Best Love Quotes for Boyfriend

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Best Love Quotes for Boyfriend: When you really love someone, sometimes words fall short to express it. Even so, the truth is that there are many ways to convey the love you feel for someone. When you find a partner and fall in love, you may want to say many things to them, but you can’t find the right words, because feelings can be difficult to express.

Love Quotes for Boyfriend

For this reason, in this article, we bring you the best selection of Love Quotes for your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband, wife, or, in short, for your partner. With these short words, you can remind him how much you love him, what you expect from your relationship, and what feelings are inside you that you may not have expressed. You can also use these Quotes to dedicate through Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Original Love Quotes for Boyfriend

When you’re in a relationship, there’s no better way to let him or her know what your feelings are for him or her than to tell him or her. Expressing how in love you are is one of the most beautiful acts that can be done for someone, but sometimes it is difficult to find the right words. Therefore, in this section, we bring you the best original love Quotes for my boyfriend.

  • I love you from the day I met you, until the day you leave this world.
Saying “I love you” is not always easy, but when it is very clear, it can come out from within with simple and direct phrases like this one and with the small gestures of everyday life. Do not hesitate to dedicate this phrase to my boyfriend or girlfriend if you really feel that way, but do not forget to show it to them.
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  • How many people have passed through my life without marking me, but then you come along and change everything…
  • I would get closer to the most hidden confinement to be able to look into your eyes and tell you that I love you.
  • I want that when we are old, one day I wake up with you and tell you: See? I promised you that I would love you forever.
  • In every relationship, there are fights, disputes and jealousy, but if you really love each other, even the most complicated moments can be overcome.
  • I don’t need to remind you that I love you, but it’s just that I love saying it over and over again and seeing you smile…
  • Kissing you is like flying high, very high… to the sun.
  • My first kiss with you was not with the lips, but with the look.
  • I’m going to keep you in my treasure chest so you never leave.
  • I don’t mind our arguments. I don’t care what others believe. I don’t care what you think. I love you and point.
  • The moon knows how many nights I’ve spent awake thinking about how to make you fall in love…
  • I like even those things about you that I can’t stand from others.
  • They say that the best moments come when you least expect it, and that’s what happened with our first kiss.
  • In case I forgot to tell you, in case you didn’t hear me, in case you’re not clear or in case you need to hear it: I love you!
  • When I met you you were nobody, and now you are everything.
  • The distance cannot break a love if it is true, because words caress, messages comfort and hearing your voice is like whispering in my ear that you love me.
It is said that distance is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome in a relationship. This is one of the Quotes for my boyfriend or girlfriend that you can say to your partner when you are separated. With these nice words for my boyfriend/girlfriend, I’m sure you’ll be able to overcome anything without great difficulties. On these occasions, we also recommend this selection of love Quotes at a distance.
  • I don’t need more kisses than yours, I don’t need more caresses than yours, I don’t need more sighs in my ear than yours. I love you and nobody else.
  • Do I need to confess to you again that I’m dying to be by your side every damn second of my life?
  • I love you, and as much as they try to separate us, nothing will change it.
  • Let’s fall asleep with caresses on the skin and wake up with kisses all over the body.
  • I have something with you that I hope I don’t have with anyone else.
  • I want you to kiss me until you leave me breathless. Lose consciousness, touch the sky with you…
  • The worst of all is not that I think of you from the time I get up until I go to bed, but that every night I dream of you…
  • Excuse me for thinking about you so much, for not being the same as before, for bringing you up in all the topics of conversation, for having fallen in love so quickly…
  • Today marks two years since our first kiss. For days like that and many others, I want to spend my life with you.
  • Those little moments by your side are eternal memories for my soul.
  • I would tell you so many things looking at you, but many more whispering to you…
  • Since the day I met you, I haven’t waited for anyone else.
  • Neither Coca-Cola nor coffee stimulates me as much as a message from you.
  • I don’t want us to have a short “forever”, but a “little by little” for life.
  • Do you remember when I told you that I would be by your side in good times as well as in bad? Well now you know it was a real promise.
  • Even though you don’t have wings when you hug me we rise to the top of the sky…
  • A true couple does not consist of both having the same ideas, but understanding each other in everything.
  • How can I forget you if with you I discovered that angels exist…
  • There are days that I miss you. On the other hand, others… too.
  • Some of us tend to choose someone leaving the rest of the people on the sidelines… and you are my chosen one.

Beautiful Love Quotes for My Boyfriend

The best way to express the love we feel for a person is to tell them, even if it is sometimes difficult. If you want to dedicate some nice words to your partner, do not miss these beautiful Quotes for my boyfriend For more ideas, you can consult these Quotes to fall in love with and seduce a woman and Quotes to make a man you like or difficult fall in love with.

  • I love you not for how you are, but for how you make me when I’m with you.
  • Whisper to me, put your hand on my chest and watch my heartbeat soar.
  • When you see me shut up, look me in the eye, because my look will tell you everything.
  • When I mention you in conversations with my friends, my mouth floods with “she’s beautiful”, “she’s perfect”, and “I love her with all my soul”.
  • How can I not look for you if I miss you? How can I not dream of you if I think of you all day? How can I not kiss you if I love you…
  • The fault is both of us, for looking for each so much, at the same time getting tired, missing each other, not supporting each other and starting over.
  • I want to stop waking up, because in my dreams you are with me all the time.
  • My fears go away every time you hug me and assure me that everything will be fine.
  • In this love, there is no logic, mathematics, sanity, reasoning or brain. I love you madly, without thinking, with all my soul and my heart.
  • I don’t know if this is whim or love, but what I am sure of is that every moment that I am by your side is perfect.
  • I dream of you so much that my bed already knows who you are. In fact, every night he asks me about you…
  • Since you told me “I love you”, my heart beats faster and time has stopped.
  • Come, make me yours, take me and don’t let me go until dawn.
  • I’m not crazy, I’m just sitting and looking at my phone every moment until you talk to me.
  • Since I met you I had a dream: you are my dream.
  • Now that distance separates us, our memories are what keep me closest to you.
  • You are that star that I would like to touch in the sky
  • I love you period. Do not ask why. Simple as that. That’s ALWAYS.
  • Seconds control time, but you control every second of my life.
  • The other day I talked to my mind about my fears, I told it things about you and suddenly they all vanished.
  • Let that beautiful silence surround us while we make love.
  • I want to stop thinking about you and crash with the reality of not having you in my arms.
  • I wouldn’t mind knowing the consequences of crashing into your lips. My thoughts are named after you because you are the only person I think of night and day.
  • I’m so in love with you for that day I was shaking so much, and instead of tucking me in you took off your clothes with me.
  • There are people for whom we would do anything until tripping over the same stone. And that is you.
  • Your words turn me on, but your gestures unleash madness.
  • The one who smiles is me, but the reason is you…
  • Let’s enjoy tonight, let’s forget that the future is uncertain and let’s make way for the purest and most passionate love.
  • We just said goodbye and I already miss your smile…
  • You and I are a perfect fit not because we think alike, but because we think together.
  • There is no better pen to write than your lips on my skin.
  • First, you leave me speechless. Now you steal my heart. What will be next, my sanity?
  • I love you day and night, through thick and thin, hot and cold… and without clothes, of course 🙂
  • Sometimes my silence screams what my words cannot express.
  • I know I walk aimlessly, but wherever I find you, that will be my place.
  • My only entertainment is to love you, my only aspiration is to have you.
  • Your words are my best coffee every morning.
  • Since you came into my life I have not stopped collecting your “Hello”, your smiles and your glances…

Short Love Quotes for My Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Surely you have ever liked someone with whom you are not yet dating, but whom you would like to conquer. There is nothing better to achieve this than some beautiful Quotes of love. Once you have fallen in love with the person you like, do not miss these short love Quotes for your girlfriend or boyfriend to dedicate them to.

  • I would kiss you for every breath I take.
  • I have already prepared my gaze for when we meet.
  • Now I know what love means. It means spending the whole day thinking of a person, as I think of you.  
  • I no longer remember how many kisses I am going to give you when we are alone.
  • I don’t want to have you by my side for a few hours, or a few days, or a few months… I want to have you by my side ALWAYS.
  • I want you like something forbidden as if I were taking the greatest risk of my life trying, as no one has ever loved…
  • Do not judge my silence, because it is full of words of love for you.
  • With you, I would do everything that I have never wanted to do with others. 
  • I write these words because I remember you, I remember you because I miss you, and I miss you because I love you…  
  • If you were able to read my thoughts, you would understand everything, why do I act like I don’t care about you when in fact I’m madly in love with you?  
  • Those bright eyes lack a look like mine…