What Gift Will Impress Your Best Friend?

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What Gift Will Impress Your Best Friend: The best friend is a close person, almost a family member. She alone knows your secrets and carefully keeps them from prying ears, listens to joyful news and endless complaints about the boss’s injustice and the soulmate’s mental callousness. She knows how to support and calm, and sometimes help.

And on her birthday, the girlfriend deserves the most pleasant and sincere gift to demonstrate gratitude for loyalty and long-term friendship. Most likely, you already know what will please your beloved friend: after all, you have been communicating for so long! But if you have doubts and cannot think of what to give to such an important person, use interesting gift ideas!

Girlfriend-needlewoman – a Gift for a Hobby

You know very well what your friend is fond of drawing, knitting or beading. Surely the products of this amazing craftswoman decorate not only her but also your room. Help your friend collect materials for another masterpiece and present a gift related to hobbies.

This could be:

  • a set of multi-colored beads, bugles, beads or rhinestones for a fan of handmade jewelry;
  • high-quality paints or brushes for a lover of drawing (and for a beginner artist – a painting by numbers);
  • electronic or paper book for a regular visitor of libraries;
  • baking dishes or new salad bowls for the tireless housewife ;
  • sports equipment (hoop, dumbbells, leg weights) for a girl who dreams of a perfect body;
  • an exotic flower in a pot or a gardener’s set for the happy owner of a summer cottage and garden.

Does your girlfriend have a celebrity idol? Then present a present associated with this person. If your friend likes a band or singer, buy a ticket to their concert. If the girl is a fan of the show, find a T-shirt, backpack, bag or pendant with a shot from it. And if a friend adores an actor or actress, get an invitation to the play.

A Useful Thing for a Caring Housewife

If a friend is not a carefree student girl but a practical family woman, she is unlikely to be surprised by cute trinkets, jewelry, or souvenirs. Better present a useful thing in everyday life:

  • bed linen or tablecloth made from natural materials;
  • anti-stress pillow filled with polyurethane balls;
  • funny apron and a set of kitchen gloves;
  • glasses for wine or champagne;
  • a set of hand-painted cutting boards for the kitchen (the main thing is that they fit the design of the room);
  • household appliances: electric kettle, toaster, deep fryer, coffee grinder, blender;
  • original dishes: baking tins, clay pots, cocotte makers;
  • bathrobe or pajamas;
  • jewelry box;
  • a set of scented candles or an aroma lamp with a set of essential oils;
  • vase, panel, picture, or wall clock.

A friend will surely appreciate it if you help her make the house comfortable and beautiful. And so that she doesn’t forget that you need to rest from household chores, hand her a cozy blanket with sleeves – a warm reminder that it’s time to take a short break.

What Gift Will Impress Your Best Friend

Accessories for a Fashionable Beauty

Your friend, like many other young ladies, will surely adore shiny trinkets and truly valuable jewelry. Complete her wardrobe with a new stylish accessory:

  • a pendant with the symbols of the zodiac sign or the first letter of her name;
  • fashionable bracelet or necklace;
  • earrings of the original shape (for example, in the form of a musical key);
  • a silver ring;
  • a bright bauble or choker.

If a friend is young, there is no need to buy her expensive things made of precious metals. Jewelry or a discreet silver item decorated with ornamental stone is quite enough. But on a gift for a mature woman, you will have to spend a lot of money: respectable ladies go for gold much more.

If a man chooses a girlfriend’s gift, it is better to refuse to buy expensive jewelry (especially rings). Such present hints at a desire to move on to a closer relationship. Do you want to avoid the awkward moment of giving jewelry? Then pay attention, not to jewelry but stylish accessories:

  • wallet, bag or clutch;
  • new glasses case;
  • mobile phone pendant;
  • umbrella with a photo print;
  • scarf stole or silk shawl;
  • belt and gloves;
  • Wrist Watch.

A woman can also present an accessory. Surely a girlfriend will appreciate the jewelry made by your own hands. If you know how to knit, make a scarf or cute mitts; if you like to sew – a beautiful beach bag.

Cosmetics for a Bright Lady

A woman can make sure that her friend always looks stunning. If she is a young girl who needs a mountain of pleasantly smelling bottles to raise her self-esteem, it’s time to give her cosmetics. If you know what color type the birthday girl belongs to and what means she uses, feels free to purchase:

  • lipstick or gloss;
  • eyeshadow or eyeliner;
  • blush, powder, highlighter, or pencil to mask skin imperfections;
  • nail polish, medicated oil to strengthen the nail plate;
  • hair styling gel or mousse.

If the friend is a mature woman, you should pay attention not to decorative but to care for cosmetics. You probably know what cosmetic problems do not give a woman peace of mind: to whom, if not her best friend, does she complain of “crow’s feet” or suddenly formed cellulite? Give her an anti-aging serum, a miraculous face mask, eye gel, or anti-cellulite cream. The birthday girl will not be offended if you take care of her beauty.

A man can also present cosmetic accessories: just let it be not anti-aging creams or decorative cosmetics, but original handmade soap in the form of a piece of cake or pastry. Such a surprise will undoubtedly amuse the girl!

What Gift Will Impress Your Best Friend

Present for an Unforgettable Pastime

Is your friend an unstoppable shopaholic who loves looking at, trying on and buying new wardrobe items? Then do not take away the main pleasure from her – the opportunity to go shopping. Present her with a purchase certificate! Let the girlfriend rejoice at the new thing and have fun choosing a present on her own. And you can keep her company.

Men know that having a good time is not only possible in shops. Therefore, they can present an equally amazing present:

  • horseback riding or outdoor picnic;
  • certificate for SPA treatments and professional Thai massage;
  • visit the water park;
  • riding a catamaran, yacht or jet skis;
  • going to a concert or theater.

The birthday girl will surely be happy if friends are nearby during the fun.

A Surprise Reminiscent of a Strong Friendship

It’s nice when your beloved girlfriend is around. But if you can’t spend a lot of time together, make sure that friendship does not fade away. Present a little thing that will remind you of your strong friendship.

A woman can give:

  • paired pendant or keychain with the inscription “Best friends”;
  • a photo album or photo collage with shared photos;
  • a joint photo session in the studio (do not forget about beautiful outfits, hairstyles and makeup).

A man can present:

  • a T-shirt or a mug with a photo print (you can print a nice congratulatory inscription);
  • a portrait or a friendly cartoon made from a joint photograph.

If a friend is sentimental and in awe of everything that reminds of loved ones, such a gift will cause a storm of delight.


The best friend for you is a close and dear person. And of course, you want to give her a pleasant and truly unforgettable surprise. When choosing a gift for such a valuable person, consider the recipient’s age, hobbies, and personal tastes. And then you can please your best friend with a great present!

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