What Can I Give a Girl for 11 Years?

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What Can I Give a Girl for 11 Years: At 11 years old, giving the girl children’s gifts is not advisable. At this time, the child begins to grow up and seeks to become an independent person. It is necessary to reckon with this feature of age and give gifts that would emphasize individuality and bring pleasant emotions.

What Can I Give a Girl for 11 Years

What Can I Give a Girl for 11 Years?

When choosing a suitable option, you need not only remember the features of the age of the birthday girl. It is important to consider her hobbies, and character traits. Read about what to give the girl for 11 years in our article. There are ideas for different individuals: sweet tooth, book lovers, fashionistas, or gamers.

For Single-minded Dreamers: Wishboard

Wishboard is an excellent gift for an 11-year-old girl. Wishboard can do in many different ways. Typically, this is a poster or base card on which stickers are glued with future wishes. Learn to be a cosmetologist, enroll in a sports dance section, or grow an orchid – these and any other dreams can add to the wish board. According to psychologists, this is how dreams are visualized and become a reality faster. Wishboards can be bought ready-made or made independently.

For the Sweet Tooth: Cotton Candy Machine

Despite the desire to be an adult, an 11-year-old girl is still quite a child in her heart. Therefore, the apparatus for making cotton candy will delight her and her friends. After all, all that is needed is sugar and 3 minutes of free time. A good mood, airy dessert, and pleasant impressions are a guaranteed bonus from a gift.

For Book Lovers: Gift Book

Reading lovers can present the book in a beautiful design. In this case, it is desirable to take into account the interests of the girl. The encyclopedia of art, books about space and the solar system, microworlds, the meanings of flags, chemical elements – these and other informative books in a fascinating feed for children will not leave indifferent any book-lover girl.

Gift Book

If you want to present the original version of the book, you can choose the book Michelle Lecrae’s “Piggy Bank of Secrets for Modern Girls.” There are many interesting ideas for the girl in it: how to bake a berry pie, make a paper decoration or become … a fairy. Bright design and illustrations, the beautiful format of the book, and many interesting tasks made the book a hit in many countries of the world.

For Fun and Quick-witted: Board Game

Board games are a fun, interesting, and useful way to communicate with family and friends. For example, the game “Winter has come!” – A wonderful gift for a girl, especially if her birthday fell in wintertime.

This is an activity game with cute chips, interesting tasks, and a beautifully designed playing field. She will create a cozy atmosphere and a good mood. More versatile versions of popular board games that are suitable for any season:

  • Takenoko,
  • Doble,
  • Tomato Joe
  • Carcassonne
  • Monopoly,
  • Dixit Odyssey.

For Creative: Drawing Kits

A large set of pencils, brushes, watercolors, felt-tip pens and crayons is a real find for creative girls. The gift is ideal for those who like to draw. You can pick up other gifts for creative natures:

  • Set for sewing toys hand-made.
  • Set for creating stylish jewelry.
  • Set for modeling from plaster.
  • “Perfume Laboratory” – a kit for creating your perfumes.
  • Soap Factory is a gift for those who want to make soap with their own hands.

You can choose other creative sets: knitting, beadwork, folding origami and creating gel candles and embroidery.

For Stylish: Cosmetic Set

For girls who like to fancy, you can give them a set of children’s cosmetics. For example, Markwins Pop is a beautiful aluminum case with everything: cream eyeshadows, lip glosses, nail polishes, and hair clips. All shades are gentle, barely noticeable, and easily washed off with water. Decorated case in the popular theme of a unicorn.

If the birthday girl likes to decorate her nails, she should like the children’s set for a manicure. It includes stickers for nails, paints, and decorations. Another option is to give a makeup bag. The girl herself will color it to her liking, and the handbag will become an exclusive part of her image.

For Lovers of Computer Games: Computer Accessories

Not only boys are keen on computer games. Girls are sometimes not inferior to boys in the mastery of “walkers,” “flyers,” and “shooters.” If the birthday girl is one of them, then for her you can pick up such gifts:

  • Original computer mouse and mouse pad.
  • Unusual keyboard.
  • A set of game discs.
  • Headphones.
  • Flash drives in a unique design.


Today, more and more often, children are given not a material gift, but an impression. To do this, a gift certificate is ordered on specialized sites. All that needs to do is to choose an impression and order it for the girl’s birthday. The choice of gift emotions is huge.

1. Sand Painting

Sand painting is fun, creative, beautiful, and unusual. In 1 hour, you can create 3-5 of your paintings. By the way, being able to draw is not necessary. Tips from a professional artist will help you learn the basics of sand art. After that, the birthday girl and her friends will have the opportunity to express their emotions, feelings, and thoughts in sand paintings.

2. Husky Riding

Husky dogs are agile and friendly dogs. Communication with them will bring a lot of unforgettable emotions. But do not forget that this is also a great sled dog. So a husky ride will be a nice bonus for the girl, her friends, and friends. Also, during the present impression, it will be possible to try on the clothes of the northern peoples and visit a yurt.

3. Culinary Master Class

Black paella or croquettes with Jamon – these and other gourmet dishes are easy to master if you attend a master class from a professional chef. If a girl is fond of cooking, then she will appreciate such a gift impression. Workshops dedicated to different topics: Italian cuisine, an unusual New Year’s table, Spanish cuisine, and a “pancake menu.” All products, tools, and drinks are included in the price of the certificate.

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