What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

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What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday: Twenty-one years is a serious age for a young man. At this time, the personality is fully formed; there is a choice of life values. To give an original gift to a boy for his 21st birthday, you must explore all possible options. It is worth noting that the price of the gift does not matter.

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

If you choose the right approach, then for a small amount, you can buy an excellent gift for your brother, son, husband for 21 years.

What is Better to Present?

Book, Comic, Magazine

It must be chosen from the interests of the man himself. If you are interested in video games, it is better to buy a comic about the game universe; if you like to read science fiction, you can buy several relevant genre books. The booking all its manifestations was and will remain the leader of the choice of a gift, as it combines the maximum of useful and pleasant qualities: self-development, leisure, new information.

The Technique

External hard drive, tablet, speaker, headphones, e-book – each of the gifts will definitely like the guy; the main thing is that it corresponds to the birthday boy’s hobbies. With proper communication, you can find out what the young person does not currently have and what they would like to buy, and then buy or order products on the Internet.

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

The Impression

A parachute jump, a shooting lesson or the opportunity to participate in a paintball battle, a workshop on extreme driving of a car – adrenaline can give a man for 21 years.

It is important to give a certificate only to sociable and open people. Calm guys or sandwiches, such a gift is not to your liking.


What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

The watch will not expire like any other gadget. The usual wrist accessory is a symbol of stability and prosperity, as well as the ability to always keep up to date. The design of the model should be selected based on the preferences of the man of clothing:

if the man wears neutral suits, the classic version of the wristwatch is suitable, but if you prefer the sporty or modern style, but you can present options with additional options (also they are called “smart”): health monitoring, control of SMS messages and calls, GPS and more.

The Perfume

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

Perfume differs from deodorants in that it has a bright, individual scent. As a rule, those men who do not have a favorite scent give such a gift; otherwise, the gift will collect dust in the chest.


You can consider buying a certificate at any store: clothing, equipment, perfumes. This is done for the boy to buy himself an individual gift. A gift certificate can be compared to money in an envelope. But when the certificate is presented, the man will definitely not run out of a gift; he will buy something and not spend money on nonsense.

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

A subscription to the gym is also suitable – a son or brother will definitely be delighted by such a surprise.

What is Not Worth Giving?

Money in the Envelope

By itself, a gift in the form of money is a good option. However, often by the age of 21, the amount of money goes not to a gift but to pay for food, accommodation and small purchases. The money from the gift only goes to household expenses. The exception to the rule is that you can donate money if a man saves on an expensive purchase (laptop, video camera). In this case, the invoices will not be wasted.

Hygiene Supplies

These include shower gel, soap (exception – handmade soap), razors, skin cream, socks, underwear, T-shirts. The boy will buy all these things for himself in the quantity he needs.


What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

An umbrella is very useful for walking in the rain, but it is not suitable as a gift for the twenty-first birthday. An umbrella is one thing that a man will acquire if necessary.

Bracelets, Chains, Rings

The male gender pays less attention to decorations. A beautiful majestic ring may not please a man because the use of accessories is unacceptable for him. Many men prefer to wear only a wedding ring on their finger and a cross on their neck.


Flowers – an impractical gift. Also, flowers in men, as a rule, are associated with women.

What to Consider When Choosing?

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

The Boy’s Interests

There is a stereotype like “all men love soccer, so you can give away a ticket to the game.” Of course, such a gift is possible, but male representatives still have hobbies and interests other than sports. If before his birthday it is discreet to discover what a young man has been passionate about lately, the problem with the gift will be solved.

Banal’s Birthday Gifts Spoil the Impression

On this vacation, anyone wants to get something bright, dynamic, and fun. A box of chocolates, a mug with a photo are all outdated gifts that do not cause emotions. If there are no ideas for a presentation, then you can directly ask what the birthday man would like – at that age, a person would even be happy about such a question.

Quality is the Basis for a Gift

Be sure to choose a product from several options to buy the best one possible. Giving a gift of questionable quality is not recommended.

There is no need to give something that someone else will use. Such a gift will not be useful to the guy.

Budget Options

There are not always financial means to buy a gift. You can congratulate a person on his birthday without spending large sums; it is enough to show ingenuity and ingenuity since useful gifts are not always expensive.

USB Accessory

Most people use laptops and desktops. You can take advantage of this fact and, as a gift, buy a device that works with a USB connector. A variety of options: a flashlight, a mini fan, heated cups.

Such a gift will be an original, useful and necessary accessory when working with computers, and the price of such devices varies from 300 rubles for several pieces.

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday


The Thermos is useful in all situations because fishermen and hunters spend much time on the street. Hot tea, coffee, or juice will warm the person out of the house. As a gift for 21 years, you can buy a medium-sized thermos (1-1.5 l). More will be many, and a smaller volume is too small for two cups of the drink.

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday


Everyone sometimes has to deal with numerous problems. Nerves sometimes pass, and there is depression, irritability. A gift designed to relieve stress is perfect for a gift. It can be a softball, a cube with numerous buttons and levers; there are many options on Aliexpress.

You don’t need to think that at the age of 21, such a thing would seem silly, and stress toys sometimes help people control themselves.

Smartphone Case

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

Just find out the phone model to get a beautiful and stylish chance. If a girl gives her boyfriend a gift, it is better to choose a romantic design – two cats, many hearts, etc. The case will appeal to those guys who like to customize their gear.

Handmade Gift

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

keychain, soap or painting. Any gift made with all my heart is valued above all. You cannot spend money at all and use the means at hand. The main thing is the accuracy and individuality of the gift. Stores sell kits for creating homemade gifts, so making an individual gift is not difficult.

How to Choose a Gift?

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

When choosing a gift for a guy for 21 years, there are several key points to consider. These include:

  • occupation of the young person;
  • hobby;
  • availability of separate housing;
  • income;
  • the maximum amount that can be spent on a present;
  • Relationship with the recipient (romantic, friendship, family).

Considering all these points, it will be relatively easy to choose a present.

Friends Present

A 21-year-old friend can be presented with gifts such as:

  • luminous keyboard;
  • a computer mouse with great functionality;
  • A Thermo mug suitable for use in a car;
  • laptop stand with cooling properties;
  • cape-massager for a computer chair;
  • multifunctional or wireless headphones;
  • a small vacuum cleaner designed for the keyboard.

It is noticeable that the specified list of presents is ideal for those young people who spend a lot of time on a laptop. However, if their professional activity or hobby is not in any way related to information technology, it is worth paying attention to gifts such as:

  • alarm clock with a target;
  • “Home” golf;
  • subscription to the gym, swimming pool;
  • canister bar;
  • brazier with skewers in a leather case;
  • external battery with built-in alarm clock and speaker;
  • liquid iron;
  • two-tiered lunch box;
  • personalized cover for documents;
  • gift set of accessories;
  • “Home” punching bag;
  • frame piggy bank for travelers.

By closely communicating with a young man and knowing what he is fond of, you can easily choose a present in accordance with his interests and tastes. Perhaps he would prefer a certificate to a fashion store than a gym membership. Or maybe the best present will be the collected works of your favorite writer.

Gifts From Family

A young man most likely expects from his relatives not only pleasant but also expensive gifts. Parents can give their son such a present as:

  • a deposit account in the bank in the name of the birthday person;
  • ingot of gold;
  • gold coin;
  • shares of a successful enterprise.

You can give your older brother something made by yourself. For example, a model of a ship or a car. The youngest will do something that he cannot buy on his own. These presentations include:

  • smartphone;
  • the tablet;
  • laptop.

Some relatives for 21 years are presenting absolutely chic gifts, such as for example, a car. If a young man has a separate home, he can be given something from household appliances. Interior decorations, in this case, will also be appropriate. It is worth considering the option of presenting a certificate for purchasing in a furniture store.

What Can a Girl Give?

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

A loving girl will want to please a young man in any case. When choosing a present, a lover should consider how long the relationship is and what has already become known about him. So, for example, if the lovers live together, breakfast in bed, accompanied by the first note-quest, will be quite a pleasant surprise. Such tips in the form of notes can be left throughout the apartment so that the guy does not get bored while he is looking for his gift.

How to Please a Practical Young Man?

A practical young man will be pleased to receive gifts from his soulmate, such as:

  • backlit bookmark for books;
  • orthopedic pillow;
  • a warm scarf and hat, preferably self-tied;
  • organizer for small things;
  • coffee maker;
  • wireless speaker.

If a young man constantly travels on business trips, he will be pleased to receive a roomy travel bag or a cover for packing shirts and other clothes required on the trip. In this case, compact organizers will also suit his taste. Well, if a guy doesn’t like a soul in his car, he will like new high-quality seat covers, rugs, a suitcase for storing tools that may be needed on the road.

What to Present Romance?

A guy who constantly makes surprises for his girlfriend, treats her with reverence and shows the warmest romantic feelings, he will definitely be delighted with the following gifts:

  • dinner for two in an unusual place;
  • seductive dance before bed;
  • sightseeing tour in a hot air balloon or helicopter.

He will also be happy to ride a horse, unless, of course, he is afraid of such majestic animals as horses. An extreme lover can be awarded a certificate for extreme driving courses or a parachute jump, always in pairs.

Excellent addition to the main gift will be the organization of a festive party, where all the young man’s friends and relatives will gather.

How to Congratulate a Friend?

What to Give a Boy for His 21st Birthday

It is not always necessary to congratulate a close friend or relative on a peculiar coming of age. If by chance, it turned out that a friend had a birthday the other day, and he invites absolutely everyone, the presentations can be purely symbolic. Among these, the top ones are:

  • magnetic openers made in the form of funny animals, monsters;
  • set of dishes;
  • pillow;
  • plaid;
  • panels for photographs;
  • organizer bag for documents and laptop;
  • block for records;
  • portable coffee maker;
  • thermal bottle;
  • housekeeper;
  • bottle holder;
  • mini bar;
  • personalized pen.

Wrap Up

When choosing a present for an unfamiliar young man, you can even limit yourself to a magnet with an interesting inscription or icon. And yet, the gift must be chosen with all your heart.

No matter how old a person is, he is always pleased when they remember him, surprise him. Sometimes a small birthday present can be the start of a significant and lasting friendship.

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