What to Buy a 2 Year Old for Her Birthday

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Choosing What to Buy a 2 Year Old for Her Birthday? We have a list of 50 ideas for this. They are divided into categories: gifts only for a girl and only for a boy, toys for mental and physical development, for a children’s room, as well as handmade ones. And at the end, we gave examples of unwanted presentations.

Birthday Gifts Only 2-Year-Old Girls

What to Buy a 2 Year Old for Her Birthday

At 2 years old, the girl is already watching her mother and is learning to be the same – caring, and economical. Therefore, the first ten gift ideas will be devoted to this particular topic.

1. Fluffy dress

Made of lace, tulle, satin and other “girlish” materials, and always light colors – white, pink, light green or peach. The more ruffles and flounces, the more the child will look like a princess.

2. Hair ornaments

But for an elegant dress, you need jewelry, such as a bow, elastic bands with ruffles or a rim. At two years old, the girl is still unlikely to have a magnificent hairstyle, but it is still necessary to decorate her beautiful head.

3. Doll or baby doll

The doll can be small in size, like a Barbie, so that it can be combed and easily carried with you, But the bobblehead is preferably large and interactive so that it is a friend of the birthday girl.

4. Doll carriage

If you have a favorite doll, then you also need to walk it, like any child. For a two-year-old girl, a light sitting stroller for dolls is enough, heavy transformers will not yet be able for her.

5. Doll bed

A rocking cot with a canopy is best suited as a gift. The set should also include bedding for the doll, exactly the same as the canopy – in color and material.

6. Doll bath

It is not necessary to swim with the dolls, there are other toys for this. But the pupa must periodically take water procedures. The bath should be almost like a real one, only in miniature.

7. Clothes for dolls

It is sold both in sets and separately. Just before choosing such a gift, you need to find out the size of her favorite doll. Buy a fluffy outfit for the toy – like a birthday girl.

8. Toy kitchen utensils

These are stoves, cabinets, pots, and pans. Everything should be very colorful and made from environmentally friendly materials – the kitchen is still!

9. Cleaning toys

At 2 years old, the girl is already trying to help her mother with might and main, even if she is bad at it. Therefore, in order to instill in her the skills of a housewife, her inventory must be light and small.

10. Big soft toy

Choose a furless one, preferably a plush one. Bears, cats and bunnies are what children love. It is more pleasant to fall asleep with a toy that you can hug.

Birthday Gifts Only 2-Year-Old Boys

Birthday Gifts Only 2-Year-Old Boys

But the boy needs toys and more serious things. And even if he does not yet understand their purpose, he will still play with them with pleasure, developing his masculinity.

1. Suit

As for adult men, only in miniature – “two” or “C” with a vest, strict classic color – blue, black or brown. The main thing is that the suit should sit on the young gentleman.

2. The bow tie

The suit needs to be completed with some detail, and a bow tie will be what you need. This accessory should not be as strict as the costume itself, bright colors and patterns are only welcome – the birthday boy is still a child.

3. Sports cars

The coolest are those that can be overclocked, and they roll forward by inertia. As a rule, these are colorful racing cars that are sold in a set of several models.

4. Toy military equipment

An excellent gift for a child whose dad serves in the army, so it will be easier for the boy to understand the peculiarities of his father’s profession. These are all sorts of tanks, armored personnel carriers, military aircraft and helicopters.

5. Toy construction equipment

Tipper trucks, trucks and cranes. You can not only play with them in your room but also on the street – build snow or sandcastles, loading “building material” into the body.

6. Toy special equipment

This is an ambulance, police, or fire truck. The child probably paid attention to real special equipment on the street – how it gives signals and works, let him have exactly the same but in miniature.

7. Railway

Plastic or wooden, because a small child still does not need bells and whistles in technology and small details. It can be a train with trailers and toy passengers.

8. Plastic tool kit

They are exactly the same as in my father’s suitcase or drawer, only made of plastic, but they look realistic. These are wrenches, pliers, chisels, hammers, etc.

9. Transforming toy

For a curious little boy with a rich imagination, who is more interested in breaking toys than playing with them, the transformer will be gift number 1. The main thing is that it does not consist of small parts.

10. Dinosaur set

These are large figures made of high-quality non-toxic plastic that can be placed on the floor or on the gaming table. They will definitely not scare the child because the child does not even know who the dinosaurs are.

Mental Development Toys

Mental Development Toys

At two years old, the child already behaves meaningfully, understands a lot and knows how. But still, he needs new toys and gadgets that will help him to know the world even more.

1. Toy mobile phone

Any modern child perfectly understands what a “mobile phone” is and tries to play with his parents’ smartphone. We need to find a worthy replacement for him – an interactive phone.

2. Finger Puppet Theater

Usually, there are five pupae in a set – just according to the number of fingers on the hand. An excellent gift for role-playing games with parents – you can come up with your own scenarios and control characters by moving your fingers.

3. Fingerpaint

They are absolutely harmless, as they are made from natural ingredients, so it’s okay if a child wants to taste them. And they are also easily washed off from any surface and clothing.

4. Developing book

Of course, the child himself cannot read. But he can get on his mom’s or dad’s lap and start studying this book. There are many colorful drawings and simple tasks on its pages.

5. Sandbox molds

Making Easter cakes with your yard friends is so much fun, especially if they come out with an unusual shape, for example, in the form of a flower or an animal. And the set should also contain a sieve, a spatula and a bucket.

6. Musical toy instruments

If the parents have “iron nerves”, then the child can be presented with something very loud – a drum or a pipe. But for calmness and silence, you need something from strings or keyboards.

7. Crumble cubes

A great gift for the development of fine motor skills in the child’s hands. The cubes are made of textiles, therefore they are very soft but perfectly keep their shape. They are also very colorful, with patterns on each side.

8. Interactive poster with animal voices

A poster with buttons is hung on the wall, and thanks to it, the child learns about the world of animals. It depicts drawings of animals that make sounds and short stories about each of them.

9. Wooden constructor

These are almost the same cubes, only the set contains more different shapes: balls, bars, pyramids, cones, etc. In general, everything is required to build a castle.

10. Lego

You may have a reasonable question – isn’t it too early to buy such a designer for a kid? Of course not, because there are kits for two years. They have large parts and a small number of segments for light crafts.

Physical Development Toys

Physical Development Toys

And fidgets will be happy with such gifts. Is the birthday boy naughty and overly hyperactive? Then he needs these presentations to channel the energy in the right direction.

1. Folding floor mat

It is very necessary for playful children who cannot sit still. If the child’s activity is already off the scale, and he begins to “play Tarzan” throughout the room, then such a gift will be in the subject.

2. Play tent

Such a tent is needed not only for fidgets but also for calm children who like to retire. In general, this is a good option for outdoor recreation or in the country, because the child should have his own house.

3. Tricycle

The simplest, plastic, with a reliable frame and bright colors. It’s great if this bike has a handle in the back so that adults can control the speed and direction of travel.

4. Run bike

This is the very first trainer for future bike rides. There are no pedals on the balance bike, but you can accelerate it with your own feet. Absolutely safe and light enough construction.

5. Trampoline

Buy a reliable and wide trampoline for your child right away, and it will last more than one year. The structure should be made of strong steel with dense material, and on the sides, there are removable mesh walls.

6. Means of protection

If a child has some kind of high-speed transport, such as a bicycle, then he also needs protective devices – a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. In such an outfit, the racer even looks cooler.

7. Ball

Simple and rubbery, exactly the same as in the childhood of people of previous generations. With him, you can come up with some kind of simple team game among children or just roll the ball on the floor.

8. Inflatable swimming toys

They are needed for the pool in the country and for the reservoir in nature. The child should learn to swim “from small nails”, but let it be safe for him. You need inflatable rings, cars or just vests.

9. A modular sports complex for the home

There are high structures for children with a Swedish wall. But for the kid, a small ladder, slide and rope net are enough to crawl along with them.

Gifts for the Nursery

Gifts for the Nursery

Every year the situation in the children’s room needs to be updated because the child develops, and everything that corresponds to his age should surround him. Here’s what is better to buy for the interior of the premises as a gift for a child for 2 years.

1. Reusable stadiometer sticker

This is a vinyl decal that will decorate the walls of your kids room. But its main purpose is to measure the growth of the child. Every month you can put a “notch” on the height meter scale.

2. Photo wallpaper

Other decorations on the walls, but they serve a purely aesthetic function. For a girl, some fairy-tale princesses should be depicted on the wallpaper, and for a boy, for example, cartoon cars.

3. Night light

It should have a dimmer, and the main criterion is that the lampshade should not heat up. Therefore, the best children’s nightlights are with LEDs and in the form of toys.

4. Container for toys on wheels

Let the child learn to order from an early age, especially with such a rack, it will be very simple. The container is very light, and plastic and many toys fit in its drawers.

5. Ozonizer and ionizer

Such a gift may not be at all attractive to the child, but it is beneficial! The device cleans the air, eliminates harmful impurities, neutralizes unpleasant odors and prevents the risk of colds.

DIY Gifts for 2 Year Olds Birthday

DIY Gifts for 2 Year Olds Birthday

Pay attention to the master classes – you may be interested in making something yourself as a gift for the baby.

1. Bizikub-bizibox

The gift is difficult, not so much in manufacturing as in its nuances. All the details that are described in the video lesson help the child learn everyday little things – how to tie a lace, open the latch and turn on the tap.

2. Modeling dough

A very necessary gift for creativity, which will replace plasticine and modeling mass. This dough is absolutely safe, and different colors are formed using natural dyes. All that remains is to find the gift wrapping.

3. Children’s room decoration for birthday

A 2-year-old child will be pleased if a miracle happens on this holiday, and his room is filled with balloons, garlands and other paraphernalia. So see how to create this “miracle” correctly.

4. Volumetric figure “2”

Now it has become a fashionable tradition to put just such a number at the festive table and take family photos next to it. So you have to be on trend. Moreover, for the materials, you only need corrugated paper and cardboard boxes.

5. Assembling a baby cake for 2 years

And here’s the most important thing – a cake! But it should not be in the usual form, but also in the form of the number “2”. From what ingredients to bake it, how the figure is cut and how to decorate it – you will learn from the master class.

What Is Not Worth Giving

  • Toys are not for their age. The child will not be interested in playing with baby rattles, and he does not yet perceive abstruse technique. Everything should be on time.
  • Toys made from unsafe materials. Do not buy a gift for your child at questionable retail outlets. Everything that is really tested is sold only in specialized stores.
  • Toys with a complete set of small parts. At 2 years old, the child still loves to taste everything – edible and inedible. But there is a danger of small parts getting into his respiratory tract, so these are also not worth giving.
  • Fluffy toys with long hair. Lint can become a real dust collector, and also synthetic “fluffy” can become a source of allergens.
  • Scary toys. Yes, yes, and there are such, especially the newfangled ones. What may seem cool to an adult can cause fear in a child, and the holiday will be ruined.


Here’s a list. As you can see, all the gifts are perfect and interesting, the choice is huge. Well, the main thing on this day is to all attention to the birthday person, let the holiday be memorable for him!

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