What to Choose 30th Birthday Gift for Guy

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Perhaps you have never thought about what to give a guy for 30 years, but now this question has become an edge since one of your friends or relatives will soon turn thirty. How to choose the right gift to please the birthday boy? Serious age requires a serious approach.

To emphasize an adult’s status, a completely independent person, it is advisable to give a guy a significant thing for 30 years. At this age, a man wants everyone who has not yet realized that he is no longer a child and can independently build a career and take care of his family and home.

What to Choose 30th Birthday Gift for Guy

What to Choose 30th Birthday Gift for Guy

This means that a gift must be selected that would be useful for home improvement or achievements in work. At the same time, do not forget that men in their hearts remain, little children, all their lives who love toys, funny things, entertainment.

For a Business Person

A thirty-year-old guy who finally found a decent job and began to move up the career ladder confidently can be presented with:

  • chic tie, since it will never be superfluous in the wardrobe;
  • classic shirt with cufflinks;
  • a leather bag for documents or a purse;
  • executive watch or umbrella-cane.

It should be noted that clothes are given only by close relatives who are well aware of the size of the birthday person and his wardrobe’s features.

Friends can present a prestigious pen or clip for the same tie, a branded lighter, or business cardholder. A good stationery set that employees will envy can become a decoration for his desktop.

For Addicted Natures

It’s nice to communicate with a guy who actively learns the world, does not sit still, constantly discovers something new for himself and others. Such a person probably has hobbies that require certain equipment, devices or money. For 30 years he will be pleased to receive a useful gift.

You can give your friend a camera so that he can capture all the significant moments in life. If you already have a camera, you can buy a tripod for it, or a lens, or a set of light filters.

For hiking enthusiasts, gift a thermos, camping lantern, backpack or utility knife. A knife, by the way, will be a good gift for any man. It will come in handy in the house, and at a picnic, and during a tourist walk.

What to Choose 30th Birthday Gift for Guy

Find out if the guy is going on an independent trip any time soon. Maybe he needs to be presented with special equipment for this or a certain amount of money.

Only a person who also understands automotive technology can please a car enthusiast 100%. If you do not belong to this type of person, then the risk of choosing something wrong is very high. Optimal in this case is:

  • automotive tool kit;
  • holder for a smartphone or tablet;
  • a keychain device for defrosting the lock;
  • seat cushion or covers;
  • parking radar (parking sensors).

The navigator or DVR can also be presented to the guy, but it is advisable to find out which model he would prefer because the drivers quite carefully select all the equipment for their car.

Electronic Gifts

For those guys who love electronic things, it’s not difficult to please the 30th anniversary. Today, a large number of useful and simply amusing items are produced, which are technical devices. An example would be an original flash drive or electronic alarm clock, and from devices of a more expensive price category – the latest smartphones, tablets and e-books.

Give your guy a coffee machine if he likes to drink coffee. A bachelor tries to lead a healthy lifestyle and knows how to cook, buy a blender, or slow cooker. A real owner will appreciate such a gift in his home.

Among the many gifts, 3-d video glasses will stand out. When you put them on while watching a movie, you feel like sitting in front of a large movie screen. Another type of modern glasses is anti-fog. In addition to a shock-resistant frame and anti-fog coating, they are equipped with a built-in video camera.

Electronic bracelets are gaining more and more popularity. Make such a gift to your boyfriend for 30 years and he will be happy. The bracelets are able to read the pulse, measure the number of calories spent while jogging, and determine the distance traveled. In addition, the bracelet works as an alarm clock and a timer.

An original gift from a series of electronic gadgets will be a smart bottle that can calculate the amount of water you consume per day and has some other interesting functions. By the way, its cost is not very high, and there are more benefits from such an accessory than from a gift diploma or a beer glass.

Romantic Gifts

A beloved girl can give her boyfriend a silver or gold engraved chain, amulet pendant, bracelet or ring. In the last two cases, you need to know for sure that your boyfriend will wear such an ornament, since not every man likes to do this.

What to Choose 30th Birthday Gift for Guy

A large joint portrait that can be hung on the wall will be a romantic gift. Another option is a framed photo.

Choose the style of the portrait yourself. It is desirable that it turns out not boring, original. You can make a collage from several photos and decorate a pillow with it or create a calendar.

To surprise a 30-year-old boyfriend, organize a romantic dinner where you present him with a bell to control you, handcuffs, or a band for tying. Don’t forget to wear intriguing underwear and have an unforgettable night out. Any man will appreciate such a gift.

For Lovers of Extreme

Your companion has never jumped with a parachute yet, but would not mind doing it? Then you should give the guy such an opportunity for 30 years.

A similar surprise is a paratrike, hot air balloon, or paragliding flight.

A very interesting, exciting attraction that has appeared relatively recently and should please any active, athletic man – zorbing. It is rolling down a mountain in a large transparent polyurethane ball.

More traditional male fun is racing on various vehicles. Today, ATVs, go-karts (racing cars) and snowmobiles have become such popular vehicles. Offer the guy as a gift to go to the race track, and he will surely be happy.

Jumping off cliffs and bridges on a rope is very adrenaline-pumping, but not everyone wants to experience such a sensation. Therefore, extreme gifts should be chosen very carefully, knowing the guy’s character, knowing what he will accept with delight and what he will refuse.

Wrap Up

Whoever comes up with anything, give your men a good mood. Do not get off with a formality, because 30 years for a guy means a lot. Bake cakes with your own hands, knit sweaters and buy expensive items if you have the money. And the wife can give her husband the news of pregnancy as an exclusive gift.

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