100+ Happy January Birthday Quotes, Wishes & Status of 2023

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The most magical and brightest night of the year is behind. And now, hurray, a fresh, new and dazzling year has come, which gives us the opportunity to start living anew, giving up bad habits and simply, refreshed from head to toe, start living on.

January Birthday Quotes

The main thing is to tune in correctly and remember all the best. New Year’s gifts, kind words, and sweets are already in your pocket, it remains only to tune in to the wave of the working regime. Outside the window, fluffy and tender snow, blowing by the wind through the streets of the city.

People huddle together and seem to get warmer from hugs. Well, if there is no one to cuddle with, then a warm blanket or a mug of hot tea will always come to the rescue! Share this New Year‘s tale with those around you, choosing an original and vivid status for your page.

The month of January is approaching and surely hopes and good wishes are renewed for the new year. To welcome you to this beautiful month, we present beautiful happy January birthday quotes & wishes for 2022.

Beautiful January Birthday Quotes

  • You were born in January in a snowy winter
    And that’s why trouble is not friends with you.
    Strong, strong as frost, light as winter,
    You have a cheerful disposition and a pure soul.
    Happy birthday, happy day of miracles, we congratulate you,
    May all your dreams come true sooner!
    Let the worries fly away, and success will come,
    So that your happy laughter settles in the house.
  • Happy birthday to you!
    Your holiday is always in January,
    Let the mood be wonderful,
    Well, and you are always only on horseback!
    I want to wish you wealth,
    earthly blessings, good luck and love,
    May cunning,
    Peace, happiness, joy and beauty did not affect you!
  • If you were born in January,
    you will strive for the stars.
    Brighter than the shine of amber
    There will be January stars!
    Louder than the cry of a songbird
    Songs of life will flow
    Let the snowmelt
    and your laughter will remain!
  • In January there are two of the best holidays,
    You will guess yourself, no doubt,
    The first is the New Year, of course,
    And the second is your birthday!
    May all dreams come true today,
    All your friends will be nearby,
    And let the holiday be remembered for a long time,
    Happy birthday, I congratulate you!
  • You were born in January,
    In the cold, in the cold winter, The
    blizzard was howling in the yard,
    Heavy snow was falling …
    But in spite of the gray winter.
    And to the joy of my mother
    Addition to the family
    It became the most important thing.
    Like birds, outside the window
    White snow flies, The
    river sleeps deeply,
    Dreams of spring.
    A forest dressed in silver
    Blooms with a fairy tale,
    Everything is painted around.
    Only with white paint.
    she is surprised And nature itself,
    How were you born this way
    At this time of the year?
    To say to the birthday man.
    We are ready urgently,
    What to congratulate today
    We cannot be absent!
  • To everyone who was born in January,
    I wish you happiness and health!
    There are frosts in the yard,
    I congratulate you on your love!
    Let it be a birthday in winter,
    And do not get roses for the holiday,
    Celebrate it with your soul,
    And let the frost not frighten you!
  • Your Birthday in January
    Let’s celebrate, gorgeous!
    Let the trees be in silver!
    Let the insidious frost sting your nose!
    On this day I want to wish,
    So that every day was brighter than the previous ones!
    May there be grace in the house!
    Love you, big and tender!
  • You were born with the New Year,
    In January, when there is snow all around,
    In clear frosty weather,
    Although there may have been a blizzard?
    I wish you a bright life,
    Beautiful days, like white snow,
    Happy birthday today,
    And I wish you happiness forever!
  • Who was born in January,
    Let him be on horseback.
    Let the soul be cheerful.
    And give a hangover to problems.
    I sincerely wish you,
    So that misfortunes are on the edge.
    Stay away from anxiety
    so that you can do whatever you want.
    Let the dream strive for you,
    It will soon come true in life.
    Glorious will be your dawn.
    And love for many years.
  • On January, New Year’s Day,
    flowers will bloom.
    And winter will whirl like a blizzard.
    Brave dreams!
    Happy Birthday Congratulations
    From the bottom of your heart!
    We wish you good happiness,
    peace and good!
    We wish you to be successful,
    And to be cheerful, To live your life
    graciously and sinlessly!
  • Oh, how lucky we are!
    We are spoiled by fate:
    And Christmas and New Year,
    And your wondrous birthday
    We celebrate in January,
    Living in our calendar.
    So let the clock strike for luck!
    Let the
    good old Santa Claus
    And the newborn Christ be taken under your wing!
  • Birthday in January –
    Snow and cold outside,
    You have joy in your heart,
    Birthday cake and sweetness
    Congratulations and gifts.
    Noise fun! Very hot
    From toasts and wishes,
    Sea of ​​sweet expectations:
    Life is temptingly successful,
    Delightful, wonderful,
    With happiness, full of joy,
    And saved by love.
  • Happy birthday, kingfisher,
    who came to us in January!
    You are from a winter fairy tale,
    Where are the trees in silver!
    Let there be no Morozov.
    In your life, never!
    only a lucky star illuminates the road!
  • He showed me the calendar,
    Behind the window is January!
    So, soon in January
    I will come to you again,
    To congratulate you on your birthday
    And give gifts!
    There are sweets and cookies,
    And pour in a glass!
    Happy birthday,
    I wish you happiness, and joy!
  • You were born when the
    month of January was a ruler in the yard.
    That is why I wish you a
    sunny chest of bright colors.
    Warmth in a relationship, kindness.
    Let the days be filled with the
    Feeling that spring is in the heart,
    And the hardships – snow swept away.
  • Snow and wind in the yard …
    You were born in January!
    A happy birthday started the year –
    This means – lucky!
    And the phone rings,
    And the
    girlfriends and friends are in a hurry,
    And the beloved family!
    strives to congratulate, Wishes are said.
    To everyone who was born in January,
    But his soul did not cool down,
    Who was under the sign of Capricorn
    Straight along his path,
    We wish you good luck
    And love, which means –
    And in the heat and in the cold
    Be happy always.
  • Today, in snowy January,
    I want to open myself to you: To
    praise my dear friend
    And congratulate you on your birthday!
    Sometimes I was sorry,
    You did not trust anyone with
    Your heart’s sorrow.
    But admiration caused,
    How steadfastly you endure the rock,
    Which was cruel to you.
  • The January blizzard is
    howling, The blizzard outside the window is angry,
    But today we congratulate a friend
    And we don’t care about bad weather!
    Happy birthday, joy, happiness –
    What else would you wish for?
    Do not let misfortune touch you,
    Family and friends will not make you bored!
  • Frozen glass,
    covered with hoarfrost
    At our table – warm.
    Nicely covered.
    Who was born in January Happy
    new year.
    He is lucky in fate
    And loved by the people.
    Let the fun warm,
    Jokes melt strong ice,
    Birthday sings along,
    Happiness goes to your house.
  • Those who are born on the New Year are
    lucky in everything their whole life!
    You are a typical example of this:
    Everything is in order with your personal life,
    You are held in high esteem at work, You
    live amicably with all your relatives.
    Be healthy, be loved,
    Be cheerful and happy,
    And let your ringing laughter
    Make everyone around you happy!
  • Birthday in January –
    It’s very cool,
    After all, pickles on the table
    complement the food,
    I congratulate you,
    Get out the liqueur
    And martini for me
    With a delicious olive!
  • Outside the window, January is in full swing,
    Here is your birthday.
    I waited for this date,
    I live by you alone.
    In the clear frosty air,
    Snow sparkles on the fly,
    My life is warmed by you, I will
    fulfill your dream.
    I will make you happy.
    For life, not for an hour.
    Let me be with you,
    See the light of my beloved eyes.
  • Houses and boulevards are covered with snow,
    Winter the Queen rules here.
    January dismissed its winter spell,
    And what a cold and frost outside the window …
    But we are not sad, we celebrate our birthday,
    Warm and cozy to us next to you!
    Happy birthday, all from the bottom of our hearts, congratulations,
    It’s warm in my heart, and January is no longer for us!
  • Look out the window, how beautiful,
    All the trees are in silver.
    The wizard gave such a miracle,
    Those who were born in January.
    And we want to congratulate you.
    To wish for mutual love.
    May God always direct you,
    When you can’t see the road!
  • Our birthday boy
    was born in the New Year,
    Maybe that’s why he
    achieved such heights!
    They say on New Year’s Eve.
    What you don’t want,
    Everything will always happen,
    Everything always comes true!
    Now the eyes of the
    Anniversary is shining brightly,
    Apparently, he already wants to
    Get gifts!
    Accept soon
    Congratulations to your friends!
  • January has come, and your birthday is
    about to come nearer to you
    Let every moment Lead to a
    happy, good new year!
    January orders to dive into the snowdrifts,
    Cheeks to burn, eyes to shine!
    After all, a birthday is needed to
    laugh, rejoice, and sing!
  • On January day, I want to congratulate you
    And wish you fulfilled.
    Love with all your heart, be loved,
    Hope, and believe and dream.
    To look at difficulties calmly,
    Problems are quickly resolved.
    You will have inimitable minutes,
    Moments – to remember for years.
  • Again January conjures outside the windows,
    Sweeps the streets, and bridges.
    He will draw
    Snowy, crystal flowers for you today!
    We wish you fun,
    Happiness and love and beauty!
    May this birthday
    fulfill the most cherished dreams!
    Let them sparkle like a diamond,
    Delighting, delighting people
    Faces of unique talent
    There are many, many bright days!
  • January clings to the lapel of the coat.
    Graceful snowflakes of the order.
    I hurry to you down the empty street,
    And my soul is full of good feelings.
    I will come in from the frost, I will hug you tightly, I will
    congratulate you on your birthday and I will understand that
    I have no better friend.
    May the angels keep your happiness!
  • You were born in the very month that
    opens the new year.
    When the trees shine brightly for us,
    And the people celebrate loudly.
    I wish you that
    your beloved friend will warm you in the winter cold, so
    that a person, always so needed,
    hugs you under your hearts.
    So that there was eternal luck
    And in January and all year round.
    I wish you on your birthday,
    So that you have an income.
  • The New Year has passed, followed by
    your personal holiday,
    Your own New Year,
    Another, is also cool.
    Events are full in January,
    And Christmas and Christmastide,
    And you have a birthday;
    In general, everything is in order here.
    So you can hum
    The whole month, until the 31st,
    Well, there – it’s time to sober up.
    And to work, probably …
  • January morning you will wake up,
    You will see a postcard on the table.
    Read it and smile sweetly.
    I love your smile so much!
    I wrote congratulations on that postcard with a trembling hand!
    And a wish on your birthday,
    So that you are always yourself!
  • There are many holidays in January,
    among them, there is one of yours.
    Happy birthday, I congratulate
    you, serious sir!
    I wish you success in your family, at work,
    and in the circle of your closest friends.
    Do not be afraid of pleasant worries,
    Get married, darling, quickly!
    I also wish to become a millionaire.
    To the envy of everyone and just for myself!
    Let the hobby become a matter of life,
    And we will support, (Name), you.
  • The blizzard sang, the blizzard was
    angry And was angry, not jokingly!
    And under the blizzard howl, a
    very winter child was born,
    Tempered by birth
    Under the cover of January!
    The date became, without a doubt, the
    Red Day of the calendar.
    Fluffy snow, white-white
    On the road, quietly lay down …
    So that the soul sang today,
    Bake you a cake,
    On the window, is a pattern from a fairy tale.
    Draws Santa Claus,
    And in the soul peace and affection.
    This day brought you.
    So that the soul burns with passion,
    So that the look always sparkles,
    We wish only happiness.
    For many, many days in a row.
  • In January, the trees sleep,
    Birds sit in Africa.
    Snow-covered the roads,
    Our birthday boy is in anxiety –
    Suddenly friends will not pass there,
    Turn around and leave?
    Don’t be sad, friend, we got there,
    I looked around and stayed.
    We will congratulate you,
    and give you a present!
  • New Year’s days are passing
    In a daring, habitual run;
    But all the more calmly today I
    can congratulate you from the bottom of my heart:
    After all, January gave you birth
    In the most glorious of all his days!
    I will say without accepting the objection:
    New Year is so, an obsession;
    A birthday is much more important!
  • Don’t panic: January has arrived and great things await us.
  • Don’t you have any special wishes for this year that is just beginning? Well, ask even a modest one: that the month of January be everything you expect and maybe a little better.
  • Welcome, January. The month of joy in the soul, peace in the heart and hope in the relationship with our loved ones.
  • Hello, January Please be a beautiful month that leaves us with great hopes.
  • I predict for you in this month of January 2022 many smiles and no sadness, absolute happiness and fatal moments totally absent.
  • Never stop giving your best because with effort dreams come true. Start making them come true this January.
  • Happy January 2022. May everything turn out as you want, but remember, always leave a little space for the surprise that gives us so much in this life.
  • May all the blessings of God be with you in this fabulous month of January that is already beginning.
  • Welcome, January. If you do your best, I will surely do my best.
  • January, a month smelling of opportunity.
  • May this beginning of the new year bathe us with luck and hope, to achieve great things and eradicate what is bad. Welcome, January.
  • This time will be different, it will be better. Let us seek peace and love, let us have faith and hope, let us modify attitudes, let us build bridges with our brothers in the world and let us be happy at any cost. Welcome, January 2022.
  • If you start the year with new dreams, you will surely feel refreshed. A very nice start to January 2022 for you.
  • May this January 2022 be beautiful and leave us astonished from the beginning to the end.
  • The month of January invites us to hope, which usually occurs when we start again, and we do everything but with new energy.
  • Welcome, January 2022. Life is great but remember: you can always make it more beautiful and perfect.
  • Today you begin to write a new story: with God’s help, I have no doubt that you will do it in a great way. Enjoy your month of January.
  • January, you have an appearance of infinite possibilities that makes you mind-boggling for anyone.
  • January begins a cold month in the climate, but one that fills our hearts with quality when we think that a new year is beginning and that with it, all hopes come to life.
  • The past year has ended and a new one is born. Like everything that has just been born, it enjoys strength and great vitality. Have a beautiful and splendid January 2022.
  • January 2022. We can’t help but welcome you with a big smile, wishing our lives were a little better than they were.
  • The month of January is synonymous with grateful and happy hearts for the new opportunities that can be seen from the horizon.
  • Welcome, January. I wish all my loved ones that the first month of this year fills your heart and soul.

Happy January Birthday Quotes

  • Happy start of the month everyone. January, a sensational month to begin to build little by little that building that we call life.
  • Hello, January It is forbidden to get up without illusions, dress without hope and go out without faith to give love.
  • May this month bring much love, abundance and peace to all my friends and family. Happy January 2022.
  • I wish you a crazy positive January 2022, good vibes and beautiful blessings for all.
  • Blessings only accompany grateful hearts. Have a beautiful start to the year in January 2022.
  • Hello, January you are welcome that you feel comfortable and that you can give me and all our loved ones the best of you.
  • Let us ask for love, work and, above all, health. Happy January 2022, we welcome you with all our hearts.
  • You need peace, will, serenity and knowing how to wait because if the great things have not yet come, it does not mean, far from it, that they will not come. Happy January 2022.
  • The first month of the year is already beginning and I hope it is full of peace, and joy and gives us smiles to collect. Happy January 2022.
  • Welcome, January. We were looking forward to you. I hope you don’t disappoint us in the least.
  • In this month that begins, I hope that you and your whole family fill you with blessings. You deserve it. Happy January 2022.
  • Have a beautiful month of January. Take advantage of the change of the year to renew energy, dreams and expectations.
  • Life is beautiful, but if you try hard, you can turn it into a real work of art. Happy January 2022.
  • Embrace the month of January and you will see that, very grateful, it will give you beautiful experiences that you will surely have with joy in the future.
  • Welcome beautiful January. Period of the year in which we renew the desire, the strength, the love and also the hopes.
  • Have a blessed and wonderful January. Great things await you if you are open enough to see them.
  • There is no better way to welcome the month of January than to do so with much joy, peace and love in our hearts.
  • New year, new life. And the midwife of such a magnificent act is the month of January. Welcome, January 2022.
  • January is that beautiful month when everything starts again.
  • A positive attitude may not solve problems, but to see problems in a much more pleasant way. Happy January 2022.
  • Welcome, January. Thank you for rejoicing in a new year, where hopes are new and life begins again like dreams.
  • Take a breath and say it with happiness Welcome January!
  • You have finally arrived, in the month of January. You are still as amazing as you always were.
  • Welcome, January 2022. We greet you in the first month of the year.
  • I declare that this month will be full of blessings and joy for all our loved ones. Hello, January 2022.
  • January is a beautiful month in which we can have an incredible time and be very happy.
  • Welcome, January. I hug you with a heart full of hope for an even better future.

Cool Statuses About January

  • January is the beginning of the year, its frost is strong, all nature has fallen asleep, and now there is no time for thunderstorms.
  • January is such a special month when between “hello” and “how are you?” still insert “happy holiday”…
  • January will open a new page of the old calendar, and children this night again cannot sleep, and adults, it seems, have no time for sleep today.
  • I love you, January! For me, you are the best month – young, big, creaky, Golden like amber
  • I didn’t show up for work on January 11th because I thought I was.
  • January is the month of justified alcoholism.
  • January is a month of bright stars, white trails, and blue ice.
  • January opened at the beginning of the year. He brings jokes, joy, laughter, hope for the whole people, good luck, happiness and success!
  • I came to the river, put on a swimsuit, went into the water, and swam a little. I go out, and on the beach .. nobody! – Why? – January !!!
  • January 1 – Valentine’s Day in mineral water
  • Finally, on the first of January, I realized why the Vkontakte inscription: (it’s you)
  • The New Year was a success if you feel ashamed on the 1st of January, but you don’t remember with whom.
  • The new superhero “Student Man” – manages to accomplish as many feats in January as he should have done in September, October, November and December.
  • Well, only my friend could say: I love summer, especially January!
  • Oh, how cold it is in January when the amenities are in the yard!
  • Look, in the yard – all the trees are in silver. White blizzard dances on New Year’s first day.
  • The most violent act of vandalism is the tree thrown away on January 2
  • The shortest day of the year is January 1st. You wake up – it’s getting dark outside the window …
  • Winter was created in white for this purpose, to start your life from a white sheet …
  • January 1-saw, January 2-saw, January 3-saw, January 4 saw, January 5-slept !! But I dreamed that I drank …
  • On January 1, were those whose parents joked well on April 1?
  • The squirrel, which dried the wrong mushrooms for the winter, stole Depeche Mod discs from tourists all January. ahaha …
  • December broke me! January – finished it off! February grinned at my defeat … I beg you, heal my wounds, March ..
  • If in January the echo goes far, the frost will get stronger.
  • Winter is the time when fur coats walk their mistresses.
  • Winter is the time when you are waiting for summer, but at the same time, you are madly happy with the snowfall.
  • By mid-January, after long and exhausting battles, health retreated to Stalingrad …
  • Our meetings were beautiful, we switched to “you”… January was marked by us, His blizzard gardens.
  • Snow falls and immediately melts in the gray, gloomy January, how can he not understand that he is going in vain today? It’s already four glorious degrees outside the window …
  • The old year is a little pity, but it’s January outside …
  • On January 1, the albums “New Year” and Avki will be massively created where you meet the New Year half drunk
  • January – Father begins the year, and dignifies winter.

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