relative, husband or boyfriend, then it would be a good idea to give your beloved man an item of clothing for his birthday. It can be a quality sweater, shirt, thermal underwear or quality gloves.

Moreover, the gift does not have to be bright. It is quite possible that a man will not come directly to delight from such a gift, but he will definitely use it. It is also not necessary to be a trifle in this case.

If a man is engaged in any kind of sport, then an element of equipment is quite suitable. For example, you can donate a helmet, ski goggles, a snorkeling mask, new running shoes, and even an action camera. Now many sports equipment stores offer gift certificates for purchase, so if you have doubts about choosing the right color or the right size, then such a certificate can also be used.

4. Technology Lover

All kinds of electronics can be a good gift. This is a fitness bracelet, good quality headphones, and a wireless headset for a smartphone. If a person travels a lot, he will be delighted with wireless charging or an e-book with liquid ink. If he’s young, he might be happy with augmented reality glasses.

If a gift is being purchased for a loved one, it may be worth considering buying a new smartphone for him. Of course, the cost of such a gift is considerable, but the joy from it will be incredible.

As a child, all boys dreamed of a radio-controlled helicopter. Nowadays, technologies have made such a step forward compared to the past that helicopters have become available to almost everyone.

You can buy both the simplest quadrocopter, palm-sized and literally for a couple of thousand rubles, or a full-fledged drone, with a video camera and the ability to take photos and videos. Such a gift will certainly become a companion on trains or walks around the city. After all, it is always interesting to look at the surrounding objects from a different angle, whether it be sights or just the surrounding buildings, which we pass by every day.

5. For Any Man

The classic gifts for any man include all those that can be given for a birthday to a boss, a man, a Coworker or an old friend. These certainly include expensive, beautifully packaged alcohol, Cuban cigars, and a fountain pen.

Alcohol is good because it can be given even to unfamiliar people, whose interests and preferences are not possible to know in advance. At the same time, a person will definitely not be offended by such a gift, and even if he does not use it himself, he can then donate it to someone or put it on a shelf as a decoration.

Various souvenirs can be attributed to the same category of gifts, such as gift chess, models of weapons, models of ships or aircraft, wall clocks, sets of glasses or glasses.

Husband or Beloved Boyfriend

The vast majority of women are very responsible when choosing a gift for a beloved man. They begin to prepare for the holiday in advance, analyzing what will delight a loved one. But the longer the couple together, the fewer options remain, because you can’t give the same thing every year.

What to give for a birthday to a husband with whom a woman has lived together for more than one or two years?

What to Give a Man for His Birthday

  • Swiss folding knife (take a coin for it);
  • player for the car;
  • clock;
  • stylish accessory (if the husband holds a high position at work, and he needs to look solid): a leather folder for documents, a belt made of natural (for example, crocodile) leather, etc.;
  • a pipe made of natural wood and quality tobacco (if a man smokes), etc.

What to Give a Man for His Birthday

If a woman thinks that her husband already has everything, you can give him an insubstantial gift by arranging a surprise. For example, independently organize a romantic date or present some gift certificate: for a few hours of extreme driving, for a parachute jump, for a cooking master class (if the spouse is fond of this), etc.

If the tastes of a husband for his faithful are more or less clear, then it is complicated for many girls to decide what to give for a birthday to a beloved boyfriend. Especially when she does it for the first time. Of course, it is best if the guy himself hints at what he would like to get. But if he does not, then you can turn to universal gifts:

  • lighter or flask with commemorative engraving;
  • flash drive (can also be engraved);
  • pop art portrait;
  • T-shirt with a funny print or original lettering;
  • embossed diary and a nice pen;
  • gadget or case for it;
  • cute umbrella, etc.

Even if the most ordinary item is chosen as a gift, it should be accompanied by a handmade postcard where a touching confession will be written to the husband or beloved boyfriend.

What to Give a Man for His Birthday

Dad or Grandfather

When children think about what to give dad for their birthday, they should take into account, first of all, what the man does:

  • The car enthusiast will find a trunk organizer with a built-in cooler bag, high-quality seat covers or a massage seat cover, a set of tools in a comfortable wardrobe trunk, etc.
  • A fisherman will need a comfortable folding chair or stool, tackle (you need to know exactly what the fisherman is dreaming of), a sleeping bag, a catalytic heating pad, etc.
  • A summer resident engaged in a garden and a vegetable garden – garden tools or equipment, and for someone who prefers to relax in a suburban area – an anti-mosquito lamp, a hammock, a smokehouse, a portable grill or barbecue, etc.

What to Give a Man for His Birthday

  • A business person should look for stylish cases for gadgets (it is okay if all devices for a man are in the same cases), business card holder, housekeeper, etc.
  • A traveler will surely like a roomy and comfortable suitcase, a Thermo mug (possibly heated), binoculars, all kinds of travel kits, etc.

What to Give a Man for His Birthday

From this list, you can also choose what to give your grandfather for his birthday. However, if we are talking about an older man who rarely leaves the house, it is best to opt for a cozy blanket, a suitable side table, lamp or floor lamp, a high-quality e-book, and similar things.

What to Give a Man for His Birthday

To a Colleague or Boss

People spend most of their lives at work. And, of course, they cannot ignore the name day of colleagues or bosses. What to give the boss from the whole team for his birthday?

  • a set of the business card holder, diary and a pen with a gilded nib;
  • a set of coffee or tea in a wooden case;
  • table or wall clock;
  • a personalized whiskey glass (of course, along with a bottle of a quality drink);
  • original mini-bar (for example, in the form of a globe);
  • basket with fruit, chocolate, alcoholic beverage, etc.

Of course, when choosing a gift for your boss, you must consider his tastes and lifestyle. It is unlikely that, for example, a healthy lifestyle adherent will like an alcoholic drink (albeit very expensive) or a mini-bar.

Deciding what to give a colleague for his birthday can be the entire team and each employee individually. If a present is prepared from one person, then it can be a flash drive, an original mug, a book related to the work’s specifics, etc.

It makes sense from the whole team to present something more impressive: small appliances for the home, a gadget, a briefcase, or a leather folder (embossed) for documents.

What to Give a Man for His Birthday

Brother or Friend

You cannot stand aside if the birthday of a brother or friend is approaching. What to give a brother from a brother for his birthday? It largely depends on what kind of relationship the people have. If we are talking about guys with a small age difference, who have been together all the time since childhood, you can focus mainly on the tastes of the donor himself.

A musical instrument, something for a car, or a business souvenir can be a gift, depending on what the guy is doing.

And if his sister wants to congratulate his brother on his birthday, she can make a present for him with her own hands:

  • scrapbooking photo album,
  • organizer for tools,
  • housekeeper,
  • knitted thing,
  • a t-shirt painted with special paints,
  • leather case for tablets, etc.

If a girl likes to make gifts with her own hands, she can do something similar for a close friend. And what to give a friend for his birthday from a friend? It depends on what the birthday person is fond of. And who, if not his friend, knows what he dreams of. Maybe it will not be some material gift, but a surprise such as flying in a wind tunnel or scuba diving. Or the birthday boy loves his car so much that it will be strange if he is not presented with something of the car accessories.

There is no ready-made recipe for choosing the perfect birthday present for a man. Each donor will have to think about what the birthday person loves most and what he dreams.

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