What to Give a Father for 60 Years

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What to Give a Father for 60 Years: A man in 60 can be a father, husband, grandfather, so the choice of gifts is very large. These can be practical or expensive status gifts, or they can be memorable gifts.

Gifts by Interest a Father for 60 Years

Each person has their own hobbies and interests. For a man, it can be sports, fishing, cars, a summer residence. Therefore, you can choose a gift taking into account your interests – this is an excellent opportunity to guess with a present that will be both pleasant and useful.

So, if your father loves to be engaged in gardening and arranging a summer residence, then you can give him:

1. Coniferous Plant in a Pot or Container

This is a universal gift since a coniferous plant can be planted in any summer cottage.

2. Seeds

For a summer resident, there are never too much seeds! Therefore, you will definitely not go wrong if you buy seeds as a gift. If you do not understand them, then buy a set of seeds of different vegetables or flowers, arrange them in gift wrapping.

3. Phytolamp

If the hero of the occasion grows seedlings every year, then a photo lamp will definitely come in handy, which will provide the seedlings with useful light for them and allow them to get a good harvest.

4. A Set of Biological Products

The biggest headache for summer residents is plant pests. A summer resident will definitely need a set of biological preparations against diseases and pests in a gift box.

If the father leads a healthy lifestyle, remains active and vigorous, then he will be pleased with modern sports gadgets and accessories.

Older people use little of such new items, so the present will pleasantly surprise them:

5. Sports Diary and Nutrition Diary

This is a daily planner useful for any athlete. It will make your workouts more efficient and productive.

6. Stylish Sports Watch

Father will be happy to wear such a watch both in everyday life and during outdoor activities. Choose models with a classic design: they are more suitable for people of 60 years old than sports models with silicone or rubber straps.

7. Thermal Underwear

Many older people practice Scandinavian walking. To make your workouts comfortable and safe in the cold season, it is better to use thermal underwear. It not only protects from the cold but is also made of special materials that wick moisture away from the body.

8. Table Tennis Set

If your father likes to spend time with friends, then give him a table tennis set.

If your father’s hobby is fishing, then the gift suggests itself.

Please note that you can find ready-made gift sets for fishermen – this is a convenient option if you are at a loss with the choice. Other gift options are:

9. Thematic Circle

A mug with a funny drawing or an inscription about fishing is a good gift for a grandfather from his grandson. It can also be any souvenir product.

10. Memorable Photo Album

Usually, anglers like to take photos with their largest catch. If your father is one of such fishermen, then a photo album or a photo book filled with pictures of the most successful fishing trips will be an excellent memorable present.

11. Cooler Bag

This is a practical and useful gift for a person who often travels to nature. This bag can be used to store food and drinks.

12. Cooking Devices

Many anglers love to get their catch ready right away. For these purposes, you will need a compact smokehouse, a camping kettle, a kettle, a brazier, a gas burner – everything that can be used to cook the catch outdoors.

Status Gifts

It is customary for a man for 60 years to give status things that are usually not bought in everyday life, but an anniversary is an ideal occasion. For example, it can be cufflinks – a classic men’s accessory.

1. Premium Stationery

If your dad is in a leadership position, then engraved stationery is a good status gift.

2. Smoking Pipe

If your dad loves to smoke tastefully, then hand him a quality pipe – another example of a traditional male gift.

3. Personalized Purse-clutch

In this case, the main thing is the quality of the product. If you want to make a chic gift, then choose designer products.

Useful Gifts a Father for 60 Years

If you want to give your father something useful and practical, then it can be:

1. Leather Belt

A quality leather belt is something that a man will appreciate.

2. Premium Quality Toolbox

Usually, men prefer to do housework related to repairs themselves. Find a good set of tools for your father – older people value practicality.

3. Night Light With Motion Sensor

A useful accessory for older people. Such bedside lamps are installed near stairs, in basements, in garages. The sensor automatically triggers when motion is detected and turns on the light.


Another example of a useful gift is a voucher for a resort or sanatorium. Give your father the opportunity to fully relax and improve his health.

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