What to Give a Friend for Her Birthday?

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The birthday is a memorable holiday. When congratulating the birthday person, you always want him to feel like a special person in the donor’s life. For this reason, when deciding what to give a friend for her birthday, it is important to remember all her petty and not so desires.

Perhaps, the congratulatory person is able to fulfill her old dream or buy for her something that she would regret money for. Well, if the friendship is so strong and long-lasting that all dreams have already been fulfilled, you should think about how to surprise your beloved girlfriend.

What to Give to Your Best Friend?

It is a well-known fact that a loved one wants to give something that will be original and special. It is appropriate for a best friend to choose gifts that can bring her a few steps closer to her dream. For example, if she has always dreamed of visiting Prague, a weekend tour to this city would be the best present.

What to Give a Friend for Her Birthday

If her dream is to put her body in order, it is worth giving a pair of a fitness membership card and starting to work out with her. Well, for those who want to learn how to drive a car, you can present a paid driving course with a private instructor. Horseback riding is perfect as a present for a busy girl, as it will allow her to relax.

Top Gifts for Girlfriend

All top gift ideas should be divided into specific categories. This will allow you to choose without being distracted by looking at other presents quickly.

Category of Original Gifts

Original gift ideas include the following items:

  • Funny bookmarks – They can be backlit speaking. It is important that reading a book with them becomes an entirely boring activity.
  • Eared pajamas – This can be ordered with the home delivery of the birthday girl. It is advisable to keep this thing warm. Then the girlfriend will be able to use it in the off-season when the heating is not on yet;
  • Cosmetics for skin care – It is best to carefully consider in the bathroom, the means of which company the girlfriend predominantly uses. Only in this case you can buy such a present without fear of offending or giving something useless;
  • costume jewelry, jewelry made of precious metals;
  • peculiar medals with interesting engraving;
  • home clothes with personalized embroidery;
  • nail Dryer;
  • artificial flowers that glow in the dark;
  • topiary or the so-called “trees of happiness”;
  • Holders for jewelry.

Gifts With “Humor.”

If a friend has an extraordinary sense of humor, she will definitely like presentations such as:

  • pillows with funny inscriptions, T-shirts, mugs;
  • warm terry blanket;
  • a portrait made from a photograph of the birthday girl;
  • office massager;
  • photo surprise;
  • A bouquet made of plush toys (usually made of bears).

The girl will be delighted with a statuette made according to her photograph, or a doll made in her image and likeness. Taking into account the details can also make an inexpensive gift cool and very enjoyable.

How to Give a Mood?

A creative person will definitely like not ordinary presents, but surprises that create a relaxed mood. In this category, the following are considered the best:

  • Quests that can be played with friends. It is important to call the organizers of such game events in advance and book the required date;
  • skydiving;
  • aerial “walk” by helicopter, plane over the city;
  • certificate for visiting the hippodrome;
  • paired tickets for a private entertainment event that the girl dreams of attending;
  • A master class in visage, pottery, vocals, handicrafts, cooking. Such a present should be selected, taking into account the interests of a close friend.

Practical Gifts

The useful gifts category includes items such as:

  • aroma lamp;
  • electrical appliances such as an epilator, coffee maker, juicer and others;
  • certificate for the purchase of underwear;
  • bed linen sets;
  • sets of bath accessories;
  • hair straightener;
  • clocks, both wall, floor, and those that are worn on the hand;
  • various accessories such as scarves, belts, brooches, wallets, plastic card holders made from natural materials.

Presentations for a Creative Person

A creative person will definitely like objects directly related to her activities. So, a sewing lover will definitely like a new sewing machine or accessories for it. The one who loves to paint will like new sets of paints, watercolors, paintings by numbers.

What to Give a Friend for Her Birthday

A girl who is fond of beading can be given whole sets consisting of bags with colorful beads and accessories to organize the process of creating creative things. An attractive option in such a situation will be handmade products, such as, for example:

  • a scrapbooking photo album;
  • personalized notebook;
  • a personalized book for writing down recipes or favorite poems;
  • A wooden map of the world, on which you can mark the countries where the birthday girl has already visited.

Inexpensive Surprises

Cheap gifts don’t mean bad ones. You can inexpensively congratulate the birthday girl by giving her the following items:

  • personalized statuette “Oscar”;
  • set for carving;
  • pencils that tend to germinate after use;
  • devices that help cleanse the skin;
  • A photo frame that has the ability to rotate.

Such things are usually bought to order and decorated authentically.

How Does Age Affect the Gift Idea?

When choosing a gift for a friend, it is also important to build on her age. What will be appropriate in adolescence is unlikely to be useful for a young woman over 25 years old.

What to Give a Girlfriend for 12-16 Years Old?

Many people make a big mistake when choosing a present for their best friend as a teenager is easy. Baby things no longer attract a girl, and for adults, she is still too small. Also, at this age, remarkable curiosity is inherent and if the gift is not to your taste, the giver is severely criticized. Top options for presentations in such situations are:

  • School Supplies – These include an original pencil case, felt-tip pens or markers, a notebook from an eminent designer. You can order similar items with delivery to the birthday girl at home. A good option would be stickers on the covers of textbooks, an organizer that allows you to do your lessons, a new roomy backpack conveniently;
  • Beauty Products – At this age, girls begin to closely monitor the condition of their skin, weight, and overall appearance. For this reason, they will like such gifts as a manicure apparatus, a hairdryer, and a hair straightener. If a girl has problem skin, she can be awarded a certificate for visiting a beautician who can choose the right cosmetics;
  • Storage Tanks – A piggy bank-toy, a notebook-cache, a box for cosmetics, an organizer for placing cosmetics will be a great gift idea. Such gifts should be accompanied by the presentation of a cool handmade postcard or a small soft toy;
  • Gifts are Symbolizing Friendship – In this category, excellent options are paired T-shirts with interesting inscriptions or a pendant, one half of which will remain with the birthday girl and the other with the donor.

What to Give to a Friend for 17-21 Years Old?

What to Give a Friend for Her Birthday

At this age, the girl is already beginning to be considered an almost completely formed girl. To please her, it is enough to hand one of the following ideas:

  • headphones;
  • MP3 player;
  • webcam;
  • USB flash drive;
  • accessories for the tablet;
  • e-book;
  • wrist sports watch;
  • sets of office supplies that are useful both at school and at work;
  • a certificate to a perfume store, where the birthday girl herself will be able to choose the toilet water she likes.

What is Usually Given for 25-30 Years?

The fact that friends know everything about each other. For this reason, for 25-30 years, you will have to be puzzled by the presentation of something unusual, because usually, young women already have everything. In this case, the top presents are:

What to Give a Friend for Her Birthday

  • a set of beautiful glasses, plates;
  • tablecloth or towels with an original print;
  • plaid transforming;
  • personalized pillow;
  • warm slippers complete with a bathrobe;
  • pre-paid tour-trip for several days in European cities;
  • kitchen appliances – blender, mixer, food processor;
  • interior decorations;
  • monopod (selfie stick);
  • Jewelry.

How to Congratulate a Pregnant Girlfriend on Her Birthday?

Pregnancy for a girlfriend is probably the most beautiful and exciting time. For this reason, it is best to hand over something related to her new condition. A special pillow for pregnant women will be a good gift, which she can use after childbirth during feeding.

What to Give a Friend for Her Birthday

An excellent gift option would be a certificate for attending courses for pregnant women or yoga, other sports activities allowed by obstetricians. If the girl is devoid of prejudices and will soon give birth, you can give several clothes for the newborn in neutral shades.

Among useful presentations, there is also a rating of the best. All of them are divided into categories, and therefore choosing what to give is not so difficult. The main thing is to take a close look at a friend’s home and note what she lacks.


Among practical kitchen gifts, the leaders are:

  • scales for weighing products;
  • sets for frying eggs;
  • sets of dishes;
  • mugs;
  • pancake maker;
  • multicooker;
  • Double boiler.

Before giving preference to such a present, you should ask the birthday girl if she needs it. If a girl does not differ in her love of cooking, then such things will most likely cause only negative emotions in her and lie around idle.


The best gifts for interior decoration are:

  • a housekeeper of a relaxed shape;
  • a magic ball with daily predictions;
  • indoor flowers;
  • unusual vase;
  • a housekeeper made of genuine leather;
  • the candlestick of an unusual shape.

Accessories for Gadgets

A modern girl will like such gifts as:

  • bag or organizer for documents, laptop;
  • Webcam;
  • keyboard, mouse, mouse pad;
  • a case for a tablet or e-book;
  • stand for laptop, tablet.


Among electronic items, the leading places are occupied by such as:

  • digital photo frame;
  • electronic book;
  • new models of smartphones or iPhones.

Considering that such presents are not the cheapest, it is worth consulting with your friend whether she will accept them and not feel obligated.

Board Games

Among the board games that can be gifted, the following are the leaders:

  • Jenga
  • Imaginarium
  • Activity
  • Alias
  • Mafia
  • Equivocal

The presentation of such a presentation will be an excellent reason to get together more often and have a pleasant time in the company of loved ones.

What to Give a Friend for Her Birthday

Presentations for an Auto Lady

Avtolady will be delighted with such gifts as:

  • seat covers with original print;
  • car holder for a smartphone;
  • auto-stick, capable of holding keys, business card holder, lighter;
  • Thermo mug.

What to Give a Girl Who Loves Hiking?

A girl who leads an active lifestyle, who loves hiking, will like the following items:

  • picnic set;
  • a set of camping utensils;
  • roomy and comfortable backpack;
  • burner;
  • tent, easy to install.

What to Give to a Music Connoisseur?

A friend who cannot imagine life without music can be given tickets to a concert by her favorite artist. If such events are not planned shortly, then it is worth presenting a certificate for attending a vocal master class or the opportunity to record your single in a recording studio.

Unusual Gifts

Very unusual but pleasant gifts are:

  • tea-set;
  • book for writing recipes;
  • a subscription to the solarium;
  • paid hour of swimming with dolphins;
  • a certificate for attending a paintball game.

Gifts "for Beauty."

Among the gifts "for beauty," it is better to give certificates to professional cosmetics and perfumery stores. In such cases, the birthday girl will be able to choose what she needs. Well, the donor will be satisfied, as he will be sure that his presence was useful and in demand.

What Do You Give Most Often?

Most often, girlfriends are presented with the following surprises:

  • beach accessories;
  • sets of leather accessories;
  • neckerchiefs, scarves;
  • “Sweet” gifts;
  • wish cards;
  • certificates to spas, beauty parlors, fashion stores.

Creative Presents

To present something original, it is worth considering whether the birthday girl is creative. If the answer to such a question is yes, then she will like such gifts as:

  • the cool fridge magnet with the best photo of a girl;
  • designer bag, clutch;
  • collectible porcelain doll;
  • a large bear made of plush;
  • unusual cosmetic bag;
  • continuation of your favorite computer game;
  • perfume;
  • a personalized cake;
  • personalized pajamas;
  • expensive personalized ballpoint pen;
  • umbrella;
  • “Fruit” bouquet;
  • massager for face or body in general;
  • a set of good tea, a “coffee” basket;
  • personalized robe;
  • a creative alarm clock, for example, one that will need to catch up before turning it off;
  • DIY hammock;
  • a radio that can work in the shower;
  • accessories for your phone – wireless headphones, custom-made custom case.

How to Congratulate if the Budget Gift?

What to Give a Friend for Her Birthday

There are times when a friend's birthday falls on a period of lack of money. However, do not despair. You can choose a budget presentation option. The best in this category are the following:

  • silkworm spa cocoons;
  • anti-stress balls;
  • a trap for small things in a car;
  • paraffin spa gloves;
  • a set of pencils that, after use, germinate in a unique pot with garden flowers;
  • a cactus in a small pot that can absorb harmful electromagnetic waves from a laptop or laptop;
  • baking dishes;
  • clock-photo frame;
  • Night Light Projector;
  • notebook;
  • dispenser for medicines;
  • smartphone case;
  • gloves that allow you to operate the sensor in the cold season;
  • a set of spices;
  • piggy bank of unusual shape;
  • unusual keychain.

Such small gifts will be pleasant not only for the best friend but also for the excellent friend. He must be handed over with soul, and it was noticeable that a person spent a lot of time looking for him. It is best if it matches the girl's interests or matches the style of clothes, shoes (for inexpensive accessories).

Is It Appropriate to Give Money?

Sometimes, giving an envelope with a certain amount of money is the best solution to a gift for a friend. Such a present is quite appropriate; however, for the anniversary, it is still worth presenting something that will delight the eyes and soul of the girl for a long time. Such a gift is not suitable for a teenage girl, since either her parents or next of kin should give her money.

What is Better Not to Hand Over to a Friend on Her Birthday?

Given that a friend's birthday is a significant holiday, some things are better not to present. These include:

  • discs with fitness programs;
  • cheap sweets;
  • smoking accessories;
  • alcohol;
  • Kids toys;
  • intimate items such as personal care products, underwear;
  • sports equipment;
  • pets;
  • refrigerator magnets;
  • cheap souvenir products.

Final Thought

Do not forget that the best gift is attention and care from loved ones. For this reason, when choosing a present, you should still make sure that it, first of all, causes pleasant sensations in a friend, and does not make her feel obligated because of the high cost.

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