Best New Year Gift Ideas for Customers

Last Updated on December 8, 2022 by Mary J. Grice

New Year Gift Ideas for Customers: Don’t know what to give your clients for Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Or maybe, is it the anniversary of one of them? Don’t worry! In this article, we will leave you with many ideas of what you can give to surprise them.

New Year Gift Ideas for Customers

A company is nothing without its customers, right? Whether it’s a hairdresser, a pharmacy, a magazine or even a large business, the truth is that we need others to get ahead and for any self-respecting business to succeed. For this reason, when a new year arrives, there is no shortage of thank you messages or emails to wish all customers the happiest of holidays.

If this year you want to go one step further, we bring you what you need: We have made a selection of new year’s gifts from companies through very useful ideas to give customers the best possible gift. A small detail so that they don’t forget that the company remembers them and wants to continue counting on their support. Take note!

Top 10 New Year Gift Ideas for Customers

We cannot neglect, as we said a few lines above, the clients of any company. They are the ones who make it possible for the company to continue standing, whatever its purpose. That is why you can prepare a series of gifts and give them to a few buyers, in this way you will be able to retain those people and everyone they know much more.

You must think very well about your company so that the gift goes in accordance with it. If it is a serious company, the gift should be just as solemn. Let’s look at some general ideas that you can give your personal touch to. Of course, do not forget to include your logo in the detail you choose:

1. Corporate Calendars


Whatever your company, a calendar can be a great idea to give away to your clients. In the main photo, you can place the logo of your company, or make a calendar with several photos (one per month) of your business. There are many ways to make these calendars, we recommend you order them ahead of time so that they are ready for Christmas or for the New Year. Your customers will be able to see, every time they look at the calendar, the photo of your business, your logo or your contact information (phone, street, email…). A fantastic idea!

2. Agendas or Notebooks and Notebooks

Agendas or Notebooks

Something that will not be difficult for you to find or make is a series of diaries or small notebooks to give to your clients in the new year. As was the case with the calendar, if you decide on an agenda, your clients will be able to see your logo 365 days in the coming year. In addition, if you want to make it even more original, you can put some motivating messages or phrases inside (even Christmas) that will make your agenda a success wherever it goes, as well as discount codes or specific dates on which there will be sales or special offers.

3. Pencils or Pens From Your Company

Pencils or Pens

It is a basic idea and, in addition, very simple. In this case, you just have to put your logo on all those pencils or pens, although if you want you can also put the logo on one side and the company slogan on the other if it has one. To give a very special new year touch to the gift, you can put those pencils or pens in transparent bags and place a red bow on them.

4. Portable Batteries

Portable Batteries

One of the technological gadgets that you can give to your clients is a portable battery, very useful and ideal to be more original than ever in the new year. You can make a few for your most VIP clients and put the logo on them. Choose several of the colors of your company, for example, if your business has reddish colors, the battery is the same. Your clients will surely appreciate the detail and will always carry this object with them.

5. Corporate Flash Drives

Corporate Flash Drives

Another of the typical gifts from any company, not only at Christmas, can be a flash drive or a USB. And it is that it is very easy to give away these devices since you can buy a few and put your logo or initials on them. If your business is public-facing, you can place a plate on the counter or at the entrance with all these USBs so that each customer who walks through the door can take theirs and take it home.

6. Keychains or Magnets

Keychains or Magnets

This is another fairly simple gift but it can be very original. If you are in charge of creating a Christmas magnet or keychain, with the company logo and something distinctive of your business, you will have great detail. Of course, what we said a few lines above comes into play here, it will depend on what your business is. If it is a law firm, you will only have to place the logo and a corporate or new year phrase. If it is a company that hosts events, you can include an image on the keychain or magnet or even a funny phrase. If it is, for example, a place to sell cars, you can make a keychain or magnet of a car and put inside a phrase such as “happy holidays”.

7. Bag or Tote Bag

Bag or Tote Bag

A personalized tote bag can be a great gift for the new year. Place them at the door of your business, or if you ship, include them in the first packages as a new year’s gift for your customers. This bag can be made of any material, although if your company is committed to the environment, our recommendation is that it be made from recycled materials. Place your logo and some special phrase on it that your customers can always remember. Inside you can include any of the gifts that we have mentioned before, such as key rings, magnets or a calendar.

8. Discounts or Promotions

Discounts or Promotions

Something that you can do, whatever your business, is to make small gifts to your customers in the form of discount vouchers, for example. You can even add a 2-for-1 offer if it is a clothing or food company, or free shipping during a new year period.

In this sense, if you have a business that sells products, such as creams and makeup, you can send samples to your best customers or place them on the counter if it is a store or office so that they can take them themselves. It is also a great idea if you want to sell a product in question since you will be giving your buyers the possibility to try it and come back for it.

9. Christmas Gift Basket

Christmas Gift Basket

This gift may not be within the reach of all businesses, because it is likely that you cannot give baskets to all your customers. However, you can always give a few baskets to your most exclusive buyers, or create a bingo or a raffle among all of them so that they can take the basket of products from your business. It is about making a kind of lottery game in order to also motivate your customers to come to your business for their ticket (free, of course).

10. Cookies or Chocolates

Cookies or Chocolates

You can create cookies or chocolates with your brand logo on the wrapper (even printed on the cookie itself) and send a few to your customers, or place them on the counter in the store or office for them to pick up themselves. You can also make a small card, and tie it to the wrapper of these delicious sweets, in which you thank your customers for their support throughout this time and wish them Christmas and New Year wishes.

Useful Gift Ideas to Give to Clients

Let’s start with the basics for all items and tastes:

  1. Christmas basket
  2. chocolates
  3. panettone
  4. Cookies
  5. Drinks (wine, pisco, whiskey, champagne, etc.)
  6. Cake
  7. Desserts
  8. empanadas
  9. Flower arrangement
  10. Calendar
  11. almanacs
  12. Christmas cards
  13. Ballpoint
  14. corporate mugs
  15. Agenda for the following year
  16. Calendar
  17. Takes all
  18. corporate pens
  19. Christmas Decorations
  20. corporate pole

Original Gifts Ideas

Next, we leave you some more original and appropriate ideas according to your field.

If your clients are in the same city or have the budget to travel anywhere (or if you have the budget to pay for their trip), you can hold different types of events such as:

  • Year-end or anniversary event
  • Christmas dinner
  • Workshop or Course
  • Special dinner with guest chef
  • Social activity (such as a Christmas chocolate party for a social sector, tree planting, beach cleaning, etc.)
  • Tickets to an event or concert.

For Those Who Travel a Lot

  • wireless cell phone charger
  • Earphones
  • Cover eyes (Or cover eyes, or mask to sleep)
  • Face masks or shields (to follow Covid protocols)

For Clients in an Office

  • Inside plants
  • desktop plants
  • succulent terrarium
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • stress ball
  • pendulum balls
  • office fans
  • air conditioning for everyone
  • mini-oven
  • Coffee maker
  • special organic coffee
  • Craft
  • Minibar
  • Art (paintings, sculptures)
  • Tables with images or paintings related to their category
  • coasters

Technological Gifts

  • smartwatch
  • Alexa
  • Streaming Membership
  • Robot vacuum cleaner

Automotive Sector

Do you have a car dealership? A workshop? Or maybe you are Enzo Ferrari. We leave you some ideas of all prices and tastes:

  • A collectible toy car.
  • Car fresheners.
  • Gasoline for 01 years.
  • 01 consumer voucher for a known Drive-Thru in your city.
  • Tickets for a racing event.

Medical / Health Sector

  • Organize a medical campaign
  • First aid kit
  • Covid pack (disinfectant, alcohol, masks)
  • Oximeters

Agricultural Sector

  • Caps
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • water filter bottle
  • Thermos
  • Razor
  • vectorinox blade

for Lawyers

  • ties
  • briefcases
  • Symbols of your profession
  • voice recorders
  • Constitution
  • Collectible Law Books
  • A sack
  • fancy pen
  • A clock

Other Ideas to Gift Your Customers

  • wallets
  • portfolios
  • Wine and wine holder set
  • pet gift box
  • spa session
  • massage session
  • gourmet food basket
  • Books
  • Flower seeds
  • organic pack
  • Pack of creams
  • A trip
  • Trees for your company

Remember that everything depends on your budget and the location of your consumers. Some companies plan to give away cars and property to their clients, or a luxury item like a Rolex.

Tips When Giving Gifts to Your Customers

1. It is not necessary to give the same gift to all your clients.

For example, if you have a marketing agency like ours, you must have clients of all kinds and from different cities. It would be almost impossible to send the same gift to everyone. In addition, each client has a different value depending on the rate they pay monthly or according to the services you provide them.

On the other hand, every client is different both because of their category and their personality, age, gender, etc. So… if this is your case, you have a lot to think about.

2. Think of something your customers will appreciate.

Dive inside your client’s heads and give them something invaluable to them. Something that makes them smile and excites them.

3. Take advantage of any occasion.

You don’t need to wait for a new year to be detailed with your clients. You can also send a good gift for a special date such as an anniversary, congratulations for completing a new certification or reaching a sales goal, etc.

Do you already know what to give your customers for the new year? With which of these ideas do you stay? We read you in the comments!