How to Organize a Halloween-themed Birthday?

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How to Organize a Halloween-themed Birthday: All Saints’ Eve, or popularly Halloween, is the most popular holiday in America. Since he “synthesized” many different traditions in himself, he can successfully stylize any holiday. For example, a birthday. Our article will talk about the basic rules for decorating this holiday in a “creepy style.”

How to Organize a Halloween-themed Birthday

Feast of Evil Spirits – Basic Concept

On the night that marks the transition from October to November (from 31 to 1), evil spirits descend on the earth. People have come up with a kind of protection – to mingle with the crowd of evil spirits and buy off sweets from them.

Therefore, such a spooky holiday does not carry anything negative so that the main idea can be safely shifted to the celebration of the anniversary. Moreover, it will be relevant for the birthday people of all ages.

The central concept is to create an atmosphere of a “creepy” holiday without intimidating anyone. It’s like a parody of a horror movie – fun in scary costumes.

The Abode of Evil Spirits, or How to Decorate the Hall

You can have such a themed birthday with equal success, both at home and in a restaurant. To do this, it is just enough to decorate the hall in the gloomy color scheme characteristic of this holiday (black, gray, blood red, orange, and so on) and attributes:

How to Organize a Halloween-themed Birthday


To create a gloomy atmosphere, you need to keep lighting to a minimum.

  • First of all, you need to exclude sunlight, which evil spirits do not like so much: for this, you need to darken the windows with thick dark curtains. To complete the picture, add creepy little things – bats, pumpkins with eyes and grins, devils, etc. The easiest way is to draw on Whatman paper, cut and secure with safety pins. Another option is to make an imitation of the night sky on the curtains. To do this, you need to decorate them with stars and a moon, which will be cut out of glowing paper (fluorescent) or foil.
  • Be sure to make a dim light. The easiest way is to hang ordinary Christmas lights, adding a little “horror”. For example, weave it with a spider web of threads and plant large shaggy spiders.
  • Homemade lamps and ordinary floor lamps, decorated in the right spirit, are suitable as additional light. For example, you can cut out silhouettes of monsters or monsters from sticky black paper, stick them on cans (or paint with paint – stained glass or acrylic is suitable), and put candles inside: this way, you get an eerie play of light and shadow.


It is very important to decorate the walls in an appropriate spirit.

  • Suit posters with monsters and ghouls. By the way, many famous rock bands look like a bunch of vampires and witches, so posters with them will also perfectly fit into the atmosphere.
  • It is effortless to cut out a ghost’s silhouette from a white Whatman paper and attach it to double-sided tape or needles. Skeletons are made in the same way.
  • If it is possible to place a mirror (or it already exists), decorate it with traces of “blood”. This can be done with paints or lipstick. The carved silhouettes of death will look very colorful on the front doors.


How to Organize a Halloween-themed Birthday

As in any other holiday, balloons and decorations from them will look advantageous. Here you need to either follow the basic color scheme (black and orange) or buy balloons with the appropriate Halloween symbols. Helium balloons will look interesting: in this case, they completely (or partially) cover the space of the ceiling and practically leave no white spots.

Thematic Props

Specialty stores sell many thematic props (canned eyes and hands in jars, statuettes of witches and tombstones, skulls, and so on). The most primitive can be done independently:

  • Pumpkin is the main decoration of the holiday, and it is very simple to make it. A hole is made in the upper part of the pumpkin, and the whole core with bones is taken out. Determine where the muzzle will be, cut out a stencil with eyes and a smile, and draw along the contour with a needle (afterward it is cut out along it). If you are not sure what will turn out beautifully or you cannot cut it straight, you need to paint it with black paint through the same stencil. It is advisable to make many such pumpkins and place them throughout the room: in the corners on the floor, on shelves, or to build some stuffed animal (put it on a stick and make a kind of shirt out of a white sheet).
  • Ghosts are made from small scraps of fabric and hung on a chandelier. They are also good for decorating chairs – hang them on a chair and attach the cut out eyes and mouth.


The musical accompaniment should create the atmosphere of a real coven. For this, compositions by famous rock artists, soundtracks for films about vampires and werewolves, and so on are perfect.

A Spooky Feast, or How to Decorate a Festive Table

How to Organize a Halloween-themed Birthday

A unique table should accompany this holiday with terrible dishes. But this does not mean that you have to offer guests some inedible muck – everything can be made from familiar products, having played a little with the design details:

  • Any dish can be decorated with black olives spiders: from one half – the body and the second cut the legs.
  • We decorate the top of any salad in the form of an unpretentious cobweb with soy sauce or mayonnaise (to which you need to add food coloring).
  • Give preference to red drinks – wine, juice (tomato, cherry, pomegranate), fruit drink (currant, cranberry), and so on. For interest, on each bottle over the label, we glue a new name, for example, “Vampire Drink,” and so on.
  • The easiest way is to bake cookies in the form of skulls or the same pumpkins. Alternatively, cut from white bread and dry in a toaster.
  • The table’s central decoration can be a large painted pumpkin, to which skewers with canapes (for example, from cheese and olives) will be attached to the top of the head.

How to Organize a Halloween-themed Birthday

Pickled Brains

Pour weak tea into a jar (so that it shines through) and put a cauliflower head after removing the leaves. It looks very believable, and you can place several copies in the middle of the table.

Bloody Hand

Pour water into a large dish and mix with red dye. Pour the same liquid into a rubber or cellophane glove and freeze. Before the start of the holiday, put it in a prepared bloody bowl and fix it. During the entire feast, the hand will gradually melt, and the fingers will fall off.


Familiar pumpkin faces can be made from oranges or tangerines. To do this, stick the carnation twigs into the orange to get eyes and a grin. Suppose all these elements are present on the table. In that case, you should not overload the design with unnecessary trifles: let it be a white tablecloth, white dishes, transparent glasses, and orange or red napkins.

How to Organize a Halloween-themed Birthday

Party of Witches and Ghouls, or Which Dress Code to Set

Before thinking over the dress code, you need to believe in what format the birthday will be held:

  • If all guests are informed in advance about the theme of the festival, then you can offer options for outfits. The downside is that someone won’t want to cook and buy a particular suit. And someone may not try hard, fearing to look too “in the subject.” To do this, you need to warn that without a suit, they say, we will not let you, and well, at least some creepy accessory and observance of the primary color are enough.
  • The surprise party will be exciting for guests when they are greeted by a birthday boy dressed up according to all the rules and an original atmosphere instead of a traditional feast. In this case, the birthday boy will have to take care of the guests’ costumes and the make-up artist who will do the “scary” makeup (something like a dedication).

Party of Witches and Ghouls, or Which Dress Code to Set

  1. witch;
  2. imp;
  3. drowned woman;
  4. the heroine from The Addams Family;
  5. a nurse smeared with blood and so on.

How to Organize a Halloween-themed Birthday

Men can become:

  1. vampires;
  2. Count Dracula;
  3. zombie;
  4. ghosts;
  5. the devil;
  6. death.

There are no restrictions, the main thing – compliance with the eerie atmosphere of the holiday. We invite you to watch a video showing how to create a beautiful but straightforward Halloween makeup:

Let’s Play, or What Contests to Hold

No even the most enchanting design and costumes can replace fun contests and dances:

  • You can start a holiday with a prize drawing or end it with it. To do this, we put small souvenirs in some scary black bag and invite each guest to take out an eerie little thing for themselves.
  • ” Nightmare spell “. All participants in the holiday must come up with a terrible spell, congratulating the birthday man. In this case, it does not matter how it will sound, articulate, or not; the main thing is to catch up with fear. In the end, each explains what he conjured (for example, love to the grave, and so on).
  • ” The taste of blood .” Guests are divided into two teams: the task of each is to compose the team name from letters. But the messages are just floating in glasses with “blood”. To do this, you need to tightly seal the pieces of paper with notes in polyethylene (iron the edges with an iron) and randomly arrange them in glasses. The team that composes the name is the winner (while one participant does not drink a glass of “blood” completely, the other cannot run to the table).

How to Organize a Halloween-themed Birthday

  • ” Moans “. The presenter shows the guests how the evil spirits groan terribly at night and ask everyone to repeat it. The most terrible performer is awarded a medal.
  • The Mummy. A contest appropriate for any holiday, and even more so on a Halloween-themed birthday. Divide the guests into pairs and give out a roll of toilet paper. Whoever makes the mummy faster is the winner.

Final Thought

If you decide to spend your birthday in a frightening environment and with bloodthirsty guests, Halloween is the most suitable theme.

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