What to Give a Friend for the Birth of a Child

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What to Give a Friend for the Birth of a Child: The long-awaited replenishment in the family of a beloved friend is a joyful event for the whole environment. In addition, this is a good reason to congratulate parents and present them with a useful gift.

What to Give a Friend for the Birth of a Child

The birth of a child is always celebrated in the circle of the closest. Therefore, we advise you to think in advance about what you are going to present to your girlfriend.

Of course, the choice of gift directly depends on various factors. For example, the gender of the child, and the preferences of new parents. In order not to miscalculate with the ideal gift option for a baby, we advise you to read our article.

A gift for the birth of a boy

The birth of a son is always a significant event for a family. In this case, you should congratulate your parents and give them a practical surprise.

When choosing, you should focus on the tastes of a young mother. It is not necessary to buy products exclusively in blue and blue shades. Neutral tones are the best choice for babies. In addition, the present should facilitate the upcoming daily parental chores, which will be in full.

This section is devoted to the question of what to give a friend for the birth of a child – a boy. New parents will need:

  • Baby circle for bathing, be sure to note that the model is intended for newborns;
  • shoes for newborns, cute booties will never be superfluous in the baby’s wardrobe;
  • a set of children’s towels made of natural material;
  • funny rattle;
  • a warm suit in the form of a cute animal – a tiger, a rabbit, etc.;
  • children’s night light with brightness control;
  • soft side for the bed;
  • suspension-mobile on the bed;
  • a convenient feeding bottle, it will also not be superfluous in the parent’s arsenal;
  • roomy bag for walking with the baby;
  • play arena;
  • a set of baby care products, it is better to give preference to trusted brands.

Present for the Birth of a Girl

The little princess will be a real joy for mom and a favorite baby for dad. Parents will surround her with care from the very first days.

A gift for a newborn should be chosen with care. It is important that the present please not only newly-made parents but also be practical for the baby. And you can’t go wrong if you give:

  • Safe teether;
  • sterilizer of children’s dishes with a heating function;
  • development mat;
  • bed linen for baby;
  • a set of children’s dishes;
  • coarse knit blanket for a crib;
  • beautiful baby dress;
  • air humidifier in the children’s room;
  • a set of organizers for children’s clothes and accessories;
  • a large set of diapers, they certainly will always come in handy;
  • a translucent canopy for the crib so that nothing bothers the baby’s sleep;
  • a cocoon nest for a cozy and sleeping little girl;
  • soft small pillows;
  • children’s bathing set;
  • a set consisting of several bodysuits.

Universal Gifts for a Friend

The mother of a newborn, for sure, knows perfectly well what is needed most of all right now. And the practicality of the presentation increases its value a million times.

Therefore, in this section, we have collected gift ideas that a friend will appreciate. Rest assured, such presentations will be appropriate. After all, after the birth of a child, it is always required:

  • A slow cooker, since after the birth of a baby there will be practically no time left for cooking, but it’s worth asking your friend in advance if this is already available;
  • fitball for gymnastics with a child;
  • radio babysitter, a fairly popular gadget for young parents;
  • a certificate in the spa salon for care or relaxation procedures;
  • a large photo album where you can store photos of the baby;
  • courses or books on parenting;
  • robot vacuum cleaner, making daily house cleaning easy and fast;
  • a set for creating a cast of the baby’s arms and legs;
  • non-contact children’s thermometer;
  • blender for making baby puree at home;
  • children’s pillow with orthopedic effect;
  • kitchen scales for accurate measurement;
  • family photo session certificate

When giving a gift on the occasion of the birth of a child, be sure to tell your friend words of support and love. Share this happy moment with her, because in her life the most important time begins – motherhood.

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