How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

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How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday: Are you looking for how to surprise your girlfriend? Don’t worry, here you will find the answer (the best answer on the net). Here are the best tricks to surprise your girlfriend.

Birthday Surprises for My Girlfriend

When do you ask yourself what birthday surprises you can make for your girlfriend? Trying to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday, it’s always a good idea to think of something different and special, especially if you want to impress her. Whether you choose to make something yourself or buy something online, there is a wide range of gift ideas to choose from, from beautiful flowers and baskets to fantastic weekend travel packages.

As long as the gesture comes from the heart, the gift is sure to be highly valued. There are no limits when it comes to surprising your girlfriend on her birthday, so here’s some inspiration …

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

You have to keep in mind that making a birthday surprise for your girlfriend is something that you have to think about in advance and that has to have its romantic part. There are many ways to show that you thought of the surprise and spent a lot of time on the idea. These Are Our Ideas That We Hope Will Help You Very Much !!

Card Made by You

If you don’t have a budget and still want to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday, a handmade card is a great idea. Take the time you need to make a card with your hands; although it is a simple gesture, it can greatly impact your partner for having taken time, dedication, and remembering their birthday. Whether it’s silly, funny, or romantic wishes, it’s one way to ensure that she has a smile on her face and her heart beats for you.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Weekend Away From Home

Going out for a night or two as a couple is a great birthday gift idea for your girlfriend. Take a surprise weekend getaway and the gift will be priceless. You can even choose to pack her, go to her office on a Friday afternoon, and take her well away without her knowing anything about this surprise weekend. As an alternative, give her a trip to see a friend who lives in another country.

On the other hand, if you’ve had a particularly stressful few months, her birthday is the perfect excuse to relax and pamper yourself a bit, from going to your favorite SPA to booking a whole weekend in a spa for the two of you. This is a great birthday gift that will have her feeling very relaxed and calm, as well as feeling revitalized in no time.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday


Take this recommendation as a surprise or as a complementary idea to another birthday surprise for your older girlfriend if you are the one who will do the massages at home as if it were a SPA.

Be the Ideal Romantic Boyfriend

Send him a bouquet of twelve red roses. This is an excellent option to choose if you live separately or have to be out of town on your special day, as many online florists offer same-day delivery of orders. Whether you send them to her office or her home, a beautiful bouquet will guarantee a smile on her face and that she will tell all her friends how wonderful you are… You will be the envy of her friends!

Flowers make a great gift if you want to make sure their special day lasts well past sunset.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Make an Album With Your Moments

Collect all of your favorite photos, including those from a past trip, your childhood memories, and photos from when you met. Put them in a photo book and add a fun or romantic caption to each one. This gift will make her laugh and cry at the same time, and it’s something she will likely treasure forever.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Surprise Box

Send him a birthday balloon by courier, helium balloons that come out of the box as soon as he opens it! You will be surprised to open the box and helium balloons come out of it and a note or small birthday present for your girlfriend appears in the background.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Make Him a Music List

If you don’t know what to give your girl because she already has everything, or, on the contrary, you don’t have much money to buy her that spectacular gift that you would like; we suggest that you create a playlist with all her favorite songs, both old and new. New. You can enjoy them together while enjoying an evening together, having dinner.

This playlist will be the perfect backdrop for a romantic surprise dinner. When he gets home from work, put a glass of wine or cava in his hand and let him sit and relax while you put on your chef’s hat. Make sure the table is decorated with candles and romantically decorated with some hearts or rose petals.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Picnic Under the Stars

Taking your girl on a picnic under the stars, surrounded by nature in the moonlight, is romantic, thoughtful, and a way for the two of you to spend time together.

Choose a place with some open space and away from the city’s lights so that you have the best view of the stars (an ideal option is on a beach with no people and little traffic to leave you alone). Here are some suggestions on what to bring:

  • Blanket.
  • Wine bottle.
  • Something to nibble on like fruit, vegetables, cheese, and crackers.
  • Telescope or binoculars.
  • Dishes.
  • Cutlery.
  • A wireless speaker so you can play some background music.
  • A jacket or sweater in case you are cold.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Love Notes

This is a great gift idea that you can create yourself. It is an easy gift and it will make you feel very special all day long. and sweet messages inside.

The messages could include her favorite memories or shared moments; one of the things she likes the most or an adventure you want to do with her in the future.

Place the first note on her bedside table for her to see when she wakes up in the morning and then use your instincts to select other hiding places she’s sure to discover, like her purse or briefcase, the kitchen cupboard with coffee, in her car, etc … You know her better than anyone to know her daily routine and to discover these notes.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Surprise Party

Although surprise parties may seem over the top… they are the perfect surprise if you throw it out without actually expecting it. If you can do one, it will certainly be a special event that she will always remember.

The first thing you will have to think about is if you have enough time and if the party is going to be spectacular enough. Then you will have to think about the guest list, where you will have the party, what kind of food and drink you will serve, and how you will organize it without her knowing anything.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Love Letter

Although it is a birthday surprise of little economic value, it has a high emotional value and will also leave her speechless. These types of gifts are kept for a lifetime and kept in the drawer of your memories in a box … 100% emotional and love gifts.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

To strengthen your relationship and show your girlfriend how much you feel for her, it is important that you have frequent details. Having romantic gestures towards your girlfriend will make her feel wanted and loved, and therefore, happy.

It is essential that you not only have details on specific dates. On days like anniversaries or birthdays, it is evident that everyone expects details from their partner. Therefore, you must go a step further and have them also on days that are not special.

Here are some tips so you can surprise your girlfriend when she least expects it.

Giving flowers to your girlfriend may sound trite, but it never fails. If you know what her favorite flowers are, surprise her by sending a bouquet to her home or work any day of the week and for no particular reason.

If you want to be more original, you can go a step further by giving it a flowering plant in a decorative pot, so it will have a lovely ornament that will not wither. If you live together, you can take care of the plant between the two of you, just as you take care of your relationship.

You can also choose to give a seed packet and a pot with soil. It is always very lovely to see how the shoots grow and become beautiful little plants. Without a doubt, it is the most original way to give flowers.

Hotel Night

If you notice that your girlfriend is going through a stressful time or simply because you feel like it, book a hotel night and take her without saying anything. When you’re there, invite her to dinner or ask to have her favorite chocolates left in the room.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Try to schedule a day when she is safely free. It is unnecessary to book a hotel night in a distant place; you can book a charming hotel on the city’s outskirts. It is just the right thing to clear your mind and recharge your batteries to face day-to-day.

Travel Accessories

In general, all girls love beauty products and practices organizing their closets, purse or suitcase. If you want to surprise your girlfriend, you can give her a set of beauty products, creams or makeup that have a travel format.

You can also choose to buy a wireless cell phone charger, organizers for suitcases and toiletry bags, and even travel towels. All these elements will enchant you.

If you know she has an important trip to take; you can surprise her with these items a few days before she starts packing.


Jewelry is always a hit. It is not necessary that you spend a fortune buying an exclusive jewel for your girlfriend, although, of course, you will also be right if you opt for this option.

However, you can go to a craft store and buy some original earrings that no one else has and are cheap.

Technology has advanced so much that there are already jewels that have a technological function; apart from smartwatches and the whole wide world, they have created functional jewels, such as pendants with a pen drive.

This type of jewelry will not leave your girlfriend indifferent if you decide to surprise her any day with a detail of this type.

A Jar of Love Messages

If you want to have romantic detail with your girlfriend, you can spend some time writing beautiful wishes that you want to say on some pieces of paper. When you have written everything, you wanted to say to her, put the love messages for your girlfriend in a jar.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

When you get the chance, find a place to leave it without seeing it and waiting for her to discover it. If you want, write their name on a label to make the surprise even more pleasant.


Giving him an object related to his favorite series, movie or book will be a success. A mug, a T-shirt, an agenda, a Minifigure of a character, etc. If you opt for a gift of this type, you will not fail.

The good idea is to buy a collectible mug and pour your breakfast coffee into it, then take it to your girlfriend in bed. There is no better way to start the day than with a surprise for your partner.

A Cartoon

A cartoon is a drawing in which some person’s features are exaggerated, always giving it a touch of humor. Today you can send a photo by email and order a cartoon online from whoever you want.

You can choose a cartoon in which you and your partner are doing something you like or give it a more tender touch by ordering a cartoon of your girlfriend with her pet, or even all three.

When you have the cartoon, choose when she is not there to put it in place in the house. When he enters that room, he will have a fit of laughter and will be grateful that you have given him such a nice surprise.


If you want your girlfriend to be pleasantly surprised, you can go to a store and buy her favorite sweets to give her as a gift. But if you want a huge surprise, go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients to make a homemade sweet with your own hands.

You can do it when she’s gone or set it aside for a day when the two of you can spend time in the kitchen. Either of the two options you choose will be a success.

Welcome Surprise

If your girl is traveling and you want to show her how much you’ve missed her, you can prepare a welcome surprise for her. Buy lots of balloons of different shapes and colors.

A few hours before it arrives, start preparing all the balloons to fill the room of your choice. When she finds out that you’ve gone to so much trouble to prepare a surprise to welcome her, she will melt with love.

Post-it Notes

If you have access to his work area, you can leave a love message in the office. Buy a post-it stick in your favorite color and stick them on the board or wall in the shape of a heart. When you have them in place, write a nice phrase that you want to dedicate to it.

This will make your girl very excited and will encourage her to work harder, knowing that you remember her and love her like no one else.

Concert Tickets

If you want your partner to be amazed, stay tuned for the concert tour that their favorite singer will give. Get a couple of tickets for the city that you like the most. Leave the tickets in your purse or jacket pocket for you to find when you look inside. You won’t believe it.

Memories Album

If you want to have a very special and romantic detail, take some time to collect all the concert tickets, museums, dinner tickets, metro or bus tickets … everything that has a special meaning for you.

Pick some photos and print them out. Buy an album that you can customize and put all of it in the album. When you think the time is right to amaze your girl, give it to her or put it in a place where she will find it alone.

Massage Vouchers

Finally, if you want to fascinate your girlfriend, make a voucher for a massage that she can redeem whenever she wants. It can be a massage that you give her or a voucher to visit a spa whenever she wants it. All the girls are willing to spend a romantic day with their partner whenever it is, and more if it is about massages, relaxation and well-being. This idea never fails.

These are just some ideas for you to use when you want to surprise your girlfriend and show her how much you love her and how you feel about her. Do not forget that you have to make a woman fall in love every day. With these ideas, you will make sure you continue to conquer them with each passing day.

Get to Know It in Depth

The first and essential thing to surprise your girlfriend is to know her in-depth. Know your likes, interests, desires, things you want to do, things you like and things you don’t. With this information, you can surprise her much more quickly.

Therefore, before you dare to try to surprise her, it is better that you pay attention to her, that you know things about her because there is nothing worse than trying to surprise a person or give them a gift and not like what you do.

After all, if your girlfriend doesn’t particularly like physical gifts, but she does like to keep herself physically well, she may find it more interesting that you pay for some touch-ups than a regular gift.

Get to Know It in Depth

And, yes, I know that it looks much better to give earrings as a gift than a voucher for a new hairstyle at a hairdresser in Alcalá de Henares, but maybe, really, what interests your girlfriend is a new hairstyle at that hairdresser. With more than 20 years of experience.

Not only will it be a gift or a surprise that will frustrate him, but you will be showing him that you do not know him well enough. And that has very bad consequences, keep that in mind.

What to Give Your Girlfriend to Surprise Her?

To surprise your girlfriend, you don’t just have to give her gifts. There are many ways to surprise your girl and achieve better results than with a simple gift (and we will talk about that later). But we are not going to fool ourselves either. Gifts are helpful too.

Now, what to give him?

In general, the best thing you can do is get to know her well in-depth (as we have already mentioned before), and give her what she likes. But it may also be that you have known each other for a short time, and you still don’t know their tastes.

In that case, there are some gifts that always work for women. For example, the crystals made in Austria by Swaroski are recognized as the best in the world. Therefore, you can give him some jewelry or even some loose crystal (on the web that we have linked to you, there is a wide variety of loose Swarovski crystals).

Give Gifts for No Reason

One of the biggest problems for many men is that they only give their partners gifts when it is a special date. To a large extent, that takes away all the charm of the gift that is made.

To solve this, give her gifts for no reason, just to surprise her. When she asks why tell her that you simply gave her the gift because you like to see her smile and be happy.

Imagine that your girlfriend comes home and finds some magnificent silver earrings. Do you think that will not take him by surprise and he will like it much more than if you gave them to him on Valentine’s Day?

Useful or Aesthetic Gifts?

When it comes to giving gifts, we can basically differentiate into two types. On the one hand, are useful, and on the other, they are aesthetic. Both have a utility (the utility of aesthetics is to like), but, to understand each other, this distinction helps us.

Among the useful gifts, we find those that can be taken advantage of because they make life easier or give us something in exchange for having it. For example, a microwave is a useful gift because it makes our lives easier.

Useful or Aesthetic Gifts

These types of gifts are simply to show off. They do not have a utility (beyond avoiding going barefoot, but you don’t need that specific type of shoe) for a hat.

The question of what to give can only be answered by knowing your girlfriend. Some girls are more practical and others prefer appearance more. Therefore, again, we recommend that you get to know your girlfriend well before making any gifts.

Not Everything is Gifted…

As we have said before, not everything is gifted. Below, we indicate some other keys that you can take advantage of to make your girlfriend a little more in love every day.

Remember Her While You Work

When your girlfriend feels the most alone, you are working because she cannot be enjoying being by her side. But you can let her know that you are always thinking about her.

Send him a message, leave something written on his Facebook, etc. Do something to let her know that while you work, you keep thinking about her.

Make Notes on Your Agenda or Calendar

Agendas and calendars are boring objects, full of things to do, even if you don’t want to. They are elements related to studies and work, and that is always something negative and boring.

Therefore, your girlfriend will be very positively surprised if she finds, among the pages of what she has to do out of obligation, a lovely message of love from her boyfriend. This type of surprise in the place that helps to find them the most is extremely interesting.

Plan a Day With Her Favorite Things

Another great way to surprise your girlfriend is to organize a day packed with her favorite things. Find her in the clothes she likes you to wear, eat at the restaurant she likes, have fun where she likes … The complete package.

In this way, what you will achieve is showing her that you can “sacrifice” your day to give her a fantastic day, but, more importantly, you will be showing her that you know everything she likes because you care about her.

Change Your Mobile Background Image

Another very interesting trick to surprise your girlfriend is to put a photo of her as your mobile wallpaper. But it’s very important that you don’t tell him anything about it and let him casually find out at some point.

You may even forget that you did it to surprise her. Don’t worry, that way it will be even more natural, which is the goal. When she asks you, you can tell her that you love being able to see her smile at any time.

Anyway, there are many ways to surprise your girlfriend. The ones that we have discussed here include gifts and activities that you can do together or, simply, surprises that are not expected … Any of the three things will work!

7 Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Being in a relationship requires a lot of effort to maintain a healthy relationship. On your girlfriend’s birthday, you must take it to the next level, but how? When you have so many options available to make a better birthday for her, you still choose to do nothing, and this will be the most disappointing birthday for your girl. Don’t let her down without doing anything. Make it special for her with some easy-to-fix gifts and birthday ideas.

Here are some of the best birthday gift ideas for your little girl that we picked just for you.

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Instead of giving something that is not your favorite, a gift box is worth the idea. You get many varieties of this; there are spa baskets, chocolates, jewelry, and much more. We are sure that your partner will love this box that is full of surprises and lots of love. This also makes a great personalized gift idea.

Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful Flowers

Flowers are the most romantic and joyful gift to send to your partner on any occasion. Gift her a beautiful start to her day with a fantastic bouquet of fresh flowers. If you can’t come personally to give it as a gift, there is an online flower delivery available for you to live up to the mark. A fresh bridal flower is a perfect thought to start your day with a sweet smile.

Personalized Gift/mug

Personalized Gift/mug

No other gift can make her feel special, like a talented personalized gift. The gift can be anything with a personal touch. A personalized mug is a perfect start to the day when you enjoy your morning coffee or tea. However, you get many varieties of personalized gifts, such as jewelry, wine glasses, photo collage, and much more. All you have to do is order it with a personal message.

Relaxing Spa

Relaxing Spa

Each of us needs a little break or a special pampering. In the midst of your hectic schedule, having a relaxing spa would motivate you to make a comeback with all the positive vibes the next day. Schedule a treat to pamper your partner on their birthday. A message, a manicure and a pedicure session would be enough to impress her. On her special day, she will feel truly beautiful, cared for, and renewed. It will be the much-needed rest that she always wanted.

A Collage of Photos

Collage of Photos

Get sentimental with a lovely photo collage for her. All the memories you have created and cherished throughout your life can best be captured in the photo collage. To put together all your feelings, you can create a scrapbook or you can get a collage printed and framed in a beautiful tapestry. There are hundreds of charms that will help you have everything in its place with a beautiful creation.

Box of Assorted Chocolates

Box of Assorted Chocolates

Chocolates! Aha … The word is enough to get all the emotion out. The sweetness of chocolate in a unique wrapper will make her dance. A chocolate bouquet or a box of chocolates is a good gift idea along with anything else. A box of chocolates and a bouquet of fresh flowers make a perfect day start on any occasion.

However, a birthday is wasted if sweetness is not added to the day. With a box of chocolates, you can make it special and complete for your love. Send the box of chocolates online anywhere and surprise her when she least expects it from you.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

Spending time together alone or going on a trip together is a great time. A surprise weekend front door would be an honor for her on her birthday. Plan a beautiful weekend portal that would just blow your mind. Despite all the efforts you put into planning the surprise, your expression after announcing the holiday would make it valuable. You would be overwhelmed to see her so happy.

Plan a Weekend Getaway

Just drop a note in its place that you will receive after you get home from a hectic work schedule. Or you can plan it differently with your best friends and close friends. The only thing you make sure of is that he has enough time to spend with you. This would make your day special.

This is our selection of posts about unforgettable birthdays for your girlfriend; you can find more surprises in our posts at Best Birthday Point and do not hesitate to write us with more ideas to expand this list and give more ideas to people who need a little help!

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