Is It Possible to Give Gifts?

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Is It Possible to Give Gifts: Who among us has not heard the phrase “the gift is not given”? From childhood, we learn that doing this is ugly, wrong, and disrespectful toward the giver. But at the same time, everyone at least once in their life felt the desire to give the received gifts to someone else. This is really tempting: one could get rid of the ridiculous vases sent by distant relatives, and free up space on the shelf by handing an ugly service to an unloved colleague.

Is It Possible to Give Gifts

And how many times did you want to give flowers received from an obsessive boyfriend … How, after all, to be? To give or not to give? If you think logically, there is no sense in the sign that forbids this, it is inexplicable. Well, why keep a bicycle in the garage if all that is happening is a gradual increase in a layer of dust on it, while your child loves his skateboard and rides exclusively on it, and his friend Vasya has been dreaming of a bike all his life, but no one is there for him never buy?

When Not to Re-gift Gifts

The ban on “re-gifting” gifts stretches back to antiquity when almost all items were made by hand. Then, many, many centuries ago, it would hardly have occurred to someone to buy a gift in a shop. Yes, and there is no need for this because in every house there was at least one master who could make something beautiful and useful that would be suitable as a gift. And they still believe that a thing made with one’s own hand and with good thoughts carries positive energy.

That is why hand-made is often valued much more than factory knick-knacks. Previously, no one questioned at all that when working with a thing, the master puts into it a piece of himself, his soul and his thoughts. Things made for a specific person had a special energy. Such a gift was considered almost a talisman that would bring good luck, as well as tie strong bonds with the giver. Such things are not re-gifted.

And for those who nevertheless decided to give gifts or throw them away, according to examples, all sorts of failures and life troubles threaten. It is also believed that a person who has become the owner of such a gift also does not expect anything good, because the thing was not made for him, therefore, she will not be able to serve him as she would serve the owner, and you should not expect good from her.

Now there are noticeably fewer masters and craftswomen of all trades. But there are much more shops with gizmos for every taste and wallet. Seems like you can find anything there. But do not rush to call signs a relic of the past. Remember that a gift made or chosen with attention to you is worth immeasurably more than expensive, but soulless consumer goods.

When Can Gifts Be Returned?

Without worrying, part with two types of presents:

  • Things donated for the sake of pro forma. If you see that the thing was bought in the nearest shop and obviously at random, under the motto “Yes, it seems to fit” and no emotions are associated with it, you can safely re-gift it to someone else. Of course, it is better for the donor not to know about your intentions – this is simply indecent. Say “thank you” for the gift, but then act as you, please.
  • Things that have been passed down from generation to generation. Provided that the gift will not be for a stranger, but for a family member. For example, if a mother gives her daughter a necklace on her wedding day, it would be logical that she would give it to her daughter in due time. However, it would be highly inappropriate to give a piece of jewelry to a friend for her birthday, guided by an unexpected impulse of generosity, albeit the most sincere one.

Is It Possible to Re-gift Flowers?

Separately, it is worth talking about the flowers that are so often given to women and girls for any reason. Can you give them to someone else? Here everything is the same as with the rest of the gifts. If you know that the bouquet was chosen and made with love, then even if it’s not even your favorite flower, it’s better to save it.

Flowers donated “without a soul”, in principle, can be presented to another person. However, it will not be superfluous to check with the signs about the flowers themselves. So, in our country, bouquets with an even number of flowers mean a death wish, and giving them to someone is a bad idea. However, this sign only works with bouquets of up to 16 flowers, but if there are more of them, then an even number is no longer a bad sign.

What to Do With Unwanted Gifts

What to do with a present that you absolutely do not need and does not cause any sentimental feelings?

  1. If you still have a receipt from the store where the gift was bought, you can go there and return the item, get your money back or exchange it for another one that you like better. It turns out that the present was still useful, even though I had to tinker with it.
  2. If these are children’s things, you can take the chi to an orphanage or a charitable organization. Such funds, by the way, will be happy not only with toys but also with things for adults. Thus, the gift will definitely benefit.
  3. Regift. Just be careful, do not inadvertently present to the former owners.

Both etiquette and tradition require that a gift be treated with due reverence. But there is no need to reach fanaticism. A gift made by chance can be re-gifted.

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