How to Pamper a Pregnant Girlfriend on Her Birthday?

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How to Pamper a Pregnant Girlfriend on Her Birthday: To congratulate a pregnant girlfriend on her birthday is a very touching mission. And as a friend, it is appropriate to give almost everything that can be useful or just pleasant to mom without five minutes.

Healthy Mom – a Healthy Baby

During pregnancy, first of all, the question of maintaining health arises. Gifts that help a woman be beautiful, happy, and therefore healthy will be useful. And if you are in doubt about the choice, then buy gift certificates for health and beauty treatments, for example:

  • certificate for a SPA program for pregnant women;
  • a certificate for a visit to the beauty parlor;
  • a subscription to the pool.

Facial massage or manicure will give a woman minutes of joy. What can we say about a pedicure, which your friend in her position cannot do on her own? Of course, she will be pleased to receive such a gift.

If you want to choose a present that will add health to your own, this is also possible. Consider these options:

  • Fitball is a gymnastic ball. Exercises on such a ball will unload the spine and relieve lower back pain; you can take it with you and the hospital to ease contractions. Fitball will help you get back in shape after childbirth, and many mothers also use it to rock the baby or do gymnastics with it. It is advisable to give a book with instructions for pregnant women’s exercises immediately in the kit.

How to Pamper a Pregnant Girlfriend on Her Birthday

  • A long pillow for sleeping contributes to more comfortable body positioning and facilitates rest due to its flexible shape. After the baby is born, it is convenient to use it for feeding.
  • Cream for stretch marks and other care cosmetics for expecting a baby is almost always needed. After all, ordinary creams and shampoos not only may not be useful but even a very light, unobtrusive aroma may seem to a lady in an interesting position simply unbearably strong.
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After birth, the baby will need a healthy and strong mother. Therefore, it is imperative to worry about her condition in advance.

For Special Status

Most women get real pleasure from their special status. They will be doubly pleased to receive a gift connected in meaning or its functions with a special position.

  • A purchased certificate for a maternity store. It will allow a woman to choose exactly what she needs most: from bandages and clothes with the expectation of a growing tummy to special literature.
  • Professional photo session for pregnant women. Good photographers make a series of photos that become the highlight of home photo archives. Commemorative works will be revised later and returned in the period marked by a new life’s birth.
  • Jewelry for pregnant women. As a rule, these are pendants or pendants on a chain, often reaching the belly, with symbols of pregnancy depicted. They often tinkle slightly as they move, like bells. Many mothers are sure that this gentle music is heard not only by them but also by babies in her belly.
  • Books or music for expecting children to create a special atmosphere that helps maintain a good mood and develop a happy habit.
  • The expectant mother’s diary is a special notebook that already contains a lot of information useful for a pregnant woman and has sections where she records the most important milestones of the entire pregnancy period. The diary will help to remember about the upcoming visit to the doctor, but over time it will become a memorable diary that will be carefully kept and re-read.

Such gifts help a woman to feel all the charm and uniqueness of her position. Give her such feelings with all your heart, indulge in pleasant little things.

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How to Pamper a Pregnant Girlfriend on Her Birthday


Not everyone runs the risk of presenting a pregnant woman’s clothes as a present: it is easy to make a mistake with the size, and the desires of a woman carrying a child are sometimes difficult to guess. But if you are confident in your choice, then you can prepare one of the following things for your girlfriend:

  • Comfortable, cozy pajamas. Nightwear purchased before pregnancy becomes too small from week to week. Also, after the baby’s birth, you will need a little more home clothes since you will have to change clothes much more often due to the feeding and caring of the baby.
  • T-shirt with a funny symbolic inscription. Many ladies in an interesting position are happy to flaunt them.

As a rule, adult women wear such funny little things only for such a short period as pregnancy. Please allow them to play a little naughty and feel like a child: this will only benefit their future babies.

For Mood and Comfort

While expecting a child, a woman should be not only healthy but also calm and happy. Therefore, gifts that will put her in a good mood are welcome:

  • Tickets and invitations to all events that will bring joy to your girlfriend: from fashion shows to vouchers to sanatoriums. It is still better not to take risks with long journeys, even if the expectant mother is feeling well.
  • Theater tickets, concert tickets are a great option. Provided, of course, that the play or musical event will be positive in content and will not disperse with the birthday girl’s taste.
  • If a woman is interested in needlework, then sets for all kinds of creativity are what she needs while carrying a baby.
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A good mood is necessary for a pregnant woman, like air. And the emotions that the birthday girl will receive cannot be replaced by any expensive material gifts.

Technology to Make Life Easier and More Comfortable

The human genius invented many convenient and useful household appliances that make life easier and improve its quality. All the more useful such devices are for a woman expecting the birth of a child.

  • Juicer and double boiler. This technique will help implement the most useful menu to carry and give birth to a healthy baby easily.
  • A slow cooker and a blender will also contribute to a healthier diet and waste time on a routine.
  • Thermopot: a kettle with a thermos effect, which automatically maintains the water temperature, is also needed for comfort and saving time and effort.
  • A steam mop and a robotic vacuum cleaner will make cleaning more comfortable and free up a huge amount of time and effort.
Wellness devices, such as an eco-machine that simulates sea air, are costly, but there are other devices of this type: ionizers, air purifiers, and humidifiers. They have a beneficial effect on the state of the expectant mother and her child, which becomes noticeable in the very first minutes of being in a room with an ionizer, for example.

How to Pamper a Pregnant Girlfriend on Her Birthday

Having received a gift of a useful household appliance, a pregnant woman will feel real self-care.

Do not skimp on gifts for pregnant women: who else to pamper them, if not the best friends? The sacrament of pregnancy deserves such a careful and attentive attitude.

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