25 Original Gifts for Lawyers

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Original Gifts for Lawyers: On more than one occasion, we have all found ourselves in the dilemma of what to give a person or loved one, especially if it is dedicated to a particular profession such as law.

So here are 25 gift ideas to give to a legal professional, and while some are very predictable, they are always-needed gifts that will help a lawyer look more professional.

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For Recently Graduated Lawyers

If we have an acquaintance who is just beginning to follow in the footsteps of justice, there will be some gifts that will make them look like a pro from the start.

1. Suit

A formal suit for men, or tailored suits for women, will help them look professional from the start. It is preferable to accompany young recent graduates in their first choice of suit, and inform them about the different types of cut that exist so that they know the one that best suits their figure.

On this site, you will find the best tips for choosing a suit depending on the figure and style of each man. And on this page, they give some tips to wear a tailored suit that fits the figure.

2. Agenda

After leaving college, young people are just beginning to make serious commitments beyond going to school. Writing down work appointments, meetings, and even meals in a visible place will help you not forget anything and organize your life in a better way.

3. Ties and Scarves

As a complement to a serious dress, lawyers often wear ties to give a greater image of formality, while women opt for scarves. Either of these two options will be an excellent gift to dress formally from the beginning.

4. Cardholder

Not all wallets have enough space to store cards. On the other hand, taking out your wallet (especially if you are used to carrying a lot of money) can lead to various accidents.

A cardholder will give you enough space to store your business cards and have them on hand at all times, as well as being able to keep those that other professionals give you.

5. Briefcase

Giving a briefcase to a recent graduate will give him an image of professionalism from the beginning. It is preferable to choose one that is waterproof to prevent important documents from getting wet, as well as to ensure that it has a dedicated space for the laptop.

6. Jewelry

In jewelry, you can find necklaces, bracelets, rings, or even cufflinks adorned with legal figures (such as scales or the goddess of justice) that show that they are passionate about the profession.

7. Recorder

You probably don’t have a good memory, or you need to have a more complete record of new client interviews, so a tape recorder that records these events can be ideal for any attorney.

8. Personalized Thermos or Mugs

How about giving away a mug that says, “Trust me, I’m a lawyer”? Or how about: “I’m a lawyer, what is your superpower?”

These cups or thermos can be elegant, at the same time very practical. Due to the constant workload they have, many lawyers tend to stay up late and need a strong coffee to defend their clients with everything.

9. Christmas Ornament

The good thing about Christmas trees is that they can be decorated with any object and they will look just as excellent and festive.

Currently, you can find various ornaments made of wood with carved balance or even some with the Lady of Justice. What better excuse than Christmas to give to your favorite lawyer?

For Lawyers Opening Their First Office

We may also need to search for a gift for a lawyer who has been practicing for a long time, such as accident lawyers but who has just started his own firm, or who simply already has his own office. The gifts mentioned above are a good option, but chances are you already have them due to your length of service, so here are some more ideas:

1. Custom Watches

Having a watch is important for any professional to arrive to their appointments on time, but it will surely give you more pleasure to know that you have a watch that lives up to your profession. It can have different elements of the legal profession engraved or even the name of your office.

2. Coffee Maker

There is nothing that makes a place more personal than being able to prepare coffee or tea to taste. Giving a coffee pot to a lawyer will personalize your space from the start.

3. Cups

But if he already has a coffee maker, you can always give him a mug that reminds him that he is the best lawyer in the world or a more serious one to offer his clients when they visit him in his office.

4. Lady of Justice

It is common to find this statuette of the woman blindfolded and holding a scale in her hand in most lawyers’ offices. It is likely that because it is a new office you do not have it yet, so it can be a great decoration for your new workplace.

If you are not a person who is very fond of decorations and chooses to choose useful gifts, this feather base may be ideal.

5. Extra Cell Phone Batteries or Chargers

An extra cell phone battery or charger to keep in your office will be of great help for the days you forget to bring yours or for those days you have to be away without being able to charge your phone. A perfect gift for those who work in different places.

6. Book Holder

There are several book holders with funny figures, surely among them you can find some with figures related to the law or any other interest you have.

7. Books

The more books an office has, the more professionalism and culture it gives the owner of the place. Giving away books can help the lawyer to consult things that are not found on the Internet, or it can simply distract him a bit from his daily work.

8. Works of Art

Personalizing offices with paintings or artwork can enhance creativity. In the case of lawyers, you can look for art related to Greek mythology since the goddess Athena (Minerva in Roman mythology) is also known as the goddess of justice and wisdom.

9. Office Furniture

If it is a new office, you will surely need furniture and materials. From paper to take notes, pens, glue, staplers, or whatever else you think will work for it, it will be well received.

10. Movies or Series

Currently, there are many films or television series based on the profession of lawyers, giving these to a professional can help you take a little distraction from the daily pressures.

11. Dolls or Figures

It may seem unprofessional to give away stuffed animals or cartoon figures; however, they also add a more human and personal touch to an office. There are several famous people (like Snoopy) that can be found dressed as a lawyer.

12. Perfume

Taking care of your personal appearance is also important in a profession where you work so closely with people. Giving away a good perfume that is not tiring on the nose can help clients feel more comfortable with the attorney.

13. Pen

Although it is the most common gift of all, it is an object that should never be missing in a lawyer’s briefcase. A good non-dripping pen will make a good impression on your contacts and will give an even greater image of professionalism if it has your name on it.

14. Clothes for the Baby

It is probably a lawyer who, although he has pursued work success, has not neglected his family and personal relationships. Therefore, it is likely that you know more than one professional who in addition to being recently promoted, now has a small heir. Take the opportunity and have funny legends engraved on the t-shirts that the baby will wear, from “Don’t let me fall, my dad is a lawyer” to “My mom is the most beautiful lawyer in the world.”

15. Custom T-shirts

In addition, t-shirts can be personalized for attorneys to wear with their newborns. T-shirts or sweatshirts can carry clever captions like “I’m a lawyer, let’s save ourselves time and assume I’m never wrong,” or “Harvard Lawyer (Just kidding).”

16. Liquor

Finally, a personalized decanter will help you get through the tough times every attorney has at least once in their career. Help him feel better with this very original and special gift.


These are the 25 most original or essential gifts to give to a lawyer, although there is always the possibility of personalizing an everyday object that reminds them of their love for their profession on a daily basis.

This post will be effective if you want to wish your lawyer friend along with the gift.

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