What Cannot Be Given for a Birthday

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What Cannot Be Given for a Birthday: Bad gifts can spoil the mood of the birthday boy for the whole year, which is why you should approach the choice of a present with special attention. Signs will also help determine the choice of the right gift.

What Cannot Be Given for a Birthday

What Can Not Be Given to a Woman

Women especially often believe in omens. Because of this, the wrong present will be regarded as a desire to end the relationship.

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Before buying a gift, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with what cannot be given to a woman:

  1. Flowers or clothing in yellow. It is believed that yellow is the color of separation. Alternatively, you can donate money with which the chosen one will buy the thing she likes on her own.
  2. Empty dishes. Such kitchen utensils can bring trouble to the house, it is advisable to fill the dishes in advance, any coin or sweets will do.
  3. Pearl. This jewelry is a symbol of women’s tears, therefore, in order for the beloved to be sad much less often, you should refuse such a gift.
  4. Mirror. This is an item with very strong energy, which is not always able to bring happiness to its owner.
  5. Slippers. According to signs, slippers are not given to women who are at a more advanced age. It is believed that such a gesture will be an extra reminder of old age and death.

But not all gifts that depend on signs can become bad. Ask your lady what she wants for her birthday. It is very easy to deceive the signs if the beloved makes the purchase of a long-awaited gift on her own.

What Not to Give a Guy

A guy with whom a woman does not have close marriage ties also counts on a nice gift that will once again remind him of love.

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In this case, it is very important to know what things cannot be given to a guy so that this does not become the reason for an early separation:

  1. Joint photo in a frame. Such a present is not the most successful and can lead to a break in relations.
  2. Empty backpack or bag. But what if the young man dreamed of this particular gift? Just fill the backpack with pleasant little things: stationery, sweets or other things that will be a great addition to the main present.
  3. Empty wallet. It is believed that an empty wallet will lead to financial trouble. Place your photo and some paper money inside the wallet.
  4. Of course, soft toys will be inappropriate gifts. As an alternative, it is allowed to donate radio-controlled cars or quadrocopters.
  5. The clock is also considered a harbinger of separation.

The best gift for a guy on this day will be the emotions received from you. That is why you can give a young man a joint trip to another city or tickets to a sports match.

What Not to Give Your Husband

The husband is one of the closest people, so a woman always chooses gifts with special care, relying on signs that affect the well-being of the family.

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There is a certain list of gifts that cannot be given to a man:

  1. It is not recommended to give socks to the chosen one. It is believed that such a gift will lead to the departure of a man from a common home.
  2. Knives become a symbol of the imminent death of a person.
  3. According to signs, underwear symbolizes adultery.
  4. Alcohol or tobacco products. Such a gift takes away the health of the birthday man.
  5. Pet. If such a step is not a jointly considered decision, then you should not present the little animal. In addition, the birthday person must pay a ransom for the gift (any coin will do), otherwise, the animal may get sick or run away from its owner.

A great gift would be a thing related to the hobby of a loved one. Men don’t take hints, so ask directly about what your husband would like for his birthday.

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What Not to Give for a Birthday

The signs associated with birthday gifts do not end there. Bad presentations also include:

  1. Books. Oddly enough, a book given to a married couple can lead to quarrels.
  2. Figurines or paintings depicting birds. These little things will bring unnecessary fuss and trouble to the house.
  3. Jewelry made of amber symbolizes separation.
  4. A comb can be a reason for divulging family secrets.
  5. Candles. Such a gift often symbolizes a funeral.
  6. Shower gels, wash kits. It is believed that this present can be the reason for separation.

It is also not recommended to give gifts that are in no way connected with the hobbies of the birthday man. Remember that your tastes can be drastically different, so it’s a good idea to think about your partner’s wishes first.

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What Can You Give for a Birthday?

But there are gifts that you should definitely pay attention to:

  1. A tie presented to a husband will become a symbol of a strong family. It is not recommended to give such a present to acquaintances or friends.
  2. The carpet is a symbol of good luck in any business.
  3. Pillows will bring harmony to the house.
  4. The tablecloth is able to strengthen the relationship between the donor and the birthday man.
  5. Money. A universal gift that will help the birthday boy get the thing that he has long dreamed of.

A gift made with a soul will be the most pleasant for a loved one. Remember that any sign can be easily deceived without harming the relationship.

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