Is It Possible to Give a Watch for Birthday?

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Is It Possible to Give a Watch for Birthday? A watch is a timeless, stylish gift for any wallet. True, there is one thing but – superstition. People say that if you give a wall or wrist clock, then this is a break or separation from a person. And sometimes it is difficult to make the right decision, even if the thing is really really needed. The article contains several suggestions on how to act in a given situation.

Is It Possible to Give a Watch for Birthday

Believe Not Believe the Signs About the Clock

Many nations perceive a gift – a watch to a loved one, in different ways:

  • Slavs perceive it as separation or a break in relations.
  • Chinese signs see in hours a wish that a person quickly leaves this life.
  • Many tribes are afraid of the clock, as they consider it to be an object that has witchcraft power and can greatly change their lives. Let the presented present not have such a message, but for many everything is perceived that way.
  • In addition, there are countries that think differently. For example, in the United States, it is customary for newlyweds to exchange gold watches on their wedding day so that their family life is eternal.
  • Among Muslims, the item is considered a good wedding gift, but it must be a wall clock made of wood and decorated with precious stones.
  • And another paradox – the British are considered the most superstitious people, but they usually call this item a welcome surprise. It is considered a relic in many families and is inherited.

Therefore, we choose what we believe.

When Can I Donate a Watch?

There are categories of people who do not like to make surprises or give unnecessary things, or the rule applies to the recipient. And often the giver asks mom, husband, sister, girlfriend, friend what to give. If there is no agreement on gift orders, then the answer is always obvious – nothing.

It happens that the culprit may wish for what he needs, but these are things that are popularly associated with separation, quarrel and other troubles. These gifts include watches.

It will be ugly to refuse a gift and you need to look for a way out of this situation. Even if the choice is made, but the giver presents a present with a sour face, something may happen, it is better not to do this so as not to invite trouble. But you always need to give confidently and show the benefits of this souvenir, then your beloved little men will be sure of sincerity and the gift will only be in favor. You can follow the scenario below.

How to Give a Watch for a Birthday

To dispel all bad thoughts that you can’t give a watch either to the house or as a decoration, you can not give it. It is worth agreeing with your soul mate, relative, friend to go to the store together. The abundance of the assortment will take everyone by surprise. But this will allow you to choose an item that you like, ideal for an elegant pen or a strong male hand, into the house. There is an opportunity to reflect, try on, ask the price.

The procedure should please everyone. In order not to make a purchase on your own, it is better to look at the cost of the selected object and present the money as a gift. And the culprit is already buying a watch for himself. A small formality, but solves the issue of superstition.

Jewelry was chosen together, but the owner himself purchased them. In addition, you can simplify this process and give a certificate for the purchase of watches for a certain amount. Such a present is equal to the monetary equivalent, so it has no grounds for superstition. Having come to the store, a person will buy for himself what he personally likes and likes.

Gave a Watch – Ask for a Coin

If a person does not have time or he trusts the tastes of the giver, then you can buy a gift yourself. As an option, a watch for a loved one. Naturally, it will be nice, because such a product is always in fashion and relevant. But in order to dispel the myths and the conscience was clear, then when giving a present, it is better to ask for a coin.

This will not puzzle anyone, but it symbolically means that the thing was not donated, but acquired. Therefore, thoughts about the bad should be dispelled on both sides. And if there is any doubt about the benefits of gifts, it is always better to ask for a coin. Symbolically, money takes bad omens far into the background, and now you should not worry about gifts.

Who Can Give a Watch Without Fear

A person who is not 100% superstitious is a watch collector. After all, he longs to collect a variety of models and is proud of his collection. For such a man, an interior item or decoration is always a valuable and desirable gift.

But to make him happy, you need to know what is in the collection and what is still in the process of being searched. Naturally, many models will be exclusive and expensive and, perhaps, not always affordable, but attentiveness will always help you find a way out.

The collector can tell himself what he wants, perhaps it will not be a watch, but some accessory to it, for example, a case. And there may be non-standard models: a medallion watch, a compass watch, and so on. It is always possible to supplement the museum with useful things, the collector will be happy with everything. Even if what is available comes across, he can easily exchange it with his other hobby friends.

And of course, if no one is superstitious, then you don’t need to bother with it. As they say, if friendship or love is sincere, then no clock will stop this. Even here, however, there are different ideas. Some argue that if the feelings are real, then the clock will not stand it and will soon break or stop itself. Others assure that the relationship will last as long as the clock is ticking, and stopping it is a bad sign. But in fact, everything depends only on our thoughts, and gifts are just things.

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