What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

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What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend: Twenty-one years old is an established young man. Usually, at this age, a guy either studies somewhere or has recently returned from the army and has already found himself in some field. We have collected 60 gift ideas that you can give him for this birthday.

For convenience, we have divided their categories: gadgets and devices, cool and original, gifts impressions, sports, do-it-yourself and memorable.

Gadgets and Devices

Well, how can a modern person, especially such a young one, do without them ?! We will show you the best gift options in the very first ten ideas.

1. 3D Pen

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

An interesting invention that creates a three-dimensional, three-dimensional picture. A guy with a creative streak will definitely like such a gift. And for study, you need such a gadget if the birthday boy is studying architecture, design or jewelry.

2. Headphones

What are they needed for? If he is a music lover and loves to listen to music to the fullest (annoying households and neighbors) or if he is a gamer, or just loves doing business, listening to music or audiobooks. In any case, you need to choose headphones specifically for his hobby.

3. Game Wheel, Pedals, Joystick

A good gift for a gamer immersed in virtual games. These games remind him of his childhood, and a gift in the form of a joystick or a steering wheel with pedals will make the passion even more realistic.

4. Smartphone

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

Of course, the birthday person will be pleased to receive a smartphone of the latest generation as a gift, if finances allow the donor. Such a gift increases the guy’s status in society, and there are more technical bells and whistles.

5. Electronic Book

This device allows you to save time and money on the purchase of printed materials and at the same time helps in your studies and leisure. You can collect a whole library in one device, delete what you read and upload new items. Therefore, an e-book can be safely called a useful gift.

6. Flash Drive

Of all the flash drives, it is best to choose some cool and unusual one. But you can simply present it as a memorable gift by making a personalized engraving on the flash drive in advance. In the form of cartridges, there are also unique models, locks with a code, lemon, cars, cans and openers – just for men.

7. Powerbank

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

This is a universal battery for charging different gadgets and devices – all in one. Tablets, speakers, phones, cameras, wireless headphones and much more can be easily charged without wasting time looking for a “native” charger. In some online stores, a power bank can also be ordered with a personalized inscription.

8. Ballpoint Pen-Stylus With a Laser Pointer

It looks like an ordinary ballpoint pen – nothing special. And the peculiarity is that with a slight movement of your hand, it can be turned into a stylus for working with a touch screen. And also, a laser pointer or flashlight can be built into such a pen.

9. Quadrocopter

Another massive male hobby. The quadcopter works thanks to remote control, forcing the device to move through the air. Well, one more important function is video filming from a height. It’s good to take a drone with you on a trip or into nature – you will get cool recordings.

10. USB Mini-fridge

A small compact refrigerator that is connected via USB input to a computer or laptop. It can hold only one can of a drink, but a busy gamer or student crammer will not need to be distracted by running around in the kitchen. All side by side on the table!

Cool and Original Gifts

It’s great if both the birthday man and his birthday guest have a sense of humor. You can give a cool gift and laugh together; it will be very original. Here are a dozen of these options.

1. Playmat for the Toilet

A very cool thing – you can go in for sports without leaving the toilet, right in the process! There are mats with a “lawn” and a golf club; there are “football fields” and even a basketball with a basket. A worthy substitute for reading the instructions on a can of air freshener.

2. Chameleon Mug

There is a huge variety! Horror-style mugs with the risen dead, mugs with sleepy eyes that gradually open, mugs with a charge level indicator. Metamorphoses in the drawings occur due to the heat from the drink.

3. Cool Alarm Clock

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

Waking up in the morning is difficult for almost everyone, regardless of age. But if a guy is an “owl” in chronotype, then such an alarm clock is simply necessary for him – he can fly away like a helicopter from its owner, roll back on tracks, and turn it off, you need to hit the target.

4. Cool Piggy Bank

It can be a miniature safe with an electronic code, a labyrinth or a rag-foot. The main thing is that there should be a serious “guardian” in him against the temptation to take out money without saving up. But a faience animal with a slot is also suitable.

5. Cool T-shirt

This is where you can show your imagination if you add something from yourself to the inscription or drawing. But T-shirts with a ready-made inscription are also very cool, so you can always pick up some kind of joke regarding the birthday boy.

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6. Anti-stress Gifts

It can be a tabletop pear on a spring – something gets nervous and the pear gets a hook from the right. Or pocket toys-crush, they are made in the form of a head with a funny face, you change a toy – and it makes faces. Very uplifting!

7. Magic Ball of Predictions

Who remembers the movie “Route 60”, where the main character looked for answers to questions in a ball with eight clues? This is how you need a ball as a gift – let the guy have fun as a joke. Or maybe he will take this “magic” even seriously.

8. Drinks Helmet

Construction plastic helmet with supports for cans on both sides, which are connected by one straw tube. The tubes even have a special dispenser clip for dispensing drinks. Thanks to such a helmet, the trick is that banks do not need to be held in their hands. You can also mix drinks right on your head – just pull them out of the straw.

9. Socks in the Bank

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

A cool, useful and inexpensive gift. The most important thing is that the idea is very funny, well, you must – canned socks! They also have a wide range of witty labels and designs on their packaging.

10. Luminous Shoelace

A very popular shoe accessory among young people. They can be impregnated with a special compound (fluorescent or photoluminescent paint) or even run on batteries (LED laces). In any case, the birthday person will be pleased with such an unusual gift.

Certificates and Tickets for Gifts-experiences

This is a gift that cannot be taken away with you, like some little thing, but the impression of it will remain in your memory for life! Present the guy on his 21st birthday with an impression that he either did not dare to or put off “for later.” Below are ten options for such gift experiences.

1. Quest

A popular type of game: room, secrets, codes, ciphers, riddles, answers. A whole hour of puzzles alongside a reliable and friendly team, when every minute counts. Is there a way to get out? Yes, if everyone makes an effort and does not sit around, giving in to panic.

2. Tickets for the Event

Well, there are many such events – a concert of your favorite performer or group in a nightclub, cinema, theater. In general, you can pick up something for the birthday person’s taste. The main thing is to take at least two tickets as a gift so that the guy can go with a best friend or girlfriend.

3. Flying in a Wind Tunnel

Extreme and safety “in one pipe”. A strong stream of air pulls the person up. And here, you need to maintain the right balance in order to feel “in-flight”. The sensations are unforgettable, a little even scary, but there is an experienced instructor nearby!

4. Skydiving

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

If the guy did not serve in the Airborne Forces, then such a jump may be the first. How can you deny a guy such a gift impression if he dreamed about it for a long time but did not dare ?! Calm down – an experienced instructor will be next to the guy.

5. Paragliding

It is quite safe entertainment as it happens in tandem with a professional. The paraglider rises to an altitude of about 4000 meters and the flight lasts 10-15 minutes. You can also spiral around the ground. Very extreme and breathtaking.

6. Snowmobiling

Cheerful winter extreme – at high speeds over snowdrifts, an intricate track and snowdrifts. A lot of delight and a lot of pleasure! The birthday boy will be instructed in advance on how to drive the transport. He will get behind the wheel and drive off to meet adventures!

7. Bungee Jumping (or Rope Jumping)

This is a rope jump from a great height (from a bridge or crane). Thrill sensations without harm to health (if only the birthday person has strong nerves). Difficulty can arise only psychologically – will he be able to jump? If yes, then the birthday person can declare with pride: “Yes, I did it!”

8. Diving

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

If there is a sea, a deep lake or even a special pool near your city, then they probably provide a deep-diving service together with an instructor. And in addition, for a gift, you can order a photo and video session – the pictures will turn out to be incredibly beautiful!

9. Airsoft or Paintball

Military tactical game in a team – especially for tough men. Special equipment and weapons are issued for the game. An hour or an hour and a half of active play will show what a birthday person is in battle and what kind of teammate he is. Most likely, the fighter will not let you down!

10. Rock Climbing

Master class at the climbing wall. On it, you can test yourself for a sense of balance, balance and coordination of movements. The event is safe – there is a safety rope and a professional instructor nearby. Such extreme entertainment can teach you how to overcome your fear of heights.

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Gifts for Sports

A young guy is simply obliged to keep himself in shape! It is not suitable for a young man to “creep” in the body. Here are the next ten ideas for gifts for a 21-year-old boyfriend for physical activity.

1. Sneakers

In sports, the most important thing is comfortable shoes, and of course, it should be high-quality sneakers. Choose a classic color, preferably a well-known brand, and you need to know the exact size. Pay attention to the seams’ treatment, then fold in the sole and even the smell – there should be no suspicious aroma.

2. Sports Uniform

First, decide what form the guy needs – for which season and for which sport. Don’t skimp on quality if you want your gift to last long. Get a gift from a good sports store that sells well-known brands.

3. A Bike

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

Road, city, mountain, or extreme – which one does a guy need? And as soon as the birthday person is determined, you can choose a bike, taking into account his height and weight.

4. Home Simulator

Again, it all depends on the kind of sport that the birthday boy likes. This can be an exercise bike, treadmill, strength, rowing or elliptical trainer, or even a simple stepper. The guy’s room must be spacious enough for such a gift.

5. Tennis Set

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

For table tennis (ping-pong), you need a set of two rackets and balls. In principle, the same thing is needed for lawn tennis, only of completely different shapes and sizes. Both versions of the game are active and mobile; you only need a worthy partner for the competition.

6. Swimming and Diving Kit

For example, for the pool – a cap and goggles, for scuba diving – a mask, fins and a snorkel, or even for diving (everything is much more serious here) – a mask with a headband, boots, snorkel, wetsuit, gloves, helmet and various other additional accessories.

7. Dumbbells and Kettlebell

If it is not possible to put a power simulator in the room, then it is possible to put a kettlebell and dumbbells next to the bed. Choose collapsible dumbbells for a gift – let the birthday person regulate the load for himself. And for a kettlebell, the most optimal weight is 16 kg.

8. Smartwatch

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

Of course, they should have the functions of a pedometer, heart rate monitor and GPS, which he will use during training, and in any sport. A great, useful and very modern gift.

9. Horizontal Bar

Another sports home equipment that does not take up much space in the room. And what is very convenient – I hung it higher on the wall and did it for yourself if possible, pump your muscles. If something happens, you can hang clothes on “hangers” on it, if it is impossible to study for some reason.

10. Gym Membership

An excellent way out of the situation if the donor went to a sports store but did not choose anything. Indeed, why waste time searching if you can go to the nearest sports center or club and take a subscription for a certain period.

Long Memory Gift

Such gifts are not given for immediate use – they last for many years. The guy will have something to remember looking at them decades later. He can also show them to his children and grandchildren. Here we will give you a dozen ideas on this topic.

1. Commemorative Prizes

If a guy is artistic and talented, he needs to be presented with an Oscar statuette or a Hollywood star on the tile. If he has success in sports, then, of course, the cup. Well, be sure to put a personalized engraving on the gift.

2. Medal or Order

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

Such awards are given for some special merit. In our case, you can present them for the absolute majority: “21 years.” And this is exactly the engraving that should be done on the award. And in addition to the order, you can present an award certificate.

3. Portrait in the Image

Although the guy is still young enough, nothing prevents him from giving him a large painting with a gilded frame, where he is depicted on canvas in the image of a crowned person, a knight or some other character. The birthday man will be flattered, and the gift itself will remain for a good long memory.

4. Diploma on the Wall

Of course, he will be in a comic style – they say, such and such a guy, with such and such a name, especially distinguished himself in his 21 years by his excellent disposition, pure friendship, love for his parents and so on. The diploma can be inserted into a clipboard, placed behind glass in a frame and hung on the wall.

5. Perpetual Calendar

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

This is not a tear-off, loose-leaf or pocket calendar that dates back exactly one year. It is timeless, made of brass with an adjustable date. You can live well for today, and the future, judging by the calendar, is infinite!

6. Pedigree Book

It seems like it’s too early to think about your ancestors and descendants at the age of 21, but it’s so interesting to “grow” your family tree in memorable historical dates, photographs and notes! And then add some news events about yourself beloved. But the descendants will have something to read about their ancestors!

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7. Personal Glossy Magazine

A very interesting gift! It looks like a regular magazine like Forbes, Cosmopolitan or even Playboy. On the cover – a photo of the birthday man and an announcement of articles about him! The announcement did not deceive me – all the articles in the magazine are based on facts from the guy’s life, everything about his biography, close circle and interests!

8. World Conquest Map

All roads are open for a young guy. And if his passion is traveling around the world, he will even need such a gift for many years. The map is hung on the wall and the “conquered” country is marked with a certain color or the protective layer is erased from it.

9. Digital Photo Frame

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

It’s such a small digital tablet. But it is intended to change memorable photographs on its screen periodically. Thanks to this device, you do not need to force the entire shelf with photos, and if you are tired of old photos, you can upload new ones instead.

10. Tattoo Certificate

Of course, this is the most memorable gift, because the drawing on the body will remain for life! Moreover, tattoos are now in vogue, and almost every young man wants to make at least one tattoo close to him in spirit.

DIY Gifts

You can find many different craft workshops on the Internet. To make it easier for you to find what a young guy will like, we have compiled the following ten ideas.

1. Video Clip

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

You can find a special program for creating a video yourself on the Internet, read the manual, and surprise the birthday person with a beautiful arrangement of photos and videos to his favorite music. Of course, such a gift is also pleasant!

2. Cake “21 Years”

If the birthday boy is quite an adult and brutal man, this does not mean that he does not like sweets. Suppose there is a skilled culinary specialist among relatives or guests. In that case, he should present a stylish gift in the form of an exquisitely decorated cake with the number “21” made of candles in the center.

3. Knitted Sneaker Tanks

If the guy has already served in the army or is an active player in the multiplayer game in “Tanchiki”, he will like such an unusual gift. Only the slippers should be soft and light, and not the same as in the song: “Tanks rumbled on the floor.”

4. Photo Poster

A great gift from a group of friends for a birthday boy. It is not necessary to order it in a photo studio. You can just take a large sheet of paper, stick the best and memorable photos on it, write congratulations and some funny rhymes.

5. Fortune Cookies

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

Again – to the chefs on the note. You can bake several delicious and crispy cookies, and instead of the sweet filling, put in rolled strips of paper on which predictions for the future for the birthday person will be written. Of course, they must be all good!

6. Man’s Edible Bouquet

What do you need for a brutal bouquet? Of course, this is sausage, cheese and bacon, from which you can make petals, herbs and onion for stems and leaves, but in the middle of the bouquet, you can hoist a bottle of the birthday boy’s favorite drink. Well, for fun, you can use newspapers as wrapping paper.

7. Photo Frame

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

It can be made as a college for several photos or one large for one shot. Particular attention should be paid to the original finish of the frame. It can be decorated with shells, gears, coins, buttons, small nails and screws as a man’s gift.

8. A Checkbook of Desires

A wonderful gift from your beloved birthday boy. It’s quite simple to make it. Outwardly, it should look like a simple bank book with tear-off coupons inside. But what kind of desires they will be – let the giver dream up herself and fulfill it upon presentation.

9. Matchbox Box “1000 Little Things”

Such a gift will be very necessary for a master who has many small details. Each of the drawers can store different little things. And visually beautiful, and very much in demand.

10. Leather Bracelet

What to Give a 21 Year Old Boyfriend

A cool gift for a rocker or biker. Only a real master leatherworker should make it, or someone who can accurately tinker and sew.


Well, that’s the whole list of ideas – exactly those that are now in trend among young people. Thanks to him, you probably already found a suitable gift for a guy 21 years old, and we are glad that we helped with this.

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