Types of Birthday Gift

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Types of Birthday Gift: Giving gifts is a very pleasant tradition, with which we emphasize the importance and our good attitude towards someone. All gifts can be roughly divided into types.

General Information

Gifts are:

  • By gender: for men and women, for boys and girls.
  •  By age: for children, adults, for the older generation.
  •  By connections: a child, a relative, a friend, a colleague, a boss, a colleague.
  • Professional: doctor, teacher, educator, accountant, oilman, builder, a military man.
  • Holidays: birthday, New Year, Valentine’s Day, February 23, March 8, wedding anniversary, the birth of a child, baptism and so on.

Let’s take a quick look at all the types to help you decide on a gift and break them down into the top 10. By gender. The most common type of gift.

Come to the store and I am interested in gifts, the seller usually asks you for whom it is intended:

  • 1) Women are given cosmetics, eau de toilette, accessories, bags, jewelry, gift sets, phones, wallets.
  • 2) Men choose cigarette cases, ties, belts, chess, sports equipment, elite alcohol, hats as a gift.
  • 3) For a girl, dolls, houses, domed furniture, hair accessories, children’s jewelry, children’s cosmetics, books, clothes are suitable as a gift.
  • 4) For boys – cars, radio-controlled cars, tractors, railways, an encyclopedia, a toy set of tools, a ball, a construction set.
  • 5) It is customary to give toys to children. The smallest are given rattles and educational toys, preschoolers are given puzzles, scooters, and schoolchildren are given bicycles, skateboards, sports equipment, interesting books, board games and gadgets.
  • 6) It is customary for the older generation to present gifts for the home, for summer cottages, for hobbies and hobbies, as well as trips to sanatoriums and resorts.
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By connections:

  • If you are giving a gift to your child or grandchild, then just ask him what he wants or watch him in the store. It is parents and grandparents who give their child more expensive gifts like gadgets or bicycles. But even giving a toy, you will not go wrong, the main thing is that it is desirable for the child.
  • Giving gifts to a relative is also not difficult. If it is a mother, wife or sister, then see the paragraph above – gifts for women. Of course, one of the most favorite gifts for a close woman is jewelry. Gifts for home and household are often desired too. Present a nice set of dishes or household appliances.
  • If the relative is a man, donate a shirt, sweater, wristwatch, purse, accessories for a car, smokehouse or barbecue.
  • About all the same can be given to a friend/girlfriendDo not forget also gifts such as certificates for a beauty salon or spa, a gift photoshoot, gift souvenirs and gift sets.
  • A souvenir stationery set, a set of sweets or fruits and other items of a not too personal nature will suit a colleague and a colleague.  The boss needs a more serious gift. For example, if the boss is a collector, donate another item to his collection. A large picture for a home or office, a sculpture or a figurine for a desktop, a globe-shaped bar, a liqueur with an interesting design, a mini smokehouse or a barbecue are also suitable.
  • If your friend or relative is soon celebrating a professional holiday, please him with a professional-themed present or just a nice thing.
  • Present a beautiful, themed flashcard, a gingerbread set, an electric kettle for tea drinking at work, an organizer, a portable battery, a thermos, a branded pen, a diary and other things that you may need at work or will bring a pleasant impression.
  • We will also divide gifts for the holidays: it is customary to give more personalized gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. For the new year, you can give a souvenir or household utensils as a symbol of the coming new year. For February 23 and March 8, you can purchase both personal gifts and special themed sets. On the wedding anniversary, most often they give symbolic gifts corresponding to the name of the anniversary.
  • And for the wedding itself, most often they give money, household appliances or household utensils. For the original newlyweds, gifts such as a wedding brick, a passbook or a cardboard ATM are suitable.
  • At the birth of a child, forty days old or his baptism, children are given supplies, clothes, toys and accessories.
  • At the end of a school or university, medals, vignettes, souvenirs with the school’s logo, years of study or a photograph of the class are presented.
  • Upon dismissal of an employee or retirement, they are awarded certificates, souvenirs, paintings.
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Gifts can also be budgetary and expensive. Budgetary for everyone, these are souvenirs or just a small token of attention that can be given even for no reason. Expensive gifts include telephones, household appliances, cars, jewelry, travel vouchers.

There are also corporate gifts. This is when an organization buys the same small gifts and presents them to its employees, for example, on March 8, February 23, or the new year. Such gifts can also become personalized by adding an inscription or engraving on each present with the name of the employee, the name of the company, and so on.

Another gift can be homemade. Most often, these are given by children, but they can also be performed by adults. For example, you yourself can make a box, an edible bouquet, sew or knit clothes with your own hands, or prepare a game.

Also, gifts are useful, funny, foreign, edible. Well, here we think everything is already clear! The main thing is to decide on the points “to whom” and “reason”, then the choice of a gift will become much easier and more pleasant. And also do not forget about the huge selection of different packaging, boxes and decoration that will decorate your gift!

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