What to Give a Hockey Player for His Birthday?

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What to Give a Hockey Player for His Birthday: People who are closely connected with those who in one way or another come into contact with such a sport as hockey sooner or later have a dilemma about how to congratulate this person.

What to Give a Hockey Player for His Birthday

Many puzzles over what to give a hockey player or fan because those who are attracted to this sport are usually tough and stubborn people. Based on this, we can conclude that “hockey” gifts should be brutal, purely “masculine”, but not cute and tender.

What to Give Depending on the Age of the Hockey Player?

Before choosing a gift, you should pay attention to the age of the hockey player. Of course, some people think that this figure is not so important, however, those presents that are suitable for a boy will obviously not please a serious adult athlete.

What to Give a Boy?

It is desirable for the boy to present something functional. He is unlikely to like vases and figurines, and therefore it is best to leave your choice on:

  • sports bags, small in size, but roomy. It is important that they have additional compartments, which will allow the boy to keep order there;
  • underwear that increases comfort during training – such things are distinguished by the fact that they perfectly remove sweat with increasing power loads. Thanks to them, the young man will not be embarrassed by anything during training, which will positively affect her results;
  • covers for sports equipment – any hockey player, even the smallest one, take care of sticks, skates, and helmets. By giving such devices, you can definitely please the hero of the occasion;
  • calendars for athletes – this will allow the boy to follow competitions, mark important dates and not forget about other events that will be significant not only for him but also for his loved ones.

What to Give a Guy?

If a young man or a friend has been playing hockey since childhood, he will definitely like such surprises as:

  • certificate for attending a massage course at the spa;
  • certificate for visiting the Phyto-bath;
  • tickets for a game of your favorite team, for a concert by a famous artist;
  • tickets to a sporting event where world hockey players will be present;
  • autograph session with your favorite idol;
  • game console.

Such gifts will allow you to relax both physically and mentally, which is extremely important for people who have been playing hockey for a long time.

What to Give a Man?

A man will be happy with such signs of attention as:

  • personalized mugs with the logos of your favorite team, caps, key rings, and t-shirts;
  • device for automatic heating of the mug made in the form of a washer;
  • air hockey;
  • silver puck pendant, hockey-themed pendant.

Such presents will please a man who has been playing hockey for a long time or is “sick” of it.

How to Choose a Gift for a Hockey Fan?

Those who do not go in for sports at a professional level, but love to follow hockey games, will definitely like the surprises on the presented topics.

If you choose what to give to an unfamiliar person, you can get by with inexpensive, but no less pleasant little things. Among them are:

  • things with the image of the logo of your favorite club, the so-called paraphernalia. It can be a badge, keychain, mug, or magnets. Such gifts are ideal for fans;
  • accessories – stick wax, a roll of tape, water bottle, shower bag. Such presents are most often presented to the hockey players themselves;
  • a puck with a logo – such a gift would be an ideal option for a fan;
  • beer drink RedMachine – perfect for those who like to follow the progress of the matches in the company of friends in a relaxed atmosphere. It has a pleasant taste and original packaging;
  • socks – you can pick up real hockey socks by paying attention to things manufactured by MASSKOT;
  • personalized t-shirts are a great option for hockey fans. Instead of a number, you can put his favorite number or age on the T-shirt and write his last name on top.

Don’t miss out on bath accessories. Hockey players are busy people who are often left without shower gels or shampoos due to lack of time. It is best to choose quality products with a neutral smell if the tastes of a friend are not fully understood.

As the amount that can be spent on a gift increases, the list changes somewhat. Great options would be gifts such as:

  • hockey field cakes When choosing such a surprise, it is important to make sure that the athlete does not follow a strict diet and really likes sweets;
  • the figure of a hockey player. It is desirable that it be made in the same color scheme as the uniform of the club for which the man plays or cheers. However, in other cases, such gifts are usually welcome;
  • tickets for a hockey match;
  • caps, hats with the logo of your favorite team.
  • desktop bio fireplaces;
  • nominal diaries;
  • personalized robes;
  • Thermo mugs;
  • smartwatch;
  • alarm clock, made in the form of a dumbbell or stick, puck;
  • thermos;
  • training mask.

Naturally, such presentations are more suitable for an athlete than for a fan. The latter will be pleased to receive one of the following:

  • collectible figure of a hockey player;
  • the book “Fan Encyclopedia”;
  • phone case with the image of your favorite team, club logo or player.
  • jersey – a game sweater of your favorite team. When there is no certainty that this particular team is your favorite, it is better to focus on things belonging to domestic players. In addition, a jersey decoration with the name of the birthday boy and his favorite number will be a nice bonus;
  • table hockey – not only a fan but also a player will be happy with such a present. All men are little children at heart, and therefore they will definitely be happy to “drive” the puck, albeit not real;
  • hockey clothes – there are brands that produce collections of things for hockey players. They can also be purchased by people who are far from sports. It is important that the item is original and not a fake;
  • a figurine from a photo – such a present can be made to both a fan and a hockey player. It is worth contacting the workshops that carry out such orders in advance and discussing the details.
  • gaming consoles;
  • Sunglasses “Vizor”, made of natural wood species, which are engraved with personal names;
  • hockey equipment – skates, sticks, protection.

What to Give a Hockey Player for the Holidays?

When choosing a gift, it is also worth considering the holiday on what occasion is planned in the house of the hockey player.

How to Congratulate You on Your Birthday?

An excellent option for congratulations on your birthday will be:

  • silver or gold cufflinks with personalized engraving;
  • new skates;
  • simulators designed for home exercise;
  • massage pillows;
  • foot massager;
  • hoverboard;
  • home air hockey
  • fitness tracker;
  • sport suit;
  • the case for a suitcase with images on a hockey theme;
  • goblet with name engraving.

What to Give for a Wedding?

For a hockey player’s wedding, it is better to present the following gifts:

  • a photo album made in an unusual style, where you can store not only family photos but from games, and performances;
  • lamp, made in the form of a puck, “producing” a three-dimensional image at night;
  • pillow covers;
  • home horizontal bar;
  • heart rate monitor, fitness bracelet;
  • a photograph made from a photo on canvas;
  • paired thermos.

Such gifts can be a great option to complement the main gift given to the young.

What to Give as a Token of Gratitude?

As a token of gratitude to hockey players, it is best to present:

  • mugs with the symbols of your favorite club;
  • name washers;
  • a diary with hockey-related pictures on each page;
  • PowerBall.

When choosing such a presentation, you should understand that sometimes a person wants to get something that is not related to his main activity. For this reason, it is better to first study the tastes and preferences of a hockey player, and then give him this or that thing.

Choosing an Original Gift

Among the original gifts, the leading positions are occupied by the following them:

  • hockey uniform – such a present is suitable for both novice athletes and those who have been playing in a team for a long time. Fans also love such surprises, especially if they are made with their last name;
  • gift certificates;
  • eco-bottles are ideal for athletes. If you choose those that are small in size, a man will be able to take them with him;
  • T-shirts with interesting inscriptions related to the world of hockey;
  • pillows-transformers;
  • unusual mugs, cups;
  • video greetings, where you can insert a cut from messages from fans, relatives, and friends;
  • large poster with photographs;
  • hockey book.

On Hockey Player’s Day, which is celebrated in our country on December 22, you can surprise your household with a delicious dinner. Cooking something unusual, and taking care of the availability of a delicious dessert is quite simple. But men who support this or that national team will be very pleased.

What to Give a Hockey Player Who Goes to Competitions?

It is known that professional athletes constantly go to competitions. It is little pleasant in “life on wheels”, and therefore it is worth taking care to make it easier. In such cases, the following presents will be useful and enjoyable for the hockey player:

  • pillows orthopedic;
  • boxes for lunch, lunch, divided into special compartments. Some of them are able to maintain heat for a long time or, conversely, have a cooling effect;
  • neck pillows, sleep bandages, biryushki;
  • e-books, other gadgets, the use of which will allow you to take time on a long trip;
  • compact backpacks, and sports bags of small sizes.

Such things will become very functional presentations, which will later really be used. Well, the donors will definitely be remembered by the athletes with kind words.

What Is Better Not to Give?

There are a number of gifts that hockey players are better off not giving. These include:

  • “sweet” and “alcoholic” baskets;
  • sports nutritional supplements.

In addition, when choosing accessories or symbolic gifts, one should not forget which team the athlete plays for or the fan stands up for. If a person presents a hockey player with a mug with the opponent’s logo, it is likely that he will be very surprised and somewhat upset.

Before you buy something, you should consult with a person’s relatives, or colleagues, or observe his behavior and choice of things for yourself.

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