What to Give a Dog for His Birthday?

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What to Give a Dog for His Birthday: How do you know what a faithful and loyal pet that lives with you wants? This will not be a problem for a loving owner because a grateful dog will be happy with everything that he receives from your hands. And possible guests invited to such an unusual celebration, too, should not leave the main character of the day with empty paws.

Many families around the world treat dogs as full family members. This means that four-legged friends are present at all important events in the life of the family, receive warmth, affection and care. Celebrating your pet’s birthday is a great chance to express love for your dog.

It is difficult to imagine anything cuter than a happy face of a dog with a party cap on its head, which is preparing to taste the well-deserved birthday cake. But what can you give your dog for his birthday? We will help you deal with this issue.

Top 50 Ideas for What to Give Your Dog

Dogs are known for their incredible cheerfulness that infects everyone around them. It is very easy to please your pet, and why miss such a chance on your baby’s birthday? We offer the TOP of the most successful gifts for a dog.

  • Plate, frisbee;
  • Tug-of-play toy;
  • Funny costume for a dog;
  • A long walk in the park;
  • Pet friend – puppy, turtle, etc .;
  • Hike to a dog cafe;
  • Autodrinker;
  • Expensive food;
  • New bowl with several compartments;
  • Funny necktie for dogs;
  • Raincoat;
  • New collar;
  • Collar with a miniature portrait of a pet;
  • Warm winter sneakers for the dog;
  • A beautiful rug for a bowl for food;
  • Down jacket for winter walks;
  • New couch;
  • Collar with GPS device;
  • A dog’s favorite treat is the surest way to cheer up a fluffy gourmet;
  • Collar cone, which contains a note with the dog’s address and phone number;
  • Long leash-tape measure;
  • A set of toy squeakers of an unusual shape (chicken, bone, etc.);
  • Elegant butterfly;
  • A set of combs for dogs of different sizes;
  • Bathing shampoos;
  • Self-cleaning dog trimmer;
  • Stand for medals, if the dog is a prize-winner;
  • Cake for a dog. You can prepare special treats for a friend, and we will provide a few recipes below;
  • A rubber toothbrush is a great way to maintain your dog’s oral hygiene;
  • Going to the dog hairdresser;
  • Carrier for small breeds;
  • Toy labyrinth;
  • The aquarium with fish will become a kind of “TV set” for the dog;
  • A fun holiday where your friends and their dogs will be;
  • Walk in the woods;
  • Personalized bowl;
  • Throwing plate;
  • A large bag with your pet’s favorite food;
  • Vinyl bone;
  • Rubber dumbbells;
  • Family hike to the dog park;
  • A set of pillows for a favorite dog chair;
  • Small pool for a pet;
  • Bowl with automatic feed dispenser;
  • Hammock;
  • A soft toy that will become your pet’s friend. Many dogs like to sleep with toys.
  • Sprinkler for the garden. Of course, this gift is not directly related to the pet, but rest assured: it will become your dog’s favorite toy;
  • Backpack with a porthole for small dogs. Such a device allows the pet to walk, being in a backpack and observing the environment;
  • New booth or house. A good solution would be to create a dog house on your own: such a gift will contain your love for a pet;
  • A set of seeds of different sizes. You can buy bone vitamins at pet stores or special devices for cleaning your teeth;

What to Give a Dog Lover?

A dog lover will certainly appreciate a gift associated with his beloved pet. This could be:

  • A large supply of feed;
  • A set of pet toys in a special box;
  • Collar with a navigator for locating a pet;
  • Portrait of a dog;
  • Pet footprint;
  • Set for walking with an animal;
  • Funny Halloween Dog Costume;
  • A set of squeaky toys for your pet;
  • T-shirt with a picture of a pet and a funny signature to it;
  • Photo album with pictures of the dog.

When choosing a gift, you should avoid buying cheap and trivial things that will not last long. Also, do not give small items that are easy to swallow: this can harm the dog.

Diy Dog Treats – 3 Proven Recipes

One of the most effective ways to make your pet happy is to make special treats. The following recipes will help you brighten up your dog’s holiday and make a great party treat.

1. Recipe Number 1 Layered Cake

Such a cake will be a great decoration of the table, the main thing is to curb your appetite and not eat it yourself.

You will need:

  • 700 grams of meat, including liver and kidney;
  • 5 tablespoons of buckwheat porridge;
  • 100 g of cauliflower;
  • 1 protein;
  • Some milk;
  • 0.5 tbsp bone meal.

In addition, you will have to buy meat puree for children or special canned food. Make cakes from the indicated ingredients, bake them in the oven. Then take out the resulting biscuits, brush with meat paste and arrange them in the form of a cake. The top can be decorated with a candle, but it is better not to light it so as not to endanger the birthday man.

2. Recipe Number 2 Cake From the Liver

A liver cake should contain the following ingredients:

  • 300 g of the chicken liver;
  • Zucchini 150 g;
  • Carrot;
  • 2 eggs;
  • Milk – 100 ml;
  • Flour – 100 g;
  • Sour cream is not greasy – 150 g;
  • 1 tsp olive oil or sunflower oil.

The liver should be minced along with the zucchini. Add everything to the resulting mixture except sour cream: it must be left for later. Make cakes from the substance and bake them. While baking, grate the carrots and stew them, then place them on the cakes. Decorate the top of the cake with sour cream, you can also use chopped eggs.

Recipe Number 3 Sweet Tooth Cookies

You will need:

  • Flour – 3 cups;
  • Half a glass of applesauce;
  • Butter – 100 g;
  • Water – 0.5 cups;
  • 2 tablespoons of honey and olive oil.

Combine the indicated ingredients, slowly adding flour to them. Then form a cookie from the substance and bake in the oven.

Home Surprises

A dog is capable of reacting as violently to surprises as any of us. Is your pet not too fond of walking, or is the weather “not flying”? The best solution is to organize a dog party at home. The familiar environment guarantees the pet a sense of calmness, and the competent organization of the holiday will cheer him up for a long time. A pet that is often left alone will be immensely like this turn of events: what could be better than a day spent with the owner?

Take a day off. Play some fun music that your pet will love. Prepare a dog maze (you can make it out of boxes or Styrofoam). Play tug-of-war with your pet, give him warmth and affection. If the dog loves guests and other pets, organize a joint event where everyone can taste a special treat. If the pet is modest, it is better to organize a holiday in a home circle.

Pet stores are full of accessories that will make life easier and help your pet. But how to choose among this variety what is useful? Try to imagine what you would like in the place of the animal:

  1. A soft folding chair where a furry friend can rest at any time.
  2. Automatic feeder, thanks to which you do not have to waste time on the animal’s constant feeding. It will be able to eat itself at any convenient time, and the feeder will make sure that the bowl is always full.

What to Give a Dog for His Birthday

  1. The auto-drinker is also just as useful as the auto-feeder. Moreover, if you spend a lot of time outside the house, the doggie should not be left with empty bowls; for the body to function normally, there must be constant water access.
  2. A set of rubber squeaker toys. Build it yourself for more savings, be sure to include a toy that simulates a bone and a rubber duck to make the dog feel like a real hunter.
  3. A slipper for gnawing. Yes, you heard right, it is the slipper that the pet will be incredibly happy about if he has such a bad habit as chewing on your shoes.
  4. A set of “dog service”. Surely you have a favorite plate and cup, from which it is especially delicious for you to eat and drink? Give your dog the same opportunity by delighting him with bright, comfortable bowls.
  5. The rubber anti-slip mat under the food bowls will help the dog sit around and not be distracted by the slippery floor. Plus, a stained rug is more comfortable to wipe down than a floor.

If you or your four-legged friend have a sweet tooth, you can add a small cake with a picture of the occasion’s hero painted with mastic to the chosen surprise. Decorate the sweetness with the number of candles equal to the pet’s lived years.

What to Give a Dog for His Birthday

Street Joys

“And what can I give my dog, who loves to walk and is indifferent to domestic toys?” – you ask, getting ready for the next walk together. And for such gullen, there are many beautiful and practical presents:

  1. A warm jacket for evening walks in autumn and winter will help your friend not freeze, but at the same time will make all passers-by look at him. Choose clothes that are exactly the right size for the animal to be comfortable.
  2. A medallion with an engraved name of the dog and your phone will help those who let the dog go for a walk. Be sure to attach such a medallion to your pet’s collar and be calm about it.
  3. Collar. If you still don’t have it, get it urgently, because even if your four-legged miracle walks alone, you need to attach a medallion with the dog’s nickname to it. In choosing a collar, imagination can roam freely, and as for the material, pay attention to soft leather products, it will be most comfortable in it.

What to Give a Dog for His Birthday

  1. Shoes will save you from daily washing of the feet because shoes, even such small ones, are much more comfortable to clean than to drive the animal into the bathroom and fight with it, wiping off the dirt from the fur.
  2. The rubber stick that the dog will bring to you on command will train it to listen to its owner and, at the same time, reduce excessive activity.
  3. A cute dress for summer walks is an excellent gift if a real “madam” lives with you. Most often, the beauties of the Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua breed are dressed up in costumes.

If you are a happy owner or owner of a puppy, you can dress up the dog in a new outfit and introduce him to relatives living with your friends. Communication with those with whom it is pleasant to see is as valuable a present as a material thing.

What to Give a Dog for His Birthday

Almost every dog ​​just loves walking. The dog park provides a wide range of activities for the dog. Here you can spend your pet’s birthday. Play tug of war, ball, stick, etc. with him. Here the pet will be able to find new friends and have an unforgettable time. A great solution would be a joint trip to the park or the forest with friends and their pets.

Before going on a hike with your pet, you need to familiarize yourself with the weather forecast. If the day is rainy, you can put a special raincoat on your dog. However, in this case, it is better not to risk catching a cold, and the best solution would be to stay at home in the circle of loving household members.

Where can you go with your pet?

  • Visit a special dog hairdresser (if the dog is long-haired);
  • Go to the dog park;
  • Organize a trip to the forest;
  • A hot summer day is great for swimming in the pond. It is very fun to splash in the water: a dog will appreciate such entertainment;
  • A dog cafe will appeal to every pet.

Build on your dog’s personality and preferences to create the best birthday plan.

Homemade Surprises

Animals, unlike most people, for the most part, do not care about gifts, if only the native owner does not forget about them and take care of them in time. Therefore, if you have any hobby, direct it in the right direction and create a small pleasant souvenir for your favorite furry wonder:

  1. A convenient stand for bowls of water and food will come out of an old unnecessary suitcase. Usually, such things are kept in closets and mezzanines, as a bulky relic of the past. Please don’t take up any extra space; turn it into a dining table for your dog!

What to Give a Dog for His Birthday

  1. A warm, cozy blanket made from a boring blanket will warm your pet in the cold season. Do not forget to make a pocket in it so that you can climb there, because your dog has not yet learned to cover himself with a blanket.
  2. A cute knitted hat will not be superfluous when walking in the cold. A topical present for those who are often ill.
  3. Beef liver pitted cookies. Agree, such an edible surprise is much more interesting than purchased hard bones. Concocting a treat is a snap: combine water, flour, oatmeal, vegetable oil, and a couple of beaten eggs. Pour boiled liver into the dough, roll out and cut out figures of bones from it. Bake the present in the oven for 30 minutes.

What to Give a Dog for His Birthday

Take your four-footed friend by surprise by handing him the chosen souvenir right in the morning. And remember that the best that you can give him not only on a specific day but throughout his life is love and care.

For many, pets have become full-fledged family members, which means that they cannot do without a solemn presentation of a surprise for a holiday. After all, how much these loving eyes mean, which every evening meet their masters from work!

What Is Better Not to Give a Dog?

When choosing a present for a handsome four-legged man, you should carefully consider them so as not to upset the pet. First of all, you should consider safety precautions since dogs sometimes feel a thirst for destruction and can damage the gift to their own detriment.

1. You should not give things with small details that the pet can swallow;

2. Don’t give too loud or scary toys. Sometimes the owners give pets toys that suddenly jump out with a loud sound. The dog’s violent reaction amuses the owners, but think about it: is the dog having fun at this moment? We think not;

3. Do not give your pet toys made of fragile materials. During mechanical action, they will very soon collapse and can even harm the dog;

4. Do not give your pet items made of low-quality material. For example, a bright bowl made of low-quality plastic is an unsuccessful gift. During the infusion of hot food, such a container releases harmful substances into the contents, which the pet consumes with food. This is harmful to the health of the pet;

5. It makes no sense to give the dog things that personally will not give him any pleasure. For example, a coupon for the purchase of pet supplies (this is a good gift for the owner of the dog, and not for herself);


When choosing a gift for a pet, you should be very attentive to the preferences of your four-legged friend. You should consider all the subtleties of the purchased item so that it does not cause harm. In the case of choosing a safe and successful gift, the dog is guaranteed to be delighted and infect everyone with a good mood. Remember that positive emotions prolong life, and your pet will be grateful to the owner for hosting an unforgettable event.

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