What Flowers Can Be Given to a Man

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What Flowers Can Be Given to a Man: It is believed that flowers are not the most appropriate gift for men. But such stereotypical thinking is no longer relevant today. American florists found out that 6 out of 10 men love flowers and don’t mind receiving a bouquet as a gift.

What Flowers Can Be Given to a Man

And the remaining 40% would not refuse such a sign of attention. After all, flowers are beautiful, look aesthetically pleasing, and cause positive emotions.

The conclusion suggests itself: a bouquet for a man is an excellent present. The only condition is that you need to know what flowers to give a man and how to properly arrange a bouquet.

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What Flowers Can Be Given to a Man

Men’s bouquets may be different. Florists include different types of flowers in it. The most suitable are:

1. Gladiolus

A male flower shaped like a sword. Among the Romans, it was considered the flower of gladiators. By the way, and naming it is translated as “sword”. The ability for long flowering of gladiolus is associated with male constancy.

2. The Rose

A universal flower does not need additional accessories. For a masculine design, you just need to fold a bouquet of geometric shapes of roses, wrap it in a transparent film or craft paper and tie it with a stylish ribbon or twine. The rose is associated with wealth, prosperity and good luck in business.

3. Anthurium

A symbol of true courage. This flower is often called “male happiness”. He, like a rose, means well-being and success. If you want to give indoor flowers to a man, then you won’t find a better option. Anthurium is one of the few potted flowers that can be given to a man. Although stems with bright red heart-shaped flowers and a bright yellow stamen can decorate any bouquet of cut flowers.

4. Dahlia

It will emphasize the perseverance, assertive character and activity of a man. In the countries of the East, a dahlia as a gift was considered a wish for good and vitality.

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5. Orchid

Unusual and original option for a man’s bouquet. When presenting an orchid, you need to consider its shade:

  • green – a wish of happiness and good luck;
  • purple – means respect and admiration;
  • white – suitable for creative people: poets, musicians, artists;
  • yellow or orange – a positive, friendly present for a male colleague.

Today, a bouquet with an orchid is considered an elite gift. To give such flowers to a man for an anniversary or on another occasion means to emphasize respect for him, to emphasize his status and to express appreciation for his special talents.

6. Chrysanthemum

As a gift, it is suitable for a man who has reached a special position in society. A bouquet of chrysanthemums will mean that the giving person or team wishes for further prosperity and a successful career.

7. Carnation

For a long time, it was considered as almost the only flower that can be presented to a man. And such an opinion is logical because the carnation always symbolizes straightforwardness and rationality – purely masculine qualities. And outwardly, the carnation looks strict, concise, and orderly.

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8. Callas

In Greek, the name of the flower is translated as “beautiful”. It looks very elegant – one petal is wrapped around a yellow pyramid. A flower can be given to a man to emphasize his nobility. A long straight stem means striving up, and achieving your goals. For men’s bouquets, you should choose flowers with large white petals. The bouquet should be large, with many green elements.

9. Ranunculus

Well-knitted ranunculus or ranunculus flower buds are a great choice for a man’s bouquet if you want to express sympathy. Flowers symbolize joy and fun. They will certainly surprise and delight any man. Moreover, the choice of “male” shades of the flower is great: purple, white, burgundy, orange, and yellow. Often the ranunculus does not play the role of the main flower but is a decorative addition to a man’s bouquet.

10. lilies

A bouquet of lilies is given to loved ones to express the warmest feelings for the hero of the day, birthday and any other hero of the occasion. Mono-bouquets of lilies with green additions look great. For male compositions, yellow and orange lilies are also suitable in combination with hypericum and other decorative branches.

Men’s Bouquet: Drawing Up Rules

When composing a men’s bouquet, several rules must be observed so that the composition looks appropriate for the occasion. If making a bouquet is too difficult, you can trust the professionals.

1. Bouquet Shape

The form of the flower arrangement should be strict and clearly defined. Volumetric balls and intricate cascades are definitely not suitable option. There are several requirements for the shape of a man’s bouquet:

  • brevity.
  • vertical orientation;
  • linear architecture.

Classical conical and cubic bouquets can be replaced with a composition assembled in a natural style, like wildflowers.

2. Color spectrum

Pastel, delicate colors are not suitable for men’s bouquets. This option is best left for women. Men’s compositions should be made in more strict colors. Ideal Colors:

  • Violet;
  • White;
  • yellow;
  • inky;
  • Bordeaux;
  • green;
  • wine;
  • purple.

Shades should be rich and deep. According to international rules of floristry, a combination of green and white flowers, as well as a combination of yellow and green, is ideal for men’s bouquets. Wine, inky and purple tones are also used, which give depth and contrast.

In a bouquet for men, variegation is unacceptable. 1 main color and 2-3 additional ones are enough to make the composition look stylish and masculine.

3. Design Elements

The flower arrangement can be supplemented with various inclusions. They should be a little brutal. For example:

  • Tree branches. The bouquet is complemented by one vertical branch of 70–90 cm. Corylus is well suited for these purposes. You can choose another decor option – collect several small branches in a bunch.
  • Spiny plants. In a composition with delicate colors, they will create a rough contrast. Such decorative “thorns” include holly eringiums.
  • Green branches of bamboo. They fit perfectly into a masculine bouquet, as they meet all the requirements: they are directed upwards, the leaves are sharp in shape, and the stems are painted in a classic “masculine” shade.


It is impossible to overload a man’s bouquet with decorative elements. The standard composition is several colors of the same variety and a concise but contrasting design.

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