What to Give a Child for 3 Years

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What to Give a Child for 3 Years: Choosing a toy for a three-year-old is both simple and difficult. If parents do not always know how to please their child, guests invited to the celebration are often at a loss. Use our tips for choosing a gift, use your imagination. You will find that buying a gift for a child or even making one with your own hands can be quite fun.


Date 3 years is interesting and at the same time a difficult period in a child’s life. This is already a full-fledged personality with its own character, habits and behaviors. The kid knows colors well, knows how to assemble pyramids, matryoshka dolls, molds and even mother’s pots from small to large in the correct sequence, distinguishes objects by size (large, small, medium) and shape.

What to Give a Child for 3 Years

At this time, there is a leap in the development of speech – which is why the child asks so many questions from which the parents begin to feel dizzy. Thanks to manifested independence and independence, the favorite words of the kid will be “I myself!” And it becomes difficult to cope with the baby.

The little one is interested in everything – people, children, toys of other people. The child is actively trying to take his place in this world.

Small three-year-olds have their own interests and desires. Someone likes to play with toys, others prefer to frolic on the street, and still others are attracted by cats and dogs. This is the age when everything is interesting, so choosing a gift for a child for 3 years is not very difficult. But if you are going to a birthday to a birthday person whom you do not know very well, consult with your parents about choosing a gift. There are 5 rules for this:

  • it should be a higher level of presentation complexity than before;
  • benefit criterion;
  • the brightness of the object or game;
  • novelty;
  • selection for the appropriate age.

Toddlers love to play, this is the leading activity of any child after a year. Only at the age of 3 do role-playing games become the most important. In the game, children copy the behavior of adults, the plot of the game is the usual situations from the environment around them. Girls play as mothers and daughters, and boys “master” the profession of a truck driver or pilot.

What to Give a Child?

For girls:

  • dolls and baby dolls;
  • clothes for toys, furniture for a dollhouse;
  • transport for the princess (carriage with horses or ponies);
  • the stroller is in demand when playing mother-daughter, especially pink;
  • kitchen and kitchen utensils for the young hostess (dishes can then be taken to play in the sandbox);
  • baby vacuum cleaner, iron, washing machine (to be like a mom).

For boys:

  • cars and trucks, big and small cars;
  • soldiers;
  • garage (the young driver will appreciate this gift);
  • a set of tools (I’ll be like a dad);
  • boat, plane, helicopter, construction equipment (excavator, bulldozer, tractor);
  • the railway (this is a significant point, who did not dream of such in childhood), while it is not necessary to buy an expensive one, the main thing is that there is a train and carriages, all this buzzed, whistled and drove in a circle;
  • toys on the control panel: helicopters, cars, while choosing simple controls.
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For children of any gender:

  • theater for finger performances and glove puppets (a sea of ​​emotions is provided after an adult brings the doll to life);
  • plush toys are the love of both boys and girls;
  • interactive toys – dolls, robots, animals that move and talk;
  • toys for fun in the sand;
  • a toy house in which windows and doors open;
  • children’s mobile phone (buttons that can be pressed and at the same time talk like an adult are the love of all children);
  • play tent for young Indians, spies, detectives and just for little explorers;
  • water guns, mills, watering cans, buckets for games on the beach.

When choosing a gift, pay attention to the quality of the toy so that it does not cause allergies and has a negative impact on the child’s health.

Educational Games

What to Give a Child for 3 Years

Three years is the age of active brain development. Thanks to this, the baby quickly remembers everything new. Parents are willing to invest in early education (which is why teaching to read and count is so popular). The only thing to remember is that this does not guarantee that you will grow a genius.

A time before school is the period when the kid should enjoy the simple joys of children without much worries. Educational games will be an excellent gift. Stores offer a huge amount of these toys. The main thing is to choose by age (otherwise, the gift will not be understood and will not cause any emotions).

  • Construction set (preferably with large elements, magnetic, wooden, “Lego”, burdock construction set, prefabricated models).
  • Cubes with numbers and letters. With their help, you can form words, examples, recognize letters, build houses.
  • Children’s learning computer.
  • Mosaic (for the development of fine motor skills).
  • Puzzles.
  • The young artist will appreciate the drawing kit (felt-tip pens, pencils, paints, crayons, stamps and stamps with pictures).
  • Board games (the choice is huge).
  • Magnetic boards that you can play with letters and numbers.
  • Children’s synthesizer. If there is a recording function, the young musician will be delighted.
  • Drawing board (magnetic or slate). The walls in your apartment will stay clean.

Books are a must and the correct gift of all time. Both children and adults love them. The main thing when choosing is colorful and age-appropriate.

  • Books with music playing.
  • Books with elements that can move.
  • Little books (it’s best to take on the road or while away the queue at the hospital).
  • Books are made in an unusual shape (for example, in the form of a dog or a chest).
  • Children’s audiobooks. The child presses the button and listens to his favorite fairy tale.
  • Books with pages that can be colored.
  • Books that tell about the world around us in simple words (it’s too early to donate encyclopedias).
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Useful Gifts

What to Give a Child for 3 Years

It has already been said above that the gift must be functional. But it is important to remember that children of this age love to play. Such presents can be:

  • gifts for the nursery – an unusual night light, a carpet with a city map or a puzzle carpet, a car bed or a castle bed;
  • creative children’s dishes (mug, plate, cutlery) with your favorite character;
  • a raincoat in the form of a funny animal or an unusual umbrella (transparent or with pictures);
  • the same clothes for the whole family;
  • bows, hairpins, hair ties;
  • children’s backpack or handbag.

Original Gifts

If you want to surprise your baby even more, then by all means, give an unusual surprise. This could be:

  • fancy dress;
  • a table on which you can draw with sand – this activity relaxes and calms the baby;
  • plasticine factory;
  • karaoke (songs must be for children);
  • unusual set for blowing soap bubbles;
  • home hammock;
  • luminous stickers;
  • a car with electric pedals (a small copy of an adult car);
  • a voluminous toy (made of cardboard), which you can then decorate to your taste;
  • face painting (it is important to remember that there may be an allergy to it);
  • a pirate’s chest is good storage for boys’ toys.

What Animal Can You Give a Three-year-old Baby?

A live gift is another option for a birthday present, especially if the child loves animals and the parents are ready to buy a little furry. Having a pet will contribute to the development of responsibility, kindness, and care. But there are also small disadvantages that you should think about before buying an animal. A baby at 3 years old is still small to take care of a pet on his own. Therefore, caring falls on the shoulders of the parents (consider whether you are ready for additional responsibility).

It is difficult for a child to communicate with an animal (he may not be able to hold small animals in his hands, communication with rodents is a little specific, the fish will not interest the baby for a long time, a puppy and a kitten need a lot of love and care). If parents immediately accept the fact that raising and keeping a pet has some difficulties, then any animal will become a real member of the family. Animals ideal for a 3-year-old baby:

  • kitten;
  • puppy;
  • hamster;
  • cavy;
  • a parrot;
  • turtle;
  • rat.

Ideas for the Best Gifts for Twins

What to Give a Child for 3 Years

Twins in a family are a double joy and a double problem for parents when choosing a birthday present. Should you choose the same or different gifts? To choose a good present for twins, be guided by the principle of individuality. Yes, babies are similar, but they are two different personalities with their own interests, they are not one whole. Therefore, it is better to give different gifts. You will please both the birthday people and avoid the war when sharing the gift.

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Advice when choosing a present – gifts are similar, but somewhat different (2 books, but different names; 2 soft toys: a teddy bear and a dog; constructor, but with different themes).

You can give toys that would complement each other (for example, for twin girls – one gets a doll, and the other gets a house for her).

If you still want to give one gift, then let it be something big and solid:

  • dry pool;
  • tent;
  • board games.

What may be of interest to three-year-old twins:

  • children’s dishes of different colors;
  • books with vivid illustrations but different works;
  • designer of one company with different themes;
  • dolls that can talk in different clothes;
  • developing cubes with different pictures;
  • and everything that is interesting to any three-year-old.

Interesting Presents for an Active Child

What to Give a Child for 3 Years

At 3 years old, the energy of children is overwhelming – they are ready to run, jump, climb slides. This can be inconvenient. Therefore, you need to choose gifts that channel energy in a peaceful direction. The list of useful gifts for a little shustrik is as follows.

  • Balls – rubber, football, inflatable (not very heavy and made of high-quality soft materials).
  • Runbike (bike without pedals). Develops agility and coordination well.
  • A sports corner with a climbing wall, rope ladder, horizontal bar, rope, rings and swings. A very useful gift, provided that there is a mat and an adult to ensure safety.
  • Children’s bowling.
  • Skiing, sledding.
  • Kite, boomerang, frisbee.
  • Trampoline or plastic sandbox if you have your own plot or large apartment.
  • A bike.
  • A dry pool filled with balls.
  • Inflatable pool.
  • Children’s darts with Velcro.
  • Dance rug. Future visitors to discos will be delighted with this gift.

It is better not to give a scooter and skates. At an early age, they are bad for the physical development of the child. Choose one of the suggested bright ideas or give something completely individual. Don’t be afraid not to please with the gift. The present, chosen with love, will definitely please.


Advice to relatives, friends and loved ones going on a holiday: be sure to consult with your parents if possible before choosing a surprise. Otherwise, the guinea pig may be an unpleasant surprise. Or just a few guests will buy the same toys, and then the parents will have to somehow sort it out.


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