What to Give a 5-year-old Boy for His Birthday

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What to Give a 5-year-old Boy for His Birthday: What do boys love? Play, have fun, run, bully, learn new things. Therefore, choosing a gift for a little birthday person will not be difficult: a five-year-old boy can be given educational, entertaining and sports gifts, as well as all kinds of games.

Children of five are very curious and energetic – they are interested in everything new, learn about the world, make discoveries.

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Educational Gifts

At this age, children do not like dry facts but a non-standard presentation of knowledge, so choose interactive books, illustrated encyclopedias, educational games:

  • Family board game. It will be very interesting for the child and his parents to spend the evening together playing an exciting game. Modern board games are varied in performance: manufacturers offer various themes that will provide interesting family entertainment. Such family gatherings are very important for children: growing up, the boy will fondly remember these childhood moments.
  • Chess. The game is universal, it develops logic and mathematical abilities well, trains memory, teaches to analyze. In addition to classical chess, you can find very unusual sets on sale: chess with warriors, knights, sailors, historical figures instead of figures. It can also be chess with figures from different universes – for example, the Universe of “Star Wars”.
  • Magnetic constructor. Unlike the classic constructor, the magnetic one allows you to assemble complex, unusual products since the parts are attached with magnets. The child will be able to assemble a castle, spaceship, rocket and other structures.
  • Prefabricated wooden model. It can be a wooden model of an airplane, ship, sailboat, submarine. These toys are environmentally friendly, develop creativity and imagination. The assembled model will decorate the child’s room.
  • Children’s watch. A watch with a child’s design and a real dial is an accessory that will help teach a child how to tell the time by the clock.

Exciting Gifts

Such gifts are not useful or practical, but they will grab the attention of your fidget and provide him with an interesting pastime:

  • Railroad. The classic railway is a wonderful gift for children because what boy does not dream of a real railway with a train?
  • Race track. The RC car racing track is an example of a typical boys’ game. The child will be able to play with the track himself or arrange racing competitions with his friends.
  • An interactive toy. A dog, dinosaur or other toys with sound effects is a good gift that your child will love. All children dream of pets, but not everyone knows how to take care of them: an interactive toy will teach a child how to properly care for and handle a pet.
  • Lightsaber or blaster . Boys are very fond of organizing wars, and if a child is also a fan of Star Wars, then such a lightsaber will delight him.
  • Radio-controlled car or helicopter. An example of a basic boy toy that will be the best gift for a birthday boy.
  • Collectible car. This is a classic gift, because, as you know, there are never too many cars for boys. Choose a car to replenish a thematic collection or a collectible model of famous car brands that produce realistic miniatures of their cars.
  • Programmable robot. The realities of our days are such that you need to start learning the basics of programming and working with “smart” gadgets already in childhood. Programmable robots are “intelligent” toys that teach programming in a playful way. The child will be able to assemble a toy that will become his real friend, able to move, talk, react to what is happening and even recognize people.

Research Gifts

Children are the most inquisitive creatures, capable of asking countless questions. Research kits will help the boy find answers to them:

  • Pens for drawing volumetric figures. The 3D pen will capture all the attention of the child because he will be able to draw any volumetric figures.
  • Sandpaintings. If the child is interested in drawing, then give him a set with which he can create real paintings on glass using sand.
  • Tablet for drawing with water. This is an opportunity to combine creativity and modern technologies: the tablet is equipped with a special display on which original drawings are created with water.
  • Science kits. These are sets of young chemists, physicists, biologists and others, which allow for real research experiments, but at the same time, they are safe for children.
  • Telescope. What boy is not interested in space and stars? A telescope is a gift for learning about the world around you. The child will study the heavenly bodies and constellations, spending his leisure time with benefit.

It is possible that with the help of toys, the child will even find a scientific field, which will become his profession in the future.

Sports Gifts

Little boys are very energetic, so sports accessories and supplies are exactly what they need:

  • Bicycle. The most awaited gift for a tomboy! The first bike must be safe, specially selected for the age and height of the child. It is not worth buying a bicycle for children at all – such a gift for a child can be disappointing.
  • Protective helmet. If a boy rides a bicycle or a balance bike, be sure to teach him to follow safety measures. For a child, you can pick up a bright original helmet as a gift – for example, with a print from his favorite movie.
  • Professional ball. All the boys at heart are professional footballers, so the ball will be a wonderful gift that will raise his authority among the guys in the yard.
  • Roller skates. Today manufacturers offer a large number of roller skates that can be adjusted to the length of the foot.
  • Giroskuter. An example of a modern sports gift that is popular with children. Riding a gyro scooter develops agility and the ability to keep balance.
  • Swedish wall. With the help of the wall bars, you can organize a full-fledged sports corner for the boy at home, where he can train.


What else can you give a 5-year-old boy? For example, a fascinating children’s encyclopedia with illustrations – about space, ocean inhabitants, famous ships, military equipment and other interesting things for boys. This can be a gift-impression and not necessarily noisy and sporty: for example, a boy can make bright discoveries in the Museum of Natural History and other similar museums. For an intellectual, give a day of a quest, for an athlete – an incredible flight in a wind tunnel.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to congratulate an extraordinary five-year-old birthday boy!

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