Inexpensive Birthday Gifts for Coworkers

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Adults remain children at heart, and everyone is pleased to receive a surprise for a holiday. Everyone is waiting for a gift, even if they do not outwardly show their desires. Giving gifts has been considered a good tradition between people since ancient times, and you should not be afraid to show attention once again, because people want warmth. Before the holidays, the question arises of what to give to coworkers at work inexpensively in order to present it with heart and not spend too much, because there are still relatives.

Gifts for coworkers, first of all, should raise their spirits, be helpful throughout the whole working day. These can be completely simple presentations. The main thing is to know what to give and to whom, to be aware of the tastes of those to whom you are going to present a gift.

General Inexpensive Birthday Gifts for Coworkers

There is a category of gifts that can be presented to both a male coworker and a woman. These ideas are practical and versatile.

1. Perfume

You can give a man a coworker an excellent inexpensive perfume. Everyone knows that a man with a pleasant smell is very attractive. Your coworker will be very happy with such a gift. Men’s perfume has always had a special scent, and it is a beautiful gift for daily use.

2. Portable Charging

The telephone is the most necessary thing in everyday life. People without a phone are like without both hands. All records, necessary contacts, presentations can be on mobile devices, which is always in front of us.

However, it is not uncommon for such a nuisance to happen as the complete discharge of the phone’s battery when it is most needed. In this case, the best remedy to solve this problem may be a portable charger. Such a thing will easily fit into a work portfolio, will not take up much space, and will also prove to be a very useful gift for your dear colleague.

3. Clock

The most common problem of most people, men and women, is the inability to organize their day, keep track of time and have time to do everything on time, which is an irreplaceable and important feature of any employee.

In this case, the best gift option for your coworkers would be a wristwatch. Such a gift is always relevant, especially for extremely busy people who need to keep track of the time. The watch looks presentable for everyone. Thus, you will not go wrong with a gift.

4. Name Pen

Such a gift is a good option for respectable people, office workers. Let them be packed in a special case, on which a beautiful wish is engraved, and on the pen itself the name of the recipient of such a gift. A universal thing that will suit everyone, both coworkers and the boss.

5. Mug and Lunch Box

It’s no secret that the most wonderful time of the working day comes when that day ends. However, no one canceled lunchtime.

People who do not always work in the sweat of their brows manage to cook themselves something tasty for lunch to feast on at work and take a break from tedious work. Perhaps they just don’t have the heart to buy a lunch box. Thus, you have an excellent chance to please your hungry colleague by presenting him with a mug, preferably a personalized one, and a beautiful, roomy lunch box.

6. Organizer

Often people who are too busy with work, overwhelmed with documents, are too absent-minded and overwhelmed to keep their desk in order. And the mess on the table, as you know, turns into a mess in the head.

Therefore, maintaining order is a mandatory item that the responsible employee adheres to. For such people, there are special organizers that will become indispensable helpers in sorting all the papers and other things.

7. Flowerpot

It is not so difficult to find what you can give a female colleague inexpensively, especially considering that every woman loves flowers. But this article is not about a bouquet of scarlet roses, which will fade in a couple of days and cease to please the eye, bring such an important aesthetic pleasure, but about fresh flowers that require care and daily care.

Such a gift can decorate your colleague’s office and will cheer her up every time she looks at a flower bush in a pot with a beautiful ornament.

8. Table Games

Gifts in the office should distract from the complexity of the working day and bring simple notes of happiness into it, which will fill boring offices with their atmosphere. Every clerk often wants to distract himself from any documentation, presentation and other work that requires intense attention to something more or less entertaining in order to put his mind in full order.

In such cases, board games will become an irreplaceable gift for coworkers who want to have a good rest during a break, after which they will be able to go to work with renewed vigor. Let it be a game that requires vigorous movement to stretch your tired fingers without being too tiring. You can trust that such gifts will surely please any of your coworkers. They will thank you for such a little entertainment, and you will be pleased at heart.

How to Choose a Gift for a Work Coworkers

In a store, a person has an understandable feeling of confusion: a diverse “palette” of colorful, stylish items – how can one decide? Choosing a gift is a special ritual, reverent, a piece of the soul is put into it. The purpose of presenting a presentation is attention, openness, demonstration of warm and respectful feelings for the person working nearby. The holiday is a great occasion to create a favorable environment in the workplace. This is an opportunity to make friends with a coworker who is challenging to approach in the usual hustle and bustle.

Service etiquette presupposes hierarchy and takes into account the service vertical. It does not imply individual gifts for the manager: it means that the gift is given to the director together.

It is customary to give pleasant symbolic things in almost all enterprises of the post-Soviet space. Traditionally, the collectives celebrate March 8th, February 23rd. In this case, not a single member of the team is ignored.

Gift Tips for a Coworkers

People at work often have to get in touch with their coworkers and, of course, maintain good relations with them. And great working relationships come from being attentive to your coworkers.

It is possible that good, small and just cute gifts will change a boring and banal day, decorate it with a palette of bright colors, and you will be even more pleased that you made one of your coworkers a little happier.

Gifts for coworkers don’t have to be fussy or expensive, just try to be from the bottom of your heart and with all your heart. It will be more pleasant for you to visit your office or other places of work, knowing that you will be greeted there with warm smiles and happy faces. The following guidelines will tell you how to consider the choice of a gift:

  • It is recommended that you select a subject that is relevant to each worker in the working community. You cannot give personal items, the same applies to men’s dates – socks, shaving foams are inappropriate;
  • in reputable organizations create a special reserve fund, which has funds for such cases. In his absence, the purchase of gifts is entrusted to one person collecting the money. Restraint, affordable price, memorable character are the main principles of shopping;
  • do you need a congratulation? According to etiquette, congratulations should include three components: a greeting, a congratulatory speech and the presentation of a commemorative gift.

What to Give a Male Coworker Inexpensively

Before the Day of Defenders of the Fatherland, the female half of the enterprises is worried about what to give for February 23rd, and every time it is a real headache.

The “pill” from her will be a choice of high-quality, interesting, different from the presentation presented last year. Considering budget options, the following can be distinguished:

  • Online stores have a bright “palette” of various ideas for this day. They are inexpensive. It can be an original box of chocolates, a jar of honey with a symbolic inscription, fortune cookies – drinking tea is always pleasant and fun;
  • if you do not want to feed the men, you can choose solid gifts in the form of an originally designed set of notebooks with a pen and a knife for a hike;
  • noticing that male coworkers smoke, you can choose a lighter in the form of a pistol, grenade, or other military paraphernalia as an inexpensive gift ;
  • according to the opinions of men, they are always happy with flasks. With them, they go hunting on vacation, fishing, to the country. You can donate personalized glasses.

Inexpensive Gifts for Women Coworkers

The female half of the team is also expecting pleasant surprises. It’s not easy for men. There is a misconception that giving an inexpensive gift to coworkers means presenting impractical and low-quality items.

It doesn’t matter which gift is chosen, the main thing is that it must be appropriate and presented correctly. What subjects are suitable for the female part of the labor team of any enterprise? Here are some practical options:

  • Whether it’s an office in the heart of a metropolis or a veneer workshop, a bouquet of flowers is considered the perfect gift for female coworkers. It is not necessary to give lush compositions from expensive varieties. Chrysanthemums are inexpensive, and for example, in China, they are considered a symbol of the highest respect for a person. It is traditionally believed that ladies love flowers. A flower arrangement for March 8th or a birthday is an eloquent subject that speaks of deep respect. The custom originated in antiquity, in the days of paganism, when, as a sign of respect for a woman, admiration for her femininity, natural beauty, gifts were presented to the Mother Goddess;
  • it is appropriate to donate cinema tickets. A woman tired of everyday worries, kitchen bustle and work plans can take an hour for herself by watching a romantic comedy or a touching premiere. She will be pleased to bring such a gift into the house, even if she does not go to the cinema;
  • gift certificates to shops – hardly any of the ladies will refuse to go shopping;
  • souvenirs are a winning combination to create a festive mood. Any lady loves to hold interesting boxes in her hands, even if not inlaid with diamonds.
  • An eco-friendly gift, a box with a plant that she can grow herself, a great way to show respect.

What Is Not Recommended to Give to Coworkers

But being carried away by ideas, one should not forget about some things that spoil the holiday. Etiquette does not provide for gifts in the form of cosmetic sets. Jewelry, even jewelry, is supposed to be a gift for relatives. You cannot donate linen, items of a religious nature.

Male coworkers are not recommended to buy ties, towels, underwear, cufflinks, personal items. Forks, knives, watches have long been attributed by people to the category of unacceptable for superstitious reasons. Purses, purses promising lack of money in the “gift” language, are sent to the “block.”


Going on this fascinating “journey” of choosing a gifting mood, it is important to do it on a positive wave and present any souvenir with a sincere smile.

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