What to Give a Girlfriend for 50 Years

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What to Give a Girlfriend for 50 Years: You should think about a gift for a friend on her 50th birthday in advance. Such an anniversary date is an important stage in a woman’s life. By the age of 50, she probably had a family, children and, possibly, grandchildren. This age is perceived as a certain feature or passed border. A friend has already decided what priorities in life are important to her and has achieved her once-set goals.

What to Give a Girlfriend for 50 Years

If your friendship has lasted for more than one year, then you are most likely well aware of the preferences of your girlfriend. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carefully consider the concept of the presentation. 50 years is an important anniversary, on this occasion, it is better to choose a good memorable gift. Our article will tell you what to give a girlfriend for 50 years.

Budget Gifts

When choosing a gift, many rely on their own budget. But even with a small budget, you can find a worthy surprise for the birthday girl.

When considering what to give a girlfriend for 50 years inexpensively, consider her preferences. Pleasant and memorable gizmos can be attributed to inexpensive presents.

For example:

  • A set of beautiful glasses for wine, champagne, and martini;
  • jewelry holder;
  • tablecloth made of durable, high-quality material;
  • a set of orthopedic pillows ;
  • fragrant handmade soap ;
  • porcelain teapot;
  • bed linen made of natural fibers;
  • a set of salad bowls or bowls;
  • home fragrances – sachets, incense or diffusers;
  • cutting board stand made of glass, wood or stone;
  • vase for fruit or sweets;
  • indoor plant or flower in a pot ;
  • a mat for yoga, or meditation, a yogi friend will definitely appreciate such a gift;
  • ceramic vase for flowers or dried flowers;
  • bath towels ;
  • a set of kitchen utensils or accessories for cooking;
  • a soft pillow for the neck in the car, if a friend drives;
  • cupcakes to order from a candy store;
  • kit for making candles at home.

Original Gifts for a Friend

By presenting a creative gift to your beloved friend, you can not only please, but also surprise the birthday girl. The main thing – when choosing, starts from the tastes of the hero of the day. A friend will definitely perceive such a surprise with joy and gratitude.


A good addition to a gift for a best friend, especially for the 50th anniversary, will be balloons inflated with helium. Create a unique arrangement of balloons and present it along with the main gift. Now there are a huge number of different balls in unique designs and with pleasant inscriptions. Do not think that they are intended exclusively for children!

Below we have collected the top gift ideas for what to give a friend for 50 years original.

Interesting presentations include:

  • Jewelry box made of natural handmade stone for jewelry storage;
  • makeup mirror ;
  • back and neck massager;
  • warm blanket made of natural wool;
  • niche perfume, choose such a gift, relying solely on the preferences of the birthday girl;
  • earrings with inserts of precious stones;
  • fitness bracelet or smart watch ;
  • air humidifier-ionizer;
  • luxury cosmetics from famous brands;
  • map of the starry sky by date and place of birth;
  • a chain with a beautiful pendant;
  • bag, the model should be comfortable and practical;
  • wooden table-tray;
  • a Parker pen, a businesswoman will definitely be happy with such a gift;
  • big cake with congratulations to order;
  • electric grill for the kitchen;
  • electric toothbrush, irrigator;
  • a bottle of good alcohol in a gift box – balm, wine, martini or gin.

Traditional Gifts

You can also give a friend a present from the universal category. With them, you definitely will not miss them, and your beloved friend will be happy to receive such a gift.

At the age of 50, people begin to appreciate the practical side of life and pay more and more attention to health.

The birthday girl will need:

  • Convenient travel bag;
  • skincare products made from natural ingredients;
  • large tea service;
  • certificate to the spa for relaxing treatments;
  • handmade sweets without sugar;
  • a set for embroidery or knitting, perfect for a needlewoman friend;
  • wine set, which consists of an electric corkscrew, aerator and stopper;
  • a bouquet of your friend’s favorite flowers;
  • a basket, which may consist of deli meats, fruit or cheese;
  • a set of glass or tin cans for bulk products;
  • essential oils complete with different effects;
  • warm terry bathrobe for home;
  • going to a master class, perhaps your friend has long wanted to learn an exciting craft;
  • a set of delicious tea or coffee ;
  • unusual spices for cooking or baking, in stores you can find sets immediately in gift wrapping;
  • “smart” floor scales;
  • a set of knives for various products;
  • beautiful succulents on the table in small pots.

It is not so difficult to make a loved one happy. A dear friend has become a year older, so this is a great reason to choose a chic present for her. 50 years is a round date. And you should not be afraid of this figure at all if your loved ones are always there and ready to provide support.

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