What to Give a Boy for His Birthday

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Boys are very different from girls in their very childhood. If girls prefer to play with dolls, tie bows, and paint with their mother’s lipstick, then boys are more fond of gifts from the field of technology.
Everything that can be given for a boy’s birthday can be summed up in one word – interesting. Interesting for a boyish inquiring mind, for the development of fine motor skills, and for the inclusion of fantasy and imagination in the game.

What to Give a Boy for His Birthday

The birthday of your son, nephew, godson, grandson, or familiar child is approaching – which means that the question has definitely arisen before you: what to give the boy. After all, at first glance, it seems that he already has everything. And besides, he wants to pick up an interesting thing so that he does not get tired of it the next day.

Today it is very difficult to buy and choose something specific because manufacturers create more and more fascinating and funny toys and gadgets; store shelves are bursting with variety.

Even representatives of the stronger sex from early youth are fastidious. If things are much more comfortable with girls, then for a prince to choose something worthwhile and practical is a large-scale problem.

What to Give a Boy for His Birthday

And, so that the boy does not get tired of your gift on the very first evening after the presentation, be sure to take into account the birthday boy’s hobbies, his hobbies, age and temperament. And also, gift tips and recommendations for the selection of a presentation will come to your aid. And, most importantly, a huge guide, divided into a range of presentations by age category. Therefore, you can easily find great solutions to the question of which gift for a boy’s birthday is better to choose.

TOP 160 Ideas What to Give a Boy for His Birthday

  • 3D pen.
  • Digital microscope.
  • Watch phone.
  • Neokub.
  • Board games are strategies.
  • Robotics research kit.
  • Play tent, Indian wigwam.
  • An interactive pet.
  • Home planetarium if the boy is interested in space.
  • Educational children’s tablet.
  • A set for physical or chemical experiments.
  • Electronic constructor.
  • A magician’s suitcase, which contains everything you need to perform tricks.
  • Alarm clock with a target.
  • Bow with arrows.
  • A boxer set is consisting of a punching bag and gloves.
  • Home projection shooting range.
  • Maker for making popcorn or cotton candy.
  • Archaeologist’s kit complete with dinosaur figurines.
  • Football, basketball or volleyball.
  • Dry pool with balls.
  • The scooter is regular, stunt or electric.
  • Trampoline – an inflatable home or outdoor trampoline if the boy lives in a private house.
  • Spy kit.
  • Radio-controlled racing diving boat.
  • Slide projector.
  • Children’s metal detector.
  • Buildable model of military equipment, aircraft or ship.
  • 4D encyclopedia.
  • Shadow play.
  • Children’s crossbow.
  • Swedish wall or home sports complex with rings and horizontal bars.
  • Game console or game for it.
  • Darts.
  • 6 in 1 solar-powered construction set.
  • VR glasses of virtual reality.
  • A set of walkie-talkies.
  • Bicycle with a set of protective equipment, children’s velomobile, and mountain bike.
  • The robot is a transformer.
  • A Paracord bracelet is an accessory for “survival”.
  • Quadrocopter.
  • Monster truck.
  • A synthesizer, guitar or electric guitar is a gift for a future professional musician.
  • The panel is a flashlight for reading books.
  • Headphones – glowing, wireless, lightning.
  • UFO toy saucer.
  • Sports kite.
  • Children’s meteorological station.
  • Children’s workbench with interactive “male” tools.
  • Slingshot with soft bullets.
  • Busy board.
  • Railway.
  • Table hockey or aerofootball.
  • Sliding g roller skates.
  • Helicopter with a radio-controlled gyroscope.
  • Smart bracelet.
  • Children’s action camera.
  • Lego.
  • Electric motorcycle.
  • A set of hangers – a plate on a door handle with cool signatures.
  • Computer Accessories: gaming headphones, a mouse, a mat with the function of recharging the gadget, a webcam for communicating with friends.
  • Hockey skates, hockey sticks.
  • Relexus ball.
  • A book with stickers that the birthday boy can use to decorate notebooks, pencil cases, gadgets or a backpack.
  • Green cube for growing a plant.
  • Funny interactive piggy banks – chewing, laughing, with disappearing coins.
  • Solar-powered train model.
  • Tubing, high-speed ice, and snow thrower for winter fun.
  • Crystal growing kit.
  • Children’s lotto, chess.
  • Set with cinematography. Includes discs and a rotating platform to create your own animation.
  • Magnetic easel. It can be supplemented with paints, pencils or double-sided felt-tip pens.
  • Interactive globe.
  • Rollers for shoes.
  • Ring toss.
  • Flexible silicone keyboard.
  • 3D metal puzzle.
  • A comic book series based on the boy’s favorite TV series or film.
  • EBook.
  • A cool case for your phone or other gadgets.
  • Bicycle accessories – bicycle light, LED lights, bicycle bag, smartphone holder.
  • Transports.
  • Alarm-making kit.
  • Tesla Plasma Ball.
  • Flexible track.
  • The scratch map is a fascinating assistant in studying geography or the starry sky.
  • Slimes or a set for making them.
  • NERF blaster.
  • Balance.
  • T-shirt with a graphic equalizer that moves to the beat of the music and shines in bright colors.
  • Prefabricated parking or garage with cars.
  • Pogo stick is a jumping simulator.
  • Robofish.
  • Funny slippers, for example, in the form of animal paws.
  • Set – aquarium for growing crustaceans/shrimps.
  • Children’s machine – airbrush for a tattoo.
  • Lava lamp.
  • Swimming mask and snorkel, fins, cool mattress like a shark for summer fun.
  • Set for badminton, tennis, and ping-pong.
  • Programmable robot.
  • Snapshot camera.
  • Dock station.
  • A baseball cap, for example, with a LED light.
  • Joystick for games.
  • Combined board for magnets and drawing with crayons.
  • Graphics tablet.
  • Tabletop sea battle in a suitcase.
  • Multifunctional compass for orienteering.
  • Football set – inflatable goal and two balls.
  • A set for cutting with a jigsaw.
  • Children’s weather station.
  • For example, Keychain has a flashlight, flint, search engine, or cartoon character figure.
  • A tablet on which you can draw with a light pen.
  • Large puzzle from 1000 pieces.
  • The Young Detective’s Laboratory is a beautiful set that will introduce the birthday boy to forensic science basics.
  • A universal source of energy for charging gadgets, preferably in a cool shape.
  • The Lego mug is an excellent gift for an amateur constructor.
  • An interactive poster with fun activities.
  • A portable speaker, for example, is one of the most popular JBL speakers.
  • Aquafarm – for studying small underwater inhabitants.
  • Tank – amphibious on the control panel.
  • Spy pen with a hidden video camera.
  • Basketball hoop on the room door or an inflatable basketball rack.
  • Children’s night vision device.
  • Fashionable sneakers or baseball caps with LED lighting.
  • Kaleidoscope.
  • Tarzana.
  • Large poster – coloring book.
  • Pocket fishing rod.
  • Spyglass.
  • Constructor – Velcro.
  • Flip case.
  • A weapon with a laser sight.
  • A chameleon mug, for example, with a battery indicator.
  • Anti-gravity car model.
  • The automatic machine is the thief of sweets.
  • A set of soldiers with military equipment.
  • 3D night light for a room in the shape of a superhero.
  • Tops and arena for them.
  • The grabber toy is a new generation of entertainment.
  • Gifts for the young naturalist – children’s binoculars, digital compass, thermos, smart backpack, gift 4D-encyclopedia about wildlife, sleeping bag, headlamp.
  • A set of sculptural plasticine for modeling or a set of kinetic sand.
  • Multitool in the form of a keychain or bracelet.
  • Stick both is an animation studio.
  • Transformer gel for safe children’s chemical experiments.
  • Themed set of a policeman, military or other characters.
  • Tetris: classic, case or keychain.
  • Prefabricated rocket launcher.
  • A bed in the shape of a racing car or a spaceship.
  • Tellurium is a desktop device for a young astronomer.
  • Computer speakers with light and music.
  • An interactive bracelet in the shape of a reptile. Hit this year!
  • A treasure hunter’s suitcase with a treasure map, pirate accessories and a collection of gems.
  • Play toothbrush (electric).
  • A chair is a bag, for example, in the form of a soccer ball.
  • Lightsaber.
  • Desktop organizer-constructor.
  • A large suitcase with a variety of drawing supplies such as 3D markers.
  • Ball – chewing gum with an electric pump.
  • Electronic drum kit USB.

Inexpensive but Very Interesting Gifts for the Boy

Very Interesting Gifts for the Boy

It is not always possible to consider and buy something weighty, and often you have to get out and pick up a toy with a ০rather tight budget.

To facilitate your search below is a list of the most relevant and worthy gifts for the young tomboy, which will definitely please him.

1. Airplane Glider – Throwing

A toy that has gained immense popularity among preschool and school children. Due to the aerodynamic design, the aircraft can change direction, make a loop, fly in a circle and return to hand.

2. Polygonal Model for Assembly

An interesting gift for a boy of any age who is fond of modeling. The set consists of elements made of wood, cardboard or plastic, with the help of which the boy can assemble a three-dimensional object, for example, a dinosaur’s head or a ship.

The main construction technology is gluing; however, if the gift is intended for a teenage boy, you can pick up a set in used, construction, lacing and various types of fasteners.

3. A Gift Box of Magic Beans

is a magic surprise for a Harry Potter fan and another sweet tooth. They are candies (beans) with nasty and not very tastes, for example, bananas, cherries, earthworms, dirt, even earwax and many others.

A funny gift under the motto “There is a risk in every candy!” Because until you try it, you will not know what taste you got.

4. Glow-in-the-dark Led Laces

This budget present will definitely please the birthday boy, especially if he likes to stand out and emphasize his uniqueness. Several light modes let the boy choose his own rhythm.

5. A Gaming Mouse Pad

Is a great surprise and an important accessory for a boy who is keen on computer games. A large-size fabric gaming mat with a rubber base will create a comfortable playing environment in games of various genres.

You can also choose a rug with a birthday boy’s photo, or a picture of your favorite game, and complement the gift with a gaming mouse or keyboard with a light effect.

Top Coolest Gifts for the Boy

You should not dwell only on banal gifts, because you can please the boy with an unusual item.

For example, here’s what an original gift you can surprise a child with for his birthday:

1. The Personal Laboratory

The personal laboratory is a real science laboratory, right at home. The presentation includes everything you need: chemicals, equipment, and a detailed instruction book for amazing experiments.

2. Dumbbell Alarm Clock

If a child has a hard time getting up in the morning for school, the sound of an alarm clock makes him apathetic – then this gift is for him. It is not easy to make -an invigorating sound; to turn it off, the boy will need to raise the alarm 20 times, and only then it will turn off. Double effect, woke up and immediately did a mini-charge.

3. Telescope

Buying such a gift for a boy means giving him a whole new world full of distant planets and incredible space travel.

This is not an easy toy; this is the first step into the world of astrology. A children’s telescope practically does not differ from an “adult” one: it has a simpler assembly and a smaller size.

4. Stereo Headset

for example, from the most popular JBL series. Safe, super lightweight and easy to use, these headphones will suit even the smallest music fans.

Depending on the boy’s age, you can choose overhead, which is considered the safest for children, earbuds, in-ear or play.

5. A Shape-shifting Car

A shape-shifting car that delights not only children but also adults! It is controlled by a unique bracelet that attaches to the arm and controls the car with gestures. The car can rotate 360 ​​degrees, drift, roll over and even ride the roof down.

6. Augmented Reality Electronic Mask

A stunning mask that will plunge the boy into exciting adventures. With a mask, depending on its model, the child will be able to transform into a brave Autobot scout, transformer or any other hero of the universe.

The mask’s main advantage is that it gives access to the volumetric image displayed over the surrounding environment. Right in the room through the mask, the boy will be able to see opponents, shots and much more. The mask requires only a smartphone.

7. The Mini-Yandex Station

The mini-Yandex station is a smart speaker with a voice assistant (Alice) to help a child find an answer to any question of interest. Also, listen to music, turn on fairy tales or just chat with Alice about something because she does not get tired of answering questions.

List of the Best Gifts for a Boy 1 – 3 Years Old

Best Gifts for a Boy 1 - 3 Years Old

The most unassuming age for a child. Of course, the kid still does not understand the holiday’s essence, but leaving him without a gift is wrong.

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By the way, there will be toys that develop new abilities of the boy, for example, the following:

1. Sand Painting Table

Eco-gift, for the joy of the boy. This is an alternative to cartoons and a full-fledged creative area for a child. You can play with kinetic sand on it, draw with water-based markers, clay and much more.

And, thanks to the multi-colored led backlight, the boy will be able to draw even in the dark. One table – and over 1000 games on it!

2. Tolocar or Balance Bike

One of the options for what to give a child to a boy in DR and not only. And such a gift will be an excellent first transport for a baby. Easy. Easy to operate and with time after running the bike, the boy can easily change to a regular bike.

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3. Cool Night Light

A cool night light, for example, 3D in the shape of a dragon guarding the dreams of a child. Any child will be delighted with such a presentation. And if you turn on such a night light before going to bed, then a sound and healthy sleep is guaranteed!

4. Toy – a Heating Pad

A toy – a heating pad, useful on cold nights, when a child has a tummy ache or restless sleep. Just a couple of minutes in the microwave is enough and the toy will give warmth to the baby all night long since inside, there is a natural filler – cherry pits, which perfectly retain heat. Favorite heroes or animals will warm and calm the birthday boy at night.

For the development of creativity and thinking, toddler boys can be given a birthday present:

  • Drawing boards allow the kid to feel inspiration from their own creativity, and to know the joy of creating their own works of art. There is an excellent option – a double-sided board, where you can draw with chalk on one side and attach sheets for drawing with paints on the other using magnets. Such a gift will be of practical use for many years, it can be used for teaching letters and words and for more serious drawing lessons;
  • Picture books will teach the child to distinguish between different animals and birds, and colorful puzzles will help the kid learn to concentrate and solve complex problems, enjoy the result of such a helpful game;
  • Children’s mosaics will teach the baby to develop fine motor skills, which is very conducive to good brain activity, and toys such as “towns” will not allow you to stay in a motionless position for a long time;
  • Constructors for the little ones are always a win-win option for an excellent gift that develops perseverance;
  • Sensory play with a bag and wooden figures develops memory and imagination;
  • Seguin boards will help develop attention thinking and study geometric figures;
  • Flexible track for typewriters fits perfectly into the room, does not take up much space, and you can unfold it in a matter of seconds. Playfully, the child will comprehend physical laws;
  • Business board, this educational wooden board will help develop finger motor skills, logic and thinking;
  • Set of colored musical bells;
  • Electric quiz with tasks;
  • Natural wood square pyramid;
  • Educational machine with the alphabet.

To develop movement at this age, you can:

  • You can give a boy for his birthday a vehicle – a tricycle;
  • Board or sled for skiing from a snow slide;
  • A large car or rocking horse;
  • Inflatable and plastic toys that you can take with you to the bath will be a good gift for kids, especially those who love to splash in the water;
  • Summer inflatable pool for swimming on a hot summer day;
  • Children’s electric car;
  • The developing water mat will help the all-round development of the child in a playful interactive form;
  • The developing music game center will ensure the comprehensive development of the child;
  • Constructor with pyramids;
  • Developing a board in 3D will help develop fine motor skills, attention, perseverance and imagination;
  • Soft construction set, traumatic, excellent hand trainer, develops fine motor skills;
  • Tactile dialing, while playing, the child can self-massage the hands, and help develop tactile sensitivity. Suitable not only for physical development but also intellectual;
  • Orthopedic mat with various surfaces;
  • Jumping horse;
  • Bowling for little ones is an interesting and useful game for outdoor activities.


  • Educational bath toy;
  • Musical tumbler;
  • A wheelchair with sound on a string will help develop children’s imagination and color perception;
  • A wooden walker develops your baby’s dexterity, encourages the baby to walk;
  • Tactile puzzle develops dexterity and coordinate hands and eyes;
  • A toy in the form of a book with pages with educational elements;
  • Developing musical whirligig;
  • Synthesizer with microphone;
  • Development toy in the form of a steering wheel;
  • A bright toy car.

Gifts for a Preschool Boy (4-6 Years Old)

Gifts for a Preschool Boy

Preschoolers begin to inquisitively study the world around them, and in order for the gift to truly delight them, it is better to clarify the child’s preferences with the parents.

1. Ant Farm

An ant farm is one of the ideas that you can give boys for their birthday. It is a small artificial anthill designed for observing insects at home. Does not require special care and cost. Teaches a child to take responsibility and care from childhood.

2. A Submarine

A submarine is an unusual radio-controlled boat that will entertain a boy on vacation by the river or pond, pool or bath. Most importantly, commanding a real submarine, albeit a miniature one, will appeal to any child, regardless of age.

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3. Anatomical Skeleton Constructor

Anatomical skeleton constructor, consisting of a realistic 3D human model, elements and a special stand with assembly instructions.

Collecting such an unusual construction set, the boy will develop memory, thinking, and fine motor skills and gain new knowledge about the world.

4. Giant Dinosaur Egg

The toy will allow the little tomboy to try himself in the role of an archaeologist. To assemble a dinosaur, you will need to perform a lot of fun actions: use a primitive hatchet, go through a dino quest with puzzles and open natural mixtures to get the dinosaur “bones”. The set will be interesting for a child from 5 years old.

5. Pixel Weapon

completely repeats the pixel graphics of the most popular virtual world of Minecraft. Thanks to such an original product, the boy will bring part of this world into reality and share them with his friends.

Exciting adventures are much closer than they seem. Present a children’s encyclopedia in a box, for example, about space or dinosaurs, and the boy will enthusiastically learn new things. The set includes magnets, interactive pages, tasks – quests and much more.

For a creative preschool child, you can choose the following gifts:

  • The best gift at all times for a child of preschool age remains a complex Lego construction set – a special pleasure for the developing mind is the presence of various and difficult tasks in assembling houses, cars, and objects. It is important not to overdo it with the level of difficulty so that the child does not prematurely lose interest in the game;
  • Various kits for creativity will surely delight your child with the opportunity to show their growing talents and please themselves and those around them with the fruits of their own activities;
  • A new trend is the characters of your favorite cartoons, which will allow your child to feel like a real creator in reproducing favorite scenes from films and cartoons. Figures of transformers, teenage mutant ninja turtles, Spider-Man and Batman will become those heroes with whom you can play and even create your own stories;
  • Musical instruments will surely delight a child, be it drums and maracas, or more sophisticated and modern children’s synthesizers, guitars or xylophones;
  • Children’s digital camera, with its help you can increase the child’s interest in photography and outdoor activities;
  • Construction set Smart Robot;
  • Entertainment suitcase;
  • Burnout kit
  • A large set of paints, pencils or felt-tip pens;
  • Children’s tablet for drawing with water;
  • Light set for painting;
  • A set for modeling.

Personal belongings:

  • Bed linen with the image of your favorite characters;
  • Lightweight cartoon backpack;
  • Cheerful Kigurumi pajamas;
  • Warm mittens or gloves in a set with a hat and a scarf for the cold season;
  • Soft, warm blanket;
  • Unusual box for storing toys, food or other accessories;
  • Sneakers that will glow or squeak;
  • Piggybank of an unusual shape;
  • A set of children’s dishes;
  • Night projector with a starry sky;
  • Indian wigwam.

Children of this age can be given something to develop their athletic form:

  • A preschool boy will be interested in a bicycle;
  • Roller skates for little ones;
  • Sports ball (soccer, volleyball, etc.);
  • Home basketball;
  • Sports board games;
  • Activity toys with peers – water pistols, guns, toy cars, helicopters and tanks;
  • Children’s playground, mini-town, if there is a site;
  • Kick scooter;
  • Table tennis;
  • Home horizontal bar;
  • Children’s balance bike;
  • Giroskuter.


  • Velcro bow with arrows;
  • Toy weapons (saber, dagger, knife, pistol, etc.);
  • Little mechanic’s set with tools;
  • Toy cash register;
  • Gum for hands;
  • Playset for children’s workshop;
  • Table air hockey;
  • Railroad with the landscape;
  • Radio-controlled car with parking;
  • Projection shooting range with blasters.

Gifts for a Schoolboy (7-12 Years Old)

Gifts for a Schoolboy

For schoolchildren, slightly more complex gifts are suitable, which need to be selected depending on the child’s preferences.

1. Aerofootball (Airball)

A gift that will captivate a boy of any age from one year old to a fully grown guy. The ball is specially designed for indoor play so that it can be hit and the soft-soft rim protects furniture and windows from damage.

Aerofootball develops reactions and coordination of movements, strengthens muscles and improves overall physical condition.

2. Diy Kit for Creating a Bird Feeder

Using this kit, the boy himself will be able to build a bird feeder using the wooden screws and screwdrivers included in the kit, as well as detailed instructions. The set contains waterproof paints so that the child can create his own unique, inimitable design.

3. A Game for the Company, for example, Twister

With such a gift, your birthday will be much more fun. Dynamic entertainment will not only diversify your leisure time but also perfectly train your dexterity and vestibular apparatus.

Another popular and very addictive game is Jenga. A board game that has existed for hundreds of years will captivate everyone!

4. Sports Equipment or Simulator for Home Workouts

Such a gift is the perfect way to instill a boy’s love for sports and a healthy lifestyle. So, for children, you can buy a children’s trampoline, a sports wall, rings, a horizontal bar, children’s dumbbells, a massage track and much more.

5. Computer Devices for a Games

steering wheel, joystick, and gamepad. Such gifts are intended for fans of computer games. Accessories improve the results of games and perfectly optimize gameplay. On store shelves, they are labeled “For gamers”.

You can choose interesting gifts for the development of children’s creativity:

  • Children of this age are more interested in sets from a series of scientific experiments, specially adapted for a child of this age. Making a variety of experiments and involving parents or peers as experts, the boy will feel like a real genius of creative thought;
  • Board games of football, hockey or basketball will teach a child to understand what a team means, to evaluate the contribution of each to the result of a joint project;
  • A colorful and bright encyclopedia for children, which contains information from a wide variety of areas of knowledge.

For the development of movement, such children are suitable as gifts:

  • Roller or hockey skates are the best gift for a student who is tired of monotonous activities and wants to play, run, jump and be constantly in motion;
  • Toy weapons – lightsabers, helmets and helmets, and water pistols will allow the child to share the arsenal with peers and enjoy playing together;
  • Boys always like radio-controlled cars, tanks, planes and helicopters, it is impossible to miscalculate with such a gift.

Gifts for a Teenage Boy (12-16 Years Old)

When choosing a teenage boy’s perfect gift, try to pay attention to more adult and useful things, excluding toys.

It would be best to consider a birthday present for a boy from the category of useful tech and trendy and stylish items. Since, at this age, the child is trying to stand out among his peers.

If you are tormented by the question of what to give a teenage boy for his birthday, you can imagine yourself in his place and ask yourself the question, what would you like at his age, given the new modern life and our realities?

1. Tabletop Punching Bag

A tabletop punching bag is an original option that can be presented to a boy and is a real lightning rod for emotions. Takes up little space and develops dexterity, dexterity and coordination of movements.

A useful trainer for physical training and releasing the accumulated energy and negative emotions to a young fidget.

2. “Paper” Watches

one of the most fashionable and mainstream gadgets among young people. They do not have much functionality, but you will not find more stylish and cool watches.

Why “paper” – is made of Tyvek, which at first glance looks like paper. But, at the same time, they can be bent and crumpled, and they do not deform, are not afraid of water and do not tear.

There is a huge amount of design, so it will not be difficult for you to choose the correct version of the picture.

3. Sliding Skates 2in1

Sliding skates 2in1 are a universal gift for a teenager all year round. Since a convenient transformer design allows you to turn rollers into ice skates and vice versa quickly, they can also be increased by 3 sizes to the desired size.

A charging case for a smartphone has a built-in battery and plays the role of protecting the phone from falls and chips and is an additional power source for the gadget.

4. Stylish Branded Sneakers

in recent years, they have been actively gaining a place for themselves in everyday children’s and not only wardrobe.

You can pick up cool sneakers: for stylish school looks or sports victories, light ones with a mesh for the summer or leather for the spring.

For the development of creativity, you can give a lot of interesting, the main thing is not old-fashioned:

  • At this age, the boy will no longer be interested in a drawing board; digital devices will be more appropriate as a gift. For example, a smartphone;

What smartphone to give

  • Powerful laptop;
  • The tablet;
  • Camera for the development of creativity;
  • Wireless headphones;
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse;
  • The game console of the latest generation;
  • The assembled models of modern cars, airplanes, and kits for creativity will interest teenagers with a technical mindset who love to do something with their own hands;
  • Oil Painting Starter Kit for Beginner Artists;
  • A set for drawing on the water, perfect for the development of the creative skills of the child.

The following gifts are suitable for a boy who plays sports:

  • A bicycle will be a good gift for a teenager who loves to spend time with friends;
  • Skates or rollers are also appropriate;
  • Cross-country skiing set;
  • Skateboard or electric scooter;
  • Punching bag with gloves,
  • Small table billiards.
  • Board games for joint activities with friends also remain relevant as gifts for teens.
  • Trekking gear – a tent, sleeping bags, a backpack and a flashlight will give your child the idea of ​​spending a great time with friends and parents.
  • Fitness bracelet.

Gifts for Boys of All Ages

Gifts for Boys of All Ages

In addition to gifts ranked according to the age of the child, there are gifts that are suitable for absolutely any child:

  • Mug with a child’s photo;
  • Pillow with his name;
  • Framed photo;
  • LED flashlight;
  • Unusual table lamp;
  • Original piggy bank;
  • Phone accessories;
  • Passport cover;
  • Unusual USB flash drive;
  • Tetris;
  • Rotating globe.


  • Horseback riding or walking;
  • Hiking with friends and parents;
  • Visit to a water park or zoo;
  • Walking on a yacht;
  • Interesting quest;
  • Children’s activities in the museum;
  • Space excursion in the form of a quest;
  • Go to the play at the interactive baby theater;
  • You can also go to a circus show;
  • Or go shopping at toys/children’s clothing stores, etc.

Funny gifts:

  • Luminous shoelace;
  • Alarm clock with a surprise;
  • Mask;
  • Magician’s set;
  • Experiment kit;
  • Antistress toy;
  • Motivating scratch card;
  • Surprise box with your favorite sweets;
  • Cheerful print socks;
  • T-shirt with a wish or a photo;
  • The perpetual magnetic calendar made of wood;
  • Smiley pillow;
  • Weather forecasting flask;
  • Alarm clock with a target.

A Couple More Ideas for What to Give the Boy for His Birthday

What to Give the Boy for His Birthday

Various “edible” gifts are also common today:

1. Fruit Ice, Ice Cream or Candy Factory

The best gift for children is a sweet tooth. The young cook will make lollipops, chocolates or your favorite ice cream on his own and treat his friends to them! And an illustrated book with tips and help from their parents will help him with this.

2. Gift Box With Space Food

The gift box with space food is a cool present for a young astronaut. This is 100% natural food for astronauts that will amaze both children and adults!

3. Chocolate Set Stylized as School Stationery or Tools

Which representative of the sterner sex will refuse delicacies and original gifts? Surprise the boy and present him with a set of screws, nuts and a hammer – all made from natural chocolate.

4. Box of Sweets From Europe and America

A box of sweets from Europe and America is the coolest gift you will not have to puzzle over what to give a boy for his birthday.

The number of cool sweets is off the charts: M & M’s, which you can drink, Milka – a muffin, and many more fantastically tasty sweets and drinks from Europe, the USA, and Japan, the existence of which the boy certainly did not even know existed.

You can find similar boxes in specialized candy stores or online stores.

5. Sweet Parcel From the Hero of a Popular Cartoon, Addressed to a Child

Depending on the budget, you can fill it with anything, for example:

  • sweets (candies, marmalade, bars, kinders);
  • small gifts (techno eggs, cars, bright stationery, puzzle books);
  • Fruit.

Such a gift will surely surprise the child and cause a huge mass of positive emotions because every child at least once in his life dreamed of receiving a real package.

Such surprises can be the main gift or an addition to a larger gift.


If you need to choose an up-to-date present that will be appropriate and will definitely please the boy, then pay attention to the tips and important points presented below.

Children, unlike adults, are very sincere and straightforward. Therefore, if you start a heart-to-heart dialogue with him, you will easily find out what he is fond of, what he dreams of or what he wants to get for his birthday.

1. Men of All Ages Appreciate the Benefit and Practicality of Gifts

Therefore, various trinkets that will delight girls are unlikely to be appreciated by a boy. But a suitcase of tools, a gaming keyboard or a pocket fishing rod comes in handy.

2. Relevance

Relevance is about trends and modern realities. All seasonal features, new models of equipment, famous brands, trends – all this is a priority. Like a form, such a thing unites.

Compliance among children and especially adolescents is not an excess, but a communication way among modern children. Therefore, when choosing a gift, do not forget to take into account the trends of the XXI century.

3. Companionable Games With Peers

An important stage in a boy’s life, any healthy boy from six and older spends a significant part of his free time on the street with friends. It is this kind of communication that comes to the fore.

Fun board games, slingshots or asphalt crayons can help establish this kind of communication.

Boys’ search for their “I” is usually realized in a large number of hobbies. Therefore, a gift from this series is the most win-win option.

Also, don’t forget that kids often copy the hobbies of their friends. You need to pay attention to his company – what they are passionate about.

4. If the Child Has Everything

Suppose the child has everything, according to psychologists, in solving such a question. In that case, the main thing is to move away from the price of the presentation, and only in this case, you will appreciate the emotional components of the surprise. It is they who are valued by children most of all and remain in their memory forever.

For example, you can present a birthday boy with a certificate for playing laser tag with friends.

5. Useful and Very Necessary

Useful and very necessary – with this intention, most adults go to the children’s store. This is partly reasonable, but is it worth saving on birthday surprises? The boy will definitely be upset if he receives a new suit for school instead of the long-awaited toy.

6. Presentation

emotions, gifts and a festive atmosphere; all this gives great joy at any age.

Show your imagination, for example, by ordering a cake with the image of your favorite cartoon character, inviting a magician and, of course, packing a gift brightly.

However, do not forget that, according to etiquette, a few pleasant words must be said when giving a gift. But there is a child in front of you burning with interest, so do not drag out your congratulations.

What is Better Not to Give a Boy

You will not be able to surprise the birthday person if you buy the first gift you come across, and there are also TOP anti-presentations, which should not be considered or pondered very well either.

Below is a list of such gifts and moments that need to be excluded when choosing a boy’s gift.

1. Clothes

boys, our young defenders, will be indifferent to such a gift. After all, children perceive wardrobe items as commonplace, since parents already buy everything they need without a holiday. However, if the boy is already in his teens, then perhaps he will be happy with a stylish branded item.

2. Pet

A pet, only with full agreement with the parents of the birthday boy. Since most often, all the care, including financial, will fall on them.

3. School Office, Educational Material, Knapsack

often in pursuit of practicality, adults acquire such things, but this will not be the best option for a boy.

4. Poor Quality Fakes

Such gifts are unlikely to have quality certificates, and it is unclear what these items were made of. After all, the surprise will be for the child. Therefore, you need to be careful about this.

5. Non-seasonal Gifts

even if you have long wanted to please your child with a bicycle, you do not need to give it to the DR if it is in winter. Just imagine how long he will have to wait until spring – sheer anguish, not joy.

6. Used Gifts

Toys and surprises must be new without exception. There are absolutely no traces of use in the original packaging.

7. Gifts “Didn’t Know What to Give You “

this includes various souvenirs, and trinkets. For a boy, such things are absolutely useless: you cannot play with them, throw them away, and admire them is not interesting.

8. Soft Toys

Preschool boys don’t even mind having stuffed animals in their rooms. However, as a birthday present for an older child, it is still better to give a car, weapon or transforming robot.

9. Gifts “and Here I Am at Your Time …”

Of course, everyone wants the child to be comprehensively developed, but you should not put a tomboy who loves active games on the street with a book, saying that you were happy to receive a similar one at his age. Save your birthday for joy and miracles.

10. An Expensive Gift

Firstly, children want to play and use a gift and not blow off dust particles from it, and secondly, the child’s concept of money is devalued.

11. Tastes of Generations

leave knitted sweaters and socks in the past, all this remained in your childhood. Do not forget that you are not buying a thing for yourself, but for a child, so take into account his desires and tastes, not yours.


The choice of gifts is huge. And by showing imagination and attention to the needs of your child, you will delight him with an original surprise that will be remembered for a long time.

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